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Many thanks to those who so graciously pointed out my glaring mistake concerning Bobby’s virginity. I hope this chapter clears it up to everyone’s satisfaction.


“I can’t believe I’m actually sitting in my own house again,” Louise Chandler told her mother-in-law as they entered the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and peered inside. “Three whole days it took for them to complete that damned autopsy. Can you believe it? Three days!”

“From what I’ve read,” Grandma Lilly said, “that’s just about normal.”

“Normal?” Louise exclaimed. “What’s normal about having to spend three days and nights thinking about someone slicing my husband open like a butchered cow?”

Lillian hugged her daughter-in-law with all the compassion she could muster. “It wasn’t that much easier on the rest of us,” she said.

“I know,” Louise said ruefully as she returned the hug, letting the door swing shut. Despite her resolution to not have any more sexual relations with Bobby or Lillian, she felt herself getting a bit aroused the close contact. “That’s why I’ll always be grateful to you and Bobby for trying to keep me occupied so I would dwell in those things.”

Lillian Chandler, still hugging her daughter-in-law, turned to face her. Tits were pressed against tits. Ever hardening nipples were trying to poke through each of their bras, burrow through their blouses and punch holes in each other’s breasts. She kissed her passionately on the lips, all the while trying to insert her tongue into Louise’s mouth but, Louise held firm, refusing to let the marauding have its way. She gently extricated herself from Lillian’s grasp and backed up a couple of steps

“What’s wrong?” Grandma Lilly asked.

“Nothing,” Louise said in almost a whisper. “It’s just that I told you two on the way home that I wasn’t sure we could continue carrying on the way we did in the motel room.”

“Don’t me and Bobby have a vote in this?” Lillian asked.

“You two can do what you like, when you like,” Louise told her mother-in-law. “It’s not appropriate behavior, but you are both adults. I can’t stop you.”

Grandma Lilly laughed to herself. “Like she could stop us,” she thought. Then she told Louise, “Bobby’s good for me.”

“He was good for me, too,” Louise Chandler replied, “but I want more out of life than just a roll in the hay with my son.”

“You mean, like, munching your girlfriend’s carpet?”

“Donna ain’t no relative,” Louise countered.

Once again, Grandma Lilly pulled her daughter-in-law close to her. She ran her hand over her own mound. “It’s gonna be a while before he gets any more of this treasure. Thought I might give it all to you.”

Louise blinked. “I don’t believe a word of that,” she said. “As hard as you two were rutting for the past few nights, I figured once we got home, you two would be doing it twenty-four, seven.”

“That’s why I sent him to the store,” Grandma Lilly said. “So I would have time to think about it and we could talk.”

Louise laughed. “Yeah, right! You just wanted to get me alone so you could have your way with me.”

“That, too,” Lillian Chandler said as she leaned in to kiss her daughter-in-law.

Louise Chandler returned the kiss with quite a bit of passion, even allowing Grandma Lilly’s tongue to enter her mouth for a couple of seconds before pushing her away. “I told you,” she said a bit breathlessly.

No matter what she did to try and stoke her daughter-in-law’s fires of lust, Grandma Lilly’s advances were rebuffed. “I don’t understand how you can turn your emotions on and off like a faucet,” she said.

Louise looked at her with pleading eyes. “I just need some time,” she said. “Time and a little space.”

Grandma Lilly apologized profusely, took Louise by the hand and led her into the living room. “Be glad when Bobby gets home,” she sighed as they sat on opposite ends of the sofa. “We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

Louise Chandler curled her legs under her and scratched her ear. “Like, why you’re not gonna let Bobby near you anymore?” she asked.

“Not ‘anymore’,” Grandma Lilly said. “Just for a while.”

“How come?”

“I’m gonna tease him a bit about a fib he told me.”

Louise Chandler pretended to be shocked. “Not my Bobby!” she said. “He wouldn’t lie!”

Grandma Lilly laughed. “Yes, your Bobby. And, yes, he would.”

“How big a fib was it?”

Grandma Lilly held up her hand and closed her thumb and forefinger until they were about a quarter inch apart. “About that big,” she said

Louise Chandler let one leg dangle over the edge of the sofa. “Tell me about it.”

Grandma Lilly cleared her throat and began. “That first night we were alone. After you called to let us know you and Hank wouldn’t be home. I asked him if he were a virgin.”

Louise leaned forward. “And. . .?”

