That’s What Friends Are For

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Hi All — Think of this story as a little interlude, a kind of palate cleanser before my next full-length series. I hope it brings you pleasure. Don’t forget to comment!—Petitmort


Brandon’s phone rang at 10am on a Saturday. He was sitting in his apartment eating a bowl of cereal dressed in running shorts and a t-shirt.

“Hello?” he said.

“Are you busy?”

“Hey Jess, what’s up?”

It was Jess from the apartment next door. She was a single Mom with an 8-month old infant son, Aaron.

“I need your help. Can you come over? Like, right away.”

“Sure. Everything alright?”

“Just come over.”

“OK. See you in a sec.”

Brandon could tell it was urgent from the sound of her voice. He quickly put his bowl in the sink and bolted out the door. Seconds later, he was knocking on her door.

“Thank God!” she said opening the door. She was wearing a terrycloth robe, pacing.

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve got a huge problem.”

“What is it?”

“I need to ask you a question.”

“OK. Shoot.”

“Are you a breast man or an ass man?”


“I want to know…are you a breast man or an ass man?”

He looked momentarily confused.

“I don’t know the context. I mean, I like both.”

“But which one do you like more? Judging by your choice of girlfriends, I’d guess you’re a breast man.”

“I guess so. On balance. Sure.”

“OK, second question. Do you find my breasts attractive?”


“Do you find my breasts attractive?”

“Of course, I do. You have great boobs. Spectacular.”

He wasn’t lying. Jessica, a beautiful blond in her mid-20’s, had big, firm breasts. Brandon was obsessed with them ever since he first saw her in a bikini by the apartment pool.

“But since I had Aaron, you don’t find them disgustingly big?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, I don’t. Jess, have you gone completely insane?”

She plopped herself onto the couch.

“I don’t know what to do.”

He sat next to her.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on? And where’s Aaron anyway?”

“That’s the thing. My Mom took him to the zoo. They’ll be gone for hours.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“I gave them the diaper bag and it has my breast pump in it! My boobs are killing me!”

This wasn’t at all what he expected.

“I didn’t have a chance to breastfeed Aaron this morning. And then, I accidentally left my pump in the bag they took. My breasts feel like they’re going to explode!”

“Jesus,” he said, genuinely concerned. “Would some Aleve help? I’ve got some at my place…”

“You don’t understand. The pressure’s horrible. And it’s just going to get worse with each passing minute. And they won’t be back until three! At the earliest!”

“OK, stay calm. There’s got to be a solution. What if I go to the store and buy a pump? I can be back in … 45 minutes. An hour.”

“No, that’s too long. Listen, I was thinking about solving this the old-fashioned way.”

He looked at her, puzzled.

“Which is?”

She looked at his mouth, then looked at her breasts, her eyebrows knit.

“Wait. What?”

“That’s why I needed to make sure you didn’t find them disgustingly big. They feel like two water balloons about to pop.”

“No, I’ve always thought your breasts were beautiful. Really. I think you have the greatest breasts I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen them. Just, you know, what I can tell from the outside. Through your clothes. And since you had Aaron, they’re just … even more … voluptuous.”

“Oh, Brandon! You always make me feel better about myself! So, you’ll do it?”

“Of course, I’d do anything for you. You know that. What am I doing exactly?”

She looked at him with big doe eyes.

“I need you to suck my breasts.”

She said it in such an innocent, matter-of-fact way that he was totally disarmed. The next thing he knew, she was leading him into the bedroom.

“You just need to suck them like Aaron would. For an hour or so.”

She closed the curtain, propped two pillows up against the headboard, and lay against them.

“Come. Lie down with your head on my lap. That’s the way I do it with Aaron.”

Brandon gulped and moved slowly next to her. For some reason, he pulled off his t-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

He was kind of in a daze.

He crawled onto he bed and lay on his back, his head resting on her lap. He had a athletic body, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

She looked down at him and smiled.

“Now just imagine you’re Aaron and you’re really hungry. And I’m going to feed you.”

She slowly slipped the robe off her shoulders on both sides, letting it fall down onto her arms.

Her breasts were full, luscious melons with big, puffy, pink nipples.

She cradled his head in one arm and guided her left breast to his face. For some reason, he didn’t latch on immediately. Maybe he thought he was making it more realistic.

