Tales of Eros Crystals Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Leaving Vespa

Madame Lahore comes to her senses, regaining control over her body. The wise woman knows immediately what just happened: A High Daemon is among them. A Daemon can be a vicious creature, coming through the portal opened by Dark Eros Energy from another world. Many different creatures converge this way into the human world. It seems that a Daemon raped and impregnated a human woman, giving birth to Ayama. Usually, Daemons are kept at bay by the Light Eros Energy produced by humans. Madame Lahore has always suspected Ayama to be a half-breed, but she could never pin down the other half, let alone consider that it was a Daemon. She needs to help Ayama; she’s been like a mother to him. She wakes up her femboys and they head for Ayama’s room. She hears some rhythmic thumping. It’s Ayama, fucking an unconscious Viessa.

“Hold him before he releases another wave,” says Madame Lahore.

The femboys grab Ayama, who is still coming inside of Viessa while being pulled away. Madame Lahore wonders what type of girl Viessa must be. Is she an Ultimate Slut? Ultimate Sluts are women whose bodies are bred for the sole purpose of pleasure-giving. It would explain why Viessa has been drawn to Ayama, as all sluts are drawn to a Daemon. Madame Lahore slaps Ayama a couple of times to get him out of his trance.

“What happened?” asks Ayama.

“You caused a mass orgy around town; you put everyone in a trance.”

“Who’s that girl?” Madame Lahore points at Viessa, but Ayama shrugs; he has no idea who she is.

“By the sun-god!” cries Madame Lahore, noticing that near the nude girl are shrine-maiden clothes.

Ayama is in grave danger since it is punishable by death to deflower a virgin shrine-maiden. Madame Lahore will need to act fast and send Ayama straight to Arcane Master Wintertiger Saka in Monabay, the capital of Arcadia. Saka will know what to do.

“Ayama, you will have to leave us. You’re in danger. There’s a man who can help you. He can show you how to get your power under control,” Madame Lahore says.

“Power? What Power?” Ayama asks.

“If you don’t learn how to control it, the excessive Eros energy within you, you will always be in danger and everyone around you will be as well. You could accidentally destroy all the crystals, not just in one town, but across all lands. Master Wintertiger Saka can show you how to control Eros energy, he’s an expert at it.”

Madame Lahore turns to Viessa.

“Girl, do you want Ayama to become your master?” Lahore asks.

Viessa cheers up and nods ‘yes’ enthusiastically.

“You will have to keep his juices flowing. He can’t be allowed to release another wave. I will start the paperwork.

“What paperwork?” asks Fyrila, standing in the door-frame.

“Ayama, it’s a dangerous 2,000 miles to Monabay. Be prepared!” Madame Lahore states.

Fyrila looks worried and exhausted from her pounding. The three horse-futas are still knocked out – sun-god alone knows what they’ll do when they wake up.

Madame Lahore addresses Viessa.

“To prevent another scenario like this, his testicles need to be drained regularly. If they aren’t, only the sun-god knows what could happen.”

Ayama is happy about this, as is Viessa, who seems to get exactly what she has dreamed of.

Fyrila frowns, not liking this pairing one bit. She thinks for a second and says, “I want to sign the same paperwork; I’ll be his slave as well.”

Fyrila looks at Ayama, smiling back at her. Viessa is staring at Fyrila with angry eyes.

“So be it, then!” says Madame Lahore.


Ayama and Fyrila have packed their stuff into two small personal backpacks. Ayama wears a blue bodysuit made of silk with intricate puffy sleeves. The chest is cut out, as is the crotch area, which is held together with strings. His cocksleeve is blue as well, with a new insignia hanging from his cockring: An emblem of The Tight Rosette. Fyrila wears red nylon stockings going up to her ass and a bolero jacket that does not cover her tits. Her nipples have piercings bearing the insignia, same as her collar.

“You have to keep releasing energy otherwise it will lead to a bigger explosion,” Madame Lahore explains. “Find Master Saka; tell him I sent you. Show him the official insignia. He will train you.”

