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Hello, readers! This is the final chapter of Suzanna’s Darlings, but not the last story in this saga. After this chapter, a new series will begin that contains the same characters and themes. This story takes place after the previous chapter, but bounces to events that happened around the same time as chapter 03 of Barry’s Sluts. I had to write this chapter TWICE after the death of my previous computer, but I think it turned out better than I originally intended. I hope you all enjoy!

New readers should know that this is the latest chapter in my longest-running series. The chapters can be read in this order:

Ariadne’s Dreams (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)

Barry’s Sluts (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3)

Suzanna’s Darlings (Chapter 1, Chapter 2)

If you don’t wish to read all of that first, then that’s no problem. You can enjoy this story on its own as well.

Thank you for reading, and leave a comment!




It was a late weekend morning, and Ariadne was nowhere to be found in the kitchen. That usually meant that something was wrong.

Suzanna knew for a fact that Ariadne was anal about cooking. Even though Barry had collared a number of slaves, and it was their job to prepare the meals around the Ranch, Ariadne was always someplace nearby, either coaching the other girls or taking over the duties herself. Ariadne was Barry’s mother, she loved to cook, and Barry adored her cooking.

But today, no one had seen her. It was already 11:40, and Ariadne had never shown up in the kitchen. So, Suzanna marched down the hall to investigate. It was probably nothing—Ariadne had likely overslept or something, but it didn’t hurt to check. With Barry gone, Suzanna was in charge here, and there was no way in hell she was going to risk that anything had gone wrong her first day in command.

As she walked through the halls, the other submissives gave her a salutatory “Good morning, Alpha Slut” and stepped respectfully out of her path. It was an empowering feeling . . . being Queen-Among-Slaves . . . and it needed little adjustment. She was born to play this role, and it fit her like a glove.

Suzanna’s see-through gown showed off the outline of her body as well as her pregnant belly quite well, and some of the Sluts eyed her with pangs of jealousy. The others who were pregnant themselves eyed her with a knowing smirk. The women who weren’t carrying a child just yet only needed to be patient. There was no way the Master would let them remain that way for long.

As soon as Suzanna reached the hall where Ariadne’s special chambers were located, she was glad she’d made the decision to check in. There was Emily, Ariadne’s own favorite slave, laying on the floor right outside of the door, huddled into a ball like a loyal pup.

“Emily? What the hell are you doing out here?” Suzanna asked.

Emily opened her eyes and glanced up. Her makeup had run terribly, and her face was a mess. It was obvious that she’d spent the entire night crying.

“I . . . I’m sorry, Alpha Slut,” Emily stammered as she scrambled to her feet. “I’ll . . . I’ll just step out of your—”

“You aren’t answering my question,” Suzanna demanded. “What are you doing out here?”

Emily glanced at the floor. “M-My Mistress t-threw me out last night. I . . . I fear that I displeased her.”

Suzanna nodded, sympathetic. “What did you do?”

“I . . . I don’t know!” Emily cried, her voice cracking and the tears flowing again. “Last night . . . it was so magical for us. I made love to the Mistress all night, and we collapsed in bed together. But then . . . but then . . .”

Emily sobbed and lost herself to sorrow. Suzanna took the naked girl into her arms and held her.

“There there, sweetie. You can’t go to pieces like this. It’s unsightly and wholly inappropriate for a slave. You need to get yourself cleaned up, eat something, and keep yourself ready in case your Mistress needs you to serve.”

Emily nodded. “Yes . . . you-you’re right.”

“Now go on. I’ll talk to your Mistress for you and try to see what the problem is. I’ll send someone to collect you if she tells me she has need of you.”

“T-Thank you, Alpha Slut,” Emily said with a very weak smile. She walked away, heading to a bathroom to do as asked, and in the meantime, Suzanna took a deep breath and headed into the room.

Inside, it was a complete mess. The bed was unmade, things were strewn about the floor, and the entire room still had the lingering aroma of sex hours after anything could have occurred. Suzanna didn’t see Ariadne anywhere, and was starting to worry when she heard the shower running in the bathroom.

