Surreptitious Love Ch. 157

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Chapter 157 – A delectable new Colleague

Last week, at the old empty hotel, where our orgy circle had been meeting for the last 18 months, my young Filipina colleague Mira and I were surprised by Emily and her young friend Sally, which turned into quite a formidable event. Emily and Mira had hit it off immediately, which pushed Sally into my arms. Although she kept her skirt on the whole time, as young and inexperienced as she was, Sally played along rather enticingly. As rousing as the whole session was, though, now we had a new problem: Mira was jealous.

“Ben, when Sally’s there, you don’t have eyes for me,” Mira complained instantly, after coming up to my classroom on the 4th floor on Monday afternoon.

“Well, she’s just drop-dead gorgeous,” I defended myself, shrugging shoulders, and inquired if Mira wasn’t keen on seeing Emily again this Friday, as the two of them had partied quite hard the previous week.

Mira and I had been frolicking completely naked on the double bed in the only semi-furnished room at the old hotel. After the two damsels had surprised us, instead of getting dressed, Emily disrobed fairly quickly, and her young bashful friend then slowly followed suit. The first round had ended with a juicy bukkake on Sally’s stunning boobs, after which Mira and Emily had made each other climax. To cap everything off, I then had lovely intercrural sex from behind with Sally and, of course, the four of us had already agreed to repeat the bash later this week, as Emily and Sally didn’t have to report back to their office on Friday afternoon if they had completed their hours for the week.

“Ben, we can meet with Sally and Emily on Friday… but let’s do something nice before, just the two of us …” Mira was pleading.

“At the old hotel?” I asked to make sure. “We could go early on Friday, also, and then let them join us again?” I tried to compromise, but Mira only shook her head.

“Ben, I’m bisexual and have a cute girlfriend…” she began to explain herself.

That was our petite, blind masseuse Hanh, with whom she had a tender sensual relationship.

“And?! You just met Emily, who’s pretty hot and super-outgoing…”

“Yeah, I know … but I have no idea where the two of us will end up…”

“Tattoos and wild sex?” I suggested.

Emily was a calligraphy artist, and the two of them had already made plans to try out various designs on Mira’s young, tender skin later this week.

“But, Ben, I’m also a woman,” she stated the obvious. “Once in a while, I want sex with a man … especially if I’m bouncing around with one in a hotel… do you even remember the last time you actually came inside me?!” she was challenging me now.

“Jesus… hmh… well, yeah…” I was hemming and hawing. “The last time we were at the hotel with Hanh, you wanted me to fuck you with her period blood on my cock but, yeah, then I came inside her. And three weeks ago, at the older guesthouse with Nguyet, you eventually wanted to watch the two of us have anal sex…”

Mira still looked a bit disappointed, but when I tried to apologize, she played the matter down: “It’s ok, Ben… and it was darn hot to see your large cock get inside Nguyet’s tiny butt… hers might be even smaller than mine…” she giggled.

“And last week, Emily and Sally surprised us… I didn’t want to put on a show for them with you… or bang Emily in front of you and Sally… I mean, I was as surprised by the two of them as you were…” I defended myself.

“And Sally is quite something, I know,” Mira sighed. “I totally understand that you couldn’t keep your hands off her… and, yes, Emily and I really enjoyed our time together, too… you’re right…”

“Ok, Mira, tomorrow we’ll go to the old hotel, just the two of us. We could even tell Emily and Sally not to disturb us… and put the padlock in the latch inside…”

The last time, our young buddy Charlie had told Mira that he might show up, and so we had left the large metal entrance door downstairs unlocked.

Mira nodded and seemed to be thinking.

“And what are we going to do?!” she asked, eventually.

“Well, we’ll really take our time… and then let everything develop really slowly,” I shillyshallied, as I didn’t want to actually tell Mira to micturate upon me again, out from under her skirt.

As hot as I found that, I preferred to leave it up to her what she would wear and then see what would transpire.

“Don’t we wanna be more imaginative and think up something wild?!” she proposed excitedly, like pissing inside her ass – our new shtick – wasn’t crazy enough.

Before I would reply, we both nodded at an older colleague at the other end of the hall, who was perhaps wondering what the two of us were discussing, since Mira had only really young and I exclusively older students.

“A role-play, perhaps?” I suggested.

“Yeah, something like that… but what?!”

