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Female Ejaculation

Déjeuner sucré.

I asked you to meet me at the hotel for lunch and told you to get an extra hour or at least a half an hour, if you could.

I was waiting in the lobby when you walked in, dressed in your usual business attire, all very nicely put together.

“Hey Baby.”

“Hi My Sweet Man, I hurried. I have a little extra time … Ooh, I love the restaurant here.”

“Good … c’mon.” I lead you to the elevator and push the button for ‘up’.

“Um … thought we were having lunch.”

“I am, you might have to grab something on the way back to work.”

“What? You bastard!” … such a mouth you have.

Room 412, basic room except for the mini crockpot plugged in on the phone desk and the long silk scarves laid out on the bed on either side of several big bath towels spread out, their tails spilling over the edge of the mattress.

“What the hell …?”

I spin you around, wrap you into me, start kissing you and immediately start undoing the buttons on your blouse.

“Little hungry, are we?”

“I told you I brought you here for lunch.”

“Well, I was planning on a little more than your cock for lunch.”

“That’s not what we’re having.”

“What are you up to … and what’s with the stuff on the bed? … and what is that sweet smell?”

I put a finger to your lips to ‘shoosh’ you.

You’re terrible at being told what to do … unless you’re already naked, well fucked and properly sated.

“I’m gonna have some fun just for myself. It’s a game. We’ll call it … Ladies Lunch.”

“Fine … whatever.” you shrug.

I’ve got your blazer, off, your top removed, dumped uncaringly on a chair and I’ve pulled your bra down around your waist, turned it around and as I’m wrestling with the stupid hook thingys, you take over with a disgusted click through your teeth, clearly not into the spirit of this adventure. I unzip the back of your skirt and just let it fall to the ground and as you kick your shoes off, I start to stuff my fingers into the waistband of your panties, when you push me back,

“Whoa Tiger.”

I just look at you with a slightly evil grin,

“Don’t make me wish I’d brought a gag for you.” I keep the grin.

“Oh … good luck with that one, asshole.”

“C’mon Baby … give ’em up.”

“Oh fine.”

You bend over, slip your panties off, stand back up quickly and throw them at me. This had to be very odd for you since foreplay was such a huge part of our sex. I can’t recall us ever even having anything like a “quickie” before … and I usually linger when I undress you but you acquiesced to my demands and I continued.

I guide you to the bed and lower you onto it, fall on top of you and start kissing you.

“Mmmm, that’s better.” you whisper.

We really get into it as we play and tease, getting your sweet, soft titties all swollen, your neck wet from my kisses and as you willingly spread your legs for my hands to touch your beginning wetness, you are more and more aroused and your hands greedily reach for my pants … but I stop you.

“Hey,” you say roughly, with a pout.

As I stand up, you pull your hands back up your body and cover your breasts … and you squeeze them, pulling at your nipples, teasing me … but your face is still all pouty.

I grab a long scarf from beside you and I start to tie it to your wrist.

“Wait güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri … “

“Trust me.”

I finish the first and then tie the other wrist with the second scarf. I ease one of your legs up, your knee nestled by your breast and then pull it a little to the side.

“Hold it there for me.”


I tie your wrist to your ankle and wrap the rest of the long scarf up your forearm and around your calf at the same time. I do this with the other leg and as I do, I notice you have shut your eyes completely and your tongue is sticking out from between your lips and your teeth are biting down on it.

“Maybe I should blindfold you.”

“Don’t you dare.” your eyes spring wide open.

“Just relax.”

I now have you tied with your legs up and your pussy completely exposed with nowhere to move. I pull you farther over the edge of the bed and as I enjoy the sight for a moment, you look at me, smile weakly … and you blush.

“Would you be surprised if I told you that I’ve invited a couple of guys over to have lunch with us?”

“Oh, fuck no!” you start to panic and begin to seriously squirm against your restraints.

“Baby! … Kidding.”

You stop.

“Not funny.”

“Yes, it is.” as I pull my shirt off over my head and toss it aside.

I gather up what I need and return to the side of the bed and kneel in front of your exposed flesh. I still don’t have the raw, ready scent that I want from your pussy as I move my face close to you. I know that you are a bit apprehensive about what is happening, still not quite sure about this …yet.

I move my face to your pussy and take a quick swipe of your barely open folds from your ass to your clit with my tongue and you strain against me with an “ooooohhhh” … and now I have your attention. I put my fingers on either side of your long slit and I pull you apart gently, watching your inner lips as they unfurl themselves, savoring the view as I open you up and expose the flesh from your little brown butt hole to the top of your vulva.

Another long lick up your open slit … slower … my tongue flat … all the way from your now leaking hole to the hairy pocket above your clit and back down that inch or so to finally linger for just a moment, teasingly on your clit with my lips.

“… ooohhh, god I love that!”

Over and over like this as I please you with my mouth, then I focus on your clit as I flick you with the tip of my tongue and nibble at you with my lips. I gather your meatiness in my mouth and I suck on it all. I back off for just a second, savoring the musky smell and the thick, slippery liquid that has formed on you, moving from inside of your body. I move back to you and bury my face into you and I suck even more of your flesh. You squirm and you buck against the scarves and I push your ass up a little higher off the bed as I dig my tongue in and out of your hole, easily using it like a cock in your fully exposed cunt. I move back to your clit and I lick and I suck and I nibble until you come so hard, your pussy spasms and queefs. You hate that sound but I know it tells me how aroused you are, like she’s talking to me.

I back off and watch your clit, the shaft pulsing and spasming under your skin … moving up and down a half, maybe three quarters of an inch … moving … throbbing from your subsiding güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri orgasm.

