Sunday Morning: The Next Day

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Part two of Father Oh Father.

I woke up quite early.

It took me some while to locate my whereabouts.

I saw Sally lying there beside me. The blanket had slid down. I studied her face.

It had a most wonderful expression. It seemed like she was smiling in her sleep.

Her firm and most adorable breast were heaving in tact with her breathing.

The navel looked beautiful.

”What have I done,” I thought. ”How could I make it all undone?”

I knew there was nothing to be done about the past, but would it not be better to stop it here. I could explain to Sally that the long celibate I had been experiencing, the atmosphere in her presence, her showing me all her delights, made me crazy. That I just could not resist the temptations. That I was a too normal guy and that I just had not been able to think rationally.

”Yes, this I must do,” I thought.

I started to think about the previous evening and the night. That was the most wonderful day I had ever experienced. I thought about it all in more details.

”Oh shit, now my member was getting hard again,” I noticed. ”What shall I do? Perhaps a shower or a swim in the pool would solve my ’problem’,” I contemplated.

My prick was getting swollen and hard as a rock.

”I have to leave, not waking Sally up,” I decided.

Sally stirred. Her arm moved over my stomach. Her fingers went softly through my chest hair. I didn’t move. I hoped that she would fall into deeper sleep again. Or did I to be honest?

Her hand moved downwards. I couldn’t breath. Her hand came to my pole. She took hold of it. She opened her eyes. What a lovely smile spread over her adorable face.

”Did you have a good night, Daddy?” she asked.

”The best ever,” I answered truthfully.

”But I think that we must end it there. We have sinned, not matter how beautiful it all was. But let’s call it an accident, live on the memories and start to live a normal life,” I suggested.

”You can’t mean that, Daddy. I love you so much. There is no man alive that could compensate you. Let’s not start to have second thoughts, at least not to day. Let’s talk about tonight,” she said caressing my hard tool.

How could I resist?

”OK darling, let’s be nice to each other today, but then we have to collect what little is left of our brains,” I replied.

I started to turn around on the bed. I went on my knees bringing my head to her breasts. I started to suck her nipples, first her right one and after a while the left. All the time Sally kept my pole in her hand making only slight movements up and down along the shaft. I turned downwards looking at her tremendous bush. She had clearly kept trimming it. I came closer to her beautiful box. The scent reminded me of last night. I could detect the flavour of love. I moved closer. I lifted my left leg on the other side of Sally’s head. I reached her cunt and started to lick her cleavage. It tasted so good. I felt how Sally brought my rod to her lips. She licked my tip. I tried to concentrate on her vagina. Her own liquids started to flood. I licked trying to hit her clitoris. She pushed her cunt forward clearly enjoying the procedures. Sally started to shiver. Then she came with a gush. I continued my licking.

”Oh how fantastic,” she cried and took in my pole as deep as she could.

She was now licking and sucking. I felt how the pressure in my balls was increasing.

Soon I came. It must have been a pint at least. I heard sally gargle.

I rolled off and turned around to have my face over Sally’s. I kissed her on her mouth, for the first time tasting my own sperm. It wasn’t that bad. We kissed for a while caressing each other with one hand in all the different places.

“Oh, how I love you, Daddy,” Sally whispered.

“Me too, but we shouldn’t in this way, you know,” he said back with his remorse coming to the surface again.

“This is something between you and me, nobody will ever know. Why is so hard for you to accept pure and spontaneous love,” Sally asked.

“Just because it’s forbidden love. Otherwise it’s the finest love I can dream of,” I said.

“Let’s now only enjoy it whilst we are at it, and worry about the future afterwards,” she commented.

Had that been in another context she would have sounded very mature and rational. In this situation I didn’t know what to think of it. But my flesh was weak. I just couldn’t stop it here. Everything was too lovely. To change the subject I suggested,

“Why don’t we take a shower. Then we must have breakfast.”

“Yes, I’m starving. But not only for food, that is. I’m becoming a sex addict with you Dad,” she said starting to move from the bed in the direction of her bathroom. I followed her taking in her wonderful buttocks with my greedy eyes.

Again we had a most fantastic shower with Sally washing me in all places, as I did to her. We towelled each other with tender smiles over our faces.

