Teresa’s Summer Race Reloaded

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

Dawn, Tuesday, July 4th. As the first threads of light began showing up to the southeast, past the end of the mountain finger, I sat on the metal loveseat in the backyard of the Mountain Nest as Bowser and Buddy went to do their business.

I was thinking about where things had been last July 4th… me still recovering from Casey B. Walker’s torture, the Consultant of Crime only recently dead and his empire still being torn apart. But it was a better world for it. And now, after helping the FBI crush the White Elitists, having my ex-wife annihilate the deeply racist cop-killer Jasmine Nix, and fully avenging young Amy as well as my father and Dr. Heinz, I wondered if the world really was now a better place.

I would continue to work to make things better for the People of our good State, but I wondered if those who would see our Freedom destroyed and our Constitutional rights abrogated were just waiting for their next opportunity to strike. Freedom isn’t free… and it seemed tremendously hard to preserve.

I then thought about the Patriots… the original American Patriots. Men who pledged their lives and their sacred honor to a Cause that was at that time unbelievable: Individual Freedom. Those Patriots suffered tremendously. Some lost their property, some lost their wives and children to the brutality of King George III. But those Patriots had prevailed for all of us in America, and it was my duty to pledge my life and my sacred honor to preserving the Divinely-inspired gift they left us: the United States Constitution.

Bowser and Buddy came trotting back up, expecting to be led back inside. Instead, I slapped my thighs and instantly had two outstanding dogs sitting next to me, one on each side. I gave them both good skritchins until the Town was brightly lit by the rays of the rising sun…

Part 2 – Race Day

The Town I thought briefly that a kimono of that style would look good on her. My wife was wearing no-heel slippers, as well, which meant I got to be taller than her for the day, if barely. I opened the shotgun side door for her, then we walked hand in had towards the Start Line for the race.

The first people we ran into were Daniel and Melina Allgood. Daniel was in his ‘Western’ attire: blue jeans, cowboy boots, belt with a big buckle, bolo tie around the collar of his off-white cowboy-style shirt, and his big Stetson hat with his Sheriff badge attached. But, so sorry, no Airborne wings; Daniel was still a dirty nasty Leg.

Melina was wearing a clingy red blouse, khaki skirt, and red denim shoes that were called ‘espadrilles’ years ago. Good Wildcat colors, of course. And she was also openly wearing her Fourth Rune. I had mine on, but it was under my shirt.

Their children Daniel and Patricia were with them. Laura and Melina hugged and they talked about Patricia while I talked to Daniel and said hello to little Daniel. He was looking up at me, and I realized he was trying to figure out why my hat was different than his dad’s.

“We’re going to go back into Town before all the politicians get here.” said Daniel. “So they’re all yours, Don. Have fun with ’em.”

“You’re too kind.” I said witheringly. We all made our goodbyes, and the Allgood family left while Laura and I continued to the registration table.

“Well there you are, you young whippersnappers!” growled Chief Griswold, who was helping a younger man get the race participants entered. The Kiwanis Club was helping the Ladies Auxiliary with the day’s activities, and this was Chief Griswold’s way of helping… it would free him up for the rest of the day once the race was started. That was Iron Crowbar thinking by the old Chief, I thought to myself.

“Hi, Chief.” I said, coming up to him and shaking his hand. “It was very kind of your wife to babysit all the kids at the Cabin today.” Indeed, Mrs. Griswold was babysitting, and she had help: Professor Stephanie Steele and her daughter Selena Steele had brought Marie over to play with Carole, and the girls were having a blast together, while Little Jim played with his brothers Ian and Ross, and his cousins Doug, Little Todd, and Jack. Bowser was supervising. Buddy was supervising Bowser supervising Şerifali Escort the kids.

“We-el,” said Chief Griswold, “that was her way of getting out of Mrs. Myrtle L. James’s way and not being assigned any real work.”

“I’d think that bunch of kids would be the real work, Chief.” said Callie Carrington, coming up to us. And geez! did she look smoking hot… a white frilly blouse that did not hide her lovely, large breasts, blue jeans that unfortunately covered her shapely legs but were so tight that her magnificent ass was unmistakeable, and high heel slides.