Ayama nods and Viessa comes outside as well, wearing a red string bikini. It mostly consists of string that does not cover her pussy. It instead meets in the middle in an Avcılar Escort intricate design which moves up to her collar. She is pierced as well, bearing The Tight Rosette insignia now, and her pubes have been trimmed to a nice thick strip. Together they bear Ayama’s clan and banner colors, blue and red. Slaves usually don’t get the chance to form their own clans, but Madame Lahore has the power and connections to help Ayama form his own clan. All the whores and prostitutes come out to say goodbye. All three receive a bottle of Eros Nectar. Madam Lahore hands Ayama three crystal plugs to produce Eros Nectar on their journey. She gives three red crystals to Fyrila, who packs them inside her backpack together with a small slingshot.

Madame Lahore gives Ayama a small sword and a dagger.

“I hope you won’t need it any time soon, but just in case be prepared,” Madame Lahore says.

Ayama, Fyrila and Viessa bow and kiss Madam Lahore’s cock – a final goodbye.


Every shrine-maiden is cleaning the mess in the temple. Cum is everywhere and it reeks of pussy juice. They all wear a face of shame. For most of these girls it was the first time to experience such feelings, let alone to such an extent. It’s as if they’ve been deflowered by an external force, making them touch themselves in ways they haven’t thought of before. Artemis is in Lady Minerva’s office. Face down, she gets to listen to a lecture.

“How can a shrine-maiden go missing? They’re under surveillance at all times!”

Artemis bows, “I’m sorry Lady Minerva. Viessa has always been a stubborn one and sneaking out was a past-time for her. She might have been caught in the chaos.”

“Silence! I don’t want to hear any more of your excuses. We need to send news of her vanishing to her mother. Better to be honest and upfront about this if we want to stay alive. Her mother entrusted her to us and we failed her.”

Artemis doesn’t say anything but bows further in shame.

A shrine-maiden storms in. It’s the one that Viessa borrowed money from. She still has the look of shame and a reddish face.

“Lady Minerva, there’s a Futa-Lord at the door. I think she’s asking about Viessa.”

They all rush outside to the main entrance. It’s the Futa-Lord Viessa encountered the night before.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. My name is Seraia Yamaro,” says the Futa-Lord. “I wanted to see for myself if last night’s shrine-maiden made it safely back home before… Before all the chaos.”

This Futa-Lord looks foreign. She must come from the far east.

Lady Minerva and Artemis look at each other. “We’re missing one shrine-maiden, My Lord,” Lady Minerva says.

“She ran away,” inserts Artemis.

“I think she wanted to buy something,” adds the shrine-maiden. “She borrowed 50 coins from me.”

“50 coins? What in hell would she want to buy with…?” Lady Minerva looks at the Artemis.

“She wouldn’t? Would she?” asks Lady Minerva.

“The brothel!” replies Artemis.

“May I see her room first? I might find something useful there,” says Seraia.

Lady Minerva bows, “Of course.”


The three Inquisitors come to their senses in the Tight Rosette room. There’s no sign of anyone; the red-haired one is first to awaken. T

his is Ross, and she’s still feeling a bit dizzy from the Ahaego. Anna, the brunette, wakes up too. They go over to Beatrix, the blonde, and slap her awake. Beatrix jolts up in shock. She’s still sweating; she came the hardest of the three. Her horsecock has almost completely retracted.

“Was this…?” as Beatrix looks questioningly at Ross and Anna.

“Ahaego, yes!” says Ross.

Anna opens a window and looks outside. She sees various other commuters and party-goers getting back up; everyone fucked each other.

“Seems the entire town was affected. Who could do this? Only a…” Anna stops.

All three of them say: “DAEMON.”

“We need to inform the Order of Eros immediately!” says Beatrix.

“The nearest church Order is 100 miles south-east,” says Ross.

“Then that’s where we go,” says Beatrix. “We need to send out the message and we need to stock up on weapons and elixir.”

“Shouldn’t we follow him?” replies Anna.

“Not without weapons. And don’t worry, he’ll make himself noticed.”

