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The early morning light streamed though the window, slowly drawing Samantha back to consciousness. It was one of those perfect mornings in early autumn when the season had just started to change and dreams of a longer summer had not yet been vanquished. The air outside was crisp and chilly and, since the heaters had not yet been turned on, her bedroom was similarly chilled. Usually on mornings like this Samantha would curl her small figure into a tight ball, hugging her knees to her breasts and burrowing under the covers, fighting off consciousness and the cool morning air for as long as possible.

This wasn’t one of those mornings.

This morning, she had her own personal “space heater”. Samantha turned over and smiled, watching Brad’s chest rise and fall as he lay fast asleep beside her. She snuggled up against him, resting her head on his shoulder and molding her body to his. She draped her leg across his torso, resting it just above his hipbones as Brad unconsciously moved his arms to hold her close. Samantha had always felt perfectly safe and at peace in Brad’s arms. They’d met as freshmen in college; Samantha had been a young, innocent, completely inexperienced girl while Brad was an oversexed college-aged male looking to have fun with older girls. In spite of this, they’d quickly become inseparable. Brad’s embrace had seen them through a period of semi-platonic friendship, through jealousy as they’d both dated other people, and finally to ever-growing love as boyfriend and girlfriend. These days, they were navigating the new straits of a long-distance relationship since work and school often forced an ocean between them. These days, every embrace was one to escort bostancı cherish.

Lulled by Brad’s gentle breathing and the rhythmic beating of his heart, Samantha mused about how their bodies fit perfectly together. It was as if they’d been created as a matching set. The years since they’d met had been good to Samantha. While she still looked far younger than 22, her petite frame had both slimmed down and filled out. Brad loved to look at and touch her naked body whenever possible. Though they’d been together for a while, a glimpse of skin or a light touch could still make Brad’s cock jump to attention.

Growing restless, Samantha started to run her hands lightly up and down Brad’s torso. She loved teasing and being teased, and she especially loved to wake Brad up by getting him excited. Samantha caressed his muscular shoulders and chest and then traced down to the waistband of his boxers. She moved her fingers from side to side just under the elastic and playing with the top of his hair without moving any further south. Brad kept his eyes closed but Samantha recognized the familiar signs: his penis beginning to harden and grow, the sudden changes in his breath as he anticipated her movements.

Brad turned on his side and Samantha again snuggled up against him, playing big spoon as well as her smaller size allowed. Continuing on its quest, her hand moved down the side of his thigh, returning up the front. Brad opened his legs to give her better access and her hand wandered up and down the inside of his thighs. Every so often she’d brush against his hard cock as if by accident and then keep moving.

The act of teasing and watching Brad ümraniye escort get aroused was a huge turn on for Samantha; by this point, her hard nipples were pressing into Brad’s back and her wet pussy was throbbing with desire. Unable to help herself anymore, she rolled Brad onto his back while grabbing his cock and rapidly pulling off his boxers. He lifted his hips to help and smiled at her, suddenly very awake.

“Good Morning!” exclaimed Brad, clearly very happy with his wakeup call.

“Good morning,” replied Samantha with a playful gleam in her eyes, gripping his cock in one hand while playing with its head with the other. Without another word, she pulled back the covers and started licking his penis from base to head. She took his cock into her hot mouth, playing with the underside with her tongue, and had just started to stroke with her hand in rhythm with her bobbing head when Brad moaned with pleasure and motioned for her to stop and kiss him. She slid her body up his, resting on top of him as their tongues danced.

He nibbled the side of neck, making her even hotter. Samantha straddled Brad, resting her wet pussy just in front of his cock and raised her arms suggestively. Brad rapidly pulled off her shirt, caressing her breasts for a moment before removing her soaked panties as well. He moved to flip Samantha onto her back and take control; his need to be inside her was becoming unbearable.

“Not yet… I’m not done yet,” whispered Samantha. She moved down between his legs and took his cock in her mouth once again, tasting the saltiness of his precum. Ordinarily she loved to give him blowjobs, to watch the ecstasy on his face as she kartal escort bayan brought him to the edge repeatedly before making him explode down her throat with a mind-numbing orgasm. While that was very likely in the cards for later in the day, though, Samantha had other immediate plans.

Straddling Brad’s hips and kissing him hard, Samantha tilted her hips back and positioned herself so that his cock was directly against her dripping pussy. She raised and lowered her hips suggestively, simulating sex without allowing him to impale her. He could feel the intense heat radiating from her pussy as her excitement grew, as did his desire to throw her down and ravage her. Every so often, she’d stop and position the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Brad’s hips would thrust, desperately trying to get inside her. But, after the tip had entered, she’d pull away again.

After several minutes, Brad and Samantha were both going crazy. He grabbed her hips and thrusted, and this time she couldn’t resist any longer. She rapidly lowered herself onto his hard, throbbing cock, feeling it stretch and completely fill her tight cunt. Brad held her close and quickly flipped her onto her back, pounding her pussy with long, rapid strokes. After Samantha’s “warm up”, they were both on edge almost instantly. Brad slowed down a bit and reached down to play with Samantha’s clitoris. His touch sent tremors throughout her body, setting off a wave of mini earthquakes. Samantha squirmed but Brad continued his assault, watching her face scrunch up and her body tense as her body exploded with a major orgasm. He thrust hard one more time into her tightly clenched pussy before exploding inside of her.

Brad and Samantha collapsed, panting, until they both caught their breath.

“Good Morning!” exclaimed Samantha, smiling at Brad.

“Well that was fun! What do you think about getting some breakfast and then going back to bed together?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32