“He told me he’d done it with some girl named Becky a couple of times. He said it rather proudly, too.”

Louise’s eyes widened. She snorted. “Becky Brubaker? From two houses illegal bahis down? I don’t think so. That family is too damned pious for something like that to happen.”

“He said, ‘Becky, from down the street.'”

Louise Chandler was aghast. “Why, those ‘holier than thou’ sons-of-bitches!” she exclaimed. “They won’t hardly give anyone on the block the time of day. You seriously think they’d let their precious little girl out of their sight long enough to do something like that?”

“I’m just telling you what Bobby told me,” Grandma Lilly said.

“They’re even trying to control her life even after she’s graduated and gone on to college,” Louise told her mother-in-law. “I heard they sent her to one of them religious colleges. The kind where they are chaperoned by some dried up old prune nearly twenty four hours a day.”

“Anyway,” Grandma Lilly said as she smiled across the sofa. “I’ve been thinking heavily about it for a while now. I may have been in the heat of passion, but I distinctly remember him assuring me after he’d ate me out that he was a virgin.”

“That’s nothing to punish him for,” Louise Chandler said in defense of her son.

“I know,” smiled Grandma Lilly. “I just want to tease him for a few days. Make him want it so much, he’ll want to force me to have sex with him.”

“Why don’t you wait until after the funeral,” Louise suggested. “Things are gonna be rough enough for the boy as it is. Besides, I think we might be able work this thing to our advantage.”

“How’s that?” asked Grandma Lilly.

“Like I said,” Louise began. Terri Brubaker is a self-righteous bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink.”

“And. . .”

Louise smiled. “And. . . I’d love to see her cut down to size.”

“And how will that involve Bobby?” Lillian Chandler asked.

“Simple,” Louise said. “We tell him that his punishment for not telling the truth is no more sex from either of us until he can prove he has seduced that cunt.”

“What about her husband?” Grandma Lilly asked.

“George? He’s been fucking around on her since I can remember. Everybody in the neighborhood knows about it. Terri knows, too, I suspect. She just tries to hide it but, she can’t.”

“Maybe,” Grandma Lilly began. “Just maybe, we could seduce him and give her some proof.”

Louise’s eyes widened as a great big grin spread across her face. Their newly hatched plan was making her horny. In spite of her good intentions, she found herself wanting to give in to her renewed lustful urges. “Could go a long ways towards Bobby getting in her pants.”

“It’s settled, then,” Grandma Lilly said.

At that moment Bobby came in the front door with his arms full of groceries. “What’s settled?” he asked.

In spite of her best efforts to keep from smiling, Louise found herself grinning. “Go ahead and put up the groceries, Bobby,” she told him. “Then come back in here and sit down. We have a lot of talking to do.”

While Bobby was putting the groceries away, the two women hatched out a plan.

“Let’s get him all hot and bothered and make him think we’re gonna have sex with him and then cut him off at the last minute,” Louise Chandler said.

“Nothing doing,” Grandma Lilly told her. “I couldn’t do him that way. I think he’d be more receptive to our idea if we gave him the best sex he’s ever gonna get and then spring it on him.”

“We’ll see,” Louise said. “Let’s just play it by ear.”

“Play what by ear?” Bobby asked as he entered the living room and sat on the sofa between the two women.

Both Mother and Grandmother grinned widely in spite of their best efforts not to do so. Each woman moved closer to Bobby until their thighs were touching and kissed him on a cheek. Louise Chandler then began sucking on his earlobe.

Bobby shivered with excitement. He had hoped they could continue making love after they returned home. He damned sure didn’t want the escapades of the last few nights to be over. “Maybe my prayers have been answered,” he thought giddily as he rubbed each woman’s thigh.

Grandma Lilly leaned over and pressed her lips to his. Almost instinctively, Bobby’s lips parted and his tongue snaked out in search of hers. His mother, in the meantime, busied herself with the unbuttoning of his shirt. When she had undone the last button, Bobby put his hands in the air and she pulled it off him.

With a great amount of reluctance, Grandma Lilly broke contact with her grandson so Louise could remove Bobby’s t-shirt. She resumed her soulful kissing immediately afterwards.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s mother was frantically trying to undo his pants. Lillian joined in and, soon, Bobby was totally naked, his hard cock pointing straight up.

