Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

The Special Meeting

Back home, I told Nancy to take a long bath with scented oils and to make sure her body was hairless. While she did that I phoned a caterer, who also happens to be one of my slaves and who knows what I want, to place my order for the evening’s feast and then I went into Nancy’s bedroom to prepare her clothing for tonight. When I walked back into the bathroom, Nancy was relaxing in the bathtub. I told her to come out and dry herself as I wanted to do her make-up.

I started by putting on a light beige foundation, then followed it by applying extra long false eye-lashes. On her eyes I chose a dark blue eye-shadow with a white contour. Her eye-brows were darkened with a black pencil. Under her eyes I added a fine line of the same dark blue as her eye lids. Rich black mascara then helped make her eye-lashes even more dramatic. I then used a light red blush on her cheeks. I stepped back to admire my work and was quite satisfied that I had created a very seductive appearance for Nancy. Then came a blonde wig, this one was like a page boy style but a bit longer, just below her shoulders. The final touch was the bright red lipstick, the same red as her long nails, and I gave her heart-shaped lips. I went to my vanity and chose a perfume, which I sprayed lavishly all over her body, especially around her breasts, cock-clit and pussy-ass. Now I was satisfied.

Now came the dressing, for tonight Nancy would wear black. First the corset I had bought from my friend Julie, it was heavily boned and also had four garter fasteners on each side. I fastened it very tight which gave Nancy a small waist and some flesh for her bust, but I still used different false breasts to fill up the cups, these had a very small nipple clamp affixed to their insides. As I was putting them into the corset’s cups I told Nancy to close her eyes as I did not want her to see them. I pulled on her left nipple, then I remembered that tonight she would have to suffer for me, so I decided to remove the plastic coverings and snapped it in place. Nancy winced but did not say a word. I did the same with the other nipple. Next I fastened a leather sheath that encased her cock-clit and her balls. “Oh Nancy, now you will feel light pain on your nipples constantly and if you should happen to be excited, your lovely cock-clit will not be able to get hard. Knowing all the agony you will feel from these implements gives me pleasure. Now to finish dressing you.” Before proceeding with her stockings, I gave her a gold ankle chain with a medallion and I told her to read the inscription. She looked at it and said, “Mistress it reads, Property of Mistress Leah,” she thanked me and snapped it on her left ankle. I took out a new pair of black seamed silk stockings and handed them to her. She slowly slip them along her smooth legs and affixed them to the corset’s eight garters. Then came a pair of very tight panties, these were special as they had a butt plug into them. I helped Nancy slide them up her legs and then had her bend over so I could insert the plug, without any lubrication as I wanted her to feel it in her pussy-ass.

I then gave her her maid’s uniform, a black satin mini-dress, almost micro-dress, with a low cut front to display her breasts and long sheer sleeves. Next came her high heels, black patent with a six-inch heel and a one inch wide ankle strap. For her jewelry I gave her large earrings for her newly pierced lower holes and she kept the gold whip earrings in her upper holes. A large gold slave bracelet on her left wrist and a smaller one on her right one. On her fingers I gave her a wedding band for that finger that also hat the inscription found on the ankle chain and for her other hand a smaller ring with a whip design for her small finger. To complete the appearance Two gold chains around her neck, one tightly around her throat and the other just hanging between the swell of her newly formed breasts. “Now Nancy, stand up and walk around so I can inspect my metamorphosis and satisfy myself that nothing is missing.” As she walked around the room I was delighted by the transformation I had performed. “Now Nancy, you will leave me to get dressed and cater to arranging everything for the evening, setting the table for three, preparing the glasses, including your special glass, for the champagne and generally cleaning up and making sure everything is in order.” She turned around and answered, “Yes Mistress Leah,” and departed the bedroom.

Now it was time for me to make myself ready for my guest and my slaves. First I inspected my nails and added another coat of nail polish to make sure they would glitter and I put on my gold nails on my middle fingers. These were longer and more tapered than my regular long nails, they also had a small diamond set in the middle of the tip. Then, I put on my make-up, more exotic than last night as I wanted to seduce my guests and inspire some sensuality to them and Nancy.

