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Later, when Mike had gone home, I lay in bed with my two lovely girls, one curled into either side of me, their hands laying on my chest. We were each complete and replete after such a wonderful day.

“Mom, do you mind when you see Daddy fucking other women?”

“No baby, sex is like any other of the basic needs. You can’t expect people to only eat beans, so why do we expect them to only want to fuck one person. We need a little variety.”

I had listened to her say almost the same words a long time ago. It made sense when she had said it then and it still does.

“That’s what Gramps told you, isn’t it?”

“Yes baby.”

“Mom, will you tell me about your first time with Gramps again?”

“I have already told you it baby.”

“Yeah, but it is a good story.”

“It’s a long story baby and your poor Mom is tired.”

“Please Mom, please?”

Marion loved to tell the kids stories, and couldn’t resist:

Ok, so, it was the night of my 18th birthday and I was determined I was not going to be the only virgin left in town. Peter, a boy I had been seeing for a while, had arranged a special night for us and booked us into a hotel.

Gramps didn’t approve of Peter so Pauline and I made up a story about going out with friends for my birthday. Gramps wasn’t fooled for a minute but I found out later that Grammy persuaded him to let me go. She has always been such a wise woman your Grammy.

Anyway, Pauline and I left the house together and went to my best friend’s house and I changed into my dress for my big date. Peter brought me to a lovely restaurant and we had a gorgeous dinner, I was too nervous to eat much, but he was spending so much money that I tried to. After dinner we went to the hotel that Peter had booked. I remember walking down the corridor, it seemed to go on for ages. I am sure everyone who saw us knew what we were planning.

Basically it was a disaster, we were both so nervous, that by the time we got the condom on him Peter had gone soft. We tried again but it kept happening. In the end he tried to fuck me with a soft cock. It was horrible. Peter got angry and blamed me. I got upset and ran out as soon as I could get my clothes on.

I ran straight home, and snuck in the bedroom window but Grammy was sitting on my bed waiting for me. How long she had been there, I don’t know, but I ended up confessing the whole story.


“Mom, do you ever think I will find a man who will find me attractive enough to make love to me? I thought Peter loved me, if I can’t turn him on enough what chance do I have?”

“Marion honey, it is not the end of the world. Lots of men will find you attractive and lots of men will want to make love to you.”

“Mom, you have to say that I am your daughter.”

“Just because I am your Mom, does not mean that I don’t know what makes a woman beautiful. Stand up and let me look at you.”

I did as she said and stood in front of her.

“Take off that silly dress.”

She turned me around the face the mirror and stood behind me. “Look at yourself Marion, you have a beautiful body.” She undid the clasp of my bra and threw it on the bed. She took my tits in her hands.

“These are just gorgeous. Look how responsive they are.” From her holding my tits, my nipples had hardened. She ran her hands down over my waist to my hips and hooking her fingers under my knickers, she pushed them down my legs. Still standing behind me she cupped my pussy in her hand. “And men will go wild for this. I bet it is as responsive as your tits. Isn’t it?”

Using the middle finger of her hand, Mom pushed through the lips of my pussy

“Mom stop, that’s not right.”

“What’s not right? I want to show you that you are wrong about your body. Your body has been designed for pleasure.”

Her fingers found my clit. Oh god, I knew this wasn’t right, but it felt so good.

“Mom, stop”, but even to my ears it sounded weak.

“Hush girl, Mom is busy”

I stood there with my head lying back on her shoulder watching in the mirror as one of her hands was rubbing back and forth on my clit and the other squeezing my tit.

“Mom, that feels funny.”

“Just relax Marion, let Mom show you just how good your body can feel.” She increased the pace a little and I could feel my belly tighten. Then it felt like my whole body exploded. I heard a moaning and it took a moment to realise I was the one making the noise.

“That’s it, bursa escort good girl, show Mommy just how responsive you are.” She was cooing in my ear as my pussy gushed. Her hand kept moving on my clit and wave and wave of the most wonderful feeling washed over me.