“Feel free to let your mind wonder: part-time hooker, real estate lady… or trainee… teacher, student… yeah, see if Hanh Sex Hikayeleri still has her old school uniform…” I chuckled, imagining Mira in a cute checked mini-skirt, micturating upon me with relish.

Hanh was three or even four inches shorter than Mira, who was only 5’1″, perhaps, but they had a similar figure. But, man, Hanh’s old uniform skirt would be quite short on her, if she still had it. Yes, school girl was cliché, obviously. But hot. Fucking hot.

“We’ll pretend not to know each other… and then… or you pretend to be my long-lost daughter,” I laughed; perhaps, as that was probably too outlandish and over the top.

My young bisexual colleague from the Philippines had been listening but didn’t comment on any of the roles, until she exclaimed about a minute later:

“Ok, I got it! Give me the key…”

She was grinning and biting her tongue: “Okay, you come to the hotel tomorrow morning at 10:30. You’ll see…” she added excitedly.

“Just like that?! Shall I bring some refreshments? Or wear anything particular?”

“Dress well, yeah. Black pants and a nice shirt. But don’t bring anything…” she nodded and smiled, before she turned on her heels to vanish down the corridor.

I watched her little butt wobble in her grey jogging pants, until she turned left about half-way down, with the key to the hotel in her slim, elegant hand.

Mira and I had just done one role-play together, so far: my ‘son’ Charlie and I had caught her stealing at the supermarket, which we had taped, because she had looked so hot in her tight white sweater, orange denim skirt, teal-blue stockings and white sneakers. Since we had evidence of her abominable deed, we had black-mailed her into going to the old hotel with us. I had been quite disagreeable for the first hour, while Charlie had been the inexperienced kid, who I – as his dad – had wanted to garner some fornication practice. We had done it four times altogether, and the afternoon had turned out to be one of our finest sessions.

But what could Mira be planning? Which role on my motley, sundry list would she pick? Or had she even another idea? I had to wear dress pants?! The thought that there might not be any beer made me a tad nervous, but I decided not to rack my brain too much and just drove over to the hotel the following morning. I almost bought some beer at that small corner store that I had been frequenting for more than a year now, but then remembered that I wasn’t supposed to bring any refreshments. The lady looked at me strange when I drove off without making any purchase, but I only laughed and promised her to be back in the afternoon. I mean, I had to say something.

At the old hotel, the large sliding door was shut almost completely, but Mira’s scooter was inside. I brought my Honda in and then closed the door properly, clicking the padlock, as I had promised. I glanced upstairs, where I didn’t hear or see anyone, though. My heart was beating faster in expectation of the rousing hour, and I sensed a warm rush of blood streaming towards my midsection. Yes, in half-an-hour, Mira would perhaps squat over my face again and douse my skin with her frothy libation, before I would stir her small Filipina midsection with my throbbing cock – if her female side was craving it so desperately.

Mira was also keen on trying anal sex for the very first time, but I didn’t know if today would be a good day for such a delicate adventure, as we were pretending not to know each other. Backdoor sex with a purported stranger? Seemed far-fetched. Well, we would see. But it was also a bit nippy, at perhaps 70 or 72 degrees, which felt slightly unpleasant in the tropics with the humidity. Almost brisk. Anyway, I instantly started my ascent, as I didn’t think she was hiding down here on the empty ground floor. Since the freshly washed curtain we had used the last time to clean the floor after our piss-debauchery was still hanging here over the banister, I folded it and took it with me.

I lit a ciggy on the stairs and sauntered past the empty rooms on the second floor to look for an opportunity to bump into her. But what could she be doing here?! Two years ago, she had presented me her bush between her pajama pants on her thighs and her top, lying on the bed in her room at our school, where we worked together and she also lived. From the door, I had seen the brown, fluffy heaving triangle, framed by pale stretches of flesh, but the rest of her young body had completely been covered with a light blanket. As it had been around Christmas, I had taken her pussy as a gift. Was she going to do that again today, two years later? Sunday was Christmas Day…

Mira had too much imagination to quote herself, though. Generally, she was bubbling over with ideas, and so I tossed the hope to find her like that again out of the window. It was a bit too cold for that as well. But it had been fucking hot: I had warmed up her snatch with my fingers and tongue, bevor my glans had forced her nether lips open. I still remembered how my balls had slowly dropped Erotik Hikayeler into the small space between her thighs, labia, and the waistband of her PJ’s. We didn’t talk the whole time but just enjoyed a long and tender missionary fuck. After I had lavished myself inside her, I got up and put my pants back on; again, without saying a word. Jesus, had that whole scene been hot: her bush, clit, and little cute cunt, presented between all those bright colors, like on an altar.

