Taking care of Momma Pt. 03

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30 years earlier…

“Um, doctor, uh, I don’t really know how to ask this, but, um, could that medicine you gave me, uh, could they cause, like, physical changes?” nineteen year old Ellen asked the older doctor at the campus clinic.

“What medicine is that, Ellen?” he asked.

Ellen glanced over at the nurse who had to be in the room while the doctor examined or talked to a young female patient.

“Uh, those, uh, steroids I think you called them… that you gave me a few months ago when I sprained my knee skiing,” she answered him.

“Well, it’s rare, but it can happen. Our bodies can react to medicines in different ways. Sometimes they have side effects. What kind of changes?”

“Uh, well, it’s, uh, kind of personal,” Ellen stammered, glancing again at the nurse.

The older male doctor nodded his head. “I can refer you to a female doctor if you want me to,” he said. “Since it would be a referral from this clinic your student insurance will still cover it.”

Ellen nodded. “Yeah, uh, that might work. Um, can I talk to Nurse Calvert? In private?”

The doctor glanced at Nurse Calvert. She nodded slightly. The doctor nodded to Ellen. “I’ll leave you two alone for a few minutes,” he said. “Mrs. Calvert will let me know when you’re done.”

Nurse Calvert was what Ellen considered to be middle aged… in the 35-45 age group. She had an easy smile and Ellen had always felt comfortable answering her questions when she came in to see the doctor. The nurse came over to sit on the stool beside the exam table as the doctor closed the door.

“What is it, honey?” she asked.

“Uh, well, it’s my, uh,” she looked down at her hands folded in her lap.

“It’s okay, honey,” the nurse said softly. “Believe me, you can’t shock me. Have you had a change in your, um, let’s call them lady parts.”

Ellen’s face was burning. She had tears welling up in her eyes. She nodded.

“So what has changed?” Nurse Calvert asked. “Can you tell me, or do you need to show me?”

Ellen was still looking down at her hands. “I think I need to show you,” she said quietly.

“Okay, then,” Nurse Calvert said. She stood and moved to the end of the table. “Let’s have you scoot back just a little and lay back,” she said. She reached down and took Ellen’s shoes off of her feet, then pulled out the stirrups built into the table.

Ellen hated the sound of the stirrups being pulled out. Ever since her mother had taken her for her first “woman checkup” she felt so exposed, so vulnerable, when she had to put her feet in the stirrups. But she started to pull her feet up.

“Um, let’s get your panties off first,” Nurse Calvert said. She had put on some latex gloves. She reached under Ellen’s short skirt and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Ellen’s cotton panties. She pulled them down, then moved the rolling stool to the end of the table so that she was sitting between Ellen’s feet. She looked up at Ellen’s crotch, surprised to see hair. So many of the young college girls of the time were shaving it all. “So what is it you need to show me?” she asked Ellen.

Ellen reached down to pull the hair at the top of her slit to the sides. She pulled back on the skin, and her clit popped out of the folds of skin hiding it. As Nurse Calvert was watching the tiny organ seemed to grow.

“Oh, my!” Nurse Calvert said. “So, uh, I’m guessing the size is the new thing?”

Ellen nodded. “It was always just a little bud there, right at the top. It was like all the other girls. But then it got bigger… especially when I let someone… when someone, uh…”

“When someone touches it?” the nurse asked softly. She stood between Ellen’s legs, looking closely at her clit, which seemed to grow even more with the attention it was receiving.

“Tell me, Ellen, it is really sensitive? More sensitive than before?”

She was using her gloved finger to poke at Ellen’s big clit.

Ellen nodded. Her hips jerked when Nurse Calvert touched her.

“Have you noticed any other changes down here?” she asked. “Inside? Like when you have sex?”

“I haven’t had that kind of sex since this started. I’m not very sexually active, anyway. But now I’m afraid to,” Ellen told her.

“So, Ellen, do you orgasm when someone rubs it?”

Ellen blushed and nodded.

“Did you orgasm before?”

Ellen nodded. “Yes, but not like now.”

“Oh? How so. Can you tell me what is different?”

Ellen shook her head. “It’s hard to explain,” she said. “It’s more, um, powerful, more intense. But that’s not the bad part.”

“Oh? What is the bad part?” the nurse asked.

“Well, um, about a month ago I was making out with my boyfriend,” Ellen told her. “He was rubbing me. It was the first time I let him rub me since it started getting bigger. I still had my shorts and panties on,” Ellen told her. “And it felt really, really good. I wanted him to stop, but he didn’t. And all of the sudden it hit me…”

“Your orgasm?” Nurse Calvert interrupted.