“Oh Mom, that feels so good.”

When I had calmed down I turned around and hugged her. “Thank you Mom.” I kissed her lightly on the cheek but she kissed me back full on the mouth. I could feel her tits against mine. Her tongue explored my mouth playing with mine, enticing it to play back.

“Happy Birthday Marion. Now do you believe me?”

“Yes Mom, but ….”


“Mom, thank you, I mean that was amazing.” I paused I didn’t know how to say this without hurting her. “But you are not a man. No man is going to ever want to make love to me.”

“Fiddlesticks. You really are too stubborn. Come with me.” Grabbing my wrist she dragged me down the hallway to her bedroom. She flung open the door and pulled me in.

“John, your daughter thinks that no man will ever want to make love to her. Tell her.”

My father was sitting in the bed, reading. He did not seem surprised to have his daughter standing naked in front of him.

“Come here girl.” He held out his hand to me. When I was sitting on the bed beside him, Mom prompted me to tell him what had happened. When I had finished he looked disappointed with me.

“We shall deal with the issue of you lying to your Mother and me later, but why do you think that just because one man could not get hard enough to fuck you, that no man ever will?”

My father had used the f word, another minor shock on this strange night.

“Dad, Peter loves me, he if can’t, you know, do it, then there must be something wrong with me.”

“John, I have told her and shown her that there is nothing wrong with her body, but she won’t believe me.”

“Well Martha, if she won’t believe words, perhaps actions are better, what do you think?”

I was confused by what they were saying but was too deep in my own self pity to think about it. Mom had nodded and smiled at Dad.

Dad looked back at me. “Stand up.”

As soon as I had stood, Dad pulled back the bed covers and I saw his cock for the first time. It was much bigger than Peter’s and he was already hardening. I gasped.

“Look what you do to me Marion. Just from sitting beside me. The idea of making love to you would have me nearly ready to cum.”

I only half heard him, I was fascinated by his cock. It looked huge, so much bigger than Peter’s. Mom had moved behind me again and whispered in my ear, “Go on you can touch it.”

I looked up into Dad’s face. “Marion I would love you to touch me, but only if you want to.”

Mom took my hand and placed it on Dad’s shaft. She showed me how to hold it, not too tightly and not too loosely. She began to move my hand up and down, my god it was getting even bigger. I looked up at my father, he had always been my hero, and now, well, wow!

“Dad you are much bigger that Peter, even when he was hard.” I giggled, “I like yours better.”

“They come in all shapes and sizes girl, not size that matters, but how you use it.”

Mom laughed “John, You would say that cause you have a large and beautiful cock.”

Dad was lying back in the bed, his arms behind his head, enjoying the attention his cock was getting. After a while stroking, I noticed that the top of the bulbous head was getting wet. I looked at Mom who smiled and told me to lick it. “Lick it like a lollipop dear.”

I slowly bent my head down, closer and closer to this gorgeous monster. I could see the head glistening in the light, my pussy started to clench. I darted out my tongue and took a tiny taste of the head of his cock. It was salty but nice.

“Martha, hold her hair out of the way, I want to see my girl lick my cock.”

My tongue snaked out again and I took a bigger lick.

“Oh baby that feels good, do it again.” I did, the texture of his cock felt odd on my tongue, but I loved the taste of him.

“Take the head in your mouth baby, no teeth and but use your tongue when it is in. Suck on it a little.”

I gladly did what he said. I had no thought that this was wrong, I was just consumed by tasting him. I stretched my mouth over the head of his cock and pushed my lips down. Now I had him in my mouth, my tongue started to explore him, feeling the slit in the head. Dad jerked.

“Oh bursa escort bayan that is so good baby, take more of Daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

He put his hand on the back of my head and gently guided my head lower while he thrust his hips up a little and suddenly I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat. I choked and pulled back.

