Tales of Reluctance: Tale 05

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It was seven in the evening and Stephen’s final business call was coming to an end. At least he would soon be able to grab a drink and relax. It had been the usual frantic week with endless meetings, interviews and one problem after another. He had assumed he was all alone, so it was a big shock to suddenly see his office door slowly open. Stephen had assumed that by now everyone would have gone home. When he saw it was Leanne who had walked in, he went through a whole range of emotions.

Firstly, he was stunned as it was her leaving day and things had been pretty uncomfortable between them. Leanne had not taken it well when Stephen had told her she was being let go, after her probation period had ended. Despite the tension between them he still felt delight, as well as surprise that she was still here, he would miss her and it made him sad things had not worked out. There was a faint moment of concern that she had come back for another argument, and finally just plain bewilderment as to why she should visit him so late on her last day.

It was a big struggle to clear his mind to concentrate on the phone call, and the complicated discussions going on in the background.

Leanne slowly strode around to the front of the desk. Stephen watched her every step and then frowned, his confusion growing. As she walked both of her hands reached behind her head, and grabbing her ponytail she removed the band that was holding it in place. Her wonderful blonde hair cascaded down onto her shoulders, and she momentarily paused in her walk to shake her head. As she resumed moving she used her fingers to push her hair into place. Finally, she slipped the band onto her wrist.

It had all been done as though letting her hair down was the most natural thing to do in Stephen’s office.

Another thought struck Stephen, Leanne must have gone home and changed, for now she wore a simple-blue shift dress. He found that he had gulped for the outfit brought out the blueness of her eyes. She looked casual, but absolutely gorgeous. He knew she must have changed, for he easily remembered what she had worn earlier that day. She had turned up in a daringly short skirt with white tights and flat shoes. Her shirt had had a wide-open neck with a broad collar. The white tee shirt underneath had allowed enough cleavage to poke out to show a little of the crack between her tits. He had found that outfit pretty distracting and now this new one simply took his breath away.

Someone on the call had asked him a question, which made him stumble, and then he asked his colleague to repeat what they had said. Stephen made several aborted attempts to answer, finally coming out with a stream of words that made little sense.

The main reason for his struggle was Leanne now stood in front of him. Initially she had only just leaned on the desk and looked at him. Those wonderful blue eyes looking straight into his. There was a broad, almost mischievous grin on her face. He watched her, growing more puzzled by the moment, as she methodically removed everything she could off the top of his desk. His pen holder, calculator, papers, laptop. One by one she carefully moved them onto the table at the side, while he desperately tried to continue with his call.

What could he do? There was no way to mute the call. He would have to tell his colleagues what he was doing. Nor could he tell her forcibly to stop, the people on the conference call would want an explanation as to what was going on. He could, he supposed say something had come up and that he needed to leave the meeting, but even that he felt would create some questions. Questions he had no idea how to answer. For he had no idea what was going on.

That was all distracting enough, but when the desk was clear, Leanne lifted herself up and slowly climbed onto the desk. She reached forward with her left hand and crawled onto the work surface, moving deliberately towards him. The view down her dress was so distracting. He knew he should look away, but he could not. The moment she had walked in he had wondered if she was wearing a bra. Now he was in no doubt. He could see hanging-down two shapely bare breasts with two hard nipples poking out. Stephen found himself feeling a little breathless, she was close enough now for him to smell the intoxicating scent of her perfume. He felt his dick going hard in his pants. Leanne paused, she was now right in front of him, on all fours, on the desk.

There had been a set of papers on the desk that she could not reach when she had been standing in front of him. These were the documents he was using on the call, so when she went to move them as well, he tried to grab them. He was too slow and so he could only watch as she calmly dropped them onto the floor.

Leanne brushed some hair out of her face and moved a little closer, obviously trying to get his attention. His eyes briefly met hers, there was a glare on his face, but she simply smiled and leaned further forward. Kartal escort Her left hand reached slowly down. It seemed to inch forward, as time for Stephen almost stood still. Leanne gently touched the inside of his thigh and then up to his groin area. Stephen was aware that he was already hard, had been since the moment she had walked in. Leanne’s fingers traced out the shape of his erection which was bulging in his pants. He gulped, now she knew how excited her arrival had made him.

