The 35 Centimeters

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It was some years when this happened. My english is not perfect- I am from a small village in Finland. I think I was 18 and I had no experience with girls but I knew what kind of things I like. I had been dreaming of a tall beautiful smart blonde with big tits. She was my favorite fantasy for few months, but soon I found that she was dating with an ice hockey player and was out of my reach. (Update 2010- Married and she has children)

Then I began looking around for a new girl who would make me hot. I noticed a smart redhead called Soile (Update 2010 – I ended up on the same jobsite with her father- She is living with someone) and she was in my mind for many moths. She had short hair, sexy soft voice and every time I heard her talk I felt warm and weak. I never told her that. She ended up with a boy from a rich family and I went to another school.

The next girl was something else. She came in front of me in stairs and I immediately felt interested, but It took me many moths to see her again. The same day I also saw the girl who sent me email yesterday. She has her first child and a husband already, but all the time we were studying together I wished I would be the one to marry her.

I was driving around with my car in the age of 19. There was some snow and temperature was quite cold. I think I took a friend of mine to town that night. It was probably Saturday because the he went to a nightclub that had 20-year age limit. I was in the mood of driving because I had a holiday from military service. I noticed two girls that were obviously feeling a bit cold. I parked my car in front of them and kept engine running. I also had a CD player and 12″ subwoofer in the back.

Soon the girls knocked on my window and the shorter girl asked:

“Can we com in and warm up for a while.”

I let them in and we talked for some time. I also said that I would offer my warm hands if any extra heat is needed and the redhead soon gave me her cold paw. The blonde was getting sleepy, so we took her home first. I felt like I had a chance of a lifetime to have sex. The other girl, 18-year old redhead sat back on my front seat and we drove until we stopped on a parking lot.

We started kissing and petting. It had been more or less an two hours since we met when I asked:

“My place, your place or dark forest road.”

She was red from another place than her hair. She said:

“father’s house is empty at the moment and isn’t anyone until next afternoon.”

She showed me the route and in few minutes we were on the front door. I read the last name in the door before I followed her.

We took some juice first and after our glasses were empty we headed to their living room. The house was very clean and I was still feeling lucky. She sat on my lap and we started kissing again. In fifteen minutes or something I had my hand inside her panties and she was willing to take off her clothes. We walked to her father’s bedroom and kept on our game of hide and seek. She obviously knew I would have come immediately if she had touched my rock hard cock. She was undressed much before me but she refused to let me eat her. She rather had fingers in and on her pussy and her mouth on mine until I felt she was really wet.

As I got rid of my clothes I wished I had a condom with me. I didn’t have one and she didn’t say a word to make me stop so I climbed on top of her body. She was short but not thin in any way. Not fat, not thin. Her breasts were small, but all that mattered to me was her furry wet cunt. I was afraid I might miss target and on my first attempt to enter her. I was just sliding on top of her belly. On third attempt she moved but I wasn’t sure if I had entered her. My cock was so hard that I didn’t seem to feel too well. As my balls hit her ass I felt I was in. I think she was no virgin no more and it was really difficult to know when I was going to redraw too much.

I tried to be slow because I wanted something to remember. In few minutes I felt her tummy tighten and she was few seconds nearly motionless. She just tried to hold me still and take a deep breath. I was afraid I was too rough and I kissed her again. Then I started to move again until she was again making me stop. The third time didn’t come because I finally pumped my come in her. Soon my cock was limp and since we were not sleepy she put the sheet into washing machine, we got dressed and after very short discussion we drove to my parents house.

I took her to my bed and in few minutes we were back to lovemaking. We didn’t spend too much time with foreplay. She was still hot and she had her and my juices dripping from her pussy. I fucked her slowly for an hour or so and I don’t know if she came or not.

Then we were feeling dirty and I took her to shower. I washed her with vanilla soap and we finally went to sleep. In the morning she remembered the sheets in the washing machine and I took her to her fathers place with my car. I gave her my card and before I left her I asked:

“What is your first name”

I escort mecidiyeköy had heard it some time of night, but I had forgotten it by morning. Then I left to get some more sleep. Since then I spend next 4 moths fucking her every time I had a chance. I don’t think I ever loved that girl, but she sure had wet and furry pussy that made me return to her every chance I got.

