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This is a continuation to Friday Night Surprise.

“Hi Mike, it’s me…Sydney from last night…you left your card with me and I was thinking that we should…”

“Get Sweaty?” He said to me, and I could definitely hear a smile on his lips.

“Pardon?!” I said, half amused and half shocked.

“Get Sweaty. I noticed you had a nice pair of running shoes last night so assumed you were pretty into running, so I thought maybe we could go for a run together.”

“Well, I was going to say that we could go for a coffee, but now that you mention it, a good run is exactly what I need.”

“Young lady, I don’t think it’s exactly what you need, but, it could be a good substitute!”

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that Mr…Mr Carson,” I said as I looked down at his card trying to find his last name.

“Tomorrow morning at 8am sharp! I’ll be

waiting for you downstairs.”

And with that, he hung up on me, not even waiting to see if I would confirm or not.

I organized the apartment that morning, unpacking a few random boxes, cleaning up the kitchen and scrubbing down the bathroom really well. By 2pm, the apartment was clean and I needed some personal attention, and what better way than to take another bath. This time I made sure that the oven and stove was turned

off. I got the tub ready with some bath oils and bubble bath, nice and warm and cozy. I spent a good time in there, replaying the events all through my head. My hands roamed my body and I started to get excited down there.

I stood up from the tub, and dried myself off. Looking into the mirror, I was impressed with myself. My firm tits were heightened by my hard nipples, spending the extra time in the outdoors before getting this job really did give me some nice colour on my skin, and my smooth pussy with swollen clit looked so edible, even I wanted to lick myself.

Leaving the bathroom to the bedroom, I laid naked on the covers. This time I reached over to the night stand table and brought out the finger vibrator and started to use it on my self. The sensations it gave me sent electrical shocks throughout my body, from head to toe. My right hand teasing my pussy, vibrating against my clit made me moist and aroused. My left hand examining my body, from my neck, to cupping my tits, to teasing and pinching my nipples. Images of Mike flood my brain. Thinking of what he was doing when I called bahis firmaları him earlier. Was he dressed? Was he at the fire hall? Was he naked? Was he touching himself while talking to me just as I touched myself while talking to him? Imagining that naughty smile of his when he mentioned

getting sweaty and knowing that it would throw me off guard.

I closed my eyes, and went on full force with the finger vibrator teasing me. I spread my legs, imagining Mike between them, eating me out, licking at my smooth tight pussy, teasing my clit, flicking his tongue against it, lightly biting it to drive me crazy with the desire, all the while my foot would be at his crotch, rubbing against his cock, feeling it get wet with precum as I teased him with my toes and sole of my foot.

Before I knew it, it happened, the fire works, the earthquake, the tsunami! He made me cum, made me squirt all over my fingers and bed spread.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 and did a once over of the apartment just to make sure everything was presentable. Then I hopped in the shower and gave my body a once over of itself, ensuring every area was presentable…just in case the opportunity arises.

By 7:45 I was walking down the stairs and noticed Mike already waiting for me on the front steps. He was wearing one of those white dry fit shirts with black running shorts and some funky yellow/green running shoes which I was pleasantly surprised to seeing him wearing. I was dressed in matching black sportbra/running top and running shorts.

“Mr. Carson, an early bird

aren’t you!”

“It’s part of the job Ma’am. And glad to see that you have the values of being early.”

“Now let’s get stretching, I think you’ll need it!”

With that he went through a few routines of stretching. He was quite methodical about it and spent more time than I usually do. He wasn’t impressed with my squats and gave me a demonstration, but even that didn’t help. So he went behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and showed me the “proper way to squat”. Thought I do believe he was just doing this to test the limits I have on personal physical interaction. I didn’t mind and actually liked what he was doing, so I encouraged it by making additional mistakes so he would have to show me another time.

From then on, we did a good job, running with not much chit chat. I think we were both trying to show kaçak iddaa how good of a runner we were, and I must admit that even though he was at least ten to fifteen years older than me, he kicked my ass and would often surge ahead of me.

