Tamara In Stockings Ch. 12

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Cum Kiss

Chapter Twelve: Full Circle

On a Saturday in mid September 1999, in the early afternoon, Tamara was at her dressing table getting ready for the visit of her lover, Orla, the red haired, green eyed Irish beauty. Jack had just left for a football match so he’d be gone for hours. Tamara applied her make up in light tan stockings, a white six strap suspender belt and five inch high, pointed toe, pale gold stilettos.

Knowing that her bra and panties would be removed within seconds of Orla’s arrival, she simply stepped, as she was, into her warm pink fitted shift dress. She looked very desirable and she knew it. As she stood in front of the full length mirror she ran her hands down her curves to rest on her left thigh and her right hip. She decided that she would ‘do’ herself anytime and her pussy tingled at the thought of Orla’s fingers inside her.

Orla wouldn’t be here for twenty minutes or so but Tamara could hardly bare the excitement of anticipation at what would unfold between the two lustful lovers. To give herself something to do she prepared wine and nibbles that she knew would not be touched.

The doorbell rang, Tamara rushed to the front door, she could see Orla in all her magnificence through the clear glass. Orla was wearing a very expensive knee length unbuttoned camel coat, with a tan coloured knee length leather pencil skirt and black polo neck jumper. Her very high heeled ankle boots were black and she had black and gold Gucci handbag over her right shoulder.

Tamara throbbed with desire as she opened the door. She had to keep her hands off Orla until they got back through the glass porch into the hallway so she greeted her as a friend with a quick ‘peck’ on the cheek. They went through the inner front door from the porch into the hall where Orla immediately turned on one of her expensive heels and looked alluringly at Tamara.

“Well, what are you waiting for girl?”

Tamara took three strides and pushed the sultry looking Orla against the bannister. She held both of Orla’s hands above her head with her left hand as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Tamara manoeuvred Orla to the bottom of the staircase, her right hand groped Orla’s her left thigh and buttock as she felt for suspender straps. They kissed so eagerly that they both overbalanced and fell along the first few steps of the carpeted staircase.

Tamara fell on top and pressed home her advantage, she soon had her hand up Orla’s skirt and was running her right hand up her barely black stockings. Orla hadn’t yet taken her coat off and Tamara had her hand on the bare flesh above the welt of her stocking. She clutched a black suspender strap and purred her approval into Orla’s mouth. Orla was hugely aroused by the warm fingers so close to her panty gusset.

“Touch me Tamara.”

The leather skirt was tight but Tamara forced her right hand toward Orla’s mound. She teased Orla’s lovely pussy slit with her knuckles against the silky material of her panty gusset. Then she slipped three fingers inside Orla’s warm wet hole and felt the smooth, slick surface of her vagina wall. Tamara’s expert fingers probed Orla’s cunt, Orla gasped when Tamara found what she was searching for and brought her quickly to her first climax of the afternoon.

“Oh Jesus Tamara, fffuckk, I’m commming alreadddy, you magnnnnifficent wommm… oh, God. Ohhh ffffuckkkk, ahhhh.”

Orla’s crashing orgasm left her cunt in spasms and her hips thrusting. Tamara was wild with desire for her, she thought she’d die if she didn’t come now.

“Orla please do me here, make me come now.

Said Tamara as she rolled off Orla, lay back on the steps and opened her legs to reveal a wet pussy and no panties. Orla, still wearing her coat and handbag, put Tamara’s stockinged thighs over her shoulders and buried her face in her mound. She kissed and licked her shaved pussy.

Tamara touched her own clit with her right index finger and said, “Here, here, please here, make me come.”

Orla played her tongue around Tamara’s clitoris and brought her within seconds to her first powerful orgasm. It was barely two minutes since Tamara had opened the front door.

Still breathing heavily, the two women ascended the stairs and stood kissing in a passionate embrace in the bedroom doorway. Then Orla reached behind Tamara and unzipped her dress. It fell to the ground around her stilettoed feet, a sight that turned them both on even more.

Orla pushed Tamara against the doorframe and, with her right hand, massaged her pussy. Tamara groaned her delight and opened her legs wider as Orla inserted her middle finger into her cunt and found her G-spot. With a finger curled inside her and a thumb pressing on her clitoris, Tamara came again with deep groans, just managing to stay on her feet.

