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I can not believe how cold the weather has gotten I mumble to myself as I slide into the seat behind the drivers wheel of my car. The windshield covered in frost from during the night. Working the late shift I did not get much time to keep my car from the weather. Oh how I hate driving in this snow. The roads are covered in it. And I know that under the snow is a light coat of glossy black ice, which makes me even more nervous about driving. The only thought that makes me happy is knowing that I have you waiting for me.

The drive home is just as bad as I thought if not worse. I can only drive 20 mph. as the cars in front of me are doing. And the snowplows have yet to go to work on half the roads I must travel. My 30-minute drive has taken me over an hour and I am still 10 miles from you. As I glance to the side of the road and back I notice something in the road. I peer even closer to the glass. Barely visible is a deer standing in the middle of my lane. I apply my foot to the brakes ever so gently but I still slide out of control. I am spinning around in the road gripping the steering wheel and praying to God that I stop safe and sound.

Gradually I come to a stop. I am heading in the right direction and the deer has just missed being hit. I sigh and loosen my grip on the wheel. My hands are shaking and I am in tears as I draw closer to your drive. Finally I can breathe as I have made it safe and sound. No thanks to the animal that has scared me out of my wits.

You open the door with your robe draped tightly around you. “It’s about time you get here. I was ready to send out a search and rescue team for you. Namely ME.” You smile as you pull me indoors. I am still shaken and you look at how pale I am. “Is the snow that bad? Are you all right?” I just nod my head yes and take of my coat.

I then go into the story of the bahis firmaları drive home. You hand me a cup of coffee as I tell my tale. When I have finished you hug me and tell me that your glad I am home. And that you have a small surprise waiting for me. I look up and grin. You point to the bedroom and I run to see what it may be. I look around and notice nothing. You smile again and point to the master bath. I peek in and see candle and flowers all over the room. On the tub is a note and a bottle of bubble bath.

The note reads: My Dearest Love: I just wanted to pamper you in a way that I know you will enjoy. It is not much but I do hope you are pleased. Let me know when to start the water. Yours Truly, Me.

I jump up and turn to you with tears in my eyes and say, “After the drive home this is exactly what I need. Thank you Baby.” Placing gentle kisses on your lips.

As I put my arms down you step to the tub and fill it with water pouring bubble bath into the running stream. The scent of Roses fills the air. My Favorite Fragrance. I grin and step out of my clothes. You turn, smile appreciatively and leave the room closing the door behind you.

I enjoy my long hot soak in the tub and think about just how truly wonderful you are. I take care in all my personal needs, as I know I want to please you this day as you have just pleased me with this surprise. I shave my pubic area so that it is nice and smooth again. Knowing that you love the way it feels as much as I do.

When I have finished I step out and dry off. After drying I place a dab of perfume on my body behind my knees, in my navel, behind my ears and one drop just above my pussy. I want to make sure that you smell every bit of loveliness I have to offer. I grab my robe hanging on the back of the door and enter your bedroom. I gasp as I look up and find another kaçak iddaa surprise.

The bedroom is lit with glowing candles all about the room and there is a bucket of wine waiting by the bed. You are standing at the foot of the bed with one single long stemmed red rose in your hands. And wearing nothing.

I smile gently as you have yet again amazed me as I thought no one ever could. We move closer to one another without speaking and gently kiss. You remove the robe from me and let it fall to the floor. I step out of the robe and into your arms fully. Our warm flesh meeting. The crisp hair on your chest tickles my breasts. I giggle and squirm a bit. You smile knowing why and pull me unto the bed.

Your mouth covers mine and your tongue pushes past my lips and teeth. Our tongues entwine and dance around one another mingling our saliva and increasing my arousal. I put my hand in your hair and pull your head back breaking our kiss.

I grin and then move my head to your earlobes. My mouth devours your body one single patch at a time. I curl my fingers gently into your chest hair as I glide my mouth to your nipples. I gently nip and pull on them. Teasing them until they are hard. A moan escapes your lips and I look up to you and smile. I ease my way down your body a little more at a time. As I do you grab my hips and pull me unto you. Your face just under my pussy as my mouth just grazes your cock.

My Body tenses as you pull me closer unto your awaiting tongue. You snicker and continue your work on my body. My clit is now hard and my slit getting wetter. As you are working magic on my body I begin my teasing you even more. I grab your cock in my hands and gently lick at it with my tongue. I glide my mouth around you and suck you into my mouth sliding you to my throat.

I can feel your tongue working on my pussy kaçak bahis as your hands massaging my ass. I moan and suck a little harder on your now hard and throbbing cock. I can taste you so warm and sweet and the aroma of you has me getting wetter. I engulf your cock completely taking you all the way down my throat and stroking you as I do. I hear you moan and I feel your hot breath on my now throbbing clit. I work on your cock more intently bobbing up and down stopping now to slide my tongue around on it, teasing just the tip of you.

Feeling your cock drool on my tongue I lick it up and slide it around on your head. I feel your cock jump as I tease you more. Swirling my tongue around, I gently glide you back into my mouth, so moist and warm eager to take you where you want to go.

With a little pressure on my lips I slide up and down on you with my mouth. The feel of your cock in my mouth so wondrous. Every vein popping out and your head so wet with juices throbbing and making me want to please you more.

So, with enthusiasm I suck you into my mouth and bob and moan on you and feel your cock pulse. I am so close to a climax at this point that any little movement from you and I am going to lose it. I am trying to please you before I get pleased but working on you is working me up to the point of no return and just as I feel my body start to give in you tense up and moan loudly that your going to shoot.

I suck you faster now wanting to milk everything you have. Faster and harder and faster keeping up the rhythm I can feel you start to pulse and throb harder in my mouth and with one more downward stroke of my lips you shoot into my throat as I moan and cum at the very same moment you do. Sucking every bit of sperm you have to offer I relax and sigh.

Smiling I slide off of you and curl up to your body. I nestle into you and gently lick the remainder of my juices from your face. You smile, grab the towel by the bed wipe your face and kiss my lips. I look to you with a satisfied smile, wink and whisper “I love you.” as I drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32