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Next morning, Cara was eating a bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes when her mother walked into the kitchen.

“Coffee’s on,” said Cara not looking up from her bowl.

“Thanks, honey,” she said, filling a cup and leaning against the counter.

Cara kicked at an empty chair and said, “Sit down, I don’t want an awkward moment.”

“Why, golly gee, Cara, why in heaven’s name would you expect an awkward moment,” said Susan, as she did as she’d been told.

Cara smiled, “Good, it’s gone, now we can talk. Well?”

Susan held her cup in both hands, as if warming them, “I’ve notice your ‘wells?’ are becoming rather frequent these days, as if I constantly owe you an explanation.”

Cara grinned at her mother, “One too many?”

Susan laughed, but quickly grew serious. “I don’t know what to think about last night, Cara. I mean, if I thought about it, I know I would be shocked, even mortified, I would hate myself, so I won’t think about it. But at the very least I owe you an apology, you should not …”

Cara playfully kicked at her mother under the table, “You owe me something, mum, but it’s not an apology.” Cara waited a moment before continuing, “You owe me the truth.”

“Yes, Cara, I guess I do.”

“You can’t love yourself over night, but it was there, wasn’t it? I saw it, I know it’s possible, I know if you want to, you can, you can love yourself, you can love yourself almost as much as I love you.” Cara smiled at her mother, loving her with an intensity that surprised her. “Well?”

Susan smiled, and reached out and put her hand on Cara’s face, then quickly pulled it away, “I found something last night that I didn’t know was there. You showed it to me, you showed me where it was,” then she shook her head, “God, my 19 year old daughter showed me where to put my hands. I would be embarrassed if it wasn’t so funny.”

“Finish your coffee, mum, I want to show you something.”

Susan took another sip then stood up and followed Cara up the stairs to her mother’s bedroom. “Take your dressing gown off and stand in front of the mirror.”

Susan looked at her daughter with confusion in her eyes, “I don’t have anything on …”


Susan saw the no-nonsense determination in her daughter’s face so she did as she was told and stood naked in front of the full length mirror.

“Do you remember the noises you made last night, the growls and the squeals when you were masturbating? They came from there,” Cara tapped her mother on the chest, between her breasts, “from deep inside you. They were you, mum, they were you trying to get out. And you did. You were beautiful mum, when you lay on that couch squirming in your own pleasure you were the most beautiful woman alive, any man would think so,” then she lifted her mother’s breast and pecked at it three or four times before laughing, “and half the women.”

Susan took her daughter in her arms and held her tight, not wanting to let her go. “Where did you find so much wisdom and experience, Cara? Last week you were just a babe in arms.”

Cara smiled, “I made it up as I went along, believe me,” and when her mother released her she kissed her mother lightly on the lips, “So we’re on a roll. We’re on to stage 5, 6 and 7.”

“You mean everything we’ve done so far has only been four stages? The clothes, the hair, the nails, the exercise … the sex? I have 44 to go?”

“46, but I’ll give you a bonus of 5 stages if you answer this question right, OK?”

Susan was skeptical and her voice showed it, “What’s the question?”

“Do you see a beautiful woman in that mirror,” then she added with a wide smile, “a beautiful woman, not to be confused with the spectacularly attractive girl.”

Susan saw the happiness on her own face then she pulled her daughter into her arms again to kiss her on the head, “I see both, Cara and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can. Thank you, darling.”

Cara smiled mischievously, “I wonder if you’ll thank me later.”

It had been, hands down, the most embarrassing afternoon of Susan Johnson’s life but she was home now and her home seemed like a fortress, safe, secure, warm and familiar, far from the seedy, dusty digs of the adult video store and the scandalous sex escort bostancı shop. Worse, if had she visited the sex shop first, she wouldn’t have had to degrade herself in the video store, the sex shop had it all, but even Cara didn’t know that.

But it was over now, and the glass of wine helped to calm her nerves, and she would never have to go through it again. Why? Because she could order everything she’d ever want, whatever that might be, online. Of course, she only found that out when her daughter volunteered the information on the way home. So why did you force me to go into those stores? “Because we’re in a hurry, mum, we’ve got to keep the momentum going. We can’t let you slide back into oblivion again, we have to keep you outted. Besides, Aunt Linda’s coming tomorrow, isn’t she?”

Yes, yes she is, poor, pathetic, unhappy Aunt Linda, even her timing is bad. She hadn’t see her sister in more than a year and now she comes, she comes tomorrow, not last week when I was as sad and drab as she is, but now when I’m as excited as I’ve ever been.

“Which one?” Cara held the small stack of videos.

“Oh, Cara not now.” Susan could see the disappointment on her daughter’s face so she pulled her to her. Cara put the videos down and sat on her mother’s lap with her head on her shoulder.

“I want us to be happy, mum.”

“We are happy, we’ve always been happy, haven’t we?”

