Surreptitious Love Ch. 25

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It was September now, and Tuyet had gone back to Hue. She had written me that the week in Phu Quoc had been awesome, but during those two or three days she had been back in our town, we hadn’t seen each other. Well, our farewell had been more than awesome anyway, and after the emotional upheaval of the summer, we knew much better now how much we meant to each other. Our bond was stronger than mere sexual debauchery.

Nguyet was not due to give birth until the end of October or early November, but we knew we weren’t going to see each other until six weeks after or so. She had moved back to her parents’ house and would stay there for about six months after she had given birth, as is customary here in Vietnam. Nguyet told me that Thuy kept asking if the three of us couldn’t meet, but Nguyet had told her that she wasn’t in the mood for sexual adventures in her state.

As Thuy was eager to meet, Nguyet just tossed the case in my lap and told me to negotiate with Thuy directly. So, we became friends on Facebook and started writing to each other. First, in English, but when that proved too cumbersome, we switched to Vietnamese. After all, that’s how my wife and I had got started. It wasn’t easy, but if two people wanted to understand each other, I found there was often a surprisingly direct way to get the message across (and there were no stupid games of ‘I wish he would get the hint and say this or that in a very specific way, which I hated anyway).

Thuy was an endearing, petite young woman, and the only real question that we had to settle was where we could do the deed. Nguyet’s apartment was out of the question, as she had moved back to her parents’. Thuy and I couldn’t just go and fuck in Nguyet and her roommate’s apartment when they weren’t there. I had suggested a hotel, but Thuy didn’t want to risk it, neither did she want to go to her house in the countryside, which was also too far for me. And she wouldn’t have been able to explain what I was doing there if we got caught.

Anyway, the big real estate company where Nguyet and Thuy worked used to specialize in commercial properties, but now they had started to sell residential property as well. Vietnam was sporting six or seven per cent economic growth every year, so the Vietnamese were eager to build or buy new houses. The market was huge, in other words, and the company had latched onto it. There were huge construction sites all over the country.

Even in our sleepy town, there were two areas with perhaps one hundred units, each, that had already been completed and another, where more houses were still being built. I had already been to one of those houses, but there seemed to be some bad luck attached to it: First, at the house-warming party, my shoes had been stolen, so that I had to put on the thief’s plastic sandals when I came down again after looking at the house. My wife and I ended up going back to the same shoe store after the party to replace the stolen pair. And, secondly, the new owner of that place—one of my wife’s cousins—kept having bad dreams there, so he sold the house and bought another in town—for more than three times as much.

Thuy was now working in one of those new subdivisions, doing paperwork and showing the model home to potential buyers. When she told me that she spent her lunch break at that show home every day, I wondered why we couldn’t go there? Wasn’t that the perfect location? Thuy was hesitant at first, as she would lose her job if we were discovered, but I convinced her that I was in the housing market anyway, and no one would bat an eyelid if they saw me there. We would have more than two hours at our disposal. She could lock the door over lunch, she said, and all the Vietnamese slept over lunch anyway, as they got up early and needed to nap around noon.

In the end, it took another week or two before we found a day, but one Wednesday we agreed that I would come to her model home around 11:30 for lunch and some tender love play afterwards. Thuy had asked me to buy lunch on my way, so I got some chicken and rice, which is one of the classics here. Apart from some vegetarians, I didn’t know anyone who didn’t eat that.

The security guard didn’t stop me. He probably thought I wouldn’t understand his question or, if I did, I wasn’t gonna be able to answer it. For this reason, the local police left foreigners alone, Şerifali Escort too, which was very convenient for all of us. When I saw the office, I went in and found Thuy dealing with a customer at her desk in the first room on the right. The gentleman was getting up from the chair, however, so he would be out of there in a minute.

I nodded and smiled at her as if I was interested in seeing the house and looked around a bit. Everything was new and looked pretty spiffy. But it wasn’t really my thing. Unlike Thuy, who was wearing an Ao dai, a long traditional dress today. These long dresses are worn with either white, black, or matching pants from the same material the dress is made of. I loved those elegant garments, as they suited the female form. Teachers, bank tellers, hotel personnel, and high school students wore those dresses for at least one day a week.

Thuy’s relatively large breasts were heaving slowly, while she was talking to and filing in forms for the man. Her hair was straight again today, and she wore it asymmetrically parted with bangs. I had asked Nguyet to inquire with Thuy about her fertility cycle. Apparently, today was good, as Thuy had had her period just last weekend. Although I couldn’t be sure if she wasn’t lying; she probably wanted a baby, too, now that Nguyet was having one.

The man left, and we were alone now. Thuy got up, reached for the keys, and walked past me to lock the front door. She came up to me and shook my hand first, but then we kissed. After all, we’d known each other for a while. I could feel my dick reacting and I watched her go and doublecheck if the door was properly locked. She put the keys in her purse and pointed up the stairs with her chin. I let her pass so she could lead the way.

