Surreptitious Love Ch. 55

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Chapter 55 — Releasing pressure with my Niece again

About a month had passed since I had met my niece Giang, and I had been asking myself several times when we would see each other again. With the approval of my wife and Giang’s mother, who are cousins, the girl and I had spent two sensual hours together at my house, as her mother had caught her masturbating multiple times. As a result, her mother had asked if I couldn’t spend a few hours with her daughter every month, like in a controlled experiment, since no one in the family trusted Giang enough to let her go on the prowl by herself.

My wife and I hadn’t brought up the topic of ‘uncle Ben releasing pressure with his young niece’ since Giang had been to our house, as it was, well, for the lack of a better word, delicate. As much as her mother didn’t want her to get in trouble, it was also highly unrealistic in 2020 to expect a young woman to remain a virgin until they got formally engaged. When the two cousins had realized that, I was asked to become the arbiter over my niece’s pleasures. Giang, which is pronounced ‘Yang’, and I had become Facebook friends in the meantime, and so it was no surprise when she asked me one day if we could hang out again. She casually mentioned that she was on her period, but once those ‘special days’, as she called them, were over, she would be ready.

Of course, it was good to be in the know about her menstrual cycle, although I have to admit that I almost asked her to meet during her period, as I enjoyed juicy period sex. But maybe she would have been grossed out—or her mother would have concluded that I actually was the fucking pervert that she had always thought I was. So, instead of insisting on meeting her during her period, I asked Giang what she wanted to do the following week, since I didn’t want her to just be delivered to my house to fuck twice. I believed that giving the whole act a wholesome frame would lend dignity to our debauchery. Giang’s suggestion was, of course, to drive to the new mall and look for some new clothes together, which was fine with me. Apparently, her mother had given or, at least, promised her some spending money.

The new shopping center was on some former rice field southeast of town, near the bypass. The grocery section sold ham, bacon, salami, pickles, cheese, liver pate, marmalade, and pretzels—all things unavailable until recently in Vietnam. The older supermarket in town had a much smaller selection of foreign foods, which hadn’t really bothered me during the past six years, but now I liked shopping for goodies at the new “Big C”, even though I’ve always had the suspicion that I already got fatter just from looking at food.

So, anyway, when Giang’s period had passed, I drove over to her mother’s house where she lived. Her mom was running a simple hairdresser’s shop, where a costumer was getting her hair dyed when I walked in. Giang and an apprentice were watching what her mom was doing, listening to her explanations. Giang smiled when she saw me and asked me to come down the hall to her room with her, where she, without much ado, got out of her shorts and put on a denim mini-skirt with a fringed hem. I caught a quick glance of her pubic hair through her white panties and couldn’t wait to be alone with her.

She didn’t seem to want to change the red T-shirt she was wearing, but she opened her ponytail and combed her hair once more, before she rolled it in a bun on the back of her head. I had never seen her with open hair, but it was nicely full and dense, like a lion’s mane. She applied a little bit of lipstick, too, and then reached for the 200,000 Dong bill that was sitting on the bookshelf. That was about nine bucks, with which one could buy a few things here in Vietnam. And, of course, I was willing to chip in, too.

Giang had nice dimples, while her hair was always parted slightly asymmetrically: 53 percent of it were on one side, while the rest was on the other. This left her with bangs that had different lengths, which framed her face nicely, though. And her dimples made her grin super cute. Sure, she was no genius, but she was sincere, honest, and quiet, yet still radiated lust for life. And, like I’ve said before: her body was absolutely hot. She was relatively tall and slim, without being skinny, though. Her shoulders were still a little wider than her hips but, sure, that would change over the next few years.

As her mother and the prentice still seemed busy in the front of the house, we kissed here in Giang’s modest room and I caressed her bosom, belly, and butt. I briefly entertained doing it right here once before going to the mall, but that would have been too much, perhaps. I didn’t want to offend her mother, even though Giang was probably already horny. So I just squeezed her butt once more, reached around and caressed her pussy a bit through her panties. As touching her cleft with my middle finger was so endearing, I pulled her panties down half way and reached bayan escort between her legs. When I looked down on her, Giang blushed and shook her head.