The day was bright. The sun was pouring down. The birds were singing in the trees. What could be better than gaziantep ateşli escort this?

We had breakfast, beacon with scrambled eggs, a few sandwiches with coffee and juice.

I felt really light-footed.

As we ate we were watching each other’s naked bodies with lusty expressions on our faces. “Could I ever get enough of her?” I wondered to myself.

By now my pole was sticking out again. I didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore.

Sally looked at it, licking her lips in a humorous manner.

“It’s time for a swim, I think,” Sally said.

“Not quite yet. I have to go through some papers for next week,” I said.

“My physics doesn’t allow me to have sex precisely all the time. We might read some at the poolside, what do you think?” I said.

“Perhaps I have to show you some understanding,” Sally replied.

She stood up and came to me. She straddled my knees and took my bat into her soft and very wet love box. She pushed one of her breasts to my mouth. I sucked eagerly. She moved up and down and I and difficulties in following the movements of her breasts. I felt how my next ejaculation was towering up again. Could this be true? The second time in an hour. I came, shooting my load into her. I was shaking. Sally continued pumping until she came as well. I felt a little weak, but I couldn’t see any signs of the same in Sally. Of course she is much younger than I am, only eighteen.

She sat in over my lap for a while kissing me wildly.

“Now you take your damn papers and have it done, I’ll have a swim,” she said getting of my swollen and deep blue rod.

“Ready for another one?” she giggled and left the room, her rump swinging in an intoxicating manner. She was playing off.

I went and found the bloody papers. It was hard to concentrate on them.

It took me a good hour to get the job done.

I then took the book about the fight about Stalingrad I was reading and went for the poolside and the deckchairs. I noticed with satisfaction that my cock was soft and hanging down as it normally should with only your daughter around.

Sally was lying a rubber mattress face down as asleep. I was glad to see that she had put up the sun-umbrella not to burn herself.

I started to read. The text was, if interesting indeed, quite disgusting in its brutality.

“At least my prick will keep down with this kind of entertainment,” I thought.

The sun was moving in the sky, like it usually does. I noticed that the shadow from the umbrella moved as well leaving Sally’s legs uncovered. I rose and strolled over to move the umbrella so that Sally again lay in the shadow. She didn’t wake up. I had to confess to myself, that I was a bit disappointed.

I went back to my chair and commenced reading.

Every now and then my gaze wandered to the beautiful woman lying on the mattress.

“How could a person be so delightful?” I thought.

I tried to concentrate on the text.

I must have dozed off, for when I woke up the first thing I realised was that I had a full hard on again. Slowly I opened my eyes meeting two wonderful tits looking at me.

Sally was stroking my by now fully erected member. She noted that I was awake.

“I hoped to have you cum in your sleep,” she whispered.

“Why, don’t you want me to enjoy it?” I asked smiling.

“Well, I was just curious,” she said continuing do caress my rod.

“Step over me and show your ass to my mouth,” I suggested.

She obeyed and stood in front of me, leaning downwards to reach down to my cock.

Obviously it wasn’t long enough to enable her to stand straight a jack me off at the same time. I had seen advertisements for penis enlargement. Should be considered.

I licked her asshole and her vagina trying to establish which she preferred.

I noticed no difference and I could not decide which to go for. I gave both holes my attention. Soon I exploded. Sally didn’t move away. Obviously she wanted me to continue the licking. I didn’t mind. I loved it. Sally came with a tremble.

“I loved that,” she said turning around and straddling my legs.

She smiled. I smiled. We both looked at my dick, which still was trying to reach the sky. I liked the colour of it, very deep red.

“Are you ready for a swim now, Daddy love,” she suggested.

“Sure, I haven’t had one yet today,” I retorted.

We jumped into the soft and nicely cooling water.

Sally came to me, took me an embrace and again managed to get my rod into her vagina.

“Stay there,” she said and pulled me backwards.

We both sank under the surface in a tender hold of each other. I just had had time to suck in some air. We kissed and I managed to keep my cock in its position inside Sally’s wonderful womb.

Soon we had to surface. This we did still maintaining the embrace.

I withdrew after a while. I had to save some strength for the afternoon to come.

“If only this could go on for ever,” I thought feeling quite bakımlı gaziantep escort guilty.