“Er yes, I er think, that plan is fine,” he said down the phone, as he closed his eyes and hoped to the other callers he sounded normal. Leanne continued rubbing his dick for a few moments, the look on her face showed she was enjoying her little game. Her hands briefly wandered up to his chest, but then straightaway returned to his groin area. She was clearly teasing him and enjoying every moment of his discomfort.

Stephen looked at Leanne who smile remained as wide as ever, as she moved her face a little nearer his.

“I am on a call,” he mouthed, he immediately realised this was a stupid thing to say, as it was obvious what he was doing. She nodded and then in response mouthed to him to relax.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I just wanted to say sorry, for you know, well everything really.”

She sat back on her haunches and Leanne seemed to be reflecting on what was happening. Stephen wondered if that meant her game was now over and that she would now leave. He felt very conflicted as to whether he wanted Leanne to go any further or not. Then the realisation wandered through his head that he was not in control anyway. What happened next was her decision. There was little he could do to stop her without making a scene, something he was not prepared to do.

Leanne just looked at Stephen and then pushed all of her hair back behind her shoulders. God having her hair back made her neck look so sexy he thought. She moved back onto all fours and with her hand she began to rub his groin area again. Those lovely breasts caught his attention again, making him sigh deeply with desire. He closed his eyes, stopped himself from groaning with pleasure, and tried once more to fix his mind on the call. Leanne continued gently stroking him.

Leanne’s hand went to his belt buckle and she began to try to undo it, immediately finding she needed two hands. He silently told her again that he was on the phone, but once again all she did was nod. He decided to try and resist. One of his hands was holding the receiver to his ear, so he only had one hand to try to fight her off. Somewhat half-heartedly he tried to push her hands away. Almost immediately something happened in the meeting that he needed to focus on. Stephen stopped struggling and once again tried to form a coherent reply to someone on the call. He obviously did not do very well since his next comment was.

“I am fine,” he said. “Just been a long day. So, it’s difficult to concentrate.” As he finished that sentence he gave Leanne a hard stare, but her look showed she was amused at his struggle. She loves the fact I am finding this difficult he thought.

“Shhhhhhh,” she quietly said. The belt was undone now and pretty soon so was his trouser button. He watched transfixed as she slowly moved his shirt out of the way and undid his fly. As her hand slipped inside his pants he said.

“How about we talk about that in detail on Monday?” Midway through the sentence a gasp escaped from between Stephen’s lips as Leanne’s hands clamped firmly around his dick.

“I am going to blow you.” Leanne whispered. “Just to show how sorry I am.” He glared at her, but found he could not stop gulping and once again he mouthed for her to stop.

“I will be quiet, if you co-operate,” she said in a quiet, but firm voice, before adding, “stand-up, so we can get these trousers off.” Stephen put a finger over his lips to urgently tell her to be quiet. “Stand-up,” she said this time dangerously loud. So, Stephen had little choice, but to comply.

“I think that’s too expensive,” he commented in a voice unnaturally raised, as in a half-standing position he allowed her to pull his trousers down. When she gave him a gentle shove he sat back down again on the chair with a bump. He watched as she lay herself down on the desk, taking great care to keep her hair out of the way before her left hand reached forward and grabbed his dick.

“We could talk about that on Monday as well, couldn’t we?” He said somewhat desperately down the phone, and then made a noise that seemed to suggest the reply had been that there needed to be a discussion now. Leanne lifted his cock and lowered her mouth. She calmly slid her lips over his dick. Slowly her head began to rise and fall, her hand stroking up and down his shaft at the same time. At the top end, she would allow his dick to come out of her mouth and then she would go down on it again. In this slow rhythmical way, she blew him, as Stephen tried Kurtköy Escort to discuss whatever matter could not wait till Monday.

She continued servicing him in that calm methodical way as he moved onto another subject.