Those traditional dresses had long slits on both sides, which started just four or five inches below the armpit, which meant that there was always a small triangle of naked flesh above the seam of the pants visible to the keen eye. Thuy’s dress here was no exception. I had always wanted to touch a young woman’s small triangle of skin there.

Thuy’s dress was red and made of thick, expensive material. There were several yellow dragons printed on the fabric. I complimented her on her outfit, while I gently touched her at her sides, six inches her under her armpits. She giggled and thanked me for the compliment, but then she almost tripped over her dress with her high heels. Her little butt looked endearing, too. Upstairs was a small, secondary kitchen, where we sat down to eat. She got us spoons and slipped out of her shoes.

I had never watched a Vietnamese woman put on or take off an Ao dai (pronounced au yai). Thuy was probably going to take off the dress first, before she would remove the pants, even though the other way ’round would be hotter. Maybe I would intervene. On the other hand, it would be blasphemy to wear a traditional long dress with nothing underneath.

“Is the food good?” I asked in Vietnamese.

She nodded and asked me back if I was healthy, as the Vietnamese do. I knew we would continue with such simple pieces of conversation for the next two hours, which was perfectly fine with me. We hadn’t met to talk, and our bodies would sure find a way to communicate. When we were done eating, she closed the Styrofoam containers and put them in the sink, so the ants wouldn’t get in them, and we went up another floor to the master bedroom.

The house wasn’t really my thing, but for what we were planning to do, it was perfect. Everything was new, and it was slightly more charming than a hotel room. We couldn’t be found out, as the door was locked and I could easily pass as a customer. But no Vietnamese would go and look at a house over lunch; the whole country got up early, and so everyone needed a nap after lunch. The town was pretty deserted from Twelve to Two.

Upstairs, in the master bedroom, Thuy said she wanted to take a shower first. It was hot—still about 92 or 94 degrees every day—and her dress was made of thick material. She asked if we could take a shower together. She seemed to like the idea, and I knew it would be conducive to our love play.

Now, she wanted to take off her dress, but I stopped her, holding her wrists. I bent down and rolled up the front part of her relatively stiff dress. It felt a little bit like carpet. I kept looking at her for the whole time, Üsküdar Escort and our eyes were tracing each other. When I was done, I asked her to hold the rolled-up front. She probably knew what I was getting at. I stroked her belly above the seam of her pants. I smiled, as her belly was incredibly soft and protruding ever so slightly.

I went down on my knees now and looked at her crotch. Behind these pants was her little butterfly, below the brown triangle. I pulled her pants down and a beautiful, lacy pair of red panties appeared. The hair was packed tightly under it, and I was sure it wanted to be let out. I pulled her panties down to her ankles and stroked her butt cheeks before I looked up, past the rolled-up dress, which she was still holding, and watched her giggle quietly. Her little bush was heaving, and I got the first whiff of some powerful womanly aroma.

After she had stepped out of her panties, I got up again, smelled her panties and tossed them onto the bed. A few feet away was a large wardrobe that had a mirror. Holding onto Thuy from behind, I directed her towards the mirror, and we watched her lower half, as it was framed by her dress: on top was the rolled-up front, left and right were the back part of the dress, in which I had wrapped her hips and legs. She swayed a little in front of the mirror and seemed proud of her beautifully-wrapped, brown, hairy bush.

Putting on an Ao dai would be different from now on, I supposed. I hugged her from behind and caressed her bush and her thighs briefly, before we went back over to the bed in the middle of the room. I took my clothes off and got a pillow, so I could get down on my knees in front of her. I wanted to enjoy the view and the aroma of her nicely framed pussy. As her hair wasn’t very dense, one could see her nether lips clearly below the pubic hair.

“Ok, show me your butterfly!” I laughed.

“If you show me your little bird!” she giggled.

I liked her sense of humor. Obviously, these two terms were children’s speech for ‘pussy’ and ‘dick’, but the fact that she played along was a nice touch and relieved the little tension that had still been lingering in the room. I kneeled in front of her and kissed her belly, her thighs, and her groins, before she put one index finger on her clitoris and pulled it up to expose her pussy a little more fully.

I asked her to turn around and bend forward. She let go of the roll, while I was rolling up the back of her dress now. She held it with one hand when I was done, and then I reached gently between her legs. I pulled her butt cheeks apart with my thumbs and dipped the tip of my tongue in her butthole and then her pussy entrance. She giggled and sighed while I was licking her. Now, I got up and rubbed my glans, first on her butt cheeks but then in between them. I knew we wanted to go and take a shower first but, alas, as I was facing a juicy pussy, I just pushed in and began thrusting.

