Sweet Dreams

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I smile as I walk up to you and wrap my arms around your neck. “I’ve missed you” I say as I lean in and kiss you.

You kiss me back, biting on my lower lip. “I’ve missed you too,” you say, breaking the kiss and placing a hand on my ass. I moan quietly, look over to the bed and back at you. You smile as you see me look over to the bed and begin to push me towards it. I stop and kiss you.

“I guess you know what I was thinking.”

“You know what they say, great minds think alike.” I kiss you again, your tongue sliding in to my mouth. I moan again and begin to undo your shirt. You continue to push me towards the bed, reaching under my shirt to play with my tits. I run my hands over your chest and wrap my arms around your neck as you Bostancı Escort push me down on to the bed, pulling you down with me.

You begin to take off my top, only breaking the kiss to pull me top over my head. I continue to undo your shirt and push it off your shoulders. I smile as I feel you reach under me to undo my bra. I push you off of me and push you down on to the bed. I climb on top of you and begin to kiss your chest. You reach up to undo the clasp on my bra and take it off. I continue to kiss down your chest. I undo your pants and pull them off. I crawl back up to kiss your hardening cock through your boxers. I pull your boxers down with my teeth, revealing you cock.

You pull me back up and kiss me again as you Erenköy Escort push me over so that you’re on top again. You begin to kiss down my collar bone, playing with my tits. You begin to lick and suck on one of my nipples and then move to the other one. I moan and run my fingers through your hair. You kiss down my stomach until you reach my pants. You undo them and pull them down with my panties. I lift my ass off the bed to help you. You come back up and kiss me hard as you spread my legs with your hand, lightly brushing your fingers against my shaved pussy.

I moan as I feel the head of your cock rubbing against the lips of my pussy. “Are you ready?” I close my eyes and nod. You thrust into me slowly and I cry out in pleasure Göztepe Escort and pain as your cock enters me for the first time, stretching my pussy. You kiss me and wipe away the stray tears as you begin to thrust more of your cock into me. I wrap my legs around you, forcing you deeper in to my pussy.

“Please fuck me hard and fast.” I moan and run my hands through your hair. I arch my back as you begin to fuck me faster. You lean forward and begin to suck on and play with my tits. I moan as I feel your cock begin to throb, realizing I’m getting close.

“I’m gonna cum.” I scream as you continue to fuck me faster. I scream again as I begin to cum, your cock throbbing faster. You thrust hard in to me one last time as you shoot your load into me.

I moan in disappointment as you pull out of my pussy and lay down next to me, breathing hard. I lay my head on your chest and smile at you. “That was great for a first time. I love you.”

You smile and kiss me. “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32