“Come on, Baby,” she cooed. “Take Mommy’s nipple in your mouth. I know you want it.”

She bent over and brushed görükle escort the soft skin of her big breasts against his face. She teased his lips with her extended nipple.

“Come on, Baby, suck my nipple. You’ll make Mommy feel so good.”

He slowly reached out his tongue and, with the very tip, licked her nipple. A drop of milk appeared. He lapped it up, hungrily.

“That’s it, Baby. Taste Mommy’s milk. It’s warm. And sweet. Just for you.”

The milk was indeed warm and sweet and Brandon suddenly felt an urge to drink it in earnest. He latched onto her nipple and pressed it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Jessica moaned.

Her milk was squirting into his mouth, and he was gulping it down.

She placed her hand behind his head and pressed his face to her bosom.

“Oh God! That feels so good!”

He was sucking her harder now, hungrily, and her moans were telling him she was loving it.

After a few minutes of vigorous sucking, he disengaged and caught his breath. He noticed she was breathing hard too.

He used a broad, flat tongue to massage her nipple, swirling around it. It had gotten really big, standing out a full half inch.

“Keep sucking,” she panted. “Don’t stop.”

She lay her hand on his bare chest, squeezing his pec.

He latched on again, aggressively sucking her big nipple into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” she moaned. “Keep sucking. Suck it hard.”

He reached up with both hands and caressed her full breast. She shook off the robe so she was all but naked from the waist up.

He felt her hand start to caress his chest, squeezing both pecs, and playing with his nipples.

Her breathing was labored now, as was his. Her hand was drifting down his torso, over his abs.

Feeling her touching his bare chest, and hearing her moans, just confirmed what he suspected all along. She was as sexually aroused as he was.

He gave his hands freedom to explore her body. His hand found her right breast and began to fondle it, feeling its weight, playing with the nipple.

He marveled at the silky soft skin along the underside of her breasts, and the velvety texture of her nipple.

He gave her nipple a tweak, and could feel warm milk trickle onto his fingertips.

“I think we better switch sides,” she gasped.

She raised up, pulling the nipple from his mouth, turned and lowered her other breast to his face.

He found her nipple and began sucking the milk from her breast into his mouth.

She used the change of positioning as an opportunity to rearrange her legs. She had been laying with her legs extended and her thighs together. Now, she slipped her left leg out from under him. She pulled her robe completely off and pushed it aside.

Her legs were spread now. And Brandon was lying in her lap. He could feel the softness of her inner thighs. And he could feel the warmth emanating from her pussy.

That’s when he felt her hand moving slowly downward, towards the waistband of his shorts.

WIth all the stimuli going on, he hadn’t had a chance to take stock of the whole situation. He knew he was aroused of course. Hell, he’d been aroused since she first fed him her nipple.

What he didn’t realize was his erection was so big, the head of his cock and several inches of the shaft were sticking well above the waistline of his shorts. And it was right in her view.

He had hoped his shorts were providing some measure of modesty. But his face had been full of a big, beautiful breast and he hadn’t confirmed that fact.

She, on the other hand, could see the entire progression of his arousal. She watched his cock shift in his shorts, then the bulge grow. She saw his cock stiffen and the outline become more obvious. And then, she watched as the top third of his hard-on stuck out from under his shorts.

And when she felt him fondling her breasts with his hands, and tweaking her nipple, that pushed her over the top. She just had to touch his cock.

She let her hands glide over his velvety skin, her fingernails gently grazing him. She pulled his shorts down as much as she could manage, revealing him in all his glory. He wasn’t huge, but he was a good seven inches and thick. She stroked him softly all the while he was nursing her second breast.

He was rock hard.

At one point, he reached up behind his head and felt her bare legs, the soft skin of her upper thighs. He touched her lightly, barely grazing her skin, moving higher and higher until he felt the warm wetness of her pussy.

She was dripping wet.

After a little more than an hour had passed, she took his face in her hands and gently removed the nipple from his mouth.

“Baby did such a good job,” she smiled. “You sucked so much milk out of Mommy’s titties. And I’m feeling so much better.”

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “I’m not feeling so bad myself.”

