Taught by Mother

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Learning curve

I had just turned eighteen, living at home with my mother — just the two of us. She was just forty-five and still looked good. She worked in a respectable club in the nearby city, usually from mid-afternoon until about 10pm.

It was late morning and I was getting ready to go out to meet my mates, washing and shaving in the bathroom.

My mother came into the room, wearing just bra, small pants, stockings and suspender belt. Trying to behave like a gentleman, I kept my eyes on the mirror where I was shaving but could not help noticing how hot she looked, as she excused herself while she finished her make-up before going off to work. The inevitable happened and my cock stiffened in my underpants, which were all I was wearing. As my mum packed up her stuff ready to leave the room, she looked directly at me, first my face then the bulge in my pants, smiled and told me to enjoy my day.

I was in turmoil; the idea of my mother as an object of sexual attraction, desire, was crazy yet I could not deny the raging hard-on I was sporting, nor the wish to see more of her dressed like that or wearing even less. I looked in the laundry basket and fished out knickers that she had left in there. I found three pairs, all see-through and sexy, all showing signs of some sort of discharge between her legs. I stroked my cock through them and came three times before I even left my room.

By the time she was due home that evening, I was again in my bedroom, naked under the covers and hardly knowing what to expect next. She tapped on my door then came in.

She leant over me and kissed me.

“I want to apologise for what happened earlier,” she said. “I didn’t mean to cause you any embarrassment; I should have known better.”

“I’d have thought it was me who should apologise.”

“If we are going to be sharing the bathroom at times, perhaps we just have to accept that you’re going to see more of me than you perhaps should and I have to understand that it can cause a reaction like today. Anyway…did you like what you saw?”

“You looked really good,” I replied; then chancing my arm “It was nice to see you like that.”

“I actually took it as a compliment, that a fine young man would react like that to seeing an older woman like me in her underwear.”

She stepped back from me and looked at me hard. “Would you like to see me like that now?” she asked.

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Give Magosa Escort me a hand then; unzip me,” she said, turning her back to me. “What’s the matter?” she asked, when I remained under the bedclothes.

“I haven’t got anything on,” I told her.

“I don’t mind one little bit; we are talking about you seeing me in my undies, so I should get a good look at your body too.”

I hesitated, then stammered “Well, you see, I’m…er…down there… you know what I mean.”

“I’m not sure I do, but really I don’t care; come and do my zip.”

I stood up, cock fully erect, and unzipped her dress. She took it off as well as her underskirt, so that she was as I’d seen her earlier in the day.

Immediately I saw two differences; her nipples were now swollen and hard and pushing against her bra, while lower down, between her legs, her pants were darker and wet.

My cock got even bigger and my mother, my very own dear mother, smiled at what she was seeing, then asked me “Would you like me to take care of that for you? If I do, you must never say a word about it to anyone, anywhere, any time — do you promise?”

I could hardly speak but managed to get out “Yes, I promise.”

She sat on the side of my bed and told me to stand between her opened legs. At first, she barely touched my cock, just light strokes that tormented me. I was hoping against hope that I didn’t shoot my load before I’d had the chance to enjoy what she was doing.

She took her hands off me and reached behind her to take off her bra then, still without a word, moved my cock across her breasts, before trapping it between them and rubbing her tits up and down my hard-on.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

I could only nod; I didn’t dare speak.

“Well I like it,” she told me “and I want you to come all over them when you’re ready.”

That was enough and I did just as she had asked of me, surprising myself with how much cum I poured onto her tits, given the loads I’d already shot that day.

She reached over and handed me a tissue to catch the spunk that still dripped from my cock. She made no attempt to clean her breasts; instead she stood up with cum all over her tits and her nipples bigger, harder, than ever.

“Are you going training first thing tomorrow?” she asked.

“That’s the plan,” I replied.

“Then when you get back, I’d love you to bring me a cup of tea in bed — would you do Kıbrıs Escort that for me?”