“Do you wanna go to my house first before we go to the mall?” I asked, as horny as I was.

She nodded, even though she knew that was a huge detour. On an imaginary clock we were inside the three, while the mall was outside the five. My house, however, was at the eight. Well, it still was just about three or four miles one way, and as much as we liked each other, we would probably end up fucking at the changing rooms if we didn’t release some steam beforehand. So Giang just checked her outfit once more in the mirror in the hall, before we passed her mother, the rookie, and the customer on our way out, after Giang had ripped a helmet off a hook on the wall.

It was our very first time together on a motorcycle, but it felt super natural. She put her chin on my shoulder and enjoyed the breeze. We talked a little bit as we were swaying through traffic. After a few minutes, she wrapped her arms around my belly and squeezed me. It was a nice late-summer afternoon, warm, but not hot. Her embrace sent blissful shivers through my body. Knowing us, we would probably enter my house and just do it, without much foreplay. And then go to the mall and then go back and do it again? That would mean an awful lot of driving. On the other hand, riding around town with her was a lot of fun, especially since we had been authorized to do so not only by my wife but also her mother.

As my wife, naturally, didn’t want to be at our house while I was banging Giang, she had gone to visit her brother’s temple, which was located on an island in the river. When Giang and I arrived at my home, I pushed my Honda through the gate and closed it again, before we went inside. Giang looked so hot in her mini-skirt that I wanted to reach underneath it right away again. We passed my bedroom, where I had deflowered her the last time she had been here, though, and ended up standing in the kitchen. She put her purse on a chair, and I went to the bathroom. When I got back, she asked if she could eat one of the bananas that were on the table.

“Of course!” I said and watched how she peeled it slowly.

Tuyet would have turned eating the banana in some sort of mock-blowjob, but Giang didn’t; she just started to eat it. I took a few gulps from a bottle of water I got from the fridge, standing close to her. She grabbed my hand and kept munching on her banana. She offered me a bite but I just smiled and shook my head. Instead, I just took off my clothes, waiting what she would do. My dick was nicely half-erect already. I put my hands on her thighs, which immediately electrified both of us.

Giang had been leaning against the table but now she sat up on it and reached under her skirt with one hand. Using just that one hand, she pulled down her panties, which looked clumsy but also incredibly lascivious at the same time. She took another bite from her banana, and when she was done chewing, we kissed again. Now she reached for my dick and pulled on it. As she was stroking my cock, I stepped another few inches closer so that she had to spread her legs quite a bit. I began to play with her pubic hair, while she took the last bite and then put the peel behind her on the table. Slowly, she took off her T-shirt.

I could sense her pubic hair on my glans now, but as her fabulous young perky breasts were just in front of me, I reached inside her bra and began to play with her nipples. I licked my fingertips, while she laughingly opened her bra on her back and then let it slide down her arms. She was wonderfully self-confident, and I immediately lost myself fondling her maiden breasts. Her nipples were red and covered about half of her cute, bouncy hemispheres. I licked my fingertips once more, but when I touched her glorious boobs, my horniness took the better of me and I slowly pushed my glans between her wet, greasy labia.

Giang opened her bun and then looked at me with her lion’s mane. She slid forward towards the edge of the table, while I bent my knees a bit and pushed in further. I nibbled on her neck and earlobes, while she threw her head back and tried to pull my dick inside her. When the tip of my middle finger had found her clit, I polished it and added another inch of dick. She let out a huge relieved sigh, like she had waited for this moment for the whole last month.

I was thrusting at medium speed and fell in love with her hair, which smelled really nice. Perhaps she had just washed it that morning. Even her scratching my back was pleasant, as it resembled a massage more than anything and sent frissons of excitement throughout my body. Her velvety sheath grew wetter and wetter the more I diddled her tiny clit. It didn’t take long for my cock to completely disappear in her. The only annoying thing was that my knees were still bent, which hurt.