We made it along the Toronto Beaches Boardwalk twice, and almost making it back to my apartment. I offered him an invitation to come in for a smoothie (one of my specialties) and an egg white omelet. He happily agreed and said that we should race it, the winner does the dishes!

The competitive spirit in me out won, plus I wanted to be in front of him so his eyes would be on my ass as I ran. I was in the lead for the most post, but within about 300 metres of my front footsteps, I rolled my ankle and went stumbling down.

He was at my side before I even realized what happened. The Fireman inside him took over and he went on to examine my ankle

to see if I broke anything and what the damage was. After a couple minutes of checking me out and asking me questions, he surmised that I just sprained it and would help me back to my apartment. By this time we were both glistening in sweat (him more than me) and we wrapped our arms around eachother so I could stabilize myself on him while hobbling back to my apartment.

Feeling his skin against mine, his sweat mixing with my own, turned me on more than I could even describle. Even though my ankle was in pain, the sensations of our bodies touching and mixing, I was aroused and became wet.

He got me to my apartment and got me inside

asking where my towels were. Once he found them, he laid them on the couch and laid me on it. He got me a glass of water from the kitchen and apparently went through my medicine cabinet and got me a couple advils, along with a bag of ice.

The control freak inside me would be offended by this invasion of privacy, but his caregiver side actually turned me on.

He took a seat where my feet were and reated my feet on his lap while he began to take off my running shoes carefully. He examed my foot and ankle again, making sure that nothing was broken.

He mentioned something about possibly breaking a toe and that he would need to make sure that I didn’t. He examined each

toe to ensure it was working and not broken (though I think he may have done this just to tickle me and make me laugh).

By the time he began to ice my foot, I had the sole kaçak bahis and heel of my foot resting against his cock. I could feel that he was hard in his shorts but didn’t say anything instead I just smiled and rubbed my foot against him. He didn’t say anything instead he just let his head fall back and stare at the ceiling with his eyes closed. He was enjoying this and I was enjoying it as well. I finally had the opportunity to check him out, really check him out. Staring at his features, his shaved smooth head, his skin with a tinge of

blushing from the run and the foot manipulations that was occuring, his day old stubble, (hmm I’m surprised he didn’t shave for me this morning, well it was a Sunday after all,) his lips, just begging to be kissed, then down to his sweat soaked shirt, showing off his chest and firm stomach, and his erection, being rubbed against in his shorts.

I stepped up my efforts and began to rub against him harder, firmer, and faster with my foot. There was definitely a wet spot where his cock head met the fabric of his shorts. My foot motions, my toes flexing against his cock was having an effect on him. He started to moan which just encouraged me to keep going. And

before I knew it, and I think it came to a bit of a surprise for him, he started to cum in his shorts. I could see the squirts passing through the fabrics of his shorts, collecting on top of them. There was definitely 4, if not more, powerful squirts that were confined in his shorts.

He opened his eyes and regained his composure a bit. He was noticeable blushing now, and that just turned me on more. He opened his mouth, spreading his lips apart about to say something.

“That was …”

“Amazing” I interupted him. I leaned forward, and with my index and middle finger, I collect some of his cum from the top of his shorts and slid those fingers in my mouth, tasting and savouring his cum, sucking on my fingers, making sure I got every last remnant of his cum off them. Once I was done, I grabbed at his shirt, pulling him forward, on me, and pressed my lips against his. Seperating his lips with my tongue, it invaded his mouth. He was startled for a second because he just realized I left the tiniest amount of his cum on my lips, but didn’t pull away, instead he continued to kiss me, harder and more passionately than before.

This went on for about 30 minutes where I could feel his erection poking into me. I broke off the kiss and pushed him slightly off me.

“I made you cum, now it’s my turn…”

To be continued.

Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed it. If so, I’ll be writing much more.

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