I nodded.

“Oh — I’d love it if you weren’t wearing a stitch when you deliver my cuppa — is that OK?” and with that she smiled then went to her own bedroom, my cum still in streaks across her breasts.


To my total surprise, I slept well, having feared that I would be in too much turmoil to relax. Up early and out for a training run, then back home to see what would happen next.

While I was boiling the kettle for her tea, I heard my mother visit the toilet, so I knew she was awake. I remembered that I had been told to deliver the tea naked, but common sense told me to keep my vital parts covered while I carried the cup and saucer upstairs. I took off the vest and shorts and tapped on her door wearing just my tiny briefs.

She told me to come in and I found her sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing just her nightdress, which did nothing to mask the size and stiffness of her nipples poking through.

“I thought you would be wearing nothing,” she said.

“Yes — but I thought I better protect myself while I was carrying your tea upstairs.”

“Well….you’re here now, so get them off.”

I put down the cup and saucer and removed my pants.

With that, she stood up and lifted her nightdress over her head. She looked stunning naked, beautiful soft breasts capped by her majestic nipples and hair down below that filled the vee between her thighs and had clearly been attended to recently.

My hard-on felt as if it was twice the size that she had handled and dealt with the night before and that was before she pulled it and me against her body.

Reaching down as she held me, she rubbed my cock over her pubic hair, then said to me “We can have all sorts of fun together — but you must never say a single word about it — to anyone. Do you promise?”

I would have promised anything at that moment, so badly did I want to find out what she had in mind for us, so I managed to get “Yes — I promise,” out before she placed her mouth on mine then pushed me onto her bed.

She stood over me at the side of the bed, her superb tits driving me mad even before I had touched them. She changed her stance to allow her legs to part then took my hand and put it onto her cunt, which was very wet.

She then turned away, saying “I better drink Lefkoşa Escort this tea before it gets cold, after you’ve been so good to make it and bring it up.” After she put the empty cup back on the saucer, she bent over me, her breasts moving across my stomach, as she kissed my cock then put it in her mouth.

“I’m not going to do much of that now,” she said “I want the first load from it inside me.”

With that she straddled me and I was in — in my own mother! It was the first time I had been inside a woman and I loved it. I came almost immediately but stayed hard as she continued riding me, commenting on the noise coming from her now overflowing cunt with each new stroke.

Within just a few more minutes, I started to come again and she groaned as my cock shot its load into her once more.

Her movements on top of me became more focussed, making sure that she got exactly the stimulation she wanted and needed to get off herself, which she did then rolled off me and lay beside me.

I was still in unknown territory; I had just had the first fuck of my life and now the woman — my own mother, for God’s sake — who that fuck had been with was lying quietly beside me. What was I supposed to do next?

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

I mumbled a yes.

“Well, I certainly did. Are you up for some more fun?”

With that she reached for my cock which was ready to go again.

“If you want, I’ll teach you how to drive a woman wild — but yet again, you must never mention a word of this to anyone else. Are you up for it?” as she worked my cock between her palms.

She didn’t wait for an answer. She told me to stand up and I watched as she swung her body around to lie across her bed, then opened her legs to show me her leaking, glistening cunt.

“If you aren’t enjoying this, tell me — but I think you will like it. Kneel between my legs — now lick me there. Keep licking — put your tongue inside and clean up all that cum.”

I had never tasted spunk before — neither my own or anyone else’s — and of course it was my first taste of cunt. I loved it and licked her inside and out.

“Slip your fingers inside me,” she gasped and I happily did as she told me.

“Now move them in and out.”

Again, I obeyed.

“Now go faster and faster,” she instructed me.

I became aware, very aware, that she was leaking big time, but it was only when she reached down and pulled my hand out of her hole that I saw her squirt majestically across the room.

“I think you’re going to be very good at this. Did you enjoy that? I hope so because any man who is ready and able to treat a woman like that is going to be in great demand.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32