“It is ok baby, Daddy was just being greedy, suck on him some more.”

Mom’s voice was reassuring and calming, so I took Dad’s cock back into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head, feeling the different textures, discovering the hard rim at the base of the head, I circled his cock head.

“Oh god Martha, she is such a natural, I want to fuck her throat right now.”

I kind of half heard Dad I was more interested in exploring the cock in my mouth. Then I felt a hand come between my legs and begin to spread my pussy lips. It was Mom and she gathered my juices on her hand and I saw her offer them to Dad to taste.

“Oh baby, you do taste like honey. Dad wants to taste some more, is that ok?”

Not wanting to take his cock out of my mouth, I nodded to Dad. I waited for Mom to put her hand back, but instead Dad spoke:

“Ok baby, then climb up here on the bed, put your knees on either side of me facing the end of the bed. But whatever you do baby, do not take your mouth off my cock, it feels so good. You are making your Daddy very happy.”

Daddy dived into my pussy, his mouth was suddenly everywhere, licking and sucking. It felt incredible at least I thought so until he took my clit in his mouth, then it felt really incredible. I felt the tightening in my belly again, but this time it was much quicker to the explosion and what an explosion, if I thought my pussy had gushed before, it felt like a waterfall. And there was Daddy’s tongue sucking it out of me. He was burying his tongue inside me, not wanting to miss a drop.

“Martha, get over here and fuck me, if I take her now, I am not going to last 5 minutes.”

I felt Mom get on the bed and she gently pushed me off Daddy’s cock, I watched as she pulled up her nightgown revealing her pussy, her hair had been shaped in a V. When her tits came free, I saw they were even heavier than mine, with huge nipples. Naked, she straddled Daddy pulling back her pussy lips and fed Daddy’s cock into herself. I caught the smell of her in the air. I couldn’t believe she could get all of him inside her. The sight of it and Daddy flicking my clit with his tongue, made me shudder again.

Mom was smiling and rubbing her tits as she eased herself on and off Daddy’s cock. My arm moved without me thinking and I took one of her tits in my hand, squeezing it as she had done to mine earlier. Her huge nipples stuck out from her breast like a small cock, I had seen her feed the younger kids when I had been growing up and it felt so natural to lean forward and take it in my mouth.

“Good girl, Mommy, likes that, suck harder.”

Leaning forward had taken my pussy away from Daddy’s mouth, but when he realised why, he didn’t pull me back. Instead he pushed a finger into my pussy and began to work it in and out. Oh god it felt so, so good.

“More Daddy”

I don’t know how I knew that more would be better, I just knew that it would. I changed nipples and took Mom’s other great teat into my mouth, sucking on it as hard as I could. Daddy put two fingers in me and I was right, more was better. Feeling them open and close in my pussy and Mom’s huge tits bouncing against my face, I came again.

Mom was grunting and moaning, “John I am going to cum, can I come please? Please can I cum?”

She was begging Daddy but he said no that she was to wait for him. He pushed another finger inside me, three of his huge fingers filled me and yet I still wanted more. My pussy was so hungry for more. Daddy was finger fucking my pussy in time to Mom, bouncing on his cock.

“John, I really need to cum, I don’t think I can hold any longer, Please, Oh fuck please.” I could feel Daddy push up his hips and dive his cock even deeper into Mom.

“Now! Sluts, cum together” My mother and I did as we were told and I exploded all over his hand as she exploded over his cock and he into her pussy.

Daddy pulled me back so that I was lying on his chest, my head on the pillow beside him. He pushed his cum soaked fingers into my mouth. I licked them clean and he leaned in and kissed me. It was not a gentle father daughter kiss, escort bursa it was a passionate, raping of my mouth. His free hand found my tits and began to squeeze them hard, he grabbed the nipples and rolled them in his fingers. My clit throbbed.

“Baby, did you watch how your mother fucked my cock? Did you see how she did it?”