“That woman loves kids.” barked the old Chief. “The Iron Crowbar’s kids are like the grandkids we never had.”

“And that’s fine with me.” I said. Just then, two entrants came up. Todd Burke, his tall, broad-shouldered, slender frame hard and muscular and shown off by the tight race suit he was wearing, his mop of black hair not quite perfectly set, was the sensation of the ladies as he flashed his almost-trademark grin at as many of them as he could.

This did not seem to bother his race partner and fiancée, Police Captain Teresa Croyle. She looked pretty damn hot, too, in her tight race shirt and pants, the thin fabric of her swimsuit over it. She was much shorter than Todd, just as Callie was dwarfed by Laura, even with Callie wearing very high heels.

Also coming up were NCPD Lieutenant Molly Ross Evans, dressed smartly in a blouse and blue jeans, and cork-heel sandals. With her was a very attractive older blonde that looked like what Cindy and Molly would be in a couple of decades: it was their mother Maggie Ross, who’d recently completed her move to Town from Canada.

Laura made sure Maggie knew who everyone was, which she pretty much did, then said “This is my research assistant Callie. Callie, Maggie is Molly and Cindy’s mother.”

“Ohhhhh, it’s so nice to meet you!” Callie gushed, putting on her prettiest smile. I could mentally feel Callie really pouring on the charm as she talked with Maggie, getting the older woman to do most of the talking, and they were soon fluttering like parakeets. Laura looked back at me with a smile on her lovely face. I just arched my eyebrows a little bit, not giving a damn thing away. Molly also said nothing, and she went over to talk to Chief Griswold.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Todd got their number, which was “29”, the number Teresa had won with when racing with Cindy. Todd had allowed his former partner Teddy Franklin to have the “1” badge, which traditionally went to the previous year’s winners.

The other participants were beginning to pour in, so we all moved out of the way and to ‘higher ground’. Molly told her mother that they needed to go into Town before the roads were closed off, so they made their goodbyes. I looked at Callie.

“You’ve never met her before today, have you?” I asked.

“Nope.” Callie said, smiling her beautiful smile. “I hope Cindy won’t be pissed when she finds out. By the way, where is she?”

“She’s helping Todd and Teresa’s team get the bicycles to the starting point.” I replied. Every team this year was allowed to have a vehicle transport the bicycles and follow the cyclists on the road, and repair flat tires and such things. If something bad happened to a bicycle, a participant could ride his or her partner’s bike while his or her own bike was being fixed. The Police had made possible the accommodation for this, and the bicycle portion of the race was going to be on the bigger roads in Town, except for the part where they went over the mountain and passed by the Cabin.

The Town was pretty much shut down to traffic today. All thru traffic was diverted onto the bypass and around Town. All bridges over the River were shut down, as well, from both sides. And remembering that a sniper once tried to shoot Teresa from the Bell Tower of the University, I had Officers in that Bell Tower today, coordinating with other Police.

The Bradley Brothers, a.k.a. the Bradley Rangers, came up to the table. They were wearing black shirts with the famous Army Ranger tab in yellow. They looked serious and determined. When they were finished, and had been given the number “2”, I said in a friendly manner “You guys ready today?”

“We’re going to kick ass today, Commander.” said one of them. I got a vibe that it was not friendly.

“I’ve got a lot of Police Officers ready to take you down.” I said cheerfully. “Good luck.”

“We’re gonna whip every one of them.” said the other Bradley. They stalked off.

“Well, they’re in a mood.” growled Chief Griswold astutely. “I can’t imagine how they’re going to be after Burke and Croyle kick their asses… again.”

“Think Todd and Teresa will win, Chief?” I asked.

“I dunno.” said Griswold. “Teresa’s had to overcome a lot to get in race shape. I’ve seen İstanbul Escort her and Todd running along these roads. Franklin and Oliver are going to be tough, and that Warner couple is going to be flat-out dangerous. Joanne told me she was pissed she didn’t make the Boxing Matches Finals, and she’s going to take it out on everyone in this race. You got some mean-ass Detectives working for you, Crowbar.”

“Yes sir, I do.” I said with a grin.