Tamara pulled Orla over to the bed and manoeuvred her onto her back, still in her coat, the taut leather of her skirt stretched across her thighs. With her black jumper swathing her slim waist and the pronounced mounds of her breasts Orla looked sumptuous and ready to be fucked.

Tamara Escort Şişli hoped that Orla would be ready to try the double ended vibrating strap on cock today, or at least the double ended dildo. She laid on top of her fully dressed lover in just her stockings, suspenders and stilettos and kissed her lustfully. She ground her pussy into Orla’s mound, Orla placed both hands on Tamara’s buttocks and pulled her in even harder.

Orla broke the kiss, “Let me up darling, I’ll strip for you while you masturbate for me.”

“God yes,” breathed Tamara.

Tamara eased herself off Orla’s body and pulled her onto her feet.

“Get on the bed and open your legs for me.”

Tamara did as Orla bade her to do. She arranged herself with her back against the bed head and her wide open stockinged and stiletto heeled legs bent at the knee. The fingers of her right hand were poised over her pussy.

Orla purred with approval, she removed her coat sensuously and let it fall from her outstretched left hand. Then she smoothed her leather skirt with her hands and shimmied her hips before sexily removing her jumper and tossing it away with a flourish. Still swaying her hips as if to an imaginary raunchy musical accompaniment, she reached behind and sprung her bra clip open then swirling it over her head and letting it fly toward Tamara.

By now, Tamara was fingering herself with enthusiasm. She’d started circling her clitoris with one finger but as Orla’s striptease progressed, she slid her fingers down to her clenching cunt hole and slipped three of them inside, keeping her thumb on her clit. Her half closed eyes and sultry moans spurred Orla on. Orla was good at striptease, she’d done it for several of her clients in the past and it had always left them wet and horny.

Tamara was captivated by Orla’s performance and it showed, she was in a high state of arousal, a picture of erotic desire as she panted, squirmed and gyrated on the bed. Orla reached behind and unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall around her feet, then she lifted her right ankle boot onto the dressing table chair, rested her right elbow on her right knee and struck a pose for Tamara. Next she slipped off he panties and sauntered sexily with them over to the bed where Tamara was on the edge of an orgasm.

Orla, in just her stockings, suspenders and ankle boots, knelt between Tamara’s open legs, sniffed her panties provocatively and gently pushed the gusset into Tamara’s mouth. Then she reached down with both hands and started to masturbate herself. The two women fucked themselves with their fingers, eyes locked together in mutual erotic desire. Tamara came first biting on Orla’s panties and shrieking with pleasure. Orla followed with juddering hips and loud moans before collapsing on Tamara.

As the two lovers rested Orla took the opportunity to tell Tamara her about a new venture that she had planned.

“I’ve been waiting to tell you that I’ve only got one paying client left now.”

“Oh! Well don’t get rid of her whoever she is, I love being a prostitute’s girlfriend.”

“Paid escort darling, paid escort. I think you know who I’m keeping on the books.”


“Yes, the very same. She wants to become a sleeping partner in my dating agency business if you’ll excuse the pun. She thinks I should broaden the scope of the agency to include London and the south east, especially Westminster.”

“Why Westminster?”

“Well, since the MP Angela Falcon came out as gay a couple of years ago, Miriam says the place is crawling with women who want to date women, and not all of them lesbians by any means.”

“Well she’s got a nose for business and she knows loads of people in Parliament, if she thinks it’s a goer, it probably is.”

“That’s right, and she’s prepared to invest thousands as long as I keep her name out of the business plan. She’s suggested a new name for the business as well. ‘Rebecca’s Room.’ Apparently Rebecca can mean beautiful and to tie or bind.”


“Yes, although she’s never confessed it to me, I suspect that Miriam has a thing for bondage.”

“Oh, right,” said Tamara in the most neutral tone she could muster.

“Yes, when we were in Oxford you made a reference to her asking for permission to come, and then there was your little coded message through her to me on the phone about fucking her softly.”

“Ah right, I shouldn’t been so indiscreet.”

“No, it’s all right, you know I wouldn’t dream of divulging anything you’ve said to me. Anyway, what do you think? I mean, my agency is deliberately high end and exclusive. Do you think the new name would put anybody off.”

