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Laughter filled the warm summer evening as I felt the warm relaxing embrace of the scotch hitting my system. I took another small sip before bending down and placing the glass on the table before me. Four of us sat on the red L-shaped couch, illuminated by the warm glow of the electric fire pit, and hundreds of little fairy lights which seemed to give the air a magical quality. I leaned back in my seat and wrapped my arm around the shoulders of my wife, Anwen. She instinctively leaned into me as we listened to Jackson regale us with some outrageous story about the exploits and wild nights of his college days. Her hands went to her mouth as she shook with laughter and I could tell the wine was starting to affect her as her cheeks bloomed red.

I would be lying if I said I had been looking forward to this evening of liquor and laughter. Anwen, bless her, couldn’t resist being the friendly neighbor. She insisted on welcoming the new couple, who had moved in next door a few weeks ago. I groaned as she explained that Ava and Jackson would be over later for dinner and drinks.

“Honey, all I do is schmooze clientele all day. Do you think I want to do that when I come home?”

“Oh hush,” she said, giving me an incredulous look. I rolled my eyes playfully and gave her a sheepish grin as I dramatically leaned back into the couch cushion. She put down the laundry she was folding and sauntered toward me. Her hips swayed in a way she knew I couldn’t resist. As she came closer, she bent down and placed her hands on my knees, sliding them up my thighs. I took a deep breath as she climbed up on me and straddled my lap, her legs spreading wide, her white skirt riding up her thighs as she pushed her crotch into mine. I groaned in feigned annoyance, unable to hide my desire, feeling the heat of her sex even through my shorts. My hands went to her waist, my hand sliding up her sides, feeling her body on mine and knowing at that moment I would be giving her anything she wanted.

She smirked down at me, her fingers running through my hair. I shuddered in desire.

“It’s just one evening, baby. And they’re very nice people, don’t you want to meet nice people?” She kissed me then before I could respond, her soft lips encasing mine. My desire took over as pushed my tongue past her lips, my hands sliding down to her ass and pulling her forward roughly, letting her feel my growing desire as she moaned lightly into my mouth.

“Mmmm, you’re nice people…,” I mumbled in response and I could feel her smile against my mouth. She pulled back, biting her lip, her beautiful face curtained by a cascade of long dark waves, her icy green eyes sparkling with mischief.

“I’m not that nice.”

She stood up, leaving me hard and cold. She pulled her skirt down with a cute little wiggle, leaned down, and give me a peck on the lips before sauntering away again.

“You tease!” I said, groaning dramatically. She turned around and blew me a kiss on her way back to the laundry. She picked up the basket and started to walk away.

“They’re going to be here in two hours, and I haven’t even started dinner,” she said innocently, calling to me over her shoulder. “But don’t you worry, darling…I always make sure my man is satisfied.”

I felt a twinge in my cock at the memory, and I looked at my wife, smiling. She looked absolutely beautiful tonight. She wore a deep green silk wrap dress that tied at the side. It hugged her curvaceous body, the thin straps and short length showing off her sun-kissed skin. She was leaning over, laughing at something Ava said, placing her hand on Ava’s knee as they both delighted in the story. Anwen was already comfortable with this new couple.

There was no doubt that Jackson and Ava were a very handsome couple. I could appreciate the attractiveness of Jackson. He was well-groomed and well-dressed which is to be expected of anyone who lived in our neighborhood. He had a mop of dark curls on the top of his head, styled to look effortless with neat short sides. He wore a black short-sleeve button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and off-white shorts. He seemed to have the cool relaxed air about him, quiet but confident. Ava was beautiful and confident; her blonde hair was pulled back on the side and held in place with a crystal-covered hair clip that sparkled in the lights adorning the patio. Her rich brown eyes were accentuated with smokey dark shadow, which matched her black wrap dress and pin-striped stockings. She was shorter than Ava, but her body was toned and curvy like hers with large breasts her dress had a hard time containing. I imagined myself squeezing them, feeling the large firm mounds, soft and warm in my hand. I imagined feeling her hard nipple through the thin fabric, my fingers brushing against the pinstriped stockings that adorned her legs as they made their up her inner thigh, her breath softly catching, turning to moans as my fingers brushed against her damp panties…


Anwen was turned toward me, her expression amused, jerking me back to reality. I realized canlı bahis at that moment I had been staring at Ava, her body, intently fantasizing, and I thanked the gods that the light wasn’t very bright as I’m sure my cheeks were burning.