Just then Seth and Joanne Warner came up, dressed for racing. Laura and I greeted them both, and Seth was better than cordial with me; maybe he was not as irritated at me over the events that transpired which included his grandfather’s death. Joanne was her usual happy self.

“Enjoy today, Joanne.” I said. “Monday, you report to Police Academy Advanced Course.”

“I’m ready, sir!” said Joanne. “Just as soon as Seth and I take care of business and win this race!”

“I love the attitude.” I said. “Good luck.”

“Wow, Advanced Course, and she’s just a baby.” growled Griswold, his mustaches twitching with merriment.

“Yes sir.” I said. “We’re sending her partner Theo Washington to Detective School at the same time.”

“Harrumph.” said Griswold. “You bring your people up fast, Crowbar.”

“I must’ve learned doing that from you, sir.” I said. “But they’re ready.” Though Joanne was young, Cindy and I thought Joanne was ready for Advanced Course, and the relatively quiet time of the summer was the best time to send her. And since she’d be gone, I took the opportunity to send her Police partner, Detective Theo Washington, to Detective School at the same time. They’d both be back by August 1st for Promotions indeed, she looked very tense. I wasn’t sure why; she and Captain Marc Aaron had done a huge job with the logistics.

“Hi guys.” I said. “Everything is going well. You’ve done a great job, Della.”

“Thank you, Commander.” Della said woodenly. Chief Moynahan noticed, and though he kept his face virtually unchanged, I could see he was not particularly happy with her formality towards me. I distracted him by re-introducing them to my wife, who of course he knew well.

And then came this moving sea of people. I knew what that meant, and only wondered which particular personage was being followed.

It turned out to be State Senator Katherine Woodburn. She looked great. Her dirty blonde hair looked fashionable, and she was wearing a red,white, and blue blouse, a white skirt, and red high-heel pumps, showing off her lovely legs (I do love women with lovely legs, and make no apologies for it). With her was her aide Clark, and a very unattractive woman that was also one of her political people.

Following around in seeming satellite orbits were U.S. Congressman Gary A. Condor (D), and Nextdoor County State Representative Peter Long Cox (R). Condor was in his 40s, his light brown hair styled perfectly into place… a little too perfectly, my wife would say. Peter was youngish, still in his late 20s, and was already a rising star in local Republican politics. He was tall, handsome, his black hair similar to Todd’s but styled in place better.

“Congressman, you’ve met my wife, Dr. Laura Fredricson.” I said to Condor.

“Oh yes.” said Condor, having to look up into Laura’s eyes. “It’s very nice seeing you again.”

“And you.” said Laura, cordially and politely. She could play the Game, too, though she didn’t like some of the people she was having to play the Game with.

That did not extend to Peter Long Cox. As I introduced them, their eyes met and I saw the warmth in his… and in my wife’s.

“No, we haven’t met, and I’m so glad to.” said Peter as he took Laura’s hand into his own in a very flirtatious handshake. “You look lovely today, Professor.”

“Why thank you, Mr. Cox.” Laura said with a warm smile. “I’m glad to be meeting you, as well.”

To distract me as Laura and Peter openly flirted, forging a potential new relationship, Katherine Woodburn came up. “Hello Commander.” she said as we shook hands, with me taking her hand in the same flirtatious way Peter was holding Laura’s hand. “You look very well. How is your back?”

“It’s doing well.” I said, making sure to lock eyes with Katherine. Hmm, interesting, I thought to myself. She really is allowing me to dominate her through our eye contact.

“I’m so glad to hear that.” said Katherine. “It’s just too busy to talk here. Why don’t you and I have lunch together one day soon.”

“I would enjoy that very much.” I said, and I wasn’t lying.

After a few moments of the politicians greeting the Chief and Della, they moved on. A second wave came along. One of the politicians was our State Rep., William C. “Billy” Williams (R). He was very much a Conservative/Grassroots politician, and I got along with him very Ümraniye Escort well. With him were local Council Members John Colby (R) and Dagmar Schoen (R).

But the other politician that was with them stunned me. It was Lieutenant Governor Graham Collins (R). He was the poster child of the Establishment Republican Elitists, often called ‘Grahamnesty’ Collins behind his back, as he was very pro-immigration, meaning pro-illegal-immigration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce paid for his political ads, and he was beholden to them but happily so.