“Goodness no, it’s clever and alliterative, your clients probably won’t know what ‘Rebecca’ means unless you tell them and, if you do, they’ll probably like the subtle association with a bit of playful bondage. My experiences have led me to think that there’s a huge untapped market amongst women for a bit of tying up and playful spanking. But you know your clients best, it’s what you think Sultangazi escort that matters.”

“Thank you, I trust your opinion, you’ve seduced a lot of women and you know what turns them on, or should I say you know what turns them?” chuckled Orla.

“There’s no magic to it, I reckon that about three quarters of women have a latent desire to have sex with a woman. They just need an opportunity and encouragement and that’s where I come in,” Tamara said with smile, “anyway, do it, it’s a great idea. Miriam has sound business sense and a flair for making money, you can’t go wrong.”

“She’s very good at what she does.”

“Does that include in bed? Do you ever get the impression that she would want you to abuse her?”

“Yes and no, in that order.”

“She’s told me that it’s just me that she submits to, I guess she’s telling the truth. Orla, can I share a confidence with you?”

“Try me, I’ll stop you if it feels wrong.”

“A couple of weeks ago, I fucked her in the car, on top, from the rear, across the back seat, and we, how can I put it, lost ourselves in the moment. I ended up more or less raping her and it turned her on immensely, she wants our role play to go that way much more in future, but more to the point, I loved it too,” Tamara waited for a reaction, “does that make me a sexual predator?”

“No girl, of course not. Look, I’m sure you’ve agreed ground rules with her that include ‘stop’ and ‘no means no,’ and I’m sure you’ve promised her discretion and secrecy?”


“Then you’re both playing roles that you enjoy and that turn you on, you’re both getting an enormous amount of satisfaction and fulfilment from exploring your deviant needs and desires and how deep they go. I’m sure she feels completely safe with you or she wouldn’t want you to indulge her ‘rape’ fantasies now would she?”


“I’ve interviewed numerous agency clients that have struggled with similar ‘moral’ issues and we’ve always agreed that the answer is trust, respect and integrity. With those things in place, you can get as perverted and degraded as you like.”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say, thank you. We’d better not talk any more about Miriam, she’s in both of our lives but in very different ways. I take it that all of your contact with her is in private?”

“Hotels rooms in another midland city.”

“Right, so we’re never likely to bump into each other while she’s with one of us.”

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s leave it at that. But I hope you don’t find me too boring by comparison.”

“God no, I love you, and our love making is perfect as far as I’m concerned but I just might try to persuade you to try a two way dildo with me one day.”

“You never know your luck girl, maybe next time eh?”

Tamara loved it when Orla called her ‘girl’ in her Irish accent, it sent shivers down her spine all the way to her pussy. A pussy that was now ready for Orla’s oral stimulation.


The following week, urgent work had to be undertaken in school to repair a major fault to the IT network server. The work, which was adjacent to Tamara’s office, took two days. She couldn’t help noticing that the technician was a very fit looking man in his early thirties. He couldn’t help noticing the stream of long legged, nubile sixth formers that passed up and down the corridor. Tamara was amused at the irony that she, a forty eight year old woman, was ogling him whilst he was ogling her eighteen year old students.

Much to her delight, she realised that his interest was not restricted to younger women when, in her tight skirted, above the knee business suit and heels, she caught him watching her arse sway along the corridor after she had walked passed him. She knew this because his reflection in the glass fire doors, whilst on his knees, working on a length of cable, was clear enough to give him away.

As she returned a few minutes later, she paused at the small windowless room where he was now working on the server. She admired his firm arse and broad shoulders and suddenly had an overwhelming urge to be fucked by him. It was past four o’clock, the school day had finished for her sixth formers and there were no other staff members in sight. Taking a chance, she slipped into the small room, half closed the door behind her and said the first thing that came into her head.

“Do you think you’ll be finished today?”

“Er… yeah, should be, why, will you miss me?” he asked cheekily.

Tamara felt for the door handle behind her back, eased the door shut, turned the key in the lock and gave him an alluring look. Without speaking, she hitched her skirt up around her waist to reveal her neutral stockings and white suspenders. She peeled off her panties, bent forward and placed both hands on the server cabinet, opened her legs invitingly and curled her arse towards the technician.

“Fuck me. I don’t care if you fantasise about one of my students on the end of your cock just fuck me now.”