She was strange girl. She never let me lick her pussy, she blow me only once. She said anal sex is just for gay men. I missed her pussy, but not her dog, her family, her friends, or her attitude. She also wanted to marry young and have a child to love the sooner the better. After 4 moths she said she was just a fuck for me and dumped me.

I met a next interesting girl some months later in one of internet’s most popular dating forums. She was not too pretty but talkative and open to me from very beginning. It took me a year to actually meet her in person but I was glad I did. We met just twice on neutral ground before she visited me for the first time. I had been joking about cable ties, handcuffs, whip, strawberries and whipped cream. Or she thought I was joking until we came to my place for the first time. There was nothing special in the house, but once she sat on my bed she heard a noise. For some time I have had short chains hanging on the end of my bed and she was soon aware of them.

She asked what they were for and I told her the truth. They were waiting for a willing woman to be tied, spanked and fucked by me. She then noticed that there were two chains. She wanted to know what the second chain was for? Of course you have two hands and two feet, but if I ever have a girlfriend and a bisexual mistress I’d better be prepared for it. She laughed until I opened my drawer and took long black cable ties and a bit shorter white ones. She didn’t laugh any more, but instead she asked if I had ever tied and fucked anyone. Said I had tied a person and I had fucked a person, but I hadn’t done both of the things to same person or same time.

She said I could never tie her if I wanted to. I said I would tie her only if she wanted to be tied. She didn’t believe me not for a slightest bit, but she didn’t want to be tied to prove me I was wrong.

We spend a lovely evening in my house. We cooked a dinner together and ate in candlelight. We spend a lot of time outdoors just lying in the sun with our clothes on but my hands exploring her breasts. They were definitely the best part of her body. They were size of a grapefruit, soft, smooth and her nipples were easy to find. Once I had her nipples hard they were as big as head of my pinky.

We talked about past year and all the letters we had send to each other. I asked if I could eat some ice cream using her tummy as my plate. She didn’t take me too seriously until I had frozen strawberries and ice scream on my plate and I asked her to lift her T-shirt so I could get nasty. She laughed but also lifted her T-shirt reveling her flat belly. I took one strawberry and some ice cream and used the cold spoon to move the portion on her belly. She tensed up and was obviously surprised. She didn’t scream but I could se her feeling unpleasant. I put the empty spoon back on the plate and kissed belly near the ice. What are you doing she asked while I licked her belly clean for the first time.

I asked if she wanted to return the favor as I laid second cold spoon on her belly, this time a bit lower than the first one. You are going to ruin my pants with strawberries she said as I licked her belly for second time. This time she wasn’t laughing before the spoon hit her bellybutton. I then told her to lower her pants and panties or take them off to keep them clean. She let me finish my task before she took her pants off, but she refused to take her panties because we do have neighbors. I had eaten most of it when she admitted that she felt kinky in a way. I asked if she was kinky enough to return the favor.

She didn’t reply. She took a strawberry between her teeth and made slow circles on my belly. She really made me hot with the strawberry and she also licked the trace away. Then I fed her from my own mouth and soon we had finished our plate. Then I took her head on my chest and held her for few minutes. We saw the sun hide behind a cloud and I said that the sheep wants to be held too, so she went to hug our sun. She kissed me and said that it was time to take a step further. She was taller than me, so we maybe looked a bit silly walking toward door. I opened the door and she kissed me as she went in.

She was shy as she asked if she was pretty. I told her that she was one of the sexiest women I have ever seen and definitely the sexiest I had ever kissed. She felt good, because I was honest with her. She asked if I wanted to see trough her T-shirt and I said yes. I wanted to see her breasts while she was standing in front of me for the first time. I wanted to release her brassiere and try to support them with my hands. She came close to me and asked bayan escort me to be gentle because she didn’t want any marks to show she was with a man. I took my time releasing her bra and she removed her bra facing the wall. I asked her to show me her face and her nice soft tits. She was slow in her turn, but I kept my hand on her hips just above the waistband of her white panties. I kissed her lips, I kissed her hips, I kissed her big hard nipples and I tried to kiss everything from forehead to waistband. She was not responding the way I wanted her to respond and I laid her on my bed.