“Where did you go, Nick?” said Ava with a knowing smile. I swallowed hard as she looked at me, her eyes sparkling in delight in catching me lewdly staring. She tilted her head, her eyes smoldering as her fingers absently traced the hem of her dress at her breast, pulling the fabric so I can just see the soft pink of her areola. I swallowed hard again and forced my eyes to move to Anwen’s, the same amused expression on her face having missed my exchange.

I smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry, my mind seemed to wander there for a moment. What did you say?”

“I said can you be a dear and fetch another bottle of wine. Ava and I seemed to have drained our glasses.”

Happy for an excuse to clear my head, I nodded standing up. “I’ll be right back.”

As I stood, I dared to glance at Jackson to see if he had noticed my perverted leering at his wife, but from what I could tell he didn’t seem to notice anything. He was just looking at Anwen as she turned back to them. I slid open the sliding glass door and walked into the dark living room, pausing for a moment to curse myself or letting my mind wander like that. Right next to my wife. You damned fool.

‘Christ man, get a hold of yourself,’ I thought, walking into the kitchen. ‘Ava is gorgeous but so is your wife and you would be a fool to do anything to mess that up.’

I made my way to the kitchen, muscle memory guiding me despite my slight buzz. I flicked on the overhead light, still feeling the lingering embarrassment. I shook my head as I opened the door of the wine cooler, looking for a Moscato, something sweet that I knew Anwen would love.

I pulled out a cold bottle of wine but suddenly felt hands wrap around my waist and a body press itself into me from behind.

Anwen. I smiled and said, “Come to help me pick out some wine?”

One hand crept down and grabbed my crotch, lightly massaging me through my shorts, fingers squeezing. I felt my body ache with desire as a harsh moan escaped my lips.

“Mmmm, something like that.”

I spun around in a panic, nearly dropping the wine, eyes wide as they confirmed what my ears heard.

“Ava?!” I whispered harshly. I couldn’t mask the shock from my face. “What are you-“

“Relax…,” she said softly. She stepped towards me again, her hands reaching up to softly caress my face as she stood on her toes to kiss me. My mind whirled in a million different directions as I felt her tongue press against my lips. I stood there, shocked, my hands raised in the air still clutching the bottle of wine. I felt her hand cup my crotch again, my cock hardening against my will, a moan escaping my lips. She pulled back, breathing heavily, her body pressed against mine.

“Fuck, you’re getting so hard…”

“No…,” I breathed, not believing what was happening. “No.” I said more firmly, setting down the bottle of wine.

When she didn’t stop, I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her from me, my breathing heavy.

“Ava, stop!” I demanded. “What are you doing?!”

She looked up at me, biting her lip. The corners of her mouth twisted up in a sexy smirk, her eyes, smokey and dark, screaming FUCK ME.

“I saw you watching me out there,” she said calmly, stepping out of my grasp. “Fucking me with your eyes. I thought I would make things easier for you.”

She reached down and tugged the tie keeping her dress closed and unwrapped herself from the garment, revealing her luscious body. I couldn’t help but stare as she exposed herself to me. Her breasts were bare, large, and firm. Her nipples were hard, pink, and begged to be sucked and teased. Her tiny waist and flat stomach curved out into wide hips. A black garter belt held up her pin-striped stockings and thin lacy panties covered her pussy. God help me, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her…

She stepped forward and grabbed my hand, lifting it to her breast. She closed her fingers around mine and I could feel myself squeezing the soft round mound, felt her hard nipple against my palm. She breathed deeply through her nose and I could see the heat rise under her pale skin. Mesmerized, I took a step closer and did the same to her other breast, eliciting a moan from her. She let go of my hands and cupped my crotch again, feeling the shape of my hardening cock through the fabric.

“Oh god…,” I moaned, swallowing hard. She reached forward and unbuttoned my shorts, sliding her hand inside. I felt her warm fingers wrap themselves around my cock and I could feel myself growing harder by the second. She pulled my erection out, and I fell back against the counter, pleasure starting to build inside me as I gripped the edge of the counter. I closed my eyes tight for a moment, the sensations flooding my system. I almost felt dizzy as I felt myself giving in.

