T and Me Ch. 03

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As our breathing returned to normal, my softening cock slipped from the sweet confines of Teresa’s pussy. I was drenched in sweat but that’s not all.

From my navel down, I was covered in the evidence of her passion. My pubic hair was stuck to me as if I had just stepped out of the shower. The fronts and insides of my thighs were covered in the sweet nectar. There was a puddle soaking into the carpet and it made a squish as her bottom settled to the floor between my thighs.

“Sweetie, I’m hungry. Let’s order in, O.K.?” It was more of a statement than a question. She knew that I was not anymore inclined to go out or cook than she was. Smiling with satisfaction, she leaned forward and kissed me as she stood to hit the shower. I could smell the juice from her orgasm on her face as we parted.

I had always heard of women who have squirting orgasms but had never been with one. I had seen squirters in porn flicks but I could tell that they were actually peeing. So, I figured it was just another sexual urban legend. The only evidence I had to the contrary was the testimony of a good friend of mine who told me that his wife was a squirter.

“Mark, are you sure she isn’t just peeing?” I queried the day he told me about it. I had brought up the subject after watching one of the squirt flicks. I told him that I could see that the girl was peeing in the movie because; she had a steady stream coming from her urethra. It was obvious.

I had been with a girl who was in to giving golden showers and I let her pee on me in the shower just so I could keep getting the incredible blowjobs she gave. Plus it was sort of fun watching her pussy as the piss came out. She would spread her flaps and direct her pee right where she wanted it. This let me see what it looked like, up close and personal.

“Bro trust me, she’s no pissing when she cumming.” He was adamant. ” I know the difference, Greg.”

He began telling me that, even though it didn’t smell like pee, he too was suspicious of the origin of his wife’s sheet soaking cum showers.

“I knew that she only had then when she was having a vaginal orgasm, getting her G-spot stimulated.” Mark explained. ” So one afternoon while I was eating her pussy, I put 2 fingers in and up inside of her and went to work on her G-spot, while was still working on her clit with my tongue.”

I was captivated as I sipped my beer at the crowded bar. I couldn’t believe he was letting me in on his escapades with his wife.

“After about 5 minuets,” he went on, “she started moving differently from when I’m usually eating her so, I gradually slowed my clit licking and picked up the pace and pressure on her G-spot. Pretty soon I had stopped my tongue all together and was just finger banging her. She told me to do it harder and deeper, while she spread her pussy with her hands. A couple of minuets later she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand in even deeper, really slamming my 2 fingers into her as she began lifting her ass off the bed and holding it in the air. Not humping but just holding it in the air. The next thing I knew, she was bucking like a fucking bronco and screaming that she was going to cum. I used to fingers from my free hand to hold her lips open so I could see what was going on. When she started cumming, the juice squirted out around my fingers from somewhere inside of her. I could see her pee hole as clear as day and she was definitely not peeing. Besides, her bladder doesn’t hold as much as what comes out of her when she “raining” (I later found out that raining was the old term for squirting, I like raining better myself). I mean it just keeps gushing. It smells like wet pussy and tastes sweet and it’s slippery like pre-cum.

She always leaves a huge fucking wet spot. When I say wet spot, I don’t mean a little damp patch like what’s usually on the sheet after fucking. I mean a god damned soaking wet puddle. That’s why I thought she might be peeing but now I know different. That’s the truth Greg. I hope you get to experience it for yourself one day, man.”

“You think I could get Lisa to show me?” I joked. Knowing that Mark would find it funny. He liked showing off his smoking hot wife.

“Fat chance, bro,” he grinned ” I got her hooked on “” The Beast”” and she don’t want anyone else.” He gestured at the giant dick that made him famous when we were in school.

“Wow,” I said to myself, as I watched Teresa head for the shower. ” What a woman.”

I had discussed Teresa copious ejaculations with her and she was embarrassed about it at first.

“Honey, why be shy about it? My God, we have had each other, in just about every way possible. Don’t be ashamed over it.” I told her about Mark sharing his experiences with Lisa.

“You know, both of my ex-husbands were freaked out by it. They said that there must be something wrong with me, peeing in the bed like that during sex. I told them I wasn’t peeing but that didn’t believe me. Eventually, they got less and less interested in me and we quit having sex altogether, only to wind up with then fooling Bostancı Escort around on me.” She had a tear in here eye. ” Greg are you sure it doesn’t bother you or gross you out? You aren’t just being nice are you?”