As bayan escort gaziantep my Vietnamese wasn’t good enough to explain that to her, I just kept thrusting frantically, as I was sure that was what she wanted, too. Giang uttered cascades of excited shrieks that matched my thrusts. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be drifting towards a trance-like state. I was still squeezing and massaging her beautiful, honey-colored thighs, which were shapely and muscular, not because she went to the gym but lived an industrious life.

With every one of my thrusts, her upper body swayed backwards, towards the middle of the table. She then pulled herself back with her hands around my neck. We had found rhythm; there was no need to change positions or go to the bedroom, as we were going to do it again in an hour. Just when I thought that, perhaps, we should meet more often than once a month, she began to shriek in a different, higher pitch, which put me over the edge. As her body was convulsing, I splashed a nice little load in her lithe and supple body.

When the frenzy had subsided, she finally opened her eyes again and sighed.

“Nice,” she whispered in Vietnamese and propped her torso on her stretched arms behind her.

We rested for a few more moments, before she hopped off the table and scurried to the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet when I entered, which reminded me that we hadn’t played any peeing games yet. Well, it was too late now; perhaps another time. As the water in the shower was nippy, we kept it short and then dried ourselves. On the way back to the kitchen, I pinched her butt cheeks, and I will never forget the smile she gave me once she had turned around.

While she was getting dressed again, I cleaned the table and the floor, before I went to my bedroom to get a fresh shirt. Giang was leaning in the doorframe, while I was putting on my shirt and asked if we were going to the mall now, which was probably the best way to spend my refractory period. While we were driving through our neighborhood, she was holding on to the motorcycle, but as soon as we had turned a few times, she wrapped her long, slim arms around my belly again. And that’s how we cruised over and along the poor, decaying streets of the southern suburbs.

The new mall had opened around Tet, just before the corona virus lockdown in early February, but then the authorities had closed it again. The first time I had driven there, in April, they told me that without a mask, I couldn’t get in. Those times were over, though, as Vietnam had learned from past pandemics and had sailed through the malaise relatively elegantly. While in many other countries, one had to deal with a petulant and stubborn populace, incompetent politicians, and a bunch of annoying restrictions, life here had turned back to normal in early May.

The new shopping center was, basically, a large red-and white box in a field, like so many others around the world. I didn’t like such places; only the imported food and my young niece could entice me to set my foot in them. Giang was a decent young woman, and now she wanted to go clothes shopping. Fine with me. I asked her if this was her first time here but she shook her head. Straight ahead was the food section, which I would revisit some other time, and to our right here were sports shoes, behind which were sports clothes, leisure-, swim- and underwear.

Giang immediately began to examine the brightly colored shorts that were displayed like a rainbow. Next, a bunch of super soft sports bras with matching panties caught her eye. She picked a grey pair with black hems, compared sizes and seemed to be thinking which one would be right for her. She took those, together with two pairs of orange and yellow shorts and looked for the changing rooms. I briefly wondered if I could assist her in any way but decided to just wait until she would say something.

So, she went behind the curtain, while I waited outside in a proper distance. There weren’t too many people here at the mall that early afternoon, and after a minute or so, Giang reappeared from behind the curtain, wearing the yellow shorts. She looked hot but those things would be too tight in six months. And, yes, she complained that they were uncomfortable, and so she went back to the shelf and got the next bigger size, before she disappeared again.

I could hear her rustle and then her hand popped around the curtain, holding the pair of orange shorts. As we were family, I took the liberty to look behind the curtains. She handed me the orange shorts, saying that I should go and exchange them for a pair of blue ones. She showed me the size on the tag, past which I could see one of her gorgeous naked legs. When she let go of the curtain, I caught a glimpse of her pubic mound in her ageing white panties. Her labia and the curly hair above formed a nicely even V. Perhaps we would have to go back to my house once gaziantep escort more.

As she had requested, I got her a pair of light-blue shorts. When I handed them to her, I put my head behind the curtain again and watched how she was examining the fitness bra and the matching panties. She didn’t have to try those on, as they were made of nice stretch cotton. Eventually, she hung them back on a hook on the wall and presented herself again in her panties. If I wasn’t completely mistaken, there was a dark spot of pussy juice—mixed with cum?—close to the bottom of the V.