He was almost a wax figure. Graying brown hair perfectly in place, wearing a well-fitting but expensive suit (and in the upcoming heat of the day? sheesh). He was relatively tall and broad-shouldered, but not as tall as Laura, much less me. I noticed Laura all but stand on her tiptoes as she was introduced to him, to emphasize it even more.

“It’s lovely to see you both today.” Collins said. “The Governor wanted to come, but he’s very busy these days, and your Police would’ve been overtaxed by the protests if he came up here.” I detested this man; that was a direct shot at the Governor, as well as my Police Force.

“My Police are well-trained and ready to maintain civility in my County, Mr. Lieutenant Governor.” I said firmly.

“Yes sir.” said John Colby. “Commander Troy and his Police Force are the best in the State.”

“I’m sure.” said Collins, almost sourly. The group took their leave of us.

Laura looked at me and said “I have nowhere near your powers nor Cindy’s acumen. But that man is one filthy, slimy snake.”

“Snakes everywhere have just been insulted, my dear.” I said with a grin. “But I agree. I take it your evaluation of Peter Cox is a bit different.”

“Not much gets by you, Darling.” said Laura, a smile forming on her face. “He was definitely a man I’d like to know better. And I’ve heard he has a nine inch cock that just might be very… very filling. By the way, I did notice that Senator Woodburn was much, much warmer towards you. I think Cindy is right that she wants to fuck your brains out.”

“She’ll have to get in line, behind you.” I said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then came the Press. Bettina Wurtzburg was with her aunt, Elsie Gringer, and to my surprise they went to get Laura’s commentary. That left Priya to come up to me.

“Where’s John Hardwood?” I asked. “He seems to be trying to take your place, these days.”

“Not much gets by you, Don.” Priya said, a pout on her pretty Indian face. “He’s trying like hell to cut me out. But he thinks the Triathlon and the local celebrations are beneath him.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “Well, make it fast, but you’re getting an exclusive interview with the Police Commander today.” Priya’s eyes lit up and happiness emerged onto her pretty face. She quickly called for her cameraman.

“This is Priya Ajmani, Five-Alive News!” she said. “I’m with Police Commander Donald Troy at the County Triathlon starting line. Commander, do you anticipate any problems today?”

“No, but we’re ready for anything that might come up.” I replied.

“Congratulations on your recent promotion with the SBI.” Priya said. “It has to be tough trying to set up the new SIS group while commanding the Town & County Police Force.”

“I’ve got great people in both organizations working for and with me.” I said. “That makes it doable.”

“Commander,” said Priya, “I’ve been told by reliable sources that Governor Jared did not come up today because there were threats of protests. Do you have any comment on that?”

“I can’t speak to the Governor’s schedule.” I said. “But the Town & County Police Force and the University’s Campus Police are ready for any trouble. Having said that, I’m not expecting any trouble today. Okay, the race is about to start…”

“Thank you, Commander.” said Priya. I headed for the Start Line as Priya wrapped up the unexpected interview with me.

“Why’d you give her an interview?” Laura asked.

“My ‘little crowbar’ did the talking.” I said. Laura grinned and I said “Not really. I wanted to see what questions she asked, and she did not disappoint. That question about the Governor was most instructive, n’est pas?”

“Oui, mon commandant.” Laura replied, understanding.

Part 3 – Sex And Politics

The almost cynical nasally voice of the radio announcer came over the airwaves. He actually was happy: this year he had drones covering the event, as did the Press and the Police.

“And we’re about to start.” said the announcer. “Todd Burke and Teddy Franklin, last year’s winners, split up this year. Mr. Burke is racing with his fiancée, Police Captain Teresa Croyle. She’s come back from being wounded and from a cancer scare to be here. Franklin is running with Barry Oliver, who is an Auxiliary Police Officer. First Baptist Church is being represented by Seth and Joanne Warner. Young Seth recently lost his grandfather, and hopes to race well in his grandfather’s memory. And of course the Bradley Brothers are here, trying to finally break through and win.”

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