Entering the steam-filled bath, Suzanna found Ariadne sitting on a stool under the water, her bahis firmaları head held low, and her shoulders hunched dejectedly.

There was no doubt that something was very, very wrong.

Ariadne was so out of it that she didn’t notice Suzanna even entering the shower with her. It wasn’t until Suzanna had soaped up a sponge and applied the lather to her mother-in-law’s back that Ariadne suddenly jumped.

“O-Oh! Teacher! I didn’t notice you were there!”

Suzanna chuckled. “Obviously. But keep still and let me do all of the work. I like putting soap on that sexy body of yours, Aria.”

Aria nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Suzanna spread the soapy water across her mother-in-law’s gorgeous, middle-aged body, taking a moment to admire her husband’s handiwork. You see, Ariadne had once been a woman of an average build when she in her late thirties, but ever since Barry had collared her and transformed his mother into a Slut, he’d kept her pregnant time and time again. Each pregnancy changed Ariadne’s body ever so slightly—her hips became wider, her thighs became meatier, her ass had become plumper, and her breasts now carried milk at all times . . . even when she hadn’t given birth for years. The human body was an amazing thing, and Suzanna’s had adopted to fit her needs—or rather, her son’s needs. She was a machine designed solely for baby-making.

Suzanna licked her lips. One day, the same fate would hopefully befall herself.

But, Ariadne’s biological clock had finally caught up with her some time ago, and she hadn’t been pregnant for a long while. She was no longer Barry’s “Breeding Slut”—the one woman who was to remain pregnant at any and all times. From now on, that would be the job of Suzanna herself.

Ariadne had taken the changes pretty badly at first. She loved being pregnant, and the realization that her own body was denying her that thrill had caused some depression in the past. However, Suzanna had thought Ariadne might have moved on since then.

“So, I saw Emily outside,” she began. “She was sleeping right outside your door.”

Ariadne perked up at that news. “On the floor?!”


Ariadne whimpered, and her gaze lowered again. “She . . . she didn’t need to. She could have just gone back to her room and slept there. Why would she do something like that?”

“Aria, you underestimate how much that girl loves you. The way you’ve culled her is truly impressive. Emily doesn’t do a thing unless it’s for your sake. Her every waking, breathing thought is only how to please you.”

“But, we all do that,” Ariadne protested. “For Barry.”

“True, but Barry encourages us to be strong and willful as well. We can do anything we want, so long as it is within the Master’s rules. But, Emily . . . if you told that girl to stop breathing, I’m sure she’d do it without hesitation.”

Ariadne sighed. “Oh, God . . . what have I done?!”

“I don’t know,” Suzanna said. “Why don’t you tell me what happened?”

“Well,” Ariadne began, “Last night . . . Emily asked me to marry her.”

Suzanna’s eyes widened. “That’s . . . that’s great news! See?! I told you that she really loves you!”

Ariadne shook her head. “But . . . but . . .!” She turned, meeting Suzanna’s eyes. “Teacher . . . can I tell you something? Something I’ve never even said to Barry before?”

Suzanna nodded. “Of course, honey.”

“Teacher . . . I have truly loved every moment of these last eight or nine years. I’ve discovered more happiness . . . more pleasure and love . . . than I ever thought would be possible. Ever since the Master collared me, we’ve all become rich beyond our wildest dreams, and as time passes, we only become more successful. Only a decade ago, I was just a middle-class widow . . . but here I am with my own team of submissives and a thriving online bordello.”

Suzanna smiled and nodded. “You’ve accomplished a lot, dear. We all have.”

Ariadne’s fingers twiddled together as her gaze fell. “And yet . . . none of it would have been possible . . . if Stewart were alive.”

Suzanna’s eyes widened. “Aaaaah. I think I see the problem now.”

“Suzanna, I wouldn’t give up these last few years of my life for anything in the world. I could never go back to the way things were . . . but deep inside, I’ve always known that the only reason any of it came to be is because my husband passed away over twenty years ago.

