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It was a hot and sultry summer’s day, as I sit in my humble air-conditioned abode, slowly scanning through televisions channels, only to find commercials trying to sell me something I do not need and movies I’ve either seen a zillion times before or are just not interested in watching.

Suddenly, the phone rings and as I casually answer, I recognize that it is a good friend of mine. We talk for a while and as we make out parting statements, he invites me to his place because he is having a “Beach Party” with a bunch of friends. I excitedly reply, “Sure I’ll be there”. He also recommended that since it was a “Beach Party” that I wear a bathing suit. Therefore, I slip into my “skin tight” Speedos and shirt, and head over to my friends place.

As I arrive at my friend’s house, it seemed like forever to find a parking spot, but eventually I find one and quickly make my way into the house. The house is crowded with people as my friend pleasantly guides me through his exquisitely decorated home, while offering me to partake in a lavish, buffet style table of delectable summer foods and drinks. At the rear of the house, a veranda overlooks a stunning sandy white beach and crystal blue water, while a disk jockey plays dance music to a crowd on the dance floor.

I pleasantly converse with friends that I knew and had just made while slowly meandering around the home and beach, occasionally getting a few dances in with some of the gorgeous women that had attended the party.

Suddenly, I hear somebody call out to me. I quickly look around and spot a woman that I had seen before, but could not remember where or when. I slowly walk over to her and as I draw close to her, I finally recognize her face. She was a girl I had a crush on that lived in the neighborhood during my childhood years.

My face lighted up like a Las Vegas marquee as we exchanged friendly embraces and gentle pecks on each other’s cheek. I complemented her on still having her “girlish” figure, but similarly, the sight of her voluptuous figure that is only covered with an alluring bikini bathing suit begins to stir my animal instinct. We grab some refreshments and start to walk onto the sun-baked beach as we reminisce about days gone by and to catch up on each other’s present day lives.

As we casually stroll along the beach, waves of pleasant and bittersweet memories rush over me like the ocean waves upon the sandy surf, while every time I gaze into her passionate, yet still child-like eyes, romantic feelings begin to ascend up from my heart like bubbles in the ice cream floats we used to share as children.

We decided to sit and gaze at the colorful hues of the setting sun, while the moon slowly begins to shine its silvery white light and the stars speckle the moonlit skies like snowflakes on the cold, frosty ground during the first snowfall of winter.

As gaziantep escort bayan we continue to reminisce, I sense warmth in her eyes that is slowly burning like hot embers, just waiting to ignite into a passionate wildfire that once started: will ravish anyone who ventures to gaze into them.

Therefore, I gently whisk away her hair from her eyes as the cool trade winds softly caress our skin. Then, after gently touching her cheek with my fingers, I slowly draw her lips close to mine by using my index finger gently nestled underneath her chin.

I tenderly kiss her soft, delicate lips as my fingers run lovingly through her soft, silky hair while she adorns me with her loving embrace. Suddenly, she rises, forces me down on my back onto the heated sand and passionately kisses my lips. She begins to arouse me by sensually brushing her fully sculpted body up against mine.

She slowly moves away from my lips and starts passionately caressing her soft, velvety lips all over my muscular chest, paying particular attention to my slowly budding nipples through my taught shirt. She slowly advances down my torso, then briefly pauses to remove my shirt, and continues to place loving kisses all over my well-defined chest and torso.

My mind reels with desire as she licks around and gently tugs on my gradually ripening nipples with her teeth, while my stiffening manhood begins to bulge through my already constricting bathing suit.

She gradually moves in-between my legs and begins lustfully licking my inner thighs as she slowly advances up each leg toward my already rigid tool. I hear her gently moan and growl as she devilishly gazes upon the huge bulge in my bathing suit.

I softly groan as she gently licks up and down my hardened shaft and then around the head with the tip of her tongue through my taught bathing suit. I raise my hips as she gently removes my bathing suit to reveal my fully erect penis.

She delicately grasps my pulsating manhood into her loving hand and begins to gently stroke up and down while she softly caresses her smooth, pliant lips over my slowly swelling cock head.

I moan and close my eyes in sweet surrender, as she starts to stroke in a long, deliberate fashion while she tenderly glides her soothing lips over the top half of my telescoping rod.

My hips begin to move franticly, while lustful tones roll off my tongue as she slowly and methodically quicken her sensual motions. I moan louder and lovingly comb y fingers through her silky hair as she takes my full length into her mouth and gently massages my testicles with her fingertips, while occasionally licking up and down my hardened shaft.

Suddenly, as I stare in bewilderment, she slowly rises and lies next to me. In addition, with a raised eyebrow, she sensuously says, “Ok, It’s my turn.”.