I asked what was wrong. First she said nothing, but she then told me she was not feeling good while someone could see her body. She also said she remembered the looks old men gave her and how she had feared nudity for years. I said everything would turn out just fine. I told her that she was the kind of girl I would run after. I kissed her and asked her if she ever masturbated. She nodded with red face. What do you dream of while you are on your own. She didn’t reply for a while, but as I caressed her belly and kissed her lips again she said something.

“I have never imagined my first time to be like this. I was quite certain it would be a drunk ugly old man who would just lift my shirt, lower my pants and force his way in. I never thought I would be caressed and held close like this. I never felt like I was the only woman on earth. I never felt this hot without putting my hands inside my pants”

She stopped and slipped one hand under her waistband lowering her panties few centimeters. I looked her in her eyes and asked if she really wanted this. She said she was scared, she said she wasn’t sure and she said she had a fire burning inside that she had to stop or make herself explode.

I took her hand and followed her hand under her waistband. She looked away before I asked I she had ever dreamed of anyone going down on her. She was red for few seconds so I asked who she had imagined sleeping with. She whispered she had had a thought of another woman, a beautiful brunette who dated an idiot boy friend. I was stunned, but I asked how she had wanted to be pleased by another woman. This time she was red for long time, so I said it must be kinky. She was red, but didn’t say a word. I asked if she had wanted her to save her cherry for the right man and she nodded. She asked me if I could keep a secret and I told that so far I have been the one she could trust.

She was red when she said she had a fantasy of a woman putting something big in her anus while she would masturbate herself. She asked not to think she was sick or anything. I kissed her again and told her in short words:

“When a woman is having a crush she kisses and likes to be kissed. When a woman is falling in love she also allows access to her pussy. But when a woman really loves a man or a woman she allows him to use all three holes, not maybe every night, but every two weeks or something.”

She smiled and asked:

“serious?”. I said:

” I’d love to see you prepare yourself to be butt fucked”. She was red but the color was fading. She said:

“I never heard of preparation to anal sex.”

I told her:

“enema or duce would make it more pleasant and clean”. She went pale as I described how to put water in and let it come out. She was quiet for some time, but when she left to toilet and I heard the water running. It took her fifteen minutes and she came out looking maybe a bit angry. She said some bad words and was getting some color to her face.

– Now I know what it feels like to be a dirty whore. I wont let you touch me ever again you liar

– How did I lie to you?

– There is no way a woman would go trough all this trouble to have sex

– I can show you a video If it makes you feel better

– Nothing makes me feel better. I trusted you…

– Let’s make a deal. I’ll show you the video and if you don’t believe me I’ll do the same for myself just to make you feel better

– You can skip the movie pal, but if you treat your ass the same way I did I may reconsider

– Do you want to have something to drink while I threat myself

– I knew that was coming. I don’t believe you

– Well then, you are free to join me

She was very quiet as she followed me to toilet. She was quiet as I sat and let the water flow, but she started talking as I wiped my ass.

– You seem to enjoy it, or at least you don’t look unhappy at all

– When the temperature is right and when I am on the mood it feels actually nice

– You are joking or you are more pervert than I ever thought you were.

– I am not joking. Now you have reconsidered, what is your conclusion?

– You have to show me the film. I know they are acting, but if they look like they are enjoying themselves afterwards you can tell me more”

I had just one old film that had the kind of scene. There were two women and the Japanese looking girl had a sort of pump she used to bayrampaşa escort bayan put the water in. After the girl was clean the Japanese looking lubricated her fingers and an average dildo and fucked the other girl in the ass.

My girl was still having her second thoughts, but she was so wet that I could smell it from short distance. She asked what the girls used as lubricant.