Ellen nodded. “Yes. It hit me and I şahinbey escort was seeing stars and he said I was moaning really loud and then, just when it couldn’t feel any better, I, uh, well…” Ellen put her hands over her face. “I peed in my pants!” she said as she started crying.

Nurse Calvert smiled. “Well, you probably didn’t pee in your pants,” she said.

Ellen looked up at her. “But I did,” she said. “I soaked them. And the couch we were sitting on. I was so embarrassed! I had to run up to my room to change. Some of the girls saw me with my wet pants and giggled. Now they all know about it. They tease me about getting so excited that I peed my pants.”

Nurse Calvert nodded. “Honey, you’ve been with boys, right?”

Ellen nodded.

“Have you masturbated a boy? Um, jacked him off?” She had her fingers like she was gripping something round and moved her hand up and down.

Ellen blushed and nodded.

“And you made them ejaculate?” the nurse asked.

Ellen looked at her, not sure how to answer.

“That’s when they spurt their stuff,” Nurse Calvert told her.

Ellen nodded. “Oh, ok. Yes, I’ve made them cum.”

“So, did you think they were peeing on you?” the nurse asked.

“Well, no,” Ellen said. “That’s their cum. It’s what happens when they… uh… when they cum.”

“Exactly,” Nurse Calvert smiled. “So, when your friend rubbed you, it was like he was masturbating you… jacking you off.” She made the motion with her hand again. “And when you orgasmed, you, well, you ejaculated. It’s not pee. It’s female cum.”

“But, girls don’t do that!” Ellen said. “I mean, I’ve, um, masturbated lots of times and didn’t do that.”

Nurse Calvert nodded. “Not all girls ejaculate like that,” she agreed. “In fact, very few do. Tell me, do you do it when you masturbate yourself these days?”

Ellen nodded. “Yes. Since my uh, thing…”

“Your clitoris,” Nurse Calvert told her. “Most refer to it as your clit.”

“Yeah, that… well, since it’s gotten big I do.”

Nurse Calvert nodded. “Not surprising. It’s much more sensitive now. Tell me honestly, did you always wear panties before your clitoris grew?”

Ellen blushed and shook her head. “Not usually.”

“But you do now?” the nurse asked.

Ellen nodded. “I have to. It gets too sensitive if I don’t.”

The nurse nodded again. She helped Ellen take her feet out of the stirrups and sit up. She put Ellen’s panties back over her feet and pulled them up to her knees. Ellen stood and pulled them up around her waist, then sat back down on the table.

“I thought so,” she said.

“So, is it going to keep growing?” Ellen asked.

Nurse Calvert shook her head. “Probably not. You only took the steroids for a week, right?”

“Yes,” Ellen said.

“So, it’s probably grown as much as it’s going to,” the nurse said.

“Will it ever go back down and be like it was?” Ellen asked quietly. She wasn’t sure what she wanted the answer to that question to be.

“Maybe,” the nurse said. “It might go back down some, it might go back down a lot, or it might stay just like it is. We don’t know, and won’t know until it happens.”

Ellen slid off of the table to leave.

“Oh, and Ellen?” Ellen stopped to look at Nurse Calvert. “I do it, too,” the nurse said.

Ellen looked at her. “You mean the spurting girl-cum thing?”

The nurse nodded. “It’s called squirting. Like I said, not all women do it. Very few your age. I didn’t start until I was in my 30’s. And men love it. Those college boys you hang out with probably don’t know what it is, but when you get to real men who know, they love it. And it’s the best orgasm you’ll ever have.”

“If you say so,” Ellen sighed as she turned to leave. She didn’t feel much better leaving the clinic than she had when she arrived.

She walked slowly back to the Sorority House, pondering her situation. She didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the moment, so she didn’t have to worry about whether she was going to let someone play with her. But she knew eventually she would meet a boy/man and he would want to play with her and she’d want him to. What then?

A few months later she got the answer to that question. Robert was in her English Literature class. Ellen started to develop a crush on him the first day of class. He was a couple of years older than the average student in the class. He was handsome. He was sexy. He was smart. He had a great sense of humor. Ellen wasn’t the only girl in the class crushing on him.