She raised her eyebrows and glanced over at his cock. It was as hard as ever and laying on his stomach.

“I can tell,” she smiled back.

She slipped eskort bayan out from under him, leaving him lying flat on his back. She was on all fours, her face suspended above his.

“You know, I’m so grateful for how you took care of me. You were really there for me, Brandon.”

“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure. And I mean that literally.”

She chuckled.

“Well, I want to reciprocate. And while you were nursing, I was asking myself ‘how do you reciprocate when someone is kind enough to suck the cream right out of your body?'”

He looked at her and gulped.

“And what did you come up with?”

“Well, it suddenly occurred to me. I’ll suck the cream right out of your body.”

And with that, keeping her eyes locked with his, she walked on her hands and knees until she was straddling his legs, her face over his crotch.

Without breaking eye contact, she took her tongue and slowly licked from the base to the tip.

His body squirmed with pleasure.

“You like that, Baby?” she smiled.

She took the tip of her tongue and started to tickle him on the tender underside, near the head.

He moaned.

Then she took her full, fleshy lips, and planted a wet kiss right on the head. Then, without using her hands, she sucked the head into her mouth and began to swirl he tongue around and around.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried out.

She slowly lifted his hard, thick cock and stood it up, her eyes still fixed on his.

She planted a wet kiss on the base of his cock, all the while, looking at him.

“As a thank you gift, I’m going to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had.”

She planted another kiss sightly higher up the shaft.

“I’m gonna suck you so good, I’m gonna make you hotter than you’ve ever been.”

She kissed him again, on the other side, higher up.

“And you’re gonna feel all that cum in your balls, and in your cock, building up, like a volcano.”

She used her wet tongue to lap the underside of the tip.

“I’m gonna take your cock deep in my throat. And I’m gonna fucking swallow every inch of your big, beautiful cock.”

She was perched above his cock, her wet, fleshy lips pressed against the tip.

“And you’re gonna cum more than you’ve every cum before. Your milky white cum. Filling my throat.

And I’m going to drink it.




She closed her eyes and slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, letting the head push into her wet, fleshy lips as if penetrating the warmest, wettest, tightest pussy in the world.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” he moaned.

She began sucking him, and stroking him, in earnest, varying the motions to keep the sensations growing, building, becoming more and more intense.

He lifted his hips to fuck her face, thrusting his thick cock into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

It was a blow job for the ages. Licking and sucking and kissing his hard cock with abandon. She not only used her lips and tongue, she used her hands, and her face, and her hair.

Before long, his body was convulsing.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum soon!”

She released him with a smack.

“I want you to cum. Cum for me, Baby.”

She wrapped her lips around the head and slid slowly down the shaft.

His body twitched and jerked as electricity coursed through his limbs.

She massaged his balls, sliding his shaft deep into her throat.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried.

He held her head in his hands, lifted his pelvis, and exploded his cum deep in her throat. Her cheeks puffed but she continued to swallow him.

He shot another rope of milky cum deep inside her. And another. And another.

She couldn’t believe how much he was cumming. How much of the creamy white cum was shooting out of his cock.

But she was true to her word. She drank every last drop.

She slowly lifted her head until just the head was in her mouth. Then she flicked her tongue along the tender underside. It made his body spasm and sent aftershocks throughout his limbs.

She did this for the longest time. He had no idea that an orgasm could last so long.

It was the best and longest lasting orgasm of his life.

She slowly released him and lay on her side next to him.

“That was incredible,” he gasped. “The best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Told ya,” she smiled, cuddling next to him. “It’s kinda my specialty.”

“It’s a helluva specialty to have.”

“Do you have any specialties you wanna share?” she asked, coyly.

“Why? You want to keep going?”

“I was just thinking … I’m feeling so much better now. And Aaron’s gone for the next few hours. Unless you don’t want to…”


For Brandon, this was a welcomed, and totally unexpected, development.

He’d fantasized about this off and on ever since she moved into the apartment next door. But to this point, their relationship had been entirely platonic.

Not that he wanted it that way.

The fact is, he’d been crushing on her pretty hard for a while, but altıparmak escort he never had the nerve to tell her.

He always considered Jess to be out of his league.