“Yes, I told her she had the job,” he said, trying hard not to sound out of breath. Leanne seemed to pause and Stephen gulped, but after a few moments she continued blowing him again.

“Yes, I think she was very happy and excited,” he continued. Leanne lifted her head to look at him and gave a shrug. Oh shit, thought Stephen she realises we are talking about her replacement. Leanne paused, still holding his cock in her hand, she seemed to stare hard at it for a moment. Stephen studied the uncertainty on her face, worrying what Leanne would do now, but then like before she lowered her head and slipped his dick into her mouth again. Once more up and down went her head, as she took the long shaft deep into her mouth and then released it again.

“Ummmm, I am not sure I should say,” he replied and then seemed to reluctantly add, “yes she was wearing that skirt actually, but that’s not the point.” Leanne smiled, but continued to blow him, as he added very defensively. “Look she never settled, and with a small team that is very important. So, I think this is the right step really. There was another long pause and a big sigh from Stephen before he added quietly, “yes I know you guys really liked her but as I said that is not the point.”

As he finished he noticed she had lifted her legs up so her calves were at ninety degrees to the desk. She did have lovely legs and now she was wearing the shift dress they were uncovered and there was nothing on her feet. He watched her shapely legs moving in the air. Her dress had risen up quite a bit showing she had no underwear on. Stephen for the first time had a great view of her bare ass and it was a great view. Still she continued calmly blowing him, seemingly unfazed by anything that he had just said. Stephen wondered if she knew they had been talking about her.

“Sorry,” he mouthed to Leanne, but of course her head was down, and she was not aware of what he was saying. He tapped her on her head and she looked up. “Sorry,” he mouthed to her again, but she just shrugged as if she did not care or was unsure what he meant. She quietly asked if she should carry on what she was doing and when Stephen nodded, she did exactly that, servicing his cock in the same unhurried way as before.

It had been difficult firing Leanne, but she was too distracting and yet here she was blowing him. The sort of thing he had tried to avoid happening in the first place, although he had never imagined she would make the first move. He began to regret that tonight, however far it went, it would be just be a one-off. If he had kept her on then perhaps they could have had quite an affair he thought.

He closed his eyes, god that felt so good.

Now she was off to their main competitor, a repeat was very unlikely, she would be on the other side of the country. Finally, the call was coming to an end and he could find out how far she was prepared to go to say sorry, although in his heart he knew it should be him making the apologies.

“Okay guys have a good weekend I will catch up with you next week.” He said out loud. Probably too loud to sound completely natural.

He placed the phone down clumsily on the receiver and he was impressed to see Leanne check that he had done it properly. Before he could say anything, she reached forward and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. He pushed her hair off her face.

“What are you doing?” He said in a firm voice, but the look on his face betrayed the fact that he was pretty pleased with what had been happening.

“Thought I would come and say sorry for the way I acted,” she said casually. “It was unprofessional of me to behave that way.” He laughed to himself, it was of course not professional what they were doing now, but he was not about to lose this opportunity by making that observation.

“It’s okay,” he started to say, but then he stopped. Action would be better than wasting time talking he thought. Stephen placed a hand firmly under Leanne’s chin and lifting her head he kissed her. It was a long, slow, noisy kiss which he repeated and then when he pulled away she asked him if he liked what she had been doing. She had made it obvious she had enjoyed his kisses.

When he said he had, she replied softly, “Good,” and immediately she reached down and took his cock in her mouth again.

“Oh god,” he moaned, now freed from the restriction of the phone call. He opened the rest of his shirt as she continued to suck on his dick. He began to stroke her soft silkily hair, keeping it out of her way of her mouth, as they both began to breathe heavily and sigh.

“You are so good at that,” he murmured as her head bobbed up and down in front of him. She paused, looked at him and then dryly commented.