Robert was a flirt, and tended to flirt with every girl in the class, including the female professor. And they all blushed and flirted back, even the professor. Ellen wanted to flirt back, but…

What if he was interested in her? What if he wanted to play with her? She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him for long. Even that first day of class she wondered what it would be like to be kissing him while she gripped and jacked his cock and he rubbed her tits and pussy. escort şahinbey Of course, in her fantasy he had a really big cock.

But she knew she couldn’t do that. She hadn’t let a boy touch her since the embarrassing incident on the couch in the sorority house. She couldn’t risk it. So she watched him flirt, and she just blushed and smiled when he flirted with her while the other girls fawned over him. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt something when he looked at her. She felt a tingle… in her crotch… in her big clit.

A few weeks into class Robert asked Ellen to join him for a coffee on the patio of the Student Union Building. She wanted to scream “YES, YES, YES!” But at the same time she knew she had to tell him no. But when she spoke the “No” came out as “Yes, I’d like that.”

So they sat on the patio and talked over coffee. They laughed and joked and talked about school and… just about things. Ellen stopped thinking about her big clit and her squirting and just enjoyed being with him. When she had to leave to go to another class he made her promise they would do this again.

That night as she lay in bed Ellen thought about Robert. She knew they had a ‘chemistry’. She knew she wanted to keep her promise to have coffee with him again. And she knew that eventually he would want to rub between her legs… and that she’d want to let him.

As she thought about that she moved her hand between her legs. She started to rub her clit, feeling it grow to full size in her thin cotton panties. She heard her roommate’s steady breathing and knew she was asleep. She pushed her panties down around her thighs and reached for the towel she kept tucked in the corner of her bed.

She put the towel between her legs, even raising her butt to put it under her butt crack to catch the juices that tended to run down there. With one hand she held the towel over her crotch, and with the other she used two fingers to jack her clit like a small dick. In her mind it was Robert jacking her big sensitive clit. Her breathing was ragged, coming sometimes in small gasps and moans. Her feet were spread apart and planted flat on the bed. Her hips were undulating in rhythm with the movement of her fingers on her clit.

Ellen felt the feeling of pure pleasure radiating out from her clit, filling her body. She was trying to stifle her soft moans as the pleasure swirled through her body, closer and closer to the pinnacle.

She was getting to where she knew it was going to happen. Sometimes she tried to control it, to orgasm without squirting, but so far she hadn’t been able to do that. She had learned to keep it to a more controlled gush as opposed to the wild spraying of the first few times she did it.

She felt it start and slowed the movements of her fingers. She let the orgasm flow over her. Her soft moan became a low growl. Her index finger and middle finger were on either side of her clit, gently massaging the cum out of her. She could feel her hard clit throb as three good gushes of girl-cum flowed out onto the towel she held tight between her legs. When her clit started to get sensitive she pulled her hand out, but kept rubbing the soft towel on her wet slit to keep the last of the orgasm going.

Finally she relaxed her legs and let her butt fall back on the bed. She pulled the towel from between her legs and pulled her panties back up. She put the towel back in the nook in the corner of the bed and turned onto her side to try to go to sleep.

“That sounded like a really good one,” her roommate Michelle said.

“I’m sorry,” Ellen said. “I didn’t mean to wake you. And, yes, it was.”

“I still don’t understand why you won’t let me help you with that anymore,” Michelle said. “You know I’d love to, and it would be nice if you’d help me out again, too.”

“You know why I won’t let you,” Ellen said sharply. “But you know I’ll help you anytime you want me to.”

“I know why you won’t,” Michelle said. “But what I said was, I don’t understand why you won’t. And I don’t want you to just help me out. I want us to have what we used to have when it was almost like making love.”

Ellen sighed. “I’m sorry, baby,” she said, her voice cracking. “It wasn’t almost like we were making love. We were making love. I miss that, too.”

“Then can we please just talk about it?” Michelle asked. “Please?”

Ellen sighed and nodded. “Yes, we need to talk about it. I also need to talk to you about the guy I had coffee with today.”

Michelle perked up. “Oh? That sounds serious.”

“It’s not yet… but it could be very soon,” Ellen said. “Now, go to sleep. I have an early lab in the morning.”

Three weeks later Ellen found herself in the very situation she had worried about. After several more coffee dates she had agreed to go out with Robert.

Now they were back at his small apartment, sitting on his couch. The television was on an old movie, but they weren’t watching television. Robert was turned around şahinbey escort bayan to face her, shoving his tongue into her open mouth. Ellen had a hand on the back of his head, pulling his face to her, pushing her tongue against his. He was openly groping, rubbing and fondling her bra-less tits. Her free hand was openly rubbing the front of his jeans, feeling the hardness inside them.