“Hell no Teresa. It’s a major turn on to me. I like the taste of it, the smell of it and the feel of it on me when we make love. It makes you a rare find, an exotic flower in a sea of Daisies. I damn sure wouldn’t want you to stop.”

Well, that was the beginning of Teresa’s awakening. Now she’s as crazy about her gushing orgasms as I am. She’s nuts about the stuff.

“When I rain, it’s a way more intense and longer lasting orgasm than the ones I get from my clit.” She confided to me one day after she had experienced 2 in a row.

“No shit babe, did you think I couldn’t tell? I mean you practically drown me when I finger you during oral sex.”

“I don’t want you to think that I have to rain in order to cum good though, Baby. I do like it when you just eat me and play with my nipples. O.K.?”

“O.K., Honey”

Teresa left the bathroom door open and I could hear her let go a powerful pee before she turned on the water to rinse off. I went to the bathroom door and watched her slowly turn under the shower.

“So, what do you feel like eating, Teresa?”

“You Baby! I want to gobble you up.’ She was giggling like a kid. ” Actually, I’m sick of pizza. Let’s do Chinese. I got a menu from a new place that delivers. Let’s give it a try. Moo Goo Gai Pan for me, please.”

“You got it, Babe.”

The convenient thing about the little town Teresa lived in was that it was also home to a large university. Consequently there was a substantial party zone and plenty of 24-hour eateries. Students cramming all-night and partying all weekend made it viable for these places to man the store in order to be available to take your money at any time. I loved it because Teresa and I would often quench our animal desires all afternoon and end up snoozing until late night or early morning, always waking up hungry.

I called the number on the menu and struggled through the awful English on the other end. After repeating my order 4 times and having it repeated back 6 times we finally got it right. The address was a different story.

As Teresa pulled her hair into a ponytail, I explained that I didn’t know when the food would arrive or if it would arrive at all. I told her about the bad English from the girl taking the order and we both had a chuckle.

“Hey, I’m going to rise off real quick and shave, O.K.?”

“Well hurry I’ll bet the food comes before you get out and it sucks when it’s cold.”

I gave my balls and pits a quick dose of soap before shaving my head and face. Trying to hurry so I could be out before the food arrived but not wanting to cut myself.

I threw on a pair of loose shorts and went to the living room to find Teresa, hmm, not there. I went from room to room but she was not in the house. Looking through the blinds of the storm door I saw her sitting on the deck steps. I opened the door and stepped out; leaving the door half open so I could hear the doorbell. I was starved and my stomach growled.

“What are you doing, Babe?”

“Just enjoying the fact that it’s getting cooler outside now and fall will be here soon.” She sighed, ” I was also thinking about us.”

“What about us Lover?” she loves it when I call her that.

“About how much we have in common even though we are so opposite each other. Hoping that this isn’t just a lust fest and that you will end up wanting young chicks again.”

“Stop it, now!” I snapped, ” we have had this conversation before and you know that you are putting undue pressure on the relationship by casting doubt. I could say the same thing about you wanting to have a wealthier guy because you are used to having nicer things than I can afford.”

She was silent as she turned to look at me over her shoulder, a tear in her eye. I walked over to her, bent and kissed the tear. I savored the saltiness and felt my heart flutter.

“Sorry I snapped at you. I just don’t like the idea of you seeing me through the eyes of a hurt woman.”

“I know, I’m sorry too.”

We shared a very soft kiss, just as the doorbell rang. My stomach growled again, in a Pavlovian response to the though of food.

I fed her bites of her meal with my chopsticks while she rested her head in her hands. Taking bites of my own in between hers. She picked up the single glass of soda and held the straw to my mouth and I took a sip. That’s pretty much how supper went. Silently, looking into each other’s eyes as we ate.

The great thing about Chinese take out is, there is no clean up! Just toss the containers and you’re done, leaving more time to relax.

Teresa works in the corporate world and wears business suits every day so, when she’s at home she dresses for sheer comfort. Tonight was no different. After her shower, she threw on a full-length tank top. It was more of a beach cover-up than, a shirt really. Kadıköy Escort The tee shirt material clung to her full bosom and the globes of her bottom.