The technician was taken aback but Taksim escort bayan quickly realised that it was his lucky day. She heard him unzip his trousers and felt a hard cock probing for her cunt. She put her right hand down between her legs and guided his cock in from behind. Once inside, he wasted no time in thrusting his hardness into her willing wet hole. She could feel her breasts wobble with the vigour of his thrusting and they both came quickly.

Tamara wasn’t done yet, she craved for more so she turned toward him.

“Don’t put that away yet. Get on your back.”

He did as she instructed and she lowered herself onto his still hard cock and treated herself to another orgasm. When she had finished using him, she got up, stepped back into her panties and straightened her skirt.

“Don’t breath a word of this to anyone and I might let you fuck me again.”


“I’ll be in touch,” lied Tamara.

That night in bed, she made Jack very hard and herself very horny by reliving her opportunistic fuck with the technician. It was just what Jack needed, that evening Sheryl had told him that she had found a man that she wanted to be with and to be fair to him, she couldn’t continue her love affair with Jack. Jack understood this, it had always been part of their deal that if Sheryl wanted to form a meaningful new relationship with someone she cared for, she could no longer see Jack.

Tamara told him not to be sad, she knew that Sheryl loved him really but she couldn’t have the full commitment from him that she really wanted so she had to move on.

“In any case darling, I don’t mind you using this as an opportunity to make new conquests as long as you tell me beforehand,” she said in an attempt to raise his spirits.


Miriam had a moment between meetings so she listened to the voice mail message from Tamara that she had been desperate to listen to all morning. Tamara deliberately didn’t identify herself by name as she played the role of a menacing stalker.

“Listen to me bitch, I’ve been watching you for a long time and I won’t rest until I’ve taken you by force. Make sure that you are at home, alone, a week on Saturday evening as it gets dark. I’ve watched you long enough to know what sexy little outfits are in your wardrobe. Wear your tight blue skirt with the zip all the way up the back and a white silk blouse and white underwear. Put on those cream high heels that I’ve seen you flaunting yourself in and make sure you’re wearing.”

Tamara knew that Miriam understood what “wearing” meant to women who adored stockings.

The message ended, Miriam’s cunt juices flowed into her panties, she felt another overwhelming desire to be dominated and taken by force. Her next appointment with an important customer was in five minutes and although she breathed slowly and deeply out of an open window, she still looked flushed when her secretary showed him into her office.

Two weeks previously, Tamara had agreed to kidnap and ‘rape’ Miriam. They both knew that, since Tamara had taken Miriam forcefully across the back seat of her car, this role play was inevitable. They both wanted it badly, they each wanted to gratify a primal urge, one to control and sexually abuse and the other to submit herself to sexual abuse. Tamara knew that sex could be about many things but, above all, it could be about power. And the thought of exercising sexual power over a confident, successful and highly desirable woman like Miriam left Tamara’s pussy clenching for all it was worth.

Tamara had given it a good deal of thought and had ruled out the risk of overpowering Miriam in a public place where she might be seen and attract unwanted attention. So, she planned to ‘break into’ Miriam’s house, overwhelm her and enslave her into bondage, before taunting her and ‘raping’ her.


Before her role play with Miriam, Tamara had another adventure to look forward to. On the coming Saturday, she and Jack had been invited to a party at the village pub. The popular landlord was leaving so there was to be a big farewell party. Zelda would be there and Tamara had already exchanged text messages with her.

“Looking fwd to the party this Sat Z, hope you’ll be there”

“Defo Tam, wouldn’t miss it for the world”

“Should be a boozy affair, might get my fingers inside you if I’m lucky. Wear something short with stockings”

“You too, accessibility all important. I’d finger myself now if I wasn’t sitting at my desk.”

“Gorgeous burgundy knee length wrap over dress and suspenders for me. You’ll be able to slip your fingers inside easily”

“Fuck, stop it, you’ll make me come at this rate”

“That would take some explaining to your headmistress, see you on Sat night”

“Can’t wait, It’ll be fun finding the right moment”

“Oh we’ll find it, no worries”

Saturday arrived and Tamara fulfilled her promise. The burgundy wrap over dress in expensive heavy jersey material cut was cut in a revealing v shape to show off her cleavage and fell sensuously over her breasts, hips and thighs. It finished just below her knee to reveal barely black seamed stockings and black stilettos. Her lips were painted in a dark burgundy to match her dress and her dangling jet black and gold earrings and dark brown bob set off her beautiful clear complexion.

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