I devilishly smile as I climb over her and begin to sensually French kiss her lips while intently brushing my groin up against hers. I position myself in-between her long, sultry legs as I reach over and remove an ice cube from my water glass.

I seductively caress the ice cube around her soft, delicate lips and then slowly advance over her chin and then down her neck, then proceeding to move all over her chest while sweat begins to bead up on her soft, supple skin like raindrops.

I hear her soothingly moan as I methodically run the ice cube in-between underneath and up the outside of her pliant, fully developed breasts, only to slowly spiral down and around her slowly hardening nipples through her almost transparent bikini top, then slowly running the ice cube back and forth down her torso and gracefully up her inner thighs.

She passionately caresses my shoulders and arms as I begin tenderly licking all over her chest, starting by softly licking up and down in-between her soft, malleable breasts and then slowly drawing closer and closer to each gradually hardening nipple.

Soft and tender moans emanates from her lips as I gently caress my lips over her nipples, while passionately licking around her areolas and gently tugging on the tips with my teeth through her bikini top.

After gently removing her bikini top, I begin tenderly massaging her breasts and lustfully licking in-between them while I slowly spiral around to each hardening nipple as she gently presses them into my strong yet affectionate hands.

She moans louder and closes her eyes as she caresses her fingertips up and down my back while I lick around her areolas and suckle like a newborn baby, then gently tugging on the tips with my teeth as I slowly withdraw each one from my mouth, while cupping each breast completely into my loving hands.

Gradually advancing down her slender, fully toned torso, I attempt to passionately kiss and lick every inch of her sweet, supple skin as I briefly pause to lick around her navel and gently tickle inside with the tip of my tongue while caressing my fingertips up and down her curvaceous hips and thighs.

Moving lower, I begin to caress my fingertips up and down the top and sides of her long, seductive legs and lovingly kissing and licking her inner thighs while gradually moving up from her knees.

While slowly moving up her inner thighs, her fragrant womanly aromas begin to fill my nostrils like the sweet scents of a beautiful flower garden that quickly heightens my arousal.

She begins to groan as I reach her groin, sensuously licking up one side, the area above her gradually swelling libido through her paper-thin bikini bottom and down the other side while she softly combs her fingers through my nicely manicured hair.

I hear a muffled whimper while she gently bites her lower lip as I tenderly brush my lips and the tip of my tongue up and down the center of her gradually swelling vulva through her dampened bikini bottom.

She starts to moan louder as I gently move aside her moistened bikini bottom with my teeth and begin lovingly licking around her hardened vulva in circular motions. She softly squeals as I forcefully lick up and down, in back and forth movements, each side of her firm yet pliant lips.

I notice droplets of sweet nectar slowly trickling down her blossoming tropical flower. Therefore, I lick them up as I gradually advance upward; gently parting her swollen libido and tasting her sweet love as I passionately lick up, down and in circular motions each side of her rigid clitoris.

Lustful tones resound from her lips and her hips begin to gyrate while I passionately caress her firm and rigid nipples with my fingertips and take her clitoris completely into my mouth and franticly agitate my tongue all around inside her while making a failed attempt to taste every drop of her streaming womanly nectar.

She gazes into my eyes with ravaging desire as I reposition myself in-between her legs and begin to rub the head of my rock hard manhood up and down each side of her completely soaked clitoris and then slowly moving in circles.

We both lustfully moan as I begin gradually inserting my hardened tool into her hot, honey-drenched love muscle. The feeling of her around my hardened shaft astounds me while I slowly thrust my hips forward and back.

Our passions consumes us as our erotic love making intensifies with every thrust of our hips, gradually moving faster and faster as the sweat pours off our heated bodies like a torrential rainstorm and ocean waves begin to envelope us as the tide gently rolls onto the sandy beach.

Suddenly, as if lightning has struck us, my legs tighten and my hips thrusts forward while she arches her back, digs her nails into my back and clamps her convulsing legs around my waist as we delightfully climax together.

After regaining our composer from our sexual bliss, we exchange passionate and contented kisses as we lie on the sandy beach, each basking in each others loving afterglow while we affectionately embrace.

After some time, we realize it was getting late, therefore we quickly don our bathing suits again and cheerfully walk hand in hand back to my friends house where the party is still going strong.

After we converse with a few friends, get a few more dances in and partake in the still lavish buffet, I walk her to her car and as she leaves, she cracks a friendly smile and thanks me for the wonderful time she had, then wraps her arms around my neck and lovingly kisses my lips.

I also thanked her for a delightful time and we exchanged information so that we can stay in touch with each other. As she slowly drives away my heart sinks a little, but I know we will meet again, maybe over and ice cream float back in the old neighborhood.

Copyright 2005 Russell Elam III

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32