Thai Delicasy Continues

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My sister cupped my pubic area and used one finger to slide up and down my mound and across the folds of skin. She whispered in my ear, does that feel good? I could only nod as my climax began. She nibbled my ear, and ran her tongue across my lobes. She skillfully found my clitoris and stroked it, touching its sensitive surface. I pushed her back to the wall and leant fully against her. I started to buckle and move against her had, feeling her hand slowly enter me. I could feel her inside me, playing with me and making me build up the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I moved with her hand, feeling her finger go in and out, listening to her whisper into my ear, and having her pinch and pull my large nipples. I felt it building and building, it was going to be huge. I let out a scream and yelled with joy and my body released itself, its tension. It went on for about 3 minutes, pushing and moving and enjoying my sister’s finger inside me. The feeling subsided and I relaxed in the arms of my beautiful sister. Looking up and kissing her, she brought her finger up and placing it on my lips, I could taste myself, sweet and fine.

Part one continued…

My sister then ran her finger across her own mouth, taking her middle finger all the way in while looking into my eyes, and gently tweaking my right nipple. I couldn’t move I was so over come from what had just happened to me, words just cannot explain the sensations my sister had just given me. MY SISTER! What had we done? Not only another female but my own younger sister, who was basically my best friend. “You taste so good”, I heard her voice; bringing me out of yet another trance. “You taste like dessert wine, ohhh give me some more”. She didn’t even hesitate; she just reached out and ran her finger through my bush, across my mound, and over the folds of skin that so many guys had tried to claim, then she placed her finger back in her mouth.

I sat down opposite her, still in the shower and felt the gentle pressure of the water fall against my body. I looked across at my sister, still sucking on her finger, tasting my juices, and looking me over. Her nipples were amazingly erect, and she had her spare hand on one pinching it. I watched as she played with herself, and then moved my eyes gaziantep escort bayan down her body. Her lips were clearly showing through her pubic hair as she squatted opposite me. She was clearly still aroused, as was I. I stretched my foot out and touched her leg.

I remember her looking up at me, startled and surprised. She seemed to read my mind, and sat down opposite me with her legs apart displaying a mound so beautiful and perfect glistening in the water, mixed with her natural juices. I ran my foot up her calf, past her tattoo of Bruce Lee, past her knee. She closed her eyes as she knew what was coming…I moved my foot up higher, slowing down and teasing her badly. She was aching to be touched, and aching for my foot to please her. I went up her thigh and stopped just short of her pubic hair, waiting for a reaction. I looked at her, her breath was heavy, and her eyes locked shut. Her chest was heaving in and out, her nipples were simply amazing, with both hands working away at them. She lifted one breast up and licked its nipple, causing it to grow even more, her nipples seemed far bigger than mine had ever been. She was easily the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in this entire world. Picture the best looking Thai woman or the best looking woman you have ever seen and consider her plain against my sister.

My toes felt something, and I realised I had inadvertently continued my movement towards her mound. Her pubic hair felt exactly as mine did, soft and thick. It went between my toes and ticked my feet. I moved in and felt an incredibly warm wetness between her legs, even warmer than the shower! Her lips felt soft and tender…there I felt something hard! It was at the same time my sister let out a scream. I thought I had hurt her, but realised by the look on her face that she was overwhelmed. I had struck her clitoris, causing my sister to grind and push herself against my foot. My big toe disappeared as it entered her lips, so warm so moist, naturally lubricated and ready for my toes to enter. “More” She said, “More”, I placed a second toe inside of her, and it was then that she removed one hand from her breast and placed on my calf, controlling my motion and taking full control of the situation. gaziantep escort reklamları I could feel her thrusting herself against me, and pushing me foot into her. My toes were as deep as they could go! “More”, she said. So I carefully and slowly entered all my toes, she screamed out in ecstasy, pleasure written all over her face. Her leg kicked out and was now centimetres from my own mound. She moved again thrusting forward making my foot go deeper into her. My entire foot was now inside my sister, and she was controlling the movements and rhythm.

Her last movement had also brought her foot in contact with my own pussy, her toes moving around in my pubic hair. It was then I realised the pleasure my sister had been going through. I too screamed out, and grasped her calf. Her toes her playing around my folds, as she was almost certainly in a trance of joy. Her toes entered me, one, then two, then three. The pain increased, but it was pleasurable. Four, five, amazing, we were both screaming out in pleasure. Thrusting into each other feet, in unison. My body was now once again fully aroused, and once again tensions were increasing throughout me.

I gazed down my sister’s body, and noticed she too was looking at mine; this was simply spurring us on. Our nipples were fully erect and our juices were flowing like a river rapid, it was simply amazing. Joy swept through my body as I felt my climax building; my sister called out “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”, this bringing my climax and tensions beyond their limits. We thrust hard and then my sister’s rhythm changed to a slower but harder push, calling out my name, screaming out in ecstasy she was certainly cumming. Her hand clenched tight onto my calf at the same time my climax arrived. I couldn’t help it with the pain from my sisters grasp, mixed with the pleasures I was going through, I screamed out, over my sister, pushing my groin up on the sisters foot and feeling her toes right up inside me, this was simply extraordinary. Our bodies were both shaking with excitement, I felt another wave coming, and again I orgasmed, and again I screamed out. This brought my sister to her second orgasm, I could see my juices gaziantep escort resimleri mixing with the water all over her foot, ankle and shower tray, as I could see hers over me. Another wave hit my, thrusting and pounding into her foot, as it too hit my sister. We orgasmed no less than six times in that one encounter, we were exhausted, and happily so.

Our half hour shower was coming to an end, I knew things would never, ever be the same again between my sister and I. I also knew that while our parents were away we were going to have the most delicate and sensual fun and encounters. Our feet moved out of each other, and my sister lay there looking at me as these thoughts were running through my head. I just couldn’t believe what we had both done. My sister moved over and we sat up a side-by-side feeling the water fall on us. Both still breathing heavy from our experience. She placed her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder, kissing it delicately. I could feel our breasts moving against each other as we breathed, and our nipples sliding past one another, still erect, still the size of Mt Everest. It was here I noticed that my nipples were exactly the same size as my sisters, as I watched them rub against each other, flex then release, as they forced there way past. We just lay there for another ten minutes enjoying one another’s company.

My sister raised her head and whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. Her soft sweet voice, and gentle breath moving down my ear, saying “Lets get out and relax with a DVD”. Her tongue whipped into my ear and her teeth nibbled on my lobe, her had squeezed into my side making me laugh as she found my sensitive tickling areas. “Ok, ok” I said. I stood first and helped her up, she moved forward and moulded into my body perfectly. Her eyes looking into mine, her breasts pressing into mine, and nipples piercing into my skin. Our pubic hair tangling and her mound pressing snugly into mine. Her leg trapped between my two, it was absolutely perfect. I moved forward and kissed my sister gently on the lips, she responded positively and we locked ourselves into this kiss for about five minutes. No tongues, just gently kissing each other and enjoying the moment, a perfect end to a perfect sexual experience.

Thank you for you lovely letters and feedback, they have encouraged me to share this story with you. Continue the feedback and more will cum, as I am sure you probably have? My sister has agreed to help me write the next one that I have in mind to share, so both our feelings will be able to be described. Till next time enjoy.

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