“Yes Daddy, she looked very happy.”

He looked down the bed at his wife, “Oh she is happy, look at her”. Mom had her hand in her pussy and she was scooping out white sticky stuff and licking it off her fingers.

“Do you think you could do that?” His hand reached down and found my pussy again. “Does your pussy want that? Does it want to be full of Daddy’s cock? Do you want Daddy to show you just how desirable you are?”

My eyes had closed as he had found my pussy again, but through the fog of all the sensations, one thing was very clear to me. “Oh yes Daddy, will you fuck me? My pussy feels so hungry.”

He slapped my pussy, the sting of the slap made my clit pulse harder. “Don’t use the f word until you have been fucked young lady, then you can use it only to tell me you want more of Daddy’s cock.” He pulled me up by my nipples and then pushed me down the bed. “Now get down there and clean my cock, between you, you and your mother can get me hard again.”

He moved to the centre of the mattress, Mom was on one side of him and I knelt on the other.

“Take your Daddy’s cock in your mouth like before baby and clean him. I will do his balls.”

Daddy was not so big now and I managed to take all of him into my mouth. I could taste two different flavours, one had to be him and the other Mom. Together they were delicious. I felt Mom’s head next to mine and opened my eyes to see her taking Daddy’s great big ball sack in her mouth and suck on them. I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth and begin to get a bit harder.

I did more exploring with my tongue, feeling the large vein, the different textures of the head and the shaft. I discovered a piece of skin between the two and flicked it with my tongue. Daddy hardened more, growing in my mouth. I began to suck him in and out of my mouth and loved when I felt him grow even more.

“Martha, she is such a natural cock sucker, she really could be as good as you one day.”

Mom looked up and smiled at me and took the base of Daddy’s cock in her hand. She began to lick one side with the flat of her tongue and I copied her.

“Oh shit that feels great, two cock sucking sluts licking my cock.”

After a few minutes, Daddy told me to go back to how I had been with my pussy facing him, he said he wanted to make sure I would be wet enough to take him. His tongue explored my pussy slowly and I could feel him getting bigger and bigger in my mouth so I wasn’t able to take all of him anymore.

“Ok girl, now come up here and lie on your back. Martha get behind her.”

I lay back onto Mom, my head nestled between her huge tits. Dad moved to between my legs, stroking his cock.

“Daddy is going to take it as slow as he can baby, but he is so excited to be fucking his girl.” I felt the head of his cock at my opening, he held it there for a moment,

“Daddy please, I want to feel you inside me, please?”

He pushed forward and I saw and felt him enter me, I felt myself being stretched and pulled to take him.

“More Daddy, please, more!”

He pushed in slowly but surely. “Oh fuck Pete the Peckerwood, broke you, I wanted to do that.” He was only half way in me and I already felt so full, “Can you take it baby? Do you want the rest of Daddy’s cock?”

“Oh please Daddy, more please.”

“Martha our girl is so tight, I can’t believe it.” One hard push and he was in me. He waited a moment watching me, I nodded to him. And slowly he began to fuck me. I could feel his cock right up to my belly. My body began to quake and I gushed over Daddy’s cock for the first time.

“Oh baby, that feels unbelievable, Daddy is going to move quicker now, he needs to fuck his girl’s tight and tiny pussy.” And he did. I never came down from the first orgasm, they kept rolling over me, taking me higher and higher. The feeling of his cock pumping in and out of me was the most gorgeous thing I had ever felt.

“I want to cum in this pussy girl, but not yet.” he pulled out and jets of hot sticky liquid landed on my tits. Mom scooped some of it up and fed it to me, but I wanted more, I sat up and took my Daddy’s cock in my mouth again. This time it was me I tasted, my juices and his. He grabbed the headboard behind my head fed me his cock to clean. I could feel more running down my tits, but was already addicted to the taste of me and my Daddy mixed up on his cock.

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