The Amulet Ch. 02

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Holly lay there for a minute, slowly redressing. As she sat up, she finally saw me in the other room. Making no effort to cover up and still caressing the amulet, she asked how much I had seen.

“The whole thing!” I said, walking up to her. “You two put on quite a show! In fact, I found it quite arousing. Oh, don’t worry, I won’t be reprimanding you for cavorting on company time. Quite the contrary, you have all but proven something that I suspected since that necklace got here”

“Oh? And what’s that?” Holly inquired, widening her legs, her fingers still buried deep inside herself.

“In due time, Holly! In due time” I said, matter-of-factly, still staring at her sopping pussy. “Tell me…do you find Jonathan attractive, or just handy?”

“Very handy! But, not attractive. You on the other hand, I find attractive”

Strangely drawn to her, I stepped closer. “Are you bi?” I asked.

“Absolutely!.” she answered reaching up and cupping my face in her hands. Her musky scent, transferred from her fingers to my cheek, I found alluring, and letting my guard down, I allowed her to pull my face to hers. As our lips met, I felt an electrical charge pass between us. Her tongue slid into my mouth and the charge intensified. I tasted her, and enjoying the musky flavor, reciprocated. Our tongues fenced with each other, our tongue tips grazing against each others teeth. Her tongue in my mouth. My tongue in hers. I felt her teeth gently grabbing my lower lip, as the kiss deepened in length and intensity. Pulling away for a moment, she asked, “Are you bi?”

“Not that I was aware of…but I am curious!” I answered back, re- initiating the long slow lingering kiss. This time, I gently bit her upper lip as she chewed on my lower.

I felt her damp fingers guiding my hand to her small breast, pressing my palm into the prominent nipple. More electricity! The heat of her nipple against my palm caused me to moan into her mouth. She began to undress me, opening my blouse, and unclasping the front closure of my bra. My breasts sprang free and she released my lip, trailing kisses down my neck and throat, up the swell of my chest, finally engulfing my right nipple in her mouth. “Ohhh! God!” I moaned as her tongue swirled around my areola, barely grazing my stiffened nipple. Releasing my nipple with an audible plop, she kissed her way down the inner slope of my breasts, then up the other side. This time she attacked my nipple like a hungry baby, sucking hard, rasping her tongue against the stiffening nub.

Removing my hand from her breast, I pressed her head to my chest, holding her to me as I felt myself getting wet, very wet, my pussy responding to her attention to my cleavage. She continued to suckle, making me moan more, want more. Breaking the spell, she released my nipple, and smiling up at me, said, “Why don’t we continue this at my place after work?”

“What about Jonathan?” I replied, my disappointment in her stopping, very obvious.

“He can stop by later”, she said, her smile taking on an evil quality that I found quite appealing. “He’s young. He’s strong! He should be able to entertain both of us. Unless of course you feel greedy and want me all for yourself.”

I agreed to her proposal and let her re-dress, taking the necklace from her, intending to wear it tonight.

I arrived at her place promptly at 6. She greeted me at the door wearing an expensive looking silk kimono. Closing Kartal Escort the door, she pressed herself against me, kissing me gently on the lips. Again, the thrill of her kiss moistened me between the legs. Taking my hand and leading me to the couch, she renewed the kiss, pressing her tongue against my lips as she unbuttoned my blouse. Sliding the tip of her tongue along my teeth, she moaned into my mouth, unclasping my bra and freeing my breasts. With a flick of her fingers my blouse and bra slid to the floor. Her fingers danced over the orbs, avoiding my areolas, but still sending shivers up and down my spine, and increasing the dampness of arousal between my thighs.

I reached for the silk tie that held her kimono closed and pulled gently. The robe opened up to reveal her long legs, waxed pussy and pert little breasts. I pulled her close, pressing our breasts together as I deepened the kiss, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, swirling it around her oral cavity.

She broke the kiss, trailing her tongue across my cheek, to my ear, and whispered, “I’ve been looking forward to this!” Her tongue then traced a damp line around my earlobe as our nipples rubbed against each other, stiffening from the erotic contact.

I whispered back, “Since we aren’t at work, I’m no longer your boss, and you have more experience at this, I’m yours to do as you please.”

“Thank you!” she replied pressing her lips to my neck, kissing her way forward. Starting at my chin and moving slowly down my throat. The more she kissed, the wetter I became. “Why don’t you take off your skirt, then we can sit down.” she said, pushing on my shoulders.

I eagerly, quickly, skinned off the garment and my shoes, leaving me there in a pair of black lace boy shorts. “Those too!” she said, doffing the kimono and sitting next to me, handing me a glass of wine that had been conveniently sitting next to the couch.

“You think of everything, don’t you?” I said, smiling.

“This needs to be a night to remember, so everything must be just right.” she said sipping from her glass. Leaning in to me, she kissed me again, letting some of the wine dribble from her lips to mine. Pulling her close, I deepened the kiss again, sharing the deep red wine with her, as the electric shocks continued as our bodies molded to each other, lip to lip, breast to breast and pussy to pussy. “Mmmm! Your racing stripe tickles my clit.” she moaned.