“I’ve justified it by always saying that what I’m doing is giving Stewart more grandchildren. I’m spreading my darling’s genes by letting our son fuck and impregnate me. Stewart still lives on, in each of my grandbabies. Don’t misinterpret me—I’m not saying that I don’t love Barry as both a son and a lover, but Stewart was always my husband while Barry was always my master.”

“I kaçak iddaa understand,” Suzanna agreed.

“But . . . but . . . I can’t hide behind that excuse anymore. I have to admit that as crazy as Emily is about me, I’m equally so for her. Maybe even more. I truly do love Emily, and I want us to be together forever . . .

“But where does that leave my darling Stewart?! If he were alive, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, so I’ve betrayed him with my success. I let our son fuck me and use my body whenever he pleases, so I’ve also betrayed Stewart with my body. And now, I’m in love with another, and she wants me to marry her, so I’ve betrayed him with my heart! I’ve betrayed Stewart thrice over!”

Suzanna frowned, but nodded. She didn’t speak—she just let Ariadne get it all out.

“I always thought Stewart was my soul mate . . . my one and only. I always thought that we’d meet each other again in heaven someday, and he’d like the woman I’ve become. It was a selfish fantasy, but it’s what I held to all this time. But now . . . but now . . .”

Taking the younger woman into her arms and sobbing into her chest, Ariadne cried: “Please, Teacher . . . please take my mind off of this, just for a while. Please, help me forget.”

Suzanna smiled and cupped her fingers under Ariadne’s chin. “Of course, darling. For a while at least, I’ll make all of your troubles melt away . . . .”



It was quiet in the Lecture Room when Barry entered. Each of his Sluts instantly ceased everything that they were doing and stood at attention, straightening their backs, and seeing to it that their breasts stood upright and attentive as the Master desired. This was a formal occasion, so they all wore the formal uniform, a gray one-piece leotard which covered every of the body aside from the bare tits and their pierced nipples. Sluts that were pregnant wore only a slight variation—a stomachless version of the leotard in which the hole perfectly framed their swollen bellies, granting a very lewd and intimate view of the section where the master’s child was nursing inside them.

“As most of you are well aware,” the Master began, “my dear Suzanna here has confessed an interest in becoming collared. She wishes to join each of you as my true Slut, and not merely my wife. She wants me to own and control her in any way that I see fit—to seek pleasure from her if that is my desire—or to punish her if she fails to meet my expectations. I am very happy to hear that this is what my darling wife wants, but there is a matter that disturbs me.

“She has told me that, despite her efforts for the past year and some change, she has been unable to become pregnant. Her desire was for me to collar her after she became impregnated enough to begin showing, and I am going to honor that wish. Thus, until we have solved this problem, I won’t be putting a collar around Suzanna’s neck. However, it will not suit me to simply leave the matter at that. No . . . I find the very idea that her womb refuses to be conquered by my seed to be an affront to my manhood. My wife has eggs in her with my name in them, and I refused to be denied.”

Suzanna stood by her husband’s side, completely nude . . . her body on complete display for everyone in attendance. They could see every part of her turning several shades red, her embarrassment over her husband’s gushing blatant. But she also running high on emotion, a feeling of bliss that she’d never known existed.

“So, to that end, I am here to tell each of you that Suzanna and I will be going on a retreat, effective the moment I am done with this announcement. We will be leaving the villa and the Ranch altogether, and remain in a private location alone, where I will fuck her day and night until I show her blasted womb who owns it. This further means that I will be saving every drop of cum my balls produce for her. I don’t care if that takes a few days or if it takes months. Until Suzanna is pregnant, her pussy will be the only one receiving my cock and the only one I fill with my cum.

“Some of you may find this unfair. Some of you may wonder why I would go to such lengths for Suzanna, and no one else. Well, I’ll tell you the answer you suspect, but probably do not wish to hear: she is my favorite. Suzanna is the reason I am here today, and she is the reason that all of you are here. What she did for me, long before I became your Master, will never change. As much as I love and adore each and every one of you, I love Suzanna more than each of you combined. If that is a truth too difficult for you to bear, then perhaps you are not cut out for my service.”

Suzanna’s eyes nearly glazed over with passion. To have this man . . . this wonderful , sexy man . . . declare his intentions for her to an entire room of slaves . . . kaçak bahis it was the greatest feeling in the world!