When his mom began jacking him and his grandmother’s lips left his face and wrapped themselves around his big cock head, Bobby knew he wouldn’t last very long. Just before he reached the point of no return, as if the women were both communicating telepathically, they stopped their manipulation of Bobby’s cock at nearly the illegal bahis siteleri same instance.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!” Bobby groaned loudly. “Don’t stop now,” he pleaded.

Grandma Lilly pulled herself away from his groin and half turned to face her grandson. On his other side, Bobby’s mother’s hand was still on his cock, but it was no longer moving.

“Why’d you stop?” Bobby asked, still a bit out of breath.

“Remember,” Grandma Lilly began, “Your mother said we had something to talk about.

Disappointed that these two women would leave him hanging, Bobby tried to convince them to continue.

“We won’t leave you hanging, Bobby,” his grandmother told him. “I promise. We need to get a couple of things straight between us.”

Bobby chuckled and nodded at his still rock hard cock. “It still is,” he said.

Both Mother and grandmother laughed. In spite of her intentions, Louise gave his cock a couple of light strokes.

“I’ve had some time to do some thinking,” Grandma Lilly said.

“About what?” asked Bobby.

“You and me,” she told him.

Bobby was silent. He turned to look at his mother who had, by now, removed her hand from his cock, then turned his attention back to his grandmother.

“Bobby,” Grandma Lilly began. “That first night we made love, you contradicted yourself.”

“How?” he asked.

“I’m getting to that,” she said. “Let me finish.”

“Okay,” he told her as he nodded his head. “Sorry.”

“I asked you twice about your virginity. The first time, you said you had done it with Becky up the street. The second time, you assured me you had been a virgin prior to us doing it.”

Bobby’s visage seemed a bit paler than just a few minutes before as he tried to recall his conversation that night with his grandmother.

“Which is it?” Grandma Lilly prodded.

Bobby’s face turned red as he lowered his head in obvious embarrassment. His response was almost inaudible as he muttered, “I was a virgin.”

Grandma Lilly took hold of his chin and lifted his face until they were staring at each other eye to eye. “Louder,” she demanded. “I can’t hear you.”

Bobby cleared his throat. “I was a virgin, Grandma Lilly. I was a fucking virgin.”

“Why did you tell your grandmother differently?” Bobby’s mother asked.

Again, Bobby lowered his head in embarrassment. “I wanted to make her think I knew what I was doing.” He looked up at his grandmother. “I thought maybe you wouldn’t want to do it with me if you knew I had no experience,” he told her, his eyes glassy from the tears that were forming in the corners. “The second time, you had me so hot and bothered that I could barely remember my name. My brain was somewhere in Albuquerque, waiting for a train.”

Grandma Lilly laughed heartily at her grandson’s joke. She leaned in and kissed Bobby on his cheek. “Are you kidding me?” she asked as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Older women like myself and your mother love to teach young virgins like yourself the finer points of making love.”

Bobby cupped one of his grandmother’s tits in his hand. “Wow!” he said. “I didn’t know that!”

“Well, you do now,” his mother chimed in.

Grandma Lilly looked at her daughter-in-law and winked. “What do you think we should do with him, Louise?” she asked.

“I think we should fuck him silly before we decide on an appropriate punishment.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Grandma Lilly said. “It may be awhile before he gets to poke either of us again. She stood up and grabbed Bobby by his pecker. “Let’s get into the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Louise stood also and followed behind them, undressing as she went. By the time they had entered the bedroom, she was already naked. Just as they reached the bed, Louise Chandler hugged her mother-in-law from behind, cupped her breasts in the palms of her hands and was kissing her on the nape of her neck.

Grandma Lilly shuddered, released her hold on Bobby’s cock, placed her hands on top of Louise’s and pressed them even closer.

Bobby was not idle during this show of affection between the two women. He immediately went to his knees in front of his grandmother and, within the space of just a couple of seconds, had her skirt unbuttoned, unzipped and piled on the floor at her feet. He pressed his face against her panties and inhaled deeply, saturating his olfactory nerves with every ounce of her womanly smell as possible. There was no way he could ever get enough of that smell. He inhaled once more, nudging her mound with his nose.

Grandma Lilly moaned softly, her incestuous desires quickly taking her sanity away from her. She shivered with anticipation as, almost at the same time, she felt Bobby’s hands grab the waistband of her panties and Louise’s hands move under her blouse and work their way back up to her breasts. With trembling hands, Lillian Chandler began unbuttoning her blouse.