When I was on the third floor, I heard faint noises and presumed they were coming from the kitchen. There wasn’t anyone, though, but my face brightened when I saw some beers and a Pepsi on the table. Perhaps Mira didn’t like beer too much, after all, as alcohol changed the smell and taste of the piss. Albeit not to the better. Or was she playing someone today who didn’t or couldn’t drink? Right when I was checking the fridge if there was also some ice, I heard steps behind me. When I turned, I wasn’t surprised to see my young colleague from the ‘Billy-Beans’, as they Vietnamese pronounce her home country, but her outfit was quite something: Mira was wearing a camouflage suit.

Well, kinda of. Upon second glance, it was perhaps more like a sweat suit with a camouflage pattern but, together with her combat boots and her flat black cap, which she was wearing with the brim backwards, she looked super-cool. Of course, we pretended to be surprised to see each other and, after a few seconds, she opened with:

“Are you… the… regional m-manager of that big Korean real-estate company?” she asked.

I thought about my answer but eventually nodded, as anything else would probably have upset her choreography.

“Yep, that’s me. I’m responsible for Central Vietnam. You look surprised: did you expect someone Asian?”

“I guess,” she smiled endearingly but invited me to sit down for a moment.

We introduced each other, and Mira told me that she had just started to work at my long-term affair Nguyet’s real estate firm, as the Korean-Vietnamese company was now also cooperating with its Filipino counterpart.

“Yes, Mrs. Nguyet told me that there might be someone … that’s why I left the door open downstairs… well, anyway, we are in the process of tapping the market of second- and third-tier cities in Vietnam,” she told me grandiloquently, before she mentioned Nguyet again: “And yes, Mrs. Nguyet wants me to familiarize myself with the property here… may I ask what you’re doing here, Mr. Garland?” she asked me charmingly.

“‘Ben’ would be okay, or ‘Mister Ben’… anyway, I have a similar motivation, Ms. Ma… Mira… I come here every six months or so to see if everything is alright. The company also needs to make a decision what we’re going to do with the building… I’m not sure, though, if any heavy investment would be worth it, now, after Covid…” I told her.

Mira nodded and offered me a beer from the bag, which the ‘construction workers’ had ‘left this morning.’ She got up and got us glasses and some ice from the freezer, too, before she handed me a beer and took the Pepsi for herself.

“It’s pretty handy that they left some drinks,” she giggled.

“But we should probably replace them later,” I suggested quietly, as brushing off the dust of construction workers’ beer would mean bad karma.

“Yeah, I’ll take care of that,” Mira chuckled, before she changed topics: “Do you know Mrs. Nguyet?” she wanted to know, and I probably had to answer in the affirmative, as there was a connection between her, my employer, and the building here.

Nguyet was perhaps also part of Mira’s choreography.

“Alas, only fleetingly, but yes… astoundingly beautiful woman…” I added to steer the conversation in the right direction.

“Yeah, she always looks so snazzy… and her hair is really amazing,” Mira was beaming. “And then, her clothes… impeccable…” she was nodding in agreement.

When I looked at Mira’s camo suit again, I noticed that her top was, basically, a sweater, which she had tucked into her pants, which had an elastic waistband. So yes, she was wearing a kind of camouflage tracksuit. It wasn’t particularly stylish, but the tender pale young woman still looked fucking hot in her unusual outfit. Absolutely beguiling. I knew she had bought that set three years ago for Halloween, and I had always found that it matched her personality perfectly. Which I had even told her, way before we had become intimate. It looked like she hadn’t forgotten those loving remarks and today, she wanted to give me the chance to peel that thing off of her. Or micturate upon it.

“I’m a little surprised about your clothes, Miss … Mira…” I thus remarked. “Camouflage?!”

“Well, this isn’t a real army uniform, Mister Ben… it’s just that Mrs. Nguyet had told me to wear something older, as it can be a bit dusty here, she’d said…”

Mira pulled her sleeves up to her elbows, and I admired the black fluff on her forearms, which resembled Nguyet’s. Now, she put her flat cap on the table, next to the Tecavüz Hikayeleri bag with the cans.