“During the time we are away, absolutely none of my rules will have changed. You will continue your daily duties and activities unabated. My mother Ariadne will be in charge and will address any day-to-day concerns. I will not be returning here aside from company concerns or to be a father to my children. I will not return for pleasure or idle recreation until my business with Suzanna and her womb is settled. If any of you become tired of waiting for it to happen, then you are free to leave at any time. I will not attempt to appease you. You are my slaves, so you are here to serve my needs. I am not here to serve yours.

“Now. Does everyone understand how things will be for the immediate future?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Does anyone object to these conditions?”

“No, Master!”

“Good Sluts. I am a fair Master, and I will make sure that each of you is rewarded after I return. I will guarantee at least one day in which my cock will be yours and yours alone. I demand a lot from you, but I will give a lot as well. Do you understand?”


“Good. Then we are done here.”

Barry dismissed the Sluts, but many of them didn’t leave right away. Many of them came bearing gifts and advice for Suzanna, telling her what time of the day was best to be fucked, what foods made her most fertile, which positions maximized fertilization, et cetera. Barry was pleasantly surprised. He suspected that some, if not most, of his Sluts would react with jealousy or bitterness about the current arrangement, but here they were offering as much help and advice as they possibly could. They wanted Suzanna to succeed, and they were helping her the best they were able.

In the limo, on the way to the secret location Barry had scouted for their “vacation”, Suzanna noticed Barry’s disquiet and spoke up about it.

“You shouldn’t be so surprised, you know. You trained them exceptionally well, and you treat them like princesses. Even as slaves, they probably feel more loved than the average married women.”

Her words got Barry beaming. “And what about you, my darling? How loved do you feel?”

Suzanna chuckled. “Dummy. Do you even have to ask? I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Those things you said—I was so wet and my heart was beating so fast. No one has ever said things like that about me. No one.”

Barry placed an arm around her as he kissed his wife firmly on the lips. “And yet, they still didn’t accurately describe a billionth of what I feel for you.”

Suzanna blushed and leaned her head onto her husband’s chest. “I love you, so much.” Barry only squeezed her tighter rather than waste words that she already knew.

“So, where are we going?” Suzanna asked, changing the subject. “What’s this big mystery about?”

“You’ll know when we get there,” Barry told her. “I think you’ll like it.”




Barry continued fucking his sister’s tight, sturdy asshole while Trena licked and fingered her pussy below. Imani’s dark chocolate ass felt so good in his hands. His sister’s body was truly amazing—he was so glad that his father had passed such excellent genes to her. She was, for the moment, both his only Black Slut, and the only sister he had. She was eventually going to create an amazing, coffee-colored baby for him, and he could hardly wait.

But right now, they were just having a little brother and sister fun. Imani had begged Barry to fuck her ass, saying that she always loved anal sex, and from her reaction, he knew it was true. She had been cumming nonstop ever since he’d slid inside her. And god, her asshole was so tight! Barry usually preferred fucking pussies—he got the most pleasure when the risk of pregnancy was involved—but fucking his sister’s ass was easily one of his favorite things to do now.

Beside the bed, the phone rang. Barry slowed his thrust.

“Answer it,” he told Imani. “Find out who it is.”

Imani lifted the receiver and tried to catch her breath. “W-Who is it?”

“It’s Suzanna. Is Barry there?”

She turned to look back. “It’s the Alpha Slut.”

Barry immediately began fucking Imani as hard as he could again, and she screamed.


Suzanna chuckled. “Well now . . . I can tell that you two are having a good time.”

Barry took the phone from his sister, never slowing his thrusts. “Hello, my love. How are things at home?”

“Great, Master,” Suzanna said, her voice perking as she heard her husband’s. “There’s only a small issue that I believe needs resolving. I can take care of it, but I’ll need to write a few checks with a lot of zeroes.”

Barry licked his lips. His hips still pounded away into his half-sisters ass. “What’s the money for?”

“It’s a secret,” Suzanna giggled.

“Baby Farm . . . .” Barry said, calling her by her slut name.

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