Beatrix gets back up, with the help of Anna and Ross whose cocks are flaccid as well. This was a huge drain on the three and it’s the reason why Daemons are so dangerous. Escort Bayan The more Eros energy a person has, the bigger the effect. They’ll have to shield themselves for the next encounter with magic.


Ayama, Viessa and Fyrila have reached the city limits. There are twelve ‘Welcome Vespa’ Fuck Stations lined up. Each has a letter forming ‘Welcome Vespa’. Ayama runs immediately to one and starts fucking a slave in her pussy.

“Shouldn’t we be going? We don’t have time to lose,” says Fyrila.

“It’s just a quickie. And the nearest village is not far, 50 miles down this road. Also, it’s not like there’s a Futa-Lord chasing us or something. It’s gonna take a while for the message of the Ahaego event to get out.”

Ayama pulls the hair of the slave and starts to pound faster.

“Actually, there was a Futa-Lord in town last night; I saw her,” says Viessa.

The pounding stops. “What?” asks Ayama, now a bit frightened.

“I don’t want to scare you, but there were also Inquisitors at the Tight Rosette.” Before Fyrila could finish her sentence, she sees Ayama already running.

“Maybe we really don’t have any time to lose,” yells Ayama from the distance.

The two girls run after him. After hours of walking, Fyrila spots a suitable space for a campfire.

“I think we should rest here for tonight. Looks quiet and I haven’t seen any animals so far. Let’s hope that stay’s so. Could you gather firewood?” Fyrila asks Viessa.

“But shouldn’t I first help master relieve himself?” replies Viessa.

“Firewood is more important now. I’m setting up the tents!” says Fyrila.

“Who put you in charge of everything?” asks Viessa, definitely a bit annoyed at Fyrila.

“Girls, let’s all just gather firewood for now,” announces Ayama.

They go out into the woods. Fyrilla picks a couple of pieces and Viessa follows her every step, trying to keep up with the amount Fyrilla has gathered. A small competition erupts between the two. Ayama sighs. While he enjoys the two fighting for his attention, he knows this will brew more trouble in the future.

“I think we have enough,” says Ayama.

They head back to their area and Fyrila sets up a small campfire. Ayama grabs Viessa by the hand and leads her to a nearby tree. Fyrila manages to get a small fire going but soon hears Viessa’s moaning. She’s leaning head-first against a tree and Ayama is working on her ass. He sticks his cock in her puckered butthole and moves softly back and forth. Fyrila tries to ignore the moaning but to no avail. He cums inside Viessa and plugs her asshole up with one of the crystal plugs. This is a common way to produce Eros Nectar, leaving the cum over night to gestate. The Eros Crystal will transform the load into juicy Eros Nectar. Fyrila prepares a fish on the campfire.

“You! Take care of the fire, it’s my turn.”

With reluctance, Viessa squats before the campfire; her nicely trimmed pubes have an amber glow to them. Ayama begins to anally fuck Fyrila the same way, giving her a nice load. Viessa is clearly jealous.


The next morning Ayama wakes to the squishing and sucking sounds of Fyrila sucking his flaccid cock. It blossoms into a full-blown erection and he begins to moan, which wakes up Viessa. At first, she looks green with envy, but soon after joins them. A small catfight-like back and forth between Viessa and Fyrila ensues. Each wants to suck on Ayama’s cock, the lad starts to jerk himself off, forcing both girls down his massive balls. Fyrila moves further down and snakes her tongue into his butthole. Viessa sucks on his balls, he cums hard spraying all over the two girls. They all get dressed and Viessa takes one empty glass bottle out of her backpack with a wide bottleneck and squats down. She places the bottle right at her butthole and starts to press, she pushes a bit of Eros Nectar out but misses the bottle, wasting it on the ground.

“You’re doing it wrong; let me help you,” says Fyrila.

She moves behind Viessa and sticks the bottle up her ass. Viessa squeals a bit and blushes, but then presses on and a nice stream of Eros Nectar comes out of her butthole. Fyrila puts the lid back on and stores the nectar in her backpack.

“Do you need help?” asks Viessa.

