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Pulling into the driveway of your West Chester home you see a sultry female form dive into the pool and swim across it. Taking your time, you cross the yard hoping to catch a glimpse of your sweet Delilah. The sun is lowering in the west and the warm autumn evening has you loosening your tie as go. You see the hedges concealing the pool entrance and you step over to take a peek for her.

You find her laying back on the lounge, wet hair splayed out to dry and her body bare and glistening. Smiling as you admire your lady’s firm silky body, her long lush legs and perfect plump breasts that are ample for your mouth and hands. You feel the discomfort as your body responds to the sight of rosy pink nipples. You take a hesitant step forward but stop as you watch her hands smooth over her breasts and then slide further still to the top of her mound. You catch the whisper of her sigh and move quietly closer. Eyes fixed on Delilah hands.

Small delicate hands slowly grasp her breasts and begin to knead and tease. Hearing her moan of pleasure you move closer to her, eyes never leaving her tanned globes. Bejeweled fingers pinch, pull, and stretch her hardening nipples. Eyes follow her finger as it slips between her lips and is moistened. A sigh escapes as she touches her erect nipple. You remove your suit jacket. In silence you watch her play and arouse her nipples and breasts. You can feel the saliva build in your mouth as you remember the taste and the feel of them as you suckled. You undo the buttons on your sleeves and the first 3 buttons on your shirt.

Del’s right hand caresses her taunt belly as it glides downward. Two fingers slip between succulent pink lips you know so well. Her knees come up Bostancı Escort as her legs spread apart. She slips those two lucky fingers into her mouth covering them in her hot saliva, before returning them to her awakening bud.

You watch as she begins to tease and massage her clit. Her soft moans and arching back tells you her level of pleasure. The urge to join her is incredible but the excitement you feel as you watch her pleasuring herself is staggering. Your hand drops to your crotch and you see how tight your pants are and feel the stiffness of your shaft.

Watching her body move, listening to the rhythm of her breathing, hearing when the soft moans became primal groans as she nears her peak. You slip out of your shirt and pants then drop your boxers and socks. With stealth you move closer not wanting to startle her or have her stop, eyes locked on her incredibly expressive face as she growls loudly. Her back arches upwards then stiffens as a howl is ripped from her as her body rocks from her orgasm.

Moving forward so she can hear you, you see her hand stop and turn to you. Her faced is flushed, eyes sparkling, body glistening, a warm loving smile graces her mouth. Her arms lift up to receive you and wrap around you as you cover her body with your own. Her hand quickly goes to your hard cock and begins to guide you in. You stop her and kiss her lips soundly.

Your tongue takes it’s time exploring her mouth and exciting her senses, your hands move down her arms and slowly guides them above her head. You move back slightly to look at her enchanting face. You see her eyes light up and shimmer as she bites down on her lower lip. Her hands grasp the top of the lounge, lifting Kadıköy Escort her pert breasts for you. Her knees move up as she cradles you between her warm thighs.

“It’s been awhile Kitten,” you whisper in her ear, “I’ve missed you.”

You begin a slow assault on her body. Starved lips move over her breasts, your famished tongue delights in the taste and feel of her dainty mouthwatering nipples. Taking your time, letting your lips and tongue coax her as your hands caress her body, you begin to descend lower kissing a path to her pelvic mound.

You hear her wanton moan as you spread her nether lips to reveal her hard swollen clit. The sensitive pink nub calls out for your touch. You slowly take your index finger and run it down both sides, stopping just above her hot fragrant puss, teasing her, listening as her soft whimpers turn to sensual moans.

Smiling to yourself you finally taste her. Spreading her lips wide, covering her clit with your tongue, holding her hips as your mouth takes her. She bucks violently in reaction as you let your tongue rest on her as you wait. Ever so slightly her hips begin to move and you begin an agonizingly deliberate raid on her senses.

Taking long deliberate strokes with your tongue you cover her clit, glide down to her puss and then up again. Listening to her as she encourages you on with her sensual moans, the erotic feel of her as she squirms beneath you, drives you on. You slip 2 fingers into her puss and feel the moist heat as she closes around you. Her muscles clenching and unclenching as her body moves towards orgasm.

Smiling to yourself you start to slowly move your fingers in and out, spreading them and closing them as you Göztepe Escort watch her glistening face fill with passion, she looks over at you. Eyes filled with excitement, breath coming in short gasps, hands above her head and your fingers move to her g-spot. They begin their assault on her and you watch as her arousal is further heightened.

“Oh Sebastian stop my torment,” she cries out.

“Kitten, I’ve waited so long for you, that I want to hear you purr.”

You cover her body with your own and lift her hips to you and in one swift stroke you plant yourself within her. She feels so hot, so tight, around you and it’s been along time since you had the time for her you feel yourself responding quickly. You feel her body tense around you, hear her strangled primal growl as her body responds to your invasion and welcomes your hard shaft warmly. You move in her each stroke becoming faster, harder, each time she becomes tighter. Her body moves around you, hips gyrating as she rides your cock up and down. You feel her body relax and contract around your shaft. You bury yourself in her body, in her passion in her desire and let her take you away. Her scent of desire fills your senses as you slip in and out. Your hands hold her ass close as she wraps her legs around you. Her knuckles grow white as her body tenses and her movements frenzied. You feel your body tense, your body aches for release. A violent feral growl is released from her throat as her puss tightens around you. Her head is thrown back as she slowly begins to rock. Your head is thrown back as you call out; “Delilah”, then wrap her close to you as you feel your body relax. You kiss her lips as she basks in release of her orgasm. You hold her close for a moment as she catches her breath. Then you whisper to her, “Kitten we are not done yet.”

“We have all night, and I want you again and again as I’ve not had my full.” She snuggles into your warmth as the two of you watch the sunset.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32