“I knew you wanted this…,” she bahis siteleri breathed as she stepped closer, pushing herself into me, her chest hard pressed against mine, reaching up to kiss me deeply again. I grabbed her face and kissed her back, feeling the passion overthrow the logic as her hand worked up and down the length of my cock. Her thumb brushed over the sensitive head and I moaned into her mouth, right there in the middle of my kitchen, fifteen feet away from our spouses outside.

Oh god, Anwen.

“No!” I hissed, twisting myself out of her grasp. I quickly put my cock back in my shorts, denying it a second time today. I tried to regain my composure, raking my fingers through my hair as I took a few calming breaths. I twisted back around to see Ava, non-pulsed, gripping the counter from behind and then jumping up to sit on it, right next to the bottle of wine I pulled out. I stared at the bottle for a moment, my mind reeling, the condensation dripping down the side in the summer heat.

“Nick-,” started Ava.

“We can’t do this!” I hissed, cutting her off. “My wife and your husband are right outside! I could never do that to my wife!”

“You’re a loyal man, I understand,” said Ava, examining her nails as if, just moments ago, those same fingers weren’t wrapped around my cock. “Too bad Anwen couldn’t show you the same consideration.”

I shook my head, flabbergasted.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about three nights ago when I was sitting on your wife’s face,” she said bluntly. “And my husband was fucking her cunt as she screamed into mine.”

I felt my blood run cold in that instant and my mind was suddenly filled with images of my wife being fucked by Jackson, with Ava writhing in pleasure as her hips ground over my wife’s face. I could just imagine the sounds Anwen made as she came.

“You’re lying!” I spat back.

She smiled and played with her hair, running her fingers through it as she brought her luscious blonde locks over her shoulder.

“She has a small birthmark on the inside of her thigh.” She said, matter-of-factly. “It’s shaped like an egg.”

Oh god…

I swallowed hard, feeling the weight of her words fall over me like stepping into a frigid waterfall.

“Am I wrong?” Her mouth twisted into a small smile that showed she already knew the answer.

I stormed out of the kitchen, leaving Ava behind without a word. I turned the corner, heading back out to the patio. I felt rage roil through me. I was furious! I could feel the blood pumping hard in my veins as images of my wife being pleasured by this couple filled every crevice of my mind. A deep ache raked through my body, fury, and uncontrollable desire. I reached for the patio door, ready to fling it open but I stopped cold.

In the darkness of the living room, I knew that whoever was outside would be unable to see in. Unfortunately for me, I could see with perfect clarity out into the back patio.

Jackson held Anwen’s breast, his thumb brushing over her nipple, making it stick out prominently against the silky fabric of her green dress. His other hand slid between her legs and he watched her face intently. In the moment her eyes closed and she bit her lip, her knuckles going white from the pressure of her grip of the cushion below her, I knew he had hit his mark.

“Jackson…,” she said, whimpering.

I walked as close as I dare without them seeing me, listening, watching as my wife was being pleasured by another man. He leaned his head down and kissed her neck, and I could see her melting into his touch.

“I…oh god…uhnnn…,” she moaned, her head rolling back slightly as desire rose in her body, her cheeks blushing. “I can’t do this again…I can’t do that to Nick. I love my husband.”

She put her arms up against his chest, trying in vain to push him away but he seemed to not be phased. He brought his hand up and turned her face toward his, kissing her to silence her protests, leaning into her, forcing her to lean back. Her legs widened to maintain her balance, giving me a full view of his fingers slowly massaging her in small circles over her panties.

She turned her face away. “No, he’ll see…”

“Let him see,” Jackson breathed harshly, his erection evident in his white shorts.

I felt a deep ache inside me, feeling how much watching this turned me on. But my fury won over and I grabbed the handle of the sliding glass door, throwing it open. Anwen’s expression turned from lustful to wide-eyed and fearful. She pushed Jackson away and she tried to stand, but he grabbed her wrists and forced her to fall back down onto his lap.

“Jackson!” Anwen hissed, but he just held her to himself tightly. He looked at me and I could see the hunger and lust he had for Anwen reflected the hunger and lust his wife had when she looked at me in the kitchen.

“What IS this?!” I bellowed, surprising even myself with my fury.

“Darling I-“

“Is it true?! Did you FUCK them, Anwen?!”

There was silence for a moment, as I looked bahis şirketleri into the eyes of the woman I loved. I knew her answer and so did she, but she let the answer hang in the air unspoken.

