Thank You

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After a long time, thanks to the marriage of Raj’s younger brother, all the friends were gathered in Bombay. In the busy life of grown ups such occasions are the only source of getting together, a must attended reunion. There was only laughter and memories to recall and tease each other. Gossip, fooling, roaring laughter, and what not; the grey whiskers seemed to be placed on a few teenagers. Olds buddies were not interested in anything but themselves. The party was to go on to early hours of dawn, when Raj’s father sent for me. I went to see him and was told that some of their guests could not get the flight to Bombay so they were reaching Pune. Raj’s father, considering me a responsible man, requested to make arrangements for them to reach Bombay. So it was decided that I leave early in the morning for Pune and drive them back to Bombay.

Well now the problem was to get leave from my buddies. Impossible. Nobody was even ready to listen to such a request. I called Raj to a side and told him that if I didn’t get proper sleep, it would be very hard to do as told. He was to do something. After a few minutes Vijay a cousin of Raj came to me and declared that I was being called by the elders again. As I came out Vijay told me to go to his bedroom and sleep there. Nobody would suspect anything and the search for me would only lead to other places. I thanked him and made for his room. His wife and family would be coming back in the morning, as the functions of dholki etc were to good enough to hold them away.

Thanking God I slipped into bedroom. In this unexpected place I had no clothes to change into. So, all I did was to lock the door, set the alarm of the bedside clock and get into the cover wearing only my wristwatch. Within minutes I was fast asleep.

I don’t know how it happened, but when I woke up, I found myself entangled in the arms of someone. The lights were dim and I could not make much of my condition. It made me feel like a star of our Indian movies asking the silly question “Mein Kahan Hoon”{Where Am I}. I had a bit of difficulty placing myself. Questions rising in my mind

Where am I?

Who is this sleeping beside me?

Is it a trick played on me, or am I really that lucky?

Height Side escort of confusion!

I was just thinking of ways to handle the situation. The problem was that you could only escape a situation when you knew where you stand.

The confusion led to my turning on my back. At that very moment I felt a stirring in my companion. I just pulled the covers to my face trying to plan my course of action, when out of the blue, a hand got hold of my cock. This rascal has its own ways and timings. It was pointing towards the ceiling.

Confusion increases.

Before I could take any action, the hand was replaced by something wet and warm. Then a movement… and when I dared to take a peek, someone was inserting my dick into her pussy, while facing the other way towards my feet. I just raised my hands to stop her but I was too slow for her quickness, she had impaled herself on me before I could stop her. I got hold of her.

‘What are you doing?’ I said.

It was her jumping off me in panic that was more startling.

‘Who are you and what are you doing here?’ She shouted.

This was Vijay’s wife.

Her turning around made her fall on me and the dick that had hardly come out of her went back into her lodging.

Now she was facing me and settled with the cock in her. We were so badly entangled because of her twisting and turning that disengaging needed quite an effort.

‘I thought it was Vijay’.

She had come for an errand and opened her room with her set of keys. Seeing a man in her bed made her think it was Vijay. Now a girl of twenty-five and being excited about the marriage taking place gave her the impish thought of giving her husband a sexy surprise. Her confused beautiful face blushing red and her lovely body convulse and going bent double made her still. It was all her fault. She did not have the courage to face me or move. Ashamed and confused she sat numb. The sight gave me a harder on. (Even now the memory gives me a throbbing heart and a smile from ear to ear).

I sat up. Thanks to our slim figures this was easy, without losing penetration. I looked towards her. Her head was still down and her chin was touching her chest. I lifted her face with my fingers Side escort bayan and there was a sight to see. She was a beauty in glory. Tears filled her eyes and her blinking pushed two pearls roll down her cheeks. I tried to console her. I wiped the tears off her face. ‘It was an accident and accidents don’t happen intentionally’. I told her.

She broke in tears.

I was in a fix. How do I handle this situation?

I never knew.

All I could do was to hold her tightly and tell her that nothing had gone wrong. But this fuelled the fire. The crying and sobs grew more.

Now it was my turn to panic. If somebody did happen to catch us in this position then I might have been declared the creator of this scene. Try to silence her I placed my hand on her mouth and begged her to lower her voice. She did not like my hand on her mouth and tried to free herself from my grip. This struggle made her fall back. Now I was sitting between her legs with my cock still in her pussy that had started to go dry by now. I was slightly bent over her so that my hand could still be in touch with her mouth. After a couple of minutes she started to listen to what I was saying. This cooled her and the struggling and crying stopped.

I tried to cheer her up with some silly jokes. I don’t remember whether silly or witty, but something I said brought a smile on her face. We told each other our sides of the story and how it led to this. An understanding was reached to hush up and let anyone else know about the event. If exposed it would mean a big crisis and may be some serious fight. In our society for her it might have ended with her being turned out of the house but I could be struck extremely rough. At least I made her believe this. Her silence was of more importance to me than her.

When we agreed to this, I kissed her as a token sealing the pact. I kissed her forehead. I felt the stirring down there. The dick was still up and hard. When I raised my head after the kiss on the forehead, I saw two lovely eyes staring at me in the eyes.

I felt as if she had something to say, which was hard to come out of her. When our eyes met it seemed something had got hold of me. This was the moment I Escort side realised my erection had held the fort till now, or rather it had been perfectly held by the fortified walls. Her eyes caught hold my soul something unexpected and strange made me go down bend my head and kiss her eyes, one after the other. I was in a trance so I can never be able to tell which one I kissed first. She closed her eyes and held her breath. I never had the courage to break away. I gave a soft kiss on her nose and then her upper lip. A few more very soft ones on her upper lip and then all of a sudden she leapt up to meet my mouth. That glued us to each other. A little later I felt myself moving. It was not an in and out, out and in game. Something sublime was taking place. How can something so lovely, so elevating and so life-giving be called wrong? There were no Ahs and Ohs, or maybe they were there but all I sensed was a music, an ecstasy or something so delicious and out of this world as they say. I don’t know English very well, I think in a different language, dream in a different language and here I am to write it in English, but I think, had I the opportunity to write in my Mother tongue I would have ran short of words to convey the feel I experienced.

Nature took its course and the ejaculation ended my ecstasy. I can’t say whether she had an orgasm or not, but I think she felt good about the whole affair. After lying there for a little while, we parted she cleaned herself with some tissue papers and put on her dress. She walked to the door, unlocked it, without turning around she opened it and got out. As she turned to close the door she just said ‘SHUKRIYA’, a single word of Hindi meaning Thank You. I heard her turn the key and the door was locked.

I flushed away those tissue papers and sprayed deodorant in all directions in the room to cover the aroma of our lovemaking. Never did I want to leave any evidence behind that could create questions. I drove to Pune and brought the guests home. I remained mum throughout the marriage functions. Everybody thought that it was the fatigue that had silenced me. I met that lady many times after that night but in a very formal and dignified manner. Never did the idea of approaching her again ever occur to me. I always took it as my duty to carry our secret to the grave.

This story is true but for the proper nouns. Whenever I hear someone thanking other mortal I feel the words never as truly coming from the heart as the ones I was lucky to hear.

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