“A Maltepe Escort skill not on my CV,” before she returned her attention to his dick. She paused, slowly dribbled some salvia onto his cock and then using her hand she ensured she spread it all over his shaft. Her eyes fixed on his as she once again resumed blowing him. For several more wonderful moments he lay back in the chair losing himself in the wonderful feeling of her wet, warm mouth wrapped around his dick. It occurred to him that this was the longest blow job he had ever had and by far the best. At that moment, she paused and looked at him

“I think it’s my turn,” she said quietly. He smiled and told her to get up. At the same time asking if everyone had gone.

“Of course,” she giggled, “I wouldn’t be doing this if someone was still here and I have locked the front door so no one can get in.” She moved round so she was sitting on the desk and as he stood between her legs she threw her arms around his neck and they kissed. He pushed her hair off her face.

“You are so beautiful,” he said and they kissed some more. Their kisses became longer and slower, their mouths making a smacking sound as they finally came apart. She told him to take her dress off, so reaching down with his hand he began to pull it up. His hands stopped for a moment as he caressed her thighs, they were wonderfully soft and silky, then he resumed lifting her dress once again. Leanne raised her hands above her head as he pulled her clothing off her. She kissed him and at the same time she took the dress from him, casually dropping it on top of the papers which were on the floor. Leanne took Stephen’s shirt off. Her soft cool hands ran across the hot skin of his upper chest and once more they kissed. Stephen pulled his shirt off completely and threw it away.

“Are you really here to say sorry?” He said. She laughed and kissed him again.

“I told you, I came to apologise to you,” she said. His hands began to squeeze her tits.

“My turn,” she said, “you have some apologising to do too, you know.” And slowly she lay down on the desk, spreading her legs wide and indicating by touching herself that she meant him to go down on her. Stephen helped her into position and using his hands he pushed her legs wider apart. His tongue made a long slow stroke upwards across the length of her slit. He stared hard at her for a moment. She rolled her eyes with expectation and with a sucking sound he kissed her pussy making her moan again. As he repeated the motion, Leanne lifted her right leg into the air, keeping her left leg flat on the desk. He teased her by taking long pauses between the licking and kissing of her pussy, before pleasuring her further.

As he began to turn her on, she bent her right leg at the knee and rested it on his back, throwing one arm back above her head and using her other one to support the leg which was in the air. His mouth worked at her pussy, each touch or movement making her groan with pleasure. He paused.

“Is that good?” he asked and she nodded.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she said breathlessly. “It’s so good.”

It caught his attention that she had the most wonderful golden skin, perfectly tanned all over. Then his eyes wandered across the two wonderful mounds of her breasts which were just in front of him, with two hard nipples, standing proudly erect. He resumed sucking her pussy. He poked his tongue out as far as it would go and probed her slit, her cries becoming a little louder and stronger as he did. As he licked her, he ran his hand down her long silky leg loving the feeling of her skin on his fingers. As he pleasured her, she threw her head back, closed her eyes and told him how good it was.

After a while she spoke again.

“Fuck me Stephen. I want you inside me.” She begged. Then almost desperately she added, “I want you inside me.” Stephen stood up, a little unsure what to do, but Leanne rose and turned around so one leg was on the ground and the other on the desk. “Fuck me,” she said again looking back at him, anticipation and excitement showing right across her face. Stephen smiled, relieved she had taken control. He eagerly guided his cock into her from behind, it slipped easily into her warm, wet slit, that she had perfectly positioned for him. “Fuck,” Leanne said as he pushed ball-deep into her. He began to fuck her, at one point he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Yes,” she cried. As her head went back far enough for them to briefly kiss. Stephen let go of her hair and Leanne let out a cry of pleasure as he suddenly began to thrust into her much harder than before. She fell forward onto desk, moaning, occasionally a yes coming from her lips between the cries. His thrusts became hard and sharp, getting a high-pitched squeak now from Leanne each time he pushed into her. Soon Stephen’s breathing too became very fast and he began to grunt with the exertion, before finally he paused.

“Am I forgiven,” gasped Leanne trying to get control of her breathing and realising that things had moved on much faster than she had expected. It really had not occurred to her that Stephen would so easily co-operate or fuck her so well. Now it was her turn to find it hard to concentrate.

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