As she was so small, I had to bend my knees quite a bit, though, and so I maneuvered her onto the bed. She kneeled near the edge and put her chest and head down on the bed. She was panting and smacking her lips, and made some other noises that were hard to identify. I think there were some pussy farts among them, as she was laughing. Eventually, though, her moaning and the noise of my dick in her honeypot were the only two noises left. After maybe five more minutes in this position, I came substantially in her. I roared nicely, but judging from her writhing and yelling as well as the sheer amount of body fluids running down her thighs, she must have had an orgasm herself.

Of course, we were exhausted. We didn’t lie down, however, but she took off her dress and we went in the bathroom to take a shower together. I admired her heavy, large breasts with their dark, rough nipples, which I hadn’t seen yet that day. We soaped each other, while I was standing under the tall, wide showerhead—which felt like rain—she reached for the smaller one that had a hose and rinsed herself. I liked the reserved and respectful atmosphere which embraced us again after our relatively quick act.

My dick was not fully stiff again by any means, but it felt nice and heavy that day. The warm water here in the shower was relaxing. When I touched her butt playfully, she laughed up at me. Thuy was maybe four-ten or four-eleven, which was substantially smaller than Ümraniye Escort both, Nguyet and Tuyet. Once in a while, she brushed the water of her face with her hands and adjusted her shower cap. She was utterly cute.

I touched her breasts gently, which induced her to reach for my dick. She motioned towards the bedroom with her chin, and we turned off the water. We dried ourselves quickly with the only towel we had, and when we were done, we walked over to the bed and sat down together to take a break.

“Do you wanna take my little bird in your mouth?” I asked.

She nodded, and I moved to the middle of the bed to lie down. She started to play with my glans, then pushed her lips tightly over my whole dick and began to suck artfully yet forcefully. It was still funny how quiet it was, apart from her sucking noises. Usually, there’s some sort of outside noise. Initially, she was kneeling perpendicular to me, but then I pulled her butt closer, so that I could caress her midsection.

Her butt was next to my chest now, and I licked a middle finger to play with her butterfly. When a little nectar appeared between her nether lips—and some cum, too—I borrowed some to diddle her clit and then her butthole. In the end, she swung herself over my chest and I licked her pussy for a few minutes, before she dropped next to me on her back.

“How long have you been working here, in this house?”

“About two or three weeks,” she replied.

“Do you sleep here alone every day after lunch?”

“No, my butterfly is always with me,” she laughed. “We often play together.”

“Show me what you do together!” I requested.

“Ok, for a little bit, but then you come inside me one more time,” she said, tapping her pubic area with all four fingers.

First, she piled up all the pillows at the headrest and then she lied down with her legs spread widely. I lied down next to her feet so I could see her pussy well. I caressed her calves, while she began to diddle her clit with the tip of her middle finger. One in a while, she borrowed juice from her pussy to massage everything more vehemently.

For the first few minutes, her eyes had been open, but now it was only her mouth. She was moaning, while thick nectar was running down her thighs. When she moved towards the middle of the bed and was lying flat, I couldn’t see her face anymore, as it was blocked by her tits. So, I lied down next to her on my side to be able to watch her youthful body convulse.

“Do you do that every day?” I interjected briefly.

She just shook her head and put three or even four fingers inside her pussy. I don’t know if she wanted me to mount her, so I still waited and put a strain of hair behind her ears. She opened her eyes and nodded, which I took as encouragement to get back on top and inside her.

My cock had become sufficiently stiffed as I had been watching her diddle herself. After I had mounted her, I only saw the pillow and some hair, however, as short as she was. I reached under her shoulders and pressed her against my chest. I thrusted gently for another few minutes, while she was losing it again. She stammered and wheezed, as I felt my semen rise once more.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and my dick felt right at home in her moist velvety sheath. I swung my legs outside hers and squeezed the whole arrangement with my thighs. My glans started to tickle shortly thereafter, and I propped myself up on my arms to be able to watch her orgasm again. Her head was turned sideways and her face slightly contorted; she seemed to be in trance. I kept thrusting before I splashed a little inside her again.

As she was really close to her climax, I remained between her legs, propped myself up on one elbow and twiddled her clit further, until she shrieked and her midsection rose. Thuy let out several unprecedented screams and clasped my head. I hoped no one had sneaked in the house downstairs, like a supervisor who had the key. She was loud, Good Lord. She kept panting, but finally she opened her eyes and reached for her purse.

“I need to get dressed and go downstairs.” She sounded exhausted.

“Quick Shower?”


As the little towel was still wet, I decided against a shower myself. We got dressed, and I hugged her from behind again as she was combing her hair in front of the mirror. I put my arms around her waist again and caressed her belly. Then I sucked in the smell of her hair, and we sauntered downstairs together. She unlocked and opened the front door and then sat down behind her desk like nothing had happened. I looked around a little more, until a couple came in to be shown the house.

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