After I wiped off the table, I rounded the corner from the kitchen into the living room. She was lying face down on the couch, watching T.V., eyes half closed. Her shirt had rode up just high enough to show her lower ass cheeks and the side of the tank top fell forward exposing most of her right breast. I could tell she was just this side of slumber so; I sat at her head on the empty cushion and petted her hair.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice.” She sighed and turned her head away from the T.V.

As she drifted off, I grabbed the remote, turned down the volume and hunted the channels for a game.

After about 2 quarters of football, I was in the mood for a beer. The problem was, somehow Teresa had worked her way toward me and her head was on my lap. I didn’t want to wake her so I blew off the beer and decided to wait until I had to pee. Then I wouldn’t feel guilty about waking her. One quarter later, nature called.

Caressing her upper back, I slid my hand under her head and lifted it from my thigh so I could scoot out from under it. She groaned and swiveled her hips, adjusted her position and brought one knee up to shift her weight. I got out from under her head without waking her and went for a whiz. When I came back, beer in hand, I approached the couch and noticed that when she bent her knee, her tank top night shirt had rode up a little more and I could see most of her lovely round bottom.

Teresa’s rear end is (like the rest of her) a sight to behold. I jokingly call it her Lilly white ghetto booty. I mean when they came up with the term dunk-a-dunk they must have had an ass like hers in mind. Not so much like a black girls rump but more like a Brazilian bubble butt. Not too much hip on the side but plenty of pillow sticking straight out to the back. She spent a lot of money on clothes that disguised it when she was at work. They really didn’t help much.

I digress.

Since The Cowboys were creaming the Titans, I turned my focus to the sight before me. I stood there sipping my beer for a while, enjoying the view. Actually, if she hadn’t been sleeping, I probably would have bent over and given her a lick from between her thighs to the small of her back. Instead I sat in the chair across from the end of the couch and switched between the game and the still life art, peeking out from under her shirt. I reached over and turned on the reading lamp to illuminate the view, adding to my enjoyment. My groin began to stir as I finished my beer and headed off for another.

When I came back, she had rolled completely on her side, facing the back of the couch and pulled her knee up into a half fetal position. Now her shirt was around her waist and her entire trunk full of junk was gleaming under the light of the reading lamp. Now my groin went from stirring to mounting a parade on Main Street!

Suddenly, she let out the slightest of groans and began rolling her hips, in almost imperceptible little circles. Her illuminated slit glistened slightly, giving away her arousal.

“You horny little vixen,” I whispered, ” I’ll bet you are dreaming something wild.”

Teresa has erotic dreams, A LOT. I have been awakened on more than one early morning with my hard cock already sheathed in her soaking canal.

“Fuck this.” I said in my head, “I’m gonna get this party started!”

I sat my beer down, switched the T.V. to a music only channel and took off my shirt. I began my sneaky assault.

Starting at her ankle, I traced my nails up the inside of her calf and thigh. Then I drew a circle with them on her right globe of flesh. A pattern of goose bumps appeared and she took in a deep breath. Moving across the small of her back I drew a matching circle on the other cheek and traversed down the adjacent thigh and calf.

The circular motion of her nocturnal hip grinding increased. Her breathing increased and a small rivulet of juice pushed it’s way through the sheen of juice on her lips and rolled down to stop in the crease between her vulva and inner thigh. My face was 2 feet from her crotch and I could smell the sweet musk of the droplet.

Leaning forward, I began planting tender kisses all over her butt, while running my hand around the backs of her thighs. I was careful to avoid touching her pussy though. I wanted to work her into a mild frenzy while she was still sleeping. I knew I would be rewarded with some really sweet loving. She was always so tender and sweet when she makes love to me right out of slumber.

I had no idea that this time would be radically different.

Increasing the pressure with my lips, I began extending my tongue. Making little wet circles on her bottom with my tongue, I began gently kneading her thighs and hips. Now her hips changed from circular motions to a steady forward and back motion, as though she were humping something invisible. Her breathing picked up a bit more too.

“What are Göztepe Escort you doing, Baby?” she was half groaning, half whispering, ” I thought I was dreaming.”

“You were dreaming, Lover. I was just helping you along. I’m sorry I woke you.” I withdrew my attentions to let her drift back off.