When he tried to move his hand down to her crotch she stopped his hand and moved it back up to her tits. The third time he tried and she stopped him he pulled his face back from her and looked at her.

“Why, baby?” he asked her. “I thought we were ready to move a little further. And you’re certainly not discouraging me down there!”

“Oh, Robert, I’m sorry. I really can’t explain why. But I just can’t let you rub down there right now. I can take care of you. I want to take care of you. I know it’s not fair for me to tease you like that. I can give you a blow job.”

“Well, a blow job would be great,” Robert said. “I mean, I’ve never turned down a blow job. But I want to please you, too. We don’t have to have intercourse. I can give you tongue job, too.”

He was beginning to wonder if she had a cock in her panties. He’d met a few transwomen that easily passed for real women until they took their panties off. He wondered if he should just tell her that it was okay if she had a dick. But he didn’t. He wanted to let her let him know in her own way.

He slipped from the couch to kneel between her thighs. He kissed her soft inner thighs all the way up to the hem of her short shorts.

Robert kissing her legs sent a shiver up her spine. The thought of him putting his mouth on her swollen clit made her tingle. Her clit was so swollen in her tight shorts it was almost painful.

“Mmmmm, that sounds so wonderful,” Ellen moaned. “Let me give you a blow job and then we can talk about you giving me one.” She put her hands under his chin and pulled him back up on the couch.

But Robert didn’t move up beside her. Instead he moved up on top of her and kissed her. He started to hump his hard cock against the seam in the crotch of her shorts. He could feel her hips jerk when he pushed against her swollen clit.

Ellen tried to talk, but she couldn’t stop him. It felt too good. She was lost in his kissing her. She felt the tingles in her crotch without really realizing what was happening. By the time she realized she was at the threshold of an orgasm it was too late. She tried to push him off of her, but he humped harder. He didn’t know if she had a dick or a pussy in her shorts, but either way he wanted her to cum, and he was going to cum with her.

Ellen forced her mouth away from his and tried to tell him to stop. But her body betrayed her. Her legs wrapped around his. She pumped her throbbing clit up against the hardness in the front of his jeans.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” came out of her mouth until the floodgates opened. Then it changed to a low moan.

“Oh, that’s it, baby,” Robert cooed in her ear. “Yes, cum on me. I’m cumming too, baby. Oh, yes, I’m cumming too.” He felt his own cream fill his underwear, coating his crotch and balls.

Ellen’s arms were around his neck, holding him close to her when she felt the first full gush of her fluid soak her panties. She could feel the wetness soaking the crotch of her shorts, and even soaking her ass all the way to the waistband of her shorts.

“Oh, Robert, I’m so sorry,” she cried. She buried her face in the side of his neck as another big gush of her fluid soaked the front of his jeans.

Robert pushed himself against her, wondering what was happening. He’d never felt a guy shoot that much sperm. And he’d certainly never felt a woman soak her pants like that

When she was finally able to relax a little Ellen managed to push him off of her. She sat up and buried her face in her hands, sobbing. “I’m so sorry, Robert. I tried to tell you, but….”

Robert pulled her to him, his arms around her shoulders. “It’s okay, Ellen,” he whispered to her. “It’s okay.” He could feel that the front of his jeans were soaked. He could smell the strong scent of her musk and juice. He looked down and saw that her shorts were also soaked. He wondered if she had peed on him when she orgasmed.

He let her cry for a big, then started to kiss her on top of her head. She leaned into him and let him comfort her.

“Can you tell me now?” he asked.

Ellen sniffed and nodded her head. “I’ll try. And then I’ll need to borrow a pair of old shorts or something. I can’t walk across campus to my dorm in these wet shorts.”

Robert nodded. “Don’t worry about that,” he said gently.

Ellen sat up and took a deep breath. She didn’t look at him. “Okay, it’s like this. Two years ago I sprained my knee skiing. The doctor at the clinic gave me some medicine to help it heal. One of the side effects of the medicine was that my, um, my clitoris grew… a lot. And ever since then when I, um, when I…” her voice broke just a little. “When I cum I squirt. That’s what the nurse called it. She said it’s not that uncommon, but usually doesn’t happen until a little later in life… like in your thirties. I thought I was peeing at first, but it’s not pee.”

“I’ve heard of women doing that,” Robert said quietly. “I’ve read about it in, um, dirty magazines. I thought it was fake.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32