A petite blond, with sexy green eyes and high cheekbones, she looked a little like the actress Scarlett Johansson. She was smart, had a great sense of humor, and was down-to-earth. Not to mention totally hot.

Totally unlike the women he usually dated.

He met her the day she moved in. He offered to help carry her boxes up the stairs. They’d been friends ever since.

Turns out her asshole of a boyfriend, a lawyer at a firm downtown, bolted after he found out she was pregnant. Seems that having a newborn wasn’t in his life plan. Schmuck.

Suddenly, she was a single Mom-to-be living alone.

Brandon stepped in as the supportive guy-next-door. They’d grocery shop together, exercise, watch TV shows. He made her laugh and lifted her spirits as her pregnancy progressed.

They were good buds.

Once the baby was born, Brandon found himself taking on a different kind of support role. He lived right across the hall and was working from home most of the time anyway. He’d watch Aaron while she ran errands and would change his diaper and give him a bath now and then.

He’d also make meals periodically. He’d call her up and say ‘Hey, I made too much, it’ll just go to waste’ and then bring over dinner for two wrapped in foil. While they ate, he’d entertain her with funny stories about his recent dates gone bad.

He made it a point to check in with her at least once a day. His favorite time was at night after Aaron was asleep. She’d call him and just say,”he’s down” and a minute later he’d show up at her door with a couple of cold beers.

They’d sit on the couch and just talk.

They’d talk about anything and everything. Some funny thing Aaron had done that day. The crazy personalities they dealt with in their work lives. Family issues. Things they wanted to do with their lives.

In other words, they’d become really good friends.

That’s why he was a bit shocked when she suggested she wanted take this step.


“So, are we taking this to another level?” he asked.

“Well, we’re taking it somewhere, that’s for sure.”

She had a penchant for understatement.

“Look, I don’t wanna look a gift horse in the mouth or anything. It’s just, we should probably talk about this. I mean, you’re my best friend, Jess. This is bound to change things.”

She looked at him with warmth in her eyes.

“I love how sensitive you are,” she smiled. “Most guys would just say ‘Hell yes! Let’s do this!’ and jump in the sack. You’d rather take care of our relationship.”

“Well, I’m not saying I don’t want to…”

“You care more about our friendship than some random act of crazed lovemaking.”

“I’m just saying we can do both. Maybe talk about it a little bit. Then carry on with the crazed lovemaking.”

She laughed.

“So, you ARE like other men. Just a tad more sensitive.”

“And that’s not a bad thing. Right?”

She just looked at him, shaking her head.


This is how it was with them. Their conversations were like pingpong matches. Back and forth. Joke after joke. WIth a dash of sarcasm thrown in.

They were like siblings. Or characters in a screwball comedy. They had come to know each other well, and they liked making each other laugh.

It was like they could finish each other’s sentences.

Behind their banter, though, was always an undercurrent of affection. And trust. Unlike siblings, their banter didn’t bite. Perhaps it was because of the way their relationship started.

When Brandon met Jess, she was at a particularly low point in her life. Thanks to the whole ordeal with her ex.

Colin — or as Brandon referred to him, Colon — came into her life via a dating app. He was hot and he knew it, with a cockiness that oozed from every pore.

He had the gift of gab and he spun elaborate fantasies about his life as a successful corporate lawyer. And her life as his significant other.

He swept her off her feet, painting a picture of a future life together that was filled with travel and adventure.

He’d implied, without coming out and promising anything, that she’d be at his side as he traveled the world doing legal work for his clients.

And he did take her places. Vegas for example. The problem was, he’d make her stay in the hotel room, awaiting his return. They’d fuck like rabbits and then he’d make her stay cooped up inside lest someone catch wind of her presence.

When she got pregnant, she had it in her mind that he’d be excited about it. He’d often told her how much he liked kids. Turns out that was just a ruse to get her to put out.

He reacted with anger, gave her money, and told her to “take care of it.”

He didn’t love her. He didn’t love anybody except himself. In spite of the stories he’d tell, he was a player, through and through.

Or, “a complete and total asshole” as Brandon put it. Which is why he called him “Colon.”

Jess broke off the relationship and decided to have the baby on her own. She moved from the city out to the ‘burbs to be closer to her folks.

She took advantage of her company’s parental leave policy, moved into her own place, and did her best to carry on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32