Six buttons later and Grandma Lilly’s blouse was open. She shrugged it off her shoulders and let canlı bahis siteleri it fall to the floor. She waited until her panties were lying in a heap atop her skirt before kicking both items away. She moaned her consent and approval as Bobby, once again, buried his face in her crotch. She then reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. A second later and all three of them were naked.

Suddenly feeling weak in the knees, she remained upright only because her grandson had wrapped his arms around her legs when he began lapping at her sex and because Louise had such a tight grip on her from behind.

She could feel Bobby’s mother’s nipples hardening against her back. Her own nipples, already hardened to the nth degree, were being not so gently manipulated between Louise’s thumbs and forefingers.

Due to his angle of assault, Bobby could barely reach his grandmother’s clit with the tip of his tongue. At first, her clit did not seem to be responding but, he continued to tease at it. Suddenly, as if by magic, it appeared, poking out from beneath its hood, glimmering with a generous coating of Bobby’s saliva.

“Up on the bed,” Lillian Chandler told her grandson, her voice hoarse and full of desire. “And lay down.”

Bobby climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back. Grandma Lilly quickly followed, straddled his head while facing his feet and lowered her sex until it, once again, made contact with his face. She shivered uncontrollably, emitting a mournful sounding groan, as his tongue made its first tour up her quivering quim.

Louise Chandler was forced to release her hold on her mother-in-law when Lillian followed Bobby onto the bed. She watched anxiously as Grandma Lilly straddled Bobby’s face. Seeing Grandma Lilly’s pussy lips smashing into Bobby’s human, male lips made her body shiver with incestuous desire. Without waiting for an invitation, she crawled up on to the bed beside them.

Bobby’s mother settled into a sitting position next to him and grabbed hold of his cock, guiding it to her mouth as she leaned over his groin, slowly unfolding her body, angling herself almost perpendicularly from his hips. Propping herself up on her elbows, she greedily swallowed his cock until the head was lodged in her throat and her lips were being tickled by his pubic hairs.

Her lips slid back up the shaft at an agonizingly slow pace as she retreated until just the head remained in her mouth. Her tongue did several laps around the crown before she let her son’s cock fall out of her mouth. Holding his pecker in her hand, Louise Chandler licked the underside of his golden shaft from bottom to top as she cradled his balls in her hand. Then, starting once again at the base of his wondrously hard as steel rod of pleasure, she nibbled her way back to the top. The pleasure Louise was giving her son was such that it would sometimes make him forget to lick his grandmother’s pussy.

“Don’t stop!” Grandma Lilly would remind him. “Lord, help me. Don’t stop!”

Bobby gave her slit a few more licks and then, using his hands, urged his grandmother to spread her legs a bit wider. When she complied, he slid his hands up the inside of her thighs, not stopping until his fingers were resting on either side of his tongue, and had spread her outer lips as wide as possible.

Grandma Lilly cried out in complete ecstasy when he jammed his tongue as far inside her womanhood as it would go. Her pelvic contractions began almost immediately. She humped his face and his tongue like a woman possessed, emitting soft, mewing sounds as she felt her orgasm slowly building to a crescendo.

Bobby’s tongue quickly grew tired, but he didn’t want to stop. He knew his grandmother was getting close and he didn’t want to disappoint her. However, he did quit fucking her with his tongue.

Once more, Bobby’s oral digit made its way up her fully engorged outer lips until it reached her clit. Lillian Chandler screamed loud and long when she felt her wonder bud being enveloped by her grandson’s lips. She screamed even louder when he began flicking the tip across the increasingly sensitive end of that button of desire.

Louise Chandler, still orally ministering to her son’s cock, felt it swell within the confines of her mouth. Knowing that he, too, was getting close to popping off, she pulled up until her lips made contact with the crown of his cock. She applied as much suction as she thought he could stand and began to swirl her tongue around the head. Then she backed completely off, causing Bobby to groan in displeasure.

Bobby’s groans of disappointment were soon replaced with a sigh of contentment as he felt his mother positioning herself over him and then grasp his cock in her hands.

Louise Chandler was quick and efficient with her manipulation of her son’s hard male shaft. Holding it steady, she lined the head up with the opening of her overflowing sex and, with a debauched cry of self-indulgent hedonistic determination, skewered herself on his hot, unbendable tool of pleasure, not stopping until she had his full length deep inside her.

Bobby’s mother’s body was like a machine as she bounced up and down on his human sword and twisted her body to and fro in an effort to advance their pleasure to the next level and beyond.

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