“Don’t be mad are her, Nick,” I heard coming from behind me. Ava stepped out, still only in her lingerie, walking around to stand between me and them. “We were pretty aggressive in our seduction. We just love to play with others.”

I looked down at her as her hands spread across my chest.

I felt emotions roiling, conflicting inside me. I looked to Anwen again, her eyes pleading…pleading for forgiveness, for understanding. And something else.

“I’ve always wanted to include you from the start, Darling. There just wasn’t an opportunity for you to meet them,” said Anwen. “Before I knew it, they…they broke me…I couldn’t resist them anymore. They’re both so erotic…so seductive. After the first time, I vowed not to give in until we could bring you in.”

“Bring me in?” And then I understood what else I saw in her. The deep primal craving in her eyes. A pleading to join her, to surrender myself as well.

“We’re swingers,” said Jackson, his hand stretching across Anwen’s belly. “We’re totally and completely devoted to each other, as are you and Anwen. I can tell your bond is strong. But look at Ava. Look at that body. You can’t tell me you don’t want her.”

I look down to see my shirt has been unbuttoned, Ava’s warm hands pushing the fabric off my shoulders. She kissed my chest, her tongue sliding over to my nipple and I let out a moan. I closed my eyes, my emotions still conflicted as I felt her hands slide down my belly to the button of my shorts.

I opened my eyes and looked down as Ava began to lower herself down my body, pulling my shorts and underwear down in one stoke, freeing my hard cock. I raked a hand through my hair, as I beheld Ava’s twinkling dark eyes wash over my body, her desire abundant as she bit her lip.

“Oh fuck…,” I hissed as I felt Ava’s warm fingers grasp my cock, gripping me tight. She licked up the length of me, looking at me with her large dark eyes as I felt a shudder of pleasure rock my body.

I looked up at Anwen to see her staring at me, biting her lip, watching. Jackson pulled the tie holding her dress closed and opened it wide, exposing Anwen’s body to the hot summer night. Jackson kissed her neck and Anwen’s eyes rolled back in desire, leaning into Jackson as his hands slid down her thighs. She looked to me again as he whispered something into her ear, his fingers spreading her legs wide, revealing a deep damp spot on her panties. His hands slid up her thighs, one hand sliding up over her belly and up to cup her breast, catching her nipple between his fingers as the fingers of his other hand pushed past the elastic of her panties. Her moan filled the night air, her hips bucking forward to meet his touch.

In that same moment, Ava’s tongue swirled around the head of my cock and I gasped, my hands shaking at the hot raging pleasure that erupted through me. I grabbed Ava’s hair in my fist as I felt her lips wrap around me, her warm wet lips and tongue squeezing and pressing against me, making a moan escape from deep in my chest. Ripples of pleasure rocked my body as Ava’s tongue slid along the underside of my cock, her lips squeezing, taking me deeper with a bob of her head. I looked down at her, fighting my instincts to push myself deeper into her mouth. She felt so good around my cock, and looked so perfect on her knees.

I heard Anwen gasp, pulling my attention to her. Jackson grinned, pulling his glistening fingers out from inside my wife’s panties.

“Look how wet she is watching you with my wife,” he said, licking the juices from his fingers.

Anwen and I locked eyes again, and there was understanding. The need I saw in her I now felt in myself. We both wanted this.

I pulled Ava’s head back from my cock and she looked up at me, licking her lips clean. I pulled her up, and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue into her mouth, grasping her head in my hands as I nipped at her lip softly. I guided her back towards the couch, stepping out of my pants completely, now naked in the night air. The back of her legs hit the couch and she fell back, a squeal of delight escaping her red lips. I turned her and made her lay on her back, her head at the bend of the couch. I pressed a knee between her legs, leaning over her and capturing her mouth with mine again, my hand sliding up the length of her waist, cupping her breast once I reached it. I pressed my thumb into her hard nipple, swirling it, feeling the hard bumps and ridges of her hardened areola. A gasp escaped her mouth as I kissed her.

I looked up to see Jackson lay down on the other side of the couch, now shirtless, his head next to Ava’s. I turned my eyes up to see Anwen kneeling between his legs, leaning over his body, her hand at his crotch tracing the shape of his erection through his underwear. His eyes were closed, clearly enjoying himself. She looked over at me and gave me a dazzling smile and I couldn’t help but grin right back like we’re two kids on Christmas morning. Her attention went back to Jackson, pulling his underwear down, revealing his cock, hard and veiny, and she grinned up at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32