We got out of the pool. Sally was glistering in the sun. How marvellous she was.

And still is. My pole had taken a horizontal position. I would have thought that it should be small and hanging after the treatment that had been rendered to it.

But that was not the case. Sally sat down on a chair and ordered,

“Come here, Daddy, your prick has to be sucked to a proper state.”

“When may I rest?” I asked moving in front of her.

“While we are eating,” she said taking hold of my ram and slowly pulling it to her mouth.

She simultaneously moved both her hands and her head back and forth, making my ram fully hard again in just a few seconds. When this was achieved she let it go.

So now she was teasing me. But I loved the teasing. Couldn’t imagine a better tease.

There I stood with my pole in the sky, only a flag was missing, not knowing what to do next. I didn’t have to contemplate for too long.

“Time for a shower,” she commanded.

We walked to the house smiling at each other.

“Now we take the Jacuzzi in our bathroom,” I decided.

“OK, that can be nice,” Sally said starting to run.

As I reached the bathroom the water was running, foam bubbling on the surface.

We had to wait for a while until the water was deep enough for us to step in.

I looked keenly at my beautiful daughter and she didn’t try to cover up her staring at my very hard and throbbing member.

“Oh, how I love this,” Sally said.

We sat down in the water side by side. Sally pushed the foam away from the front of me and the head of my pole was showing over the water surface.

I started to caress Sally’s exquisite breasts. Then it became more like fondling.

“Move one step lover,” Sally commanded. I did.

Sally straddled me, her back to my chest. She let my cock enter her vagina. I had good access to hold both her breasts in my hands. I commenced caressing them. She did not move, only sat there still with my pole inserted into her. It was hot. In spite of the stillness, no movements except my breast caressing I realised that I would soon come again.

“I’m coming again,” I warned Sally.

“Oh, no you are not” she said and moved off my cause to be proud.

“Now we will only enjoy the bath and save ourselves for later,” she declared.

I almost came, but I managed to keep it in.

After the bath we rinsed ourselves in the shower and dried each other with fresh towels.

“Now to your room,” I ordered.

Sally threw herself on her bed and remained lying still.

I went down on the bed on all fours and started to lick, suck and kiss her all over.

This went on for quite some time. She lay face down. Finally I concentrated on her cleavage between her buttocks. After this I ordered,

“Turn around, Sally.”

She turned exposing her wonderful front. The breasts were protruding high in spite over her lying on her back. The curves were magnificent, her stomach being very flat and the small well-kept bush covering her cunt front was overwhelming. I started licking and sucking again. Sally spread her legs slightly when I came in closer to lick her vagina and clitoris. She didn’t say a word. She clearly enjoyed a lust filled moment. I slowly turned around taking my place over her. I kept my weight on my hands and knees, not to put too much pressure on her.

Then slowly, very slowly I brought my throbbing pole to the entrance of her cunt. Still very slowly I started to enter her. She looked at me, straight into my eyes and a lustful smile covered her lovely face. I pushed in about half way, then I pulled out so that only my glans remained in her, then slowly in again, a little deeper this time. Then again I partly withdrew and then I pushed in all of it. My dick is almost 9 inches long when fully erect. That it certainly was at the time. She could take it all. It was lovely.

“Now screw me hard, Daddy,” she commanded.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I started to pump forth and back with all my strength. Soon I was sweating profusely in spite of the resent showering. It went on. I felt the pressure in my groins starting to increase. I wanted this to go on forever. Sally started to moan. This made me only more intoxicated. Then she came very strongly. The lubrication in her cunt changed, obviously from her cum. This enabled me to commence for a while longer. Then I exploded. It was the best conventional fuck I had ever had. Surely the best ever. After a while I rolled off her and lied panting beside my dearest lovely beautiful daughter. We didn’t say a word. There were no words to describe our erotic feelings.

“We have to think about lunch after a cooling down shower,” I said.

“Yes, you must be very hungry after such a performance,” Sally answered.

We did as planned. The shower was a constant fondling and caressing. After we had dried ourselves we went escort gaziantep to the kitchen. We enjoyed mushroom sandwiches with beer.

Then again out in the sun with our books, we both tried to concentrate on literature.

I half-succeeded and obviously so did Sally. We read for about an hour.