I went to my dresser and pulled out my lingerie. I decided, beşiktaş escort since I wanted to project the proper image of the dominant but sophisticated woman, to wear black leather, but a soft and thin leather. I chose my black half-cup push-up bra, black garter-belt and black thong panties with the split crotch. For my stockings I pulled out a pair of black silk seamed stockings. As I adorned myself with all these wonderful articles of lingerie, I though how blessed I was to be a woman or half-woman. As I slipped my stockings on, I admired my beautiful long soft legs and thighs. I slipped on my panties and before closing the crotch with the small leather tabs I caressed my cock-clit, knowing how much pleasure and pain it would provide Nancy tonight, I also made sure the back thong was inserted in-between my ass cheeks and my little asshole lips just to arouse myself and tease my slave haughtily. I went to my closet to choose my high heels, after looking the many selections offered to me, I decided on a pair of black patent with an ankle strap, six-inch high heels with a gold toe and heel, the appropriate high heels to give me the height and power I wanted.

Now I have to select the proper dress to match my lingerie. After scrutinizing my wardrobe, I selected my white sheer blouse with a black leather mini-dress jumper, that one came just under my breasts and helped my bra to lift them, therefore I would exhibit my lingerie, it was so short that when I would sit down the tops of my stockings and my garter tabs would be displayed. This little outfit would surely stimulate my guests and particularly my slave. I combed my hair and lavished my body with perfume. As I looked in the mirror I was delighted at my appearance, sexy, captivating and dominant, just the image I wanted to create. As I left the bedroom, I went to my domination room to make sure all my toys were ready, once I was satisfied that everything was in their proper place, I went to join Nancy.

I went into the living room just as the door bell rang, “Nancy, go see who it is and let them in.” Shortly she reappeared to tell me it was the caterer, I told her to tell him to deposit the food in the kitchen and help her arrange them for my party and to leave. I went to the bar and poured myself a glass of pink champagne. As I sat in my leather couch, I started dreaming about the night ahead. I was soon brought back by Nancy who told me that the caterer had left and the feast could be served whenever I decided. I told her to relax while waiting for our guests. I kept teasing her by asking her what she thought of the little evening I had planned and she kept telling me she thought she was not ready yet to meet other people.

I looked at her and said, “Listen Nancy, I decide what you will do during the week-end and if you are not happy you can leave, but if you leave you will never see me again, is that understood?” She lowered her head and responded, “Yes, Mistress.” I again looked at her, “Well what do you want to do, stay or leave. I must warn you that the conditions under which you are with me have not changed and will not change.” Again she responded, “I want to stay with you Mistress and be your transvestite slave.” I was so happy that this little problem was settled. I told her to kneel beside me and caress my legs slowly and sensuously. She started to do so but tried to go above my stocking tops and then I told her, “Nancy, I said my legs, unless you want to be punished severely you had better follow my desires.” She bowed her head and acknowledged.

The doorbell rang again and I told Nancy to go and answer the door and bring whoever was there in the living room. Soon she came back with Lisa. I was surprised to see she was still wearing her long coat, but as she came in front of me she removed it to revel the fashion she had dressed in. She was wearing the proper maid’s uniform. It was a mini-dress of black satin, low cut to reveal her cleavage, long satin sleeves. She also wore black seamed stockings and black patent high heels. Her make-up was perfect and her blonde hair styled impeccably. Her long nails were polished a bright red, just like Nancy’s. She was beautiful and I was excited by her appearance. “Good evening Mistress Leah, I hope that you are pleased with me. I hope that tonight you will allow me to be your slave and serve you as you require.”

I was pleased and told her so. I asked her if she had worn the proper underwear for a slave and she acknowledged that she had followed my instructions. I then told her to go into the kitchen and start preparing the meal as I wanted to be seated with my guest after she arrived. Nancy was looking at us and I knew she was wondering what the evening and night would bring for her. Once Lisa had left the living room I told Nancy to resume her position and to keep caressing my nylon-sheathed legs. She obeyed immediately and I relaxed while waiting for Mistress Carol.