“I don’t really have any old clothes…” she sounded slightly indignant.

“You work together with Mrs. Nguyet, in her office?”

“Sometimes,” she nodded. “But there, I’m wearing nicer clothes, of course… skirts and blouses,” she giggled jauntily.

That last remark had nicely forged a bridge back to last week’s bash, when she had micturated upon me out from under her navy-blue skirt, with her apricot blouse and bra open while kneeling over my face, astride. Her skirt had nicely amplified the whole experience – the sounds and the smells – which I would never be able to forget.

“Are you done with your work here? We could go upstairs together and keep chatting a bit…” I suggested.

“Yeah, you can show me everything…” she agreed in a wonderfully ambiguous way.

And so, we got up. The curtain that I had brought up from the lobby I left here on the chair next to me, but I asked her if we shouldn’t take the beverages and some ice with us. In case she hadn’t noticed yet, I told her that there was a semi-furnished room on the fourth floor, where we could sit down again, after I was done looking around.

“Sure,” she replied and nodded, putting her black cap on backwards again.

She reminded me on some Latin American revolutionary now.

“Yeah, I’ve been to that room already: Do you know who’s using it, though? I mean, it looks like someone is coming here every week…”

I only shrugged shoulders, quipping that it probably wasn’t the construction workers.

“Well, you never know,” she smiled impishly and told me that she had seen two bottles of lubricant in the room, on the chair next to the bathroom door. “The same brand we have in the Philippines,” she chuckled.

It was pretty awesome how she convincingly pretended to be some young Filipino intern, working for a Vietnamese real-estate company, trying her best this morning to become familiar with the building here. It was also sweet that she had already brought Nguyet into our narrative, although I wasn’t sure what that was all about. I wondered, though, why there suddenly were two bottles of lubricant. Had Mira brought another this morning, since she knew the first one was almost empty? Of course, I couldn’t ask her.

“Oh!” I showed my surprised. “Lubricant… I don’t know what that’s about…”

On our way up, I looked at her slim figure, which wasn’t brought out well in her thickish sweatsuit. She still looked hot, though.

“How old are you, Miss Mira?” I asked the obvious.

“22,” she answered for some reason, making herself three years younger than she actually was. “And you?”


If she could do that, I could, too.

“And how long have you been here in our little sleepy town?”

“Three months. Well, not quite…” she answered.

“And why did you move here?! There are more exciting places for young adventurous people like you…”

“Sure… but in the Philippines, the job market is bad… and the cost of living is much higher than here in Vietnam… for me, this is actually a good chance to save up some money and help my family…” she reported truthfully.

“And how do you get on, as a foreigner? You probably don’t speak much Vietnamese, huh? Have you found any friends yet?”

We had reached the fourth floor by now, of course, and were walking through a large empty former hotel room, near the balcony, where she had sat on my lap the previous week. In her dark-blue skirt and apricot blouse. Which I had unbuttoned, before I had pulled her bra cups down to suck her naked little titties.

“I’ve met some Filipinos,” she chuckled. “They’re working here at some English school…”

I wondered if I should ask her whether she had a boyfriend but that felt kinda corny and a tad too avuncular. Too obvious. We opened the jamming balcony door and looked over towards the large park, where workers were preparing for the Tet festivities, even though it was drizzling now. It was also quite windy, so that there was no chance in hell that she would sit on my lap again out here. At least, it was a bit warmer, as we were approaching noon. And luckily, the way the hotel had been built, it kept fairly warm inside, even though there was no heating.

On the spur of the moment, I took the cap off Mira’s head and put it on mine. Of course, it was way too small, but when she turned to see what I looked like now, she still smiled. I reached for her upper arms to fixate her in front of me and felt the energy flowing back and forth between us. All the way down to my loins and groins. I was tempted to kiss her, as my cock had started to pump but that also would have felt contrived.

“You are immensely attractive, Miss Mira, but in an odd way… ‘peculiar’ or ‘mysterious’ might be better terms, actually…”

“What’s… peculiar about me?” she asked me quietly after a brief, awkward pause.

“See, I don’t know… I’m trying to find that out… sure, you are feminine: you have long hair, light smooth skin, and you’re slender… but then: your hips are narrow, your butt’s small… and your chest rather flat, if I may say so. And your voice is rough, like a teenage boy’s … and your camouflage outfit and combat boots add something rather masculine…”

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