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My daughter Jillian had been a cutie growing up, but now at the ripe age of eighteen she was simply gorgeous, bite-your-bottom-lip hot. I have had the honor, and pleasure, of watching that sweet little ass of hers bounce around my house for the past two years, and it was beginning to take its toll.

Two years ago, Jillian had moved down to Florida to stay in my large, under utilized house. By her sophomore year in high school, she had become a fantastic gymnast and soccer player in the small Pennsylvania town where she had been living with her mother, my ex wife, since the divorce twelve years ago. She was our only child, and the only connection that my ex-wife and I ever truly shared.

So, after twelve years of seeing Jillian only on holidays and summer vacations, she had made the request to both her mother and I to move in with me so that she could attend the local prep school in my city that had both a nationally ranked soccer and gymnastics program. Her mother agreed out of love for Jillian, knowing that this would be her only shot at making it into a division one university for both sports. I agreed hesitantly as well, knowing that my bachelor life would be severely impacted with a daughter living at home.

I just had no idea at the time that the impact was going to be so good!

Jillian was now an eighteen year old, blossoming high school senior. Every day I would drive home from work, I would become consumed by thoughts of my daughter’s firm, tan and now traffic-stopping body. I had begun to see her less as an innocent girl, and more as a fuckable nymph. Judging by the way that other men watched her, I was clearly not alone.

As I would walk through the front door after the drive home from work, my cock was always hard as a rock as I had come to anticipate Jillian coming to the door to great me in yet another stylishly tight outfit and loving hug. What a sight she is. She stands 5’4” and weighs 95 pounds with curves in all the right places. She has long, dark blonde hair that she always wears in a ponytail, which looks amazing against that American girl tan. She has stunning pale blue eyes, a button nose and a mouth graced with pouty, full lips and a smile that could melt a snowman. And then came the rest of her! Her legs were thin, but extremely toned. All those hours of gymnastics and soccer had made every inch of her calves and thighs defined and luscious. Her waist was insanely small and her belly was flat as a board, both accentuated by a diamond belly button piercing. Her breasts were perfect. They giggled and bounced with every step she took, yet they were porn star firm. Two fleshy, 34C grapefruits on an otherwise tiny frame. Finally, there was that ass of hers! God, it was hypnotic to watch her from behind. Her ass filled out every pair of pants, shorts or bikini she wore, but there was nothing extra. Each cheek had that amazing fold where it met her upper thighs, the fold that makes her little pairs of shorts a sure bet to make men stiffen like concrete and women mad with envy.

Jillian knew she was hot, and she did just about everything possible from a fashion sense to show herself off. I did not tell her what she could and could not wear since she was able to discern the stylish look from the slutty look on her own. She always wore respectable outfits to school, but it ataşehir escort bayan was at home or when she would go out with friends or me that she wore clothes that showed off all of those wicked curves of hers. As she bounded to the door today, she did not disappoint me. She had on a pink halter-top, a pair of little white stretch shorts and black pump sandals. Oh yeah, and those two silver anklets that I bought her for her birthday. It had become nearly impossible not to check her out, not to think about bending her over and fucking that sweet little ass if hers. But, she was my daughter and I had to try to act like it.

“Hi there Daddy! It’s Friday! Know what that means, don’t ya?” Jillian asks as she wraps her arms around me waist.

“Uhhh, it is Saturday tomorrow?” I ask unsure of what I had forgotten about.

“Daddy, please tell you didn’t forget?!”

“Did we have something scheduled tonight?” I ask, wracking my brain.

Jillian moves back a couple of feet, crosses her arms and just stares at me with that look. Man that look hurts.

That is when it dawns on me that tonight is the night the car I just bought her is ready at the dealership. Trying to recover, I come back with, “Could you be talking about your new car?!”

She instantly grins and squeals with excitement and relief.

As I walk past her to my room, I say, “I will be ready in a minute sweetheart” and with out thought slap one cheek of her ass. It’s not until I am in my room changing that I realize what I had done. I had never done something like that to her. That was something I would do to a girlfriend as a playful gesture of “your mine” before I fuck her brains out. I shake the thought off and change into khakis and a tight white tee shirt – the outfit Jillian is always telling me I should wear more often.

“Dadddyyy, come on already!” Jillian whines from the kitchen.

“Looking good Daddy,” she says as I meet her at the doorway to leave. She might be buttering me up, but I don’t mind a bit. I follow Jillian out of the door to my car and I can’t help but gape at her ass as she swings it back and forth as she walks. I look up to see her staring at me over her shoulder, watching me check out her ass. All I can come up with is, “Looking good Jillian” using her line on her.

“I know,” she says as she opens her door, gets in and watches me while I walk to my side of the car. She has me wrapped around her finger. She knows it and I know it. Now I want her wrapped around my aching cock. She knows it and I know it.

We arrive at the dealership, get the keys to her new red Volkswagen bug, sign the last of the paperwork and head out to Jillian’s new car. She runs ahead of me, gets in, starts the engine and turns on the radio. As I reach the car, she rolls down the window and asks, “Need a ride?” We both laugh.

“Daddy I want to thank you for this by treating you to a night out in my new car. How about dinner and dessert?” She has a wicked smile on that beautiful face of hers.

“Sure Jillian, I’ll get to make all the other guys jealous,” I joke, as I lock my car.

“You already do. Come on get in Daddy.”

As I climb into the passenger seat, I ask her “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean all of the guys at school know that I am off limits, that I am Daddy’s escort kadıköy little girl.”

“OK, but why would young guys be jealous of me? I am your Dad, not your boyfriend.”

“You’re both.”

I almost choke as she says this. I look over at her driving in her new car; her tan legs, her tits nearly popping out of her little top, her pouty lips. I don’t know how to respond to my daughter.