The happenings in 1943 back in Stalingrad were terrible. Millions of people died, either there or later in concentration camps. Why read such disgusting material with such a lovely sex partner beside you, I pondered.

I started to think about us, Sally and me. What would the future bring? It was impossible to have such a fantastic experience continue forever. Of course Sophia would come home tomorrow. That at least would put an end to it. But then, – that was the question? Did I want this to end? What could I do about it? We had been talking about divorce with Sophia. We had decided to continue because of Sally. But now all was changed. Now Sophia was more in the way than ever.

“Why are you married,” Sally suddenly asked as if she had been reading my thoughts.

“It’s a good question. We have been discussing separation for five years now. It was for you we decided to keep together,” I explained.

“That of course is nice, but I have seen that you don’t have anything else in common, that mummy goes on your nerves, which I fully understand. She is a nag,” she said.

“You shouldn’t be too hard on her. She has had her problems,” I reprimanded.

“Well, she is quite nice to me, but she is so nasty to you,” Sally retorted.

“Perhaps we must reconsider our previous decision, but then you would naturally go to live with her, and that I would not like,” I said.

“No way I would leave you and live with her,” Sally said adamantly.

“Well, we have to see how things will develop,” was all I could say at present.

“Where would you like to eat today?” I asked wanting to change subject.

“Either at home or at the Italian. I don’t want to go any further. This is our last evening for a while,” she answered with a meaningful look.

“OK, you decide,” I said as if not having noticed the hidden meaning of Sally’s saying.

“Then I’ll prepare something,” Sally said.

“How about a swim?” she added.

“OK, Sally, you are the boss,” I said and stood up.

For a change I didn’t have an erection. That state didn’t last long. In the pool Sally came close to me and grabbed for my penis. I had read somewhere that it is difficult to get a hard on in water. That was clearly not the case. Again my pole was hard as a rock. I fondled all over Sally while feeling how she caressed my tool, the last days my pride and source of much lust.

Again she arranged her pose and soon I was fucking her under the water.

It didn’t feel as good as in bed though. That was good, man wasn’t meant fore the water-element anyway. Sally managed to move herself in a very lustful way and it didn’t take long before I exploded inside her. Even she got an orgasm a moment later.

Now my dick went soft. “So I’m human after all,” I thought.

We pulled out of the pool and took a cold shower by the pool.

We dried in the sun. I was about start reading again as Sally said,

“Let’s go in for a moment.”

“What’s up now,” I thought.

I followed Sally in and she headed straight to her room.

“Lie down,” she commanded. I obeyed.

She went down on her knees at the foot end of the bed, spread my legs a bit, and came up with her head to my now slightly stirring prick. She took hold of my balls with one hand, then started to lick them. The just recently soft wad started to get hard. It didn’t take long before it was fully erect again. Sally took the bat in her mouth and sucked on it for a while. Then she moved up on the bed and straddled me, letting my rammer slid into her marvellous vagina. She started to ride me, very slowly at first, but then faster and faster. Her breasts were jumping, but only slightly, so firm were they. Was this the seventh heaven? She pulled slightly backwards so that the bending-pressure on my rod was just right. Without any warning I exploded. She continued to ride on me, and then she came as well. She came down on my chest and started to kiss me. We kissed, somewhat roughly at first but the more tenderly until she rolled off me and we lied there, both panting.

“You should have your roof painted,” I said.

“How can you say that in a moment like this?” she said seriously.

“I was only joking. You knew that, didn’t you?” I said.

“O course I knew,” she giggled.

“Now the shower again,” I suggested. We showered.

A few minutes later Sally was preparing food on grilled chicken. It came out well.

“You seem to be a good cook,” I said, “I might hire you,” I added.

“Thank you Daddy,” she said with a smile. “Any time.”

We finished the meal and took a couple of beers more. Hard work makes you thirsty.

After cleaning up we moved to the living room and watched the news on TV.

Next the video came on. More sex in vision. We were infected, and soon we were making love on the floor.

“This floor is to hard. Let’s move to the bed,” I suggested.

“OK Dad,” she said and run off.

I followed her, my cock extremely rigid again.

We made love, several times, to my great astonishment.

“We have to check the house for all proves of what we have been doing,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32