But Fyrila ignores her and immediately places her own bottle in front of her butthole. She presses and her anus prolapses by accident from all the ass fucking over the years. She pushes her anus back in with the istanbul Escort bottle and it’s swallowed together with the bottleneck. In one big swoop she squirts out the nectar, a nice golden-white color. She shakes the bottle and stores it away. The girls stash away the tent. Ayama can’t do anything as their master. He can at best, watch.

Ayama looks at a map; the nearest village is still another 30 mile walk away. The 2000-mile journey to Monabay will be a long one. They need a transport and a fast one at that.


The trio travels the road until they reach a big river. Luckily there’s a long bridge nearby to cross. They head for the bridge only to find it broken in the middle. There’s no way to cross it and they can’t ford the river either because of the strong current.

“Great, what now?” says Fyrila.

“We take the detour!” points Ayama. “I saw on the map that this river is narrower in the east; we should be able to cross it there!”

“But that would take us through the forest,” says Viessa a bit frightened.

“There is a village nearby. We wouldn’t stay long in the forest,” reckons Ayama.

Fyrila doesn’t look convinced. “I don’t know. She’s right; there’s definitely danger in the forest.”

“But we gotta get to the next village and re-supply. We’ll go through the forest. End of debate,” says Ayama. The two girls do not look convinced, but they have no choice but to follow their master.

They move along the river bank until they reach the forest and it’s towering over them. Viessa is clearly distressed by this, not liking it one bit. Fyrila is checking her corners constantly. The only one who doesn’t seem to mind the eerie feeling is Ayama, who strolls ahead as if it’s nothing.

They reach a narrow passage in the river and start to cross it. Viessa is enjoying this part, getting her pussy wet, but something feels off – she and Fyrila sense something is in the water with them. The water reaches their bellies when something snaps at them. It’s a type of tentacle, first one, then five more, then a dozen. They’re violet and pink in color and excrete a type of translucent egg. They crawl around Viessa’s leg and penetrate her pussy and anus, excreting as many eggs as they can. Fyrila fights them off successfully. Ayama rushes to Viessa to help her. He cuts the tentacles with his sword and they rush ashore. Now they have to act fast, Fyrila checks herself: nothing. But Viessa was pumped with the eggs. Her companions put her in a squat position and make her press. She needs to shit out the eggs before it’s too late. Viessa manages to press out the eggs from her anus, but from her pussy only broken eggs fall out. It’s too late, she’s been impregnated.

“Oh, oh,” says Ayama. “Eh, that’s not good.”

“Why, what happened?” asks Viessa, a bit scared.

“You’re pregnant with them.” says Fyrila.

Viessa gasps. “Yuck, ugh, gross! What will I give birth too? I wanted my master to impregnate me first.” She keeps going on about this and Fyrila rolls her eyes at the yapping.

“Maybe nothing. Who knows if your uterus can even bear? And if yes, it won’t be anything big. They’re small creatures; we’ll see,” says Ayama.

“We need to get out of this forest, fast,” says Fyrila. Everyone nods and agrees. They rush out along the river bank.


Some sense of normality has returned to Vespa. Workers replace the broken crystals. But someone new has arrived, someone never seen before in Vespa or so easily in the South-West. The person is a human female, wearing black leather stockings with a tight corset. The corset bears a flame pattern and color. She has massive tits, big as her head, and her bra ends right below the nipples. She has long black and braided hair reaching down to her ass. But her skin is pale, almost white, and her eyes are hollow and gray, with no iris. This is a Necromancer, someone thriving on Dark Eros energy. She looks at the broken crystals that are being replaced. A Futa-thug approaches her.

“Who do you belong to, babe? I could use a new toy?” says the Futa-thug.

The thug has a club in her hands. She waves it at the Necromancer who just glances at the thug and in a brief second the thug is frozen in place. The Futa-thug’s eyes go wide. The Necromancer weaves a sign, a nearly imperceptible hand motion and a burst of Eros energy flows through the thug like electricity. She twitches and cums. A bucket full of cum is released from what looks like a normal-sized cock and balls. The Futa-thug screams in pain as her balls shrivel. She pisses herself. The Necromancer approaches her victim.

“I’m sure you were visited by a Daemon. I want you to tell me everything you know!”

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