I told her I was going to smoke outside and thought about our options. For some reason, I didn’t want to go back to our house, as that was about 4 miles in the wrong direction. Couldn’t we do it at her place? Well, maybe her mother wouldn’t like that. But if we were quiet, we could spend half-an-hour in Giang’s room in the back, couldn’t we? Or a hotel? No, Giang wasn’t the type for that. Perhaps she didn’t want to do it again anyway. I’d have to ask her …

When I went back inside, she was standing where I had been waiting earlier. She didn’t seem to have paid yet.

“I don’t have enough money for all of it,” she admitted sheepishly.

“Well, then I’ll give you what you need.”

I found it silly to withhold five bucks from her that I wouldn’t miss in my budget.

“Well, I don’t know. Perhaps my mother will get upset.”

“I don’t think so. Don’t worry. I’d explain it to her,” I replied, and we went to the checkout desk.

In the end, she was like six dollars short but, like I just said, that was just change. And she was spending it on quality stuff. But when I asked her if she wanted to eat ice-cream or have a bubble tea, which most girls loved, she declined, blushed, and then told me:

“I’d rather go home. My mother isn’t there this afternoon, so we could do it again …”

I liked the idea, of course, even though I was a little afraid that something would go wrong: a neighbor or a customer might barge into the house, or her mother could come back early. But the mere thought of gently pouncing on her in her small, modest room got my adrenaline pumping. And, including last month, we had already done it at my house three times.

So, we got on my motorcycle again and went back to her house, with was only about a mile away. We pushed the screeching metal door open and closed it again. The apprentice was lying on the hairdresser chair, watching her phone. That little chick was small and skinny but wearing too much make-up, I thought. Even though her legs were dark, her face was almost white. She was wearing a pink house dress with buttons in the front and a little denim jacket. There were large red flowers on the dress. Her red furry slippers were cute, though, and their color matched her dyed hair. She kinda looked like an anime character.

What was strange was that Giang and the girl didn’t exchange any words. They were of the same generation, and the Vietnamese normally chatted with everyone, especially at home. In her room, which didn’t have a door but only a curtain, Giang instantly reached in her bag and thought about what she could try on first. She stepped out of her skirt and let me take a look at her in her new blue shorts. Then she tried the orange ones; oh, yes: she looked fresh, stylish, and sexy. Both colors suited her. As I was admiring her in her new orange shorts, she bit through the short piece of fishing line that connected the sports bra and the panties with the price tag.

Now, she got naked without haste and tried those two things on. I thought of taking my clothes off as well but decided to wait. Of course, both, the bra and the panties, fit perfectly, and she slipped past me to look at herself in the large mirror in the hall. I watched her from the door frame of her room, and asked myself if we could do it again, even though the prentice was still here. I asked her once she was back in her room.

“If we’re quiet, sure … she’s young,” I wasn’t sure but thought that’s what she said.

Well, ok then. And yes, that little chick was still young and thus wouldn’t get offended if she heard us. I looked at Giang’s exquisite body again and began to caress her. Her new bra and the little panties looked spiffy and, yes, they were really soft. I took off my shirt and pants and then put both of my hands in her bra from below, which stretched so easily that I just took it off her.

Giang didn’t have a proper bed but there was a mattress on the floor, so I couldn’t kneel on the floor and lick her ass in comfort. Perhaps she could sit on my face facing away from me and suck my dick? That wouldn’t make much noise, and I could take really good care of her butt crack and pussy. I pulled my underwear and hers down and sat down on the mattress with my back on the wall. She sat down between my legs, and we kissed passionately, before she reached between us and grabbed my dick, which was already nicely swollen.

“What’s up with that young chick?” I asked to prolong the foreplay a little.

Giang only shrugged shoulders.

“I don’t know her,” she admitted.

As I probably looked a little dumfounded, she added: “She’s only been here since yesterday.”

“And you haven’t spoken to each other yet?” I asked incredulously.

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