– I think she is using message oil or joy jelly. You can find two brands in a supermarket. They are the kind of lubricants that don’t damage rubbers that condoms are made of

– In what supermarket

– In several supermarkets. Look close to condoms and toothbrushes.

– Would you mind if I made a bet with you

– It depends on what I can win or lose.

– Lick me until I get my orgasm. Then we get dressed and visit a supermarket. If you are telling me the truth you buy one tube of it and as we are by the cashier you say to lady you are going to use it in less than 15 minutes. Do it and my ass is yours.

– That is a deal. Lie on your back and let me take a look what you have been hiding in there.

She took of her panties and led my head to her wet pussy. I licked her for a minute or so. She had waited for the kind of small but relaxing orgasm she got using her own fingers, but her emotional state and all the arousal made her climb a bit higher and she tried no to shout. I kept her high until she forced my head away. She was shaking for few seconds and it seemed like all her skin was feeling cold shivers. I kissed her and held her until she thanked me and started immediately putting her clothes on. I got into my shorts too and took my drivers license and some money with me.

We took my 2+2 seat car and drove to closest supermarket. I took a jar of the lubricant and walked to the cashier. I asked her to pick a number and she said 12. We went straight to the cashier.

– Hello, said the cashier

– Hello, I said

– Two fifteen please, anything else

– Here you are, I think I’ll have enough to do with this and I am going to use it in the ass of the lucky woman standing behind me and if I don’t get there in fifteen minutes she may have second thoughts. As I finished my sentence she ran through the cashier towards front door

– Here is your two eighty-five, If you don’t make it you know where to find me. Thank you.

– I’ll keep that in mind. I was feeling my face getting red.

The cashier was ex girl friend of one of my best friends,(update 2010 married 1 child) but we had hardly said a word to one another. I ran to the car and she was laughing as I sat into drivers seat.

– You old pervert. How can you say things like that to a stranger?

– I wasn’t joking, but she wished that I would be late and pick her up later.

– Step on it. You kept your word and I’ll keep mine.

We sat on my bed and kissed. She then turned to offer me her ass. I poured the lubricant on her ass just above her asshole and rubbed it. Then I entered her ass with one wet finger, two fingers and asked if she could take my 15 centimeters or should I get a 35-centimeter dildo to warm her up. She had one finger rubbing her clit so she just moaned yes. I pressed my cock on her entrance and slowly entered her well-lubricated asshole. She didn’t protest in any way and she wasn’t too tight in any way. She seemed to want more as I was in to the hilt. I caressed her back and tits the best I could. But my cock was very soon ready to explode.

I asked if I could shoot in her ass and she was moaning yes, yes. Those words were not meant to anyone, she was just moaning because she had just began to climax. I waited until she was quiet and shot my load in her with few short fast strokes. I took my shrinking cock out with an audible flop and she immediately turned her face to me and I missed the sight of her hole returning to normally closed state. She opened her mouth but didn’t lick me clean. She started talking instead.

– You really know how to entertain a woman, but I hoped something awesome

– You mean like 35 centimeters dildo splitting your ass?

– I am sorry, you made me feel dirty, but now I don’t feel bad any more

– What made the difference?

– I can talk to you. I can say how I feel and unlike the man I use to date you know the meaning of foreplay.

– I only wish I could practice more often with you

– I am afraid that won’t happen, but I will always remember this experience and your 35-centimeter joke

– That is no joke, why do you think I cleaned my ass for…

– Ok so tell me. I can take it

– Ass I told you I have a butt plug and a dildo just waiting to be used

– Not on me

– But If you remember what I said…

– You mean anything I do to you, you can do to me.

– Yes, and since you don’t have a cock you could use a dildo

– A 35 cm

– The 35 cm

– You are 10 cm shorter than me. If you can take it all the way it Ill promise that you are going to be the second person to have sex with me.

I went go get my hidden toy. She didn’t expect it to exist. Once she saw it her face was totally red. I handed her the monster size fake cock with large balls. She was still red when she noticed I wasn’t joking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32