Soon the doorbell rang again and I told her to go and let my friend in. She escorted Mistress istanbul escort Carol into the living room. I stood up to greet her. We kissed and hugged each other. Mistress Carol had dressed so seductively that I wanted to take her right then, but I had to control myself. She was wearing a black sheer blouse, black leather mini-skirt, black stockings and black patent high heels with two ankle straps. Underneath her black sheer blouse her black leather platform bra was exhibited, it lifted and displayed her wonderful breasts leaving her beautiful nipples totally exposed, her black leather waist cincher was also visible. Her long platinum blonde hair was done up in a bun on her head and was topped by the loose strands of her long hair, her make-up was exquisite, very sensual but also very provocative and dominant and her perfume quite intoxicating. Her long nails, the same length as mine, were painted the same bright red as her lipstick except for her two middle fingers, she had done as I had and put on gold nails, just like mine. “Why Carol, it is as if you read my mind, our nails match.” She laughed, “Yes Leah, since you told me you had a new slave I wanted to be perfect for this evening.” We both laughed. As we sat down on the couch, very close together, our short mini-skirts allowed us to exhibit our beautifully sheathed legs, including out stocking tops. Carol and I then held each other’s hand and our knees touched. I then ordered Nancy to serve Carol a glass of pink champagne.

As Nancy walked to the bar, Carol whispered to me, “Leah, does she know that I am also like you?” I smiled and told her that I had not divulged to Nancy this fact. She smiled and kissed me. “Good, then she will surely be surprised later.” I smiled and watched as Nancy handed Carol her glass. Nancy would surely be surprised later. I told Nancy to remain beside the couch as we drank and chatted. I told Carol all about our shopping trip today while Nancy listened. Carol turned to Nancy, “Tell me, Nancy, did you enjoy this outing with Leah? Did you appreciate your encounter with Mistress Julie?” Nancy blushed and looked at me, I told her to answer Carol. “Yes, Carol, I did enjoy the outing and the encounter with Mistress Julie,” Nancy answered.

Carol smiled and looked at me then back at Nancy, “I am glad that you enjoyed your outing. I must let you know that as far as I am concerned you are just another slave for me to use. Yes, I am a Mistress just like Leah. I love to have a slave submit and suffer for me, especially to hear the slave moan and whimper from the pain I am administering.” She then stood up, cuddled up close and started to caress me. I could not resist her lovely body and did the same. Soon we were French kissing and hugging each other while Nancy just remained standing there and watching us. Carol broke the kiss and looked at Nancy, “Are you excited by seeing Leah and I dressed like this Nancy?” Nancy blushed and answered it was very arousing for her to see us like this. “Well, just wait and later it will get even more arousing,” Carol replied. I then told Nancy to make sure everything was ready in the kitchen.

As she walked away, Carol could not resist and gave her a slap on the behind. Nancy winced but did not say a word. Carol and I sat very close together and resumed our caressing and kissing. Carol’s hands were all over me, as mine were all over her. We both caressed each other’s crotch without taking our cock-clits out of our panties.

Nancy came into the living room and found us with our skirts above our thighs exhibiting our sensuous stocking tops and panties, our blouses opened and displaying our bras and breasts. Carol looked at me and smiled, “Nancy, I think it is time that you do something to excite me. I would like to see you suffer a bit. Please bring me the cock ring you think is the most painful to wear.” Nancy went to the table where my domination implements where and came back with a cock ring and handed it to Carol.

“Yes, I agree with you, this one will be painful and therefore cause you some pain while giving me the satisfaction of knowing you are suffering for my pleasure. Now raise your skirt and lower your panties so I can remove your sheath and put this on your clit-cock.” Nancy obeyed Carol and soon she had removed the sheath and was placing the cock ring on her. This cock ring was made of black leather, it had one large band that went around the wearer’s ball sac and on it were two small bands that were attached to a gold ring that was slipped around the cock and settled at the base. The band around the ball sac could be fastened with snaps in different positions depending on how tight the wearer or her Mistress wanted it. After placing it on Nancy Carol played with her clit-cock to make it hard, she used her long nails to tease her completely.

“Oh how beautiful you will look with your clit-cock all hard during our meal. And be assured that I will tease you all the time to make sure that you remain hard. Now let me adjust it to my liking,” bakırköy escort Carol said. And on those words she pushed the gold ring even deeper at the base and tightened the band around her ball sac and then replaced her panties. “Just imagine Lisa’s surprise when she finds out that you are a male. She is bound to notice the bulge in your panties.” Carol said. I then told Nancy to light the candles in the dining room and wait for us to come in, as I went into the kitchen to advise Lisa that we were ready.