Watching that makes me so hot that before you could settle, I move to start fingering you. Your hole is gaped from your orgasm and taking my time, I slowly, carefully put my middle finger into that dark hole and barely touch any flesh, it is so open. Now two fingers and your pussy clamps on me, spasming … still wracking from your orgasm. I move my fingers in you, bring my face close and start to flick the whitish tip of your clit with my tongue but you whine in a pain of “yes but no” … so I back off and just use my fingers on you. I get into a slow, steady rhythm and as you realize I am going to leave your clit alone for a while you start to rock opposite me, wanting my fingers deeper. I stand up and lean over you, one arm extended, hand on the bed for leverage and with my other hand, palm facing up, I dig my fingers right up behind your pubic bone and I find that spot. I hook the tips of my fingers and pull back toward your feet and I can feel the little gill like patch of flesh that hides back up in there and as I exert pressure there … pulling and releasing, pulling and releasing … you moan.

“Oh god … what is that? … what are you doing?

I kept up the pressure, gentle but constant.

” oh my god … oh yes-yes … oh … oh .., oh fuck … oh no …”

Several minutes of touching you like this and …

“oh fuck, … ooohhh … you’re gonna make me come again …”

I wiggled my fingers very quickly inside of you, making a splashing, wet noise … and … you do come again.

“oh god … ooooooooohhhh … YES! … YES! … Ohhhhhhhh …”

I pull my soaking wet hand from between your legs and sit next to you for several minutes, caressing your body with my hands, kissing your face as you relax. After a bit, I get back down on my knees and I prepare my meal as you heave the last of your orgasm out of you … slightly panting … panting …

I use the fingers of my left hand to spread your hole as far open as I can get it and with my right hand I insert the first slice of very warm, almost hot peach from my little crockpot right into your cunt. If you weren’t tied down, you would have been hanging off the ceiling by your fingernails.


I slide in one … two … three … and as you squirm, thankfully bound up, I shove a fourth slice of hot peach into your pussy … deep inside of you, the hot, thick pieces shoved up against your uterus, filling all the folds inside of your cunt … all the while you groan and convulse at the strangeness and the pleasure of all the heat and the fullness being stuffed into you. You strain and pull against the restraints … you arch and you buck and with a long, whining groan … you come again … very hard. … this time without me touching your clit … a wracking spasm of pleasure and pain coming so close to the others.

I sit between your legs, my face just plastered against your soaking wet pussy hair, your cunt a sticky wet mess with juice dripping out of it, running down your ass. I feel you release and relax … shuddering, your breath still heaving strongly.

As you settle down, I put my mouth on you again and I begin to suck a peach slice out of you.

I pull it all güvenilir bahis şirketleri the way out and holding it in my teeth, I bring it up against your clit, pinning the still hot, sweet fruit against your flesh and I rub it all over your swollen, bulging nub and I chew at it as it covers your clit, mixing the pulp of it with your clit, sucking and chewing, like I am really ‘eating’ you.

“Ohhhh god, NO, NO, NO … ohhhhhh … oh god … no “

I feel you building to another orgasm but your noises are harsh and whimpering and I’m not quite sure what it will do to you, happening so quickly after the last three. I swallow the mashed-up fruit and leave your pour clit alone and start to play at your fuck hole again. I coax another slice out of you and holding it with my teeth, I slide it back and forth … in and out of your pussy, over and over … fucking you with the slice of fruit and finally, I chew it up and swallow it, savoring the sweetness of the fruit mixed with the taste of your pussy.

I pull away and look at you. Your eyes are shut and your face is a messy river of tears and mascara, your lips are closed and your jaw is clenched tight. I move back to your sex but with a soft, gentle mouth this time and I caress your raw flesh lightly with just my tongue.

Your noises of whining and straining and grunting are very loud but I don’t care if anyone hears … this is so hot … and your sounds just make it hotter!

I can’t resist trying, so I suck another slice out of you and your body strains as you feel it slide out of you. I hold it with my fingers and begin rubbing it gently and ever so lightly on your clit, flicking it … just barely touching it’s swollen, pale tip. It’s not 60 seconds of touching the slick fruit on and around your clit before you explode again.

You tense so very hard and the sound from you is a thin, raspy, drawn out cry.

You slump … and you become very still.

I dig the last slice out of you with my fingers and by now, we were both done.

What a sticky, fucking mess.

I stand up and begin to untie you,

You just lay there with your eyes closed and your arms, now free, are limp at your sides.

I get down beside you on the bed and I kiss you on the mouth. The peach and pussy taste arouse you a little as it was the first of the sweet fruit for you to savor but you slump back into the bed and into exhaustion.

I stood up, cleaned up my mess, went and did a quick rinse in the shower and when I came back out, pulling my shirt over my head, you were in the same position that I left you … but sound asleep.

I knew you had to get back to work so I roused you and you groggily came up on your elbows, your legs bent at the knees, still hanging over the end of the bed, your hair and face are a complete fucking mess and you are looking at me with your eyes half closed.

I guess four orgasms will do that to a girl. pffft.

“Oh … fuck me …” you start.

“Really?” I perk up.

“Ugg … no … jeez, you fucker … leave me alone.”

Ah, game over … I win.

I send you off to the shower and pack up my little crock pot, the scarves and ditch the sticky wet towels under the bathroom sink and as I peek in to look at your naked body, you’re just standing there with the water running over you … recovering, I guess.

I reach into my bag.

“Babe, I’m heading out of here. Don’t fall asleep in there and clean your puss out with this stuff.”

I set a bottle of douche on the shower floor.

“I was planning on enjoying myself and doing it for you but I don’t think I wanna get too close to her for a while.”

All I heard was …


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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