“Ya, but I mean happy like we were last night.”

“Oh, Cara,” and she turned and kissed her daughter lightly on the eye.

Cara shifted on her mother’s lap and began to lightly caress her breast. “We’re almost there, mum, I want you to have another night like last night, only longer.”

Her mother squeezed her child, then began tracing her facial features with her finger. “You’re so beautiful, so young, so alive. You are …”


“I don’t know, Cara, you are just so wonderful.”

“And you are just so wonderful, too,” she said getting up, “let’s go.”

Susan got to her feet, straightened her skirt and followed her daughter up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Cara jumped onto the bed and turned to face her mother. “Now, let’s finish what we started last night. I’m not going to take anything off, mum, I want you to do it.”

Oh, God, thought Susan, how I want to, how I want to stop this moment in time for ever, to keep it, to hold it, to remember it for the rest of my life. When she approached her daughter, kneeling on the bed, her daughter reached out and took her mother’s breasts and brought her face to them.

“I feel so safe with my face in here, mum, like I must have felt as a baby.”

Susan held her daughter’s face tight against her breasts and said nothing, just feeling the joy that passed between them, then her daughter pushed herself away and lay back on the bed. Susan looked down at her, looked down at her beautiful, youthful, excited daughter, then she lay down beside her and propped herself up on her elbow and looked into her daughter’s bright, brown eyes while she twirled her finger in her rich, brown hair. “You’re a lovely girl, Cara, I’m the luckiest mother in the world.”

“Kiss me, mum.”

Her mother bent over and lightly placed her lips against her daughter’s and she held them there, moving them only slightly before lightly biting down on her daughter’s lower lip. Cara tried to pull her lip away but Susan held on to it, then sucked more of it into her mouth, then she let it go and traced her daughter’s lip with her tongue, pushing at the corners of her mouth until she heard the strange noise from her daughter’s throat. When she pulled up to get a better look at her, she saw her daughter’s eyes were shut and her mouth was open. “Don’t stop, mum, please don’t stop.”

Susan kissed both of her daughter’s eyes then went back to her open mouth, this time licking her daughter’s upper lip, and then all around her mouth. The moans were louder now, they were moans of utter surrender, “Oh, mum.”

Susan watched her own fingers as they slowly reached out to undo the buttons of her daughter’s blouse, one, two, three, four, then she parted the material and traced her finger over the thin, blue bra with the little stud between the two ümraniye escort heaving cups that barely concealed the two stiff nipples, then she kissed her daughter’s chest above the bra and licked it, enjoying the light taste of salt and the faint aroma of skin and sweat. The final four buttons were more difficult, her fingers were shaking now, but when undone she parted the blouse and Susan could see the narrow concave of her daughter’s belly as it disappeared under her heavily buckled jeans.

Susan rested her head lightly on her daughter’s chest and lightly danced her nails across her daughter’s perfect belly as if dusting it with feathers. Cara’s muscles jumped and she moved her legs, opening them in invitation. Cara’s hand went to her belt but Susan lightly slapped at the fingers and then took their place at the buckle, unfastening it easily and then taking hold of the top button. But she didn’t open it, instead she let her hand play along the exterior of the jeans, down along the zipper, then along the hip and finally, she stuck her fingers just under the waist line and felt the heat that was generated from below.



“This is the most exciting moment of my life.”

Tears sprang to Susan’s eyes and she buried her face into her daughter’s belly and she kissed it and licked it as Cara pushed down on her head. But Susan wasn’t ready and she sat up, leaned over her daughter’s face and gently sucked on her nose, then down again to her lips and she probed her daughter’s mouth with her tongue, all the while moaning, moaning as her daughter was moaning.

“Touch me mum, touch me like I touched you.” Cara’s eyes were closed now and her lips only mumbled the words.

But Susan resisted, instead she held her daughter up and took off her blouse, one sleeve then the other, then she unfastened her daughter’s bra, but let it lie there, lie on those perfect, developing breasts as she brought her lips down again to her upper chest, where she kissed and licked again and dragged her tongue over to her daughter’s arm and then she licked and kissed up her arm to her armpit where the sweet smell of sweat and youth hung in the wispy black hair. And that’s when she removed Cara’s bra, she removed it when she licked her daughter’s armpit, when she sucked from the hair the pungent sweat, so salty, so delicious, so Cara, then she brought her fingers to Cara’s nipple and pulled at it gently, as if it could grow longer than it was, longer than the beautiful eraser it was. “You are just exquisite, Cara, you are simply exquisite.”