Teresa rolled over to face me and smiled sweetly. She began to squirm a bit. Pushing herself up with her elbow then sitting all the way up, her feet hit the floor. She leaned forward and took my wrist as she stood up. Pulling me up with her she stood on her tip toes and kissed me as she slid her hands down my back, under the waist band of my shorts and dropped them to the floor.

Pulling me by the wrist she walked around the end of the couch and headed down the hall with me in tow. She turned abruptly into the bathroom and I tried to keep moving toward the bedroom, thinking that’s where she wanted me. She tightened her grip on my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom with her, motioning me to step into the tub.

“Oh a little wake-up shower, Babe?” I asked.

“Something like that,” she quipped, stepping in with me, “Lay down.” It sounded like an order, not a request. I complied.

Turning around with her back to me, she squatted down, straddling my hips, placed one hand on the tile in front of her and arched her back. With her free hand she reached down and opened her wet pussy, looked at me between her spread thighs and smiled. Just as I though she was going to sit down on my bobbing cock, Teresa groaned and let lose a heavy stream of hot pee, that hit me at the base of my throat and splattered all over my face, belly and the backs of her legs. Rocking her hips forward she directed the, now stronger, stream into my navel and around my groin.

Taking a deep breath she bore down to increase the force of her golden stream and directed it across my thighs and back up to shower my cock and balls. All I could do was, lay there in stunned amazement.

Here was my corporate power junkie, Sunday morning choirgirl pissing on me like a wanton whore, servicing a kinky client. This was fucking hot. Not only could I see the hot stream jetting from her swollen pussy, I could actually hear it coming out, over the splashing noise it made when it hit me.

The veins on my cock were bulging more than ever in my life, my pulse pounded in my temples and I had to resist the urge to grab her.

Suddenly the stream stopped. She turned around, knelt over my head and pulled my face up to her pussy. As I flicked out my tongue to lick her clit, she let lose with another stream that ricochet off my chin and continued for a couple more seconds. I never stopped swirling my tongue around her bulging clit as the last dribble of pee rolled down my neck. This was her pleasure and I was not going to deny her having it. God, I love this woman.

Just as the pee completely subsided, she let her weight come to rest fully on my face, rolled her hips forward and screamed, ” Tongue fuck me, Greg…stick your tongue up my pissie pussy hole!”

I again complied with her demand and was richly rewarded. Teresa started to cum. Her juice rained out around my invading tongue in a gush. The mixed smell and taste of her cum and her pee were mind blowing.

She clambered down my body, pulled her shirt over her head (there were those tits again) and did a belly flop right on top of the pooled piss on my torso. As she smeared the urine between our bellies, she began rubbing herself off on my cock. The bottom of my shaft slid up and down between the lips of her elongated slit and over her clit. It only took a few lunges and she was cumming again. Not a rainer but a sharp intense, short lived orgasm.

She collapsed on top of me. Her breath was ragged and her body shook. I had never seen her so wiped out so quickly. Teresa lifted herself up slightly and looked me in the eye. The look in her eyes was as animal and wild as those of a crazed killer.

“Oh, God…thank you, Baby…thank you for not stopping me…I have wanted to do that for so long…I didn’t know if you really trusted me until tonight…thank you.” Again she collapsed, flopped her head onto my chest and panted. Her blonde tresses were now a piss soaked, mop. Her hair stuck to my chest and face, stuck to her neck and shoulders and draped itself across her forehead. Strangely she looked even more amazing and beautiful now than she ever had before, to me. I just lay there and held her, our piss-slicked stomachs making slurping sounds as we breathed.

When she recovered, she looked up at me again and smiled as sweetly as ever. ” Thank you so much, Baby. Let Momma clean you up.”

I started to rise but she held me down gently. “No you just lay there and let me do this, Greg.”

She turned on the water and quickly adjusted the temperature. Switching to shower mode, she lifted the hand held showerhead off its post, grabbed a bottle of shower gel and began washing me. Soaping with one hand and rinsing with the other, she bathed me with a loving look in her eyes and a gentle smile on her face. Teresa had just let go of something that she had been holding inside for a long time and she was so relaxed, she started humming as she cleaned me down. After she rinsed an area of suds, she leaned in and kissed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32