“Daddy, I know.”

“You know what sweetheart?” my heart beginning to thump in my chest.

“That you watch me getting dressed, that you check me out…that you want to fuck me.” Jillian is smiling as she says this in her matter of fact tone, still bouncing in her seat to the music on the radio.

My face is getting flushed. After a minute I finally respond. “Jillian, I definitely think you are attractive. I would even say you are hot, but Jillian you are my daughter, not my girlfriend!”

“Dad, you know what?”

I sit stunned, unable to say anything.

“I am your girl, Daddy. I mean, I am your daughter, but I want you to know that I am yours in all ways. Why do think a girl as good-looking as me has never had a boyfriend? Because I have been waiting for you to come around, to make me your girlfriend, to fuck me Daddy. I had to say something cause it seemed like you were never going to make the first move. Sooooo, what do you think?”

After about a minute, I muster up “Wow.”

Jillian giggles and pulls up to an ice cream stand, jumps out, gets us two cones and heads back to the car. As she hands me my cone through my window, she leans into the car and kisses me full on the lips, even plunges her tongue into my mouth. She then whispers into my ear, “You are gonna have fun tonight Daddy.”

As we drive away, I am grinning ear to ear. Jillian drives out of town, all the while smirking and glancing my way as she licks away at her cone.

“Where we headed?” I ask curiously, my mind racing as I try to figure out what my daughter has in mind for us.

“Crooked Rock.”

“Isn’t that were all the teenagers go to fu……”


My dick is rock hard, about to burst through my pants as Jillian says this. We pull off onto a dirt road and drive up a slight hill. Jillian parks her car under a tree. The sun has set, but I can make out the form of other cars only fifteen to twenty feet away.

Jillian looks at me, turns off the radio and says, “Daddy recline your set back.” I do it without any hesitation. Jillian then climbs over onto my seat and straddles me. She is staring at me with her blue eyes full of lust. She licks her top lip and then pulls off her pink halter-top. Her porn star tits giggle free. My mouth falls open in awe.

“You are beautiful, so hot Jillian.” I stare at her, amazed. I then remember she is my daughter…”Baby, there are people in those cars over there,” I say meekly.

“I don’t care if they see us. Besides, they are all busy fucking each other…like you and me…” At this she pulls at my shirt, trying to get her hands and mouth at my bare chest. She manages to pull my shirt over my head and proceeds to lick my abs and my pecs like a cat in heat, even purring like a little whore. She then unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my pants. She pulls my boxers and pant down to my ankles as she kneels on the floor in front of me. With her bostancı escort tiny hands, she grasps my cock.

“Gosh, Daddy. You might brake me in half with this thing.” With that Jillian engulfs my cock into her mouth. I nearly come as I watch my daughter’s lips encircle my dick, her pink nail polished hands stroking my base, her blonde ponytail bouncing with every bob of her head.

After two minutes of dick sucking, Jillian slides up to straddle me again. Her lips are glistening with pre-cum and saliva.

“Daddy, my pussy is so wet, I am about to fucking explode…(she takes a deep breath and pauses)…Daddy, I am your hot little girl and I want you to fuck me like you fuck your slutty girlfriends…pleasseee Daddy, now Dadddyyyy…” I am so turned on by her talking dirty to me, begging me to fuck her like a whore, teasing that I will split her tiny body with my monster dick!

“Then turn around you little slut!” As she does I gaze at that sweet little ass in those tight white shorts, and then grab each side with my hands and tear at them. They begin to rip.

“Yeah, that’s it! Rippp ‘em offf Daddy! Fucking rip em off!!”

With my daughter’s nasty mouth egging me on, I tare her shorts in half. In front of me is the most delicious site – my daughter’s naked ass and her shaved, soaking wet cunt. But, Jillian leaves no time for me to stare as she turns around to straddle me once more. She reaches down for my cock with both of her hands and guides my ten-inch cock between her pussy lips. With ease she slides her self down the entire length of my shaft. Her eyes roll back and her mouth opens wide.

“I am cuming Dadddyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ahhh, Ahhhh, Oh my fucking goddddddddd!”

I give her no break. I wrap both of my hands around her tiny waist and lift her rag doll body up the length of my cock and immediately pull her back down, impaling her little body all the way to the base of my shaft. Her light frame makes it easy to completely control her, to bounce her up and down on my dick at my will and mercy. Little Jillian can barely speak, simply able to moan and scream. Her tights bounce up and down. Her arms are limp. Her legs buckle with every orgasm. What a sight my girl as I pound my cock into her at increasing speed. She is melting with every orgasm.

I then think of that sweet, sweet ass. I want to fuck that ass before I come in my baby. I open the car door and shove her onto the wet grass. Jillian looks confused and disoriented, naked except for her black pumps. She crawls to her hands and knees. With her ass up in the air, she mews, “Ohhhh, I see now I get it Daddyyy. You want this don’t ya. You want to fuck your little slut in the ass with that monster of yours. Come on, fuck my ass then…”

I waste no time. I kneel behind her, lube up her asshole with the wetness that is now dripping from her pussy. She arches her back and begins to wiggle her ass back and forth. I spank her ass once, then again, then again. I then take my cock and slide three inches into her hole. Jillian gasps. I spank her again and then wrap my hands around that waist of hers and slam all ten inches of dick into her asshole. She immediately cums again. I then began to enter her with out abandon, slamming her ass as she screams and shutters. Her gorgeous ass is spread wide open, her asshole engulfing every inch of my cock. My dirty little slut raises her ass even higher in the air and begs, “Pleassee, uhh, Dadd, uhhh, Daddyy, uhh, ohh, ohhh, Daaddyyy, uhh, cum in my assss, uhh, agghh, I am cumminggggg.” With one last thrust I scream and blow my load deep inside my baby girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32