In the kitchen I saw that Lisa was busy preparing our meal. I came in behind her, my high heels clicking on the tile floor. I grabbed her by the waist and hugged her. “Oh Lisa, tonight I will make you serve me like you never did before. Just the thought of what you will have to do in order to please me and Mistress Carol arouses me so much that my cock-clit is getting all wet.” I then inspected her work and told her to be ready to serve it in five minutes. As I walked out of the kitchen I saw Nancy standing in the dining room, waiting for us.

In the living room I told Carol that dinner was ready and asked her if she would accompany me to the dining room. She stood up and slowly took me in her arms, hugging me and kissing me. We walked, holding each other by the waist, to the dining room. I had Nancy set the dining room for a romantic dinner, the only lighting was the long and slim black candles in the centre of the table, I told Nancy to hold my chair so I could sit down and then to also help Carol. As she was pulling Carol’s chair, Carol told her to put it closer to mine and also to move her setting closer. Nancy did so and then Carol sat beside me and took me in her arms. “Oh Leah, this will be a real feast for me, to be sitting so close to you my love while we partake in this feast.” And she kissed me deeply as our bodies rubbed against one another.

Lisa came into the dining room carrying our appetizers and deposited it in front of us. I had ordered some shrimp cocktails for Carol and I. And as we broke our kiss, Carol took one shrimp and dipped it in the sauce before putting it between her lips. She then motioned me to move closer and I took the other end of the shrimp. Slowly we ate the shrimp until our lips touched and then we kissed again while our hands roamed over our bodies, exploring everywhere but not disclosing the true nature of our sexes.

During the whole time we were seated in the dining room, Carol and I never ceased to caress and arouse each other. When Nancy brought in the dessert, pastries in the shape of a cock, with whipped cream on the tip, I had Carol’s blouse unbuttoned completely and her beautiful breasts exposed atop her platform bra. She, on the other hand, had also opened my blouse but left it in my jumper, but her hands were caressing the part of my breasts that was displayed above my bra. We both ate our pastries while kissing each other and stimulating each other even more while Nancy and Lisa were standing there, beside the table, watching us, and no doubt, getting aroused also. We took out time eating this delicious dessert and enjoying ourselves.

Once we were done, we ordered Lisa and Nancy to clean up the dining room and the kitchen, and then to wait for us in the living room, on their knees, as we had to refresh our make-up and attend to some changes in order for their Mistresses to be more provocative and sexy. Carol and I walked slowly to my bedroom where we decided to change into a more seductive apparel. We only stepped into my domination room to prepare it for the upcoming debauchery that we would force our slaves to perform. After getting all our favourite toys and implements ready to be used for our sadistic pleasures, and setting the proper atmosphere with candles and incense, we proceeded to move to my bedroom.

In the bedroom we both divested ourselves of our dresses and stood admiring each other in our seductive underwear. Carol had on the platform bra, waist-cincher and tiny panties all in black leather, her seamed black stockings and her six-inch black patent high heels with the ankle straps. I was wearing my black leather half-cup push-up bra, black garter-belt and black leather thong panties with the split crotch closed with the small leather tabs, my black silk seamed stockings and my black patent six-inch high heels with a gold toe and heel and an ankle strap. We admired each other before I pulled Carol to me and we French kissed passionately while caressing and grinding our bodies against each other. Soon I felt her cock-clit start to become erect. “Carol my love, we should stop, after all Nancy does not know you are exactly like me and I do not want her to find out before I decide she should. She expects you to be a woman with a pussy, not a cock-clit!” Carol smiled and I went to my wardrobe to look for something suitable for us to wear.

Needless to say that the selection was overwhelming, but I finally settled on two diaphanous negligees for us. I handed Carol a black one that had long sleeves and was floor length while I put on a floor length black one with long sleeves also that had satin strips on the sleeves. We both tied our negligees and went into my private bathroom to rejuvenate our make-up and perfume, and also make some adjustments to our lingerie.

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