Cara shifted and reached for her mother’s hand which she pushed down to her pants. Susan easily undid the button before pulling down the zipper, slowly, first pushing against the soft tissue of her belly, then against the hard bone of her pubis. When she pushed away the fabric she saw red, high cut panties, the ones she had wore the night before and she felt a rush of love, a rush of passion that for an instant made her heart stop beating. She touched the sexy material, marveling at its erotic feel and the sexual heat that lived in it, then she pinched at the waistband of the panties but before she pulled them up, she brought her head down onto her daughter’s belly, close, so when she lifted the delicate fabric away from the taught, smooth belly she could feel the little cloud of heat that blew against her face and the sweet, intoxicating scent of her daughter’s sex.

“Oh, mum.”

More tears in Susan’s eyes, more tears to be erased on her daughter’s belly, more kisses and licks and more pressure against Susan’s head to go lower and lower, and she did, to suck at her daughter’s navel, their last vital connection — until last night, last night when her daughter opened this world to her, this wonderful, sensual, sexy, loving world that she had been taught was so immoral, so awful yet a world that seemed to her so perfect and honest. Then she licked her way onto her daughter’s panties, her panties, the one’s her daughter had bought for her, to dress her, so pleasingly, so delicately for this forbidden world and that’s when her daughter lost it.

Cara sat bolt upright and pulled at her mother’s blouse. “God, mum, oh God, mum,” Susan helped her daughter remove kartal escort bayan her blouse but did nothing as her daughter reached around her and undid her bra to let her heavy, pendulous breasts, with their deep brown areolas so vivid against the white flesh that hadn’t seen the light of day since youth, rest against her ribs, and then Cara pushed her mother onto her back and the daughter sucked hard on her breast while her fingers pulled at her slacks.

“Easy, honey, easy, we have time, we have all night,” and she pulled her breast from her daughter’s mouth and she lay her down, pushing her daughter’s blouse and bra to the floor. Then she got up on her knees and pulled Cara’s pants down, careful to leave the panties in place, then she responded to her daughter’s fingers and helped her remove her own pants.

“Leave your panties on, mum, ok?”

Dressed how only in white nylon panties, Susan bent down and kissed her daughter’s lips, then she sucked on her breasts, first the right one, then the left, then she dragged her tongue down to Cara’s navel where she hesitated, deposited a tiny pool of spit which she painted with her tongue down along her daughter’s magnificently smooth and soft belly to her panties.

But Cara could take no more. She pushed at her mother, roughly, insistently and when Susan fell onto her back, Cara buried her face into her mother’s pantied crotch. Susan lay there, still, not moving, enjoying her daughter’s lips, her daughter’s breath, her daughter’s unbridled animal frenzy, then she pushed herself up on her elbow and watched as her daughter tried to burrow her face further and further into her sex, then she pulled Cara gently by the neck and helped her daughter onto her back, while her daughter licked her lips and panted, with eyes wild with animal passion, eyes that Susan had never seen before but would see time and time again in the dreams to come. “We have time Cara, we have lots of time.”

“Oh, God, mum, pleasssse.”

Then Susan did what her daughter begged for, she put her face directly over her daughter’s sex and she sucked all the juices she could through the thin, delicate membrane of her red, high cut panties.

“Take them off, mum, get them off.” Cara urgently but haplessly pushed at the elastic waist band until her mother took them at the hips and, as her daughter impatiently raised her bottom from the bed, she slipped them off and stared down at the fragrant bush of the girl, now a woman who was the centre of her world. She didn’t kiss it. Not yet. Instead she played with the matted mound of lush brown hair, fluffing the hairs, straightening them, as if they were a tousled head, and then parting them so she could discover the source of the sweet, intoxicating smell that was making her head swirl, the magnificent bright pink of her daughter’s gash and the beautiful delicate folds of her vulva. Susan licked at her daughter’s thigh, then she pushed at her leg until her daughter’s legs opened, only a little at first, then wider, then wider still until the entire picture was spread wide in front of her loving eyes like a magnificent panorama, the gentle, balded mountains of her smooth and pointed hips, the lightly forested cover that started sparsely on the naked white mountains, then thickened in the deep ravines of her groins and then the solid, dewy cover that grew thick and wild and bushy where the two forests met at the crown, a crown that so perfectly covered the deep, scented sex, the sex that was so important to her daughter, now, last night and every night since its discovery.

“You’re beautiful, Cara,” her mother said, quietly as she carefully licked at the jeweled drops on her daughter’s bush. “I have loved you from the moment I saw you, I have loved you more every day and I love you now in a way I hardly understand.” Susan felt her daughter’s hand push hard and insistently against her leg and she allowed her body to flop on the bed. Then the fingers were pulling at her panties so she lifted her bottom and they were gone.

“Lick, me mum, lick me while I lick you.”

Susan let her daughter’s lips lock onto her sex then she carefully lowered her head and when her lips sucked into her daughter’s cunt, her daughter exploded and Susan wrapped her arms around her daughter’s bare and bucking ass and held her as tight as she could as she drank and drank afraid she would miss a single drop, a single drop of the young, exciting piece of herself who was teaching her, the mother, about a life she had never known.

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