Moving away, afraid that I was rushing things, I started to apologize. She re-pressed herself to me, gently grinding. “Just relax! You can’t do anything wrong!”

She went back to kissing my throat. Moving slowly downward toward my cleavage. Between kisses, she whispered, “Give yourself over to the moment.” So I sat there sipping on the glass of Syrah, surrendering to her tender assault. I don’t know which felt better, her lips and tongue on my throat, or her fingertips skating all over my breasts. Approaching the swell of my breasts with her lips, I moaned in anticipation of feeling her suckle on my nipples.

Her hands were now gliding over my belly, swirling slowly southward. Her kisses, starting between my breasts and alternating from one side to the other were making me drunk with lust. I wanted to feel more, but was nervous about it, having never been with a woman before.

“You have such a luscious body! Deliciously soft, but delicate!” she whispered, just before applying Pendik Escort her lips to my left nipple.

The shock to my system went through me like lightening, making my pussy gush as I threw my head back, moaning, as I came.

“The first of many!” she said, re-clamping her lips on the stiff nubbin, as her fingers floated through the stripe of red hair, caressing my thighs, smearing my essence, all over my highly charges sex.

“Inside me! Please!” I moaned, opening my legs to give her easier access, and clutching my hands in frustration.

“Patience!” she said, teasing my pussy without entering it, and dragging her tongue from one nipple to the other. “Here, play with these!” she said, our eyes locking as she guided my hand to her small, pointed breast. “Remember! Surrender to your feelings! You can’t do anything wrong!”

I felt another mini-orgasm as my fingers tweaked her nipple, and her fingers edged closer to the weeping hole of my pussy, her teeth grazing my nipple. “Ohhhh God!” I moaned, “Sooo good!…Please don’t stop!”

Letting go of my nipple, she trailed kisses down the underside of my breasts, relieving the nerve endings in my nipples. Her hand cupped over my pussy, pressing slightly on my clit. Her fingers now slid effortlessly inside me. My legs spread, affording her full access to the center of my sexual being. Curling her fingers inside, scraping them along the spongy tissue of my g-spot gave me another mini-orgasm, lubricating her fingers and my swollen pussylips. I thought she would stop, letting me regain some composure, but I was wrong. She continued to churn my insides, curling and uncurling her fingers, slapping at my outer lips, grazing my clit with her thumb, and still milking my tits, pulling at the nipples with her teeth.

“Ahhh! Ooooh! Oh God! Please…Please… Oh Fuck!” I babbled as she worked her magic on my ravaged cunt.

“Please what?” she demanded between bites on my nipples.

“Ahhhhh! Please…please…make me cum!” I blurted humping my hips against her hand and holding her head to my breast.

Renewing her assault, she shoved her fingers deep inside, churning the molten liquid within. The slap, slap of her hand on my pussy, the suckling noises of her lips on my breast, the pleasure-pain of her teeth against the ultra-sensitive flesh of my nipple sent me over the edge for the second time.

Howling and bucking, my pussy poured its contents all over her hand, down my thighs and ass onto the warm leather of the couch. Pulling her honey soaked fingers from me, I clutched my hand over my spasming cunt, letting the waves of pleasure wash over my entire body.

Still panting from the exertion, oblivious to my surroundings, I came down from the heights of bliss, only to see her licking the sweet liquid from her hand, and then kneeling over me, she brushed her lips against mine. I could smell myself on her lips. Instinctively, I knew what she wanted. I opened my lips and sent my tongue into her mouth in order to taste myself.

The kiss deepened, lasting for well over a minute, until she stood up. “Do you think you’re ready to do me now?” she whispered.

“I guess!” I replied nervously.

“Would you like to taste my pussy?”

“Yes! I would!” I said smiling as I lowered my face to her right nipple. “But, not just yet!” Brushing my lips against the dark pink skin of her areola. Trying to emulate Holly’s agonizingly Göztepe Escort slow conquest of me, I teased and stroked her nipples with my lips and tongue, alternating from left to right and back again. Meanwhile my hands roamed over her thighs, carefully avoiding the heavily moistened lips of her hairless vagina.

Finally satisfied that her nipples had been properly attended to, I kissed my way down her belly, tonguing her navel before descending to her eagerly awaiting pussy. Her scent filled my head, making me want to taste her again. My tongue slid up and down her weeping slit and I drank from her warm pussy, lapping up the heady sauce like a cat with cream. She moaned and her hand ran through my hair, holding me to her as her hips swayed, wiping her essence on my lips and nose. I breathed in more of her cunt’s perfume as my tongue delved deeper into her wetness. Alternating stabs and gentle swipes I reveled in the succulent flesh of her young sex. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I spread her pussy open , revealing her hooded clit.

“Suck it!” she said, hunching her hips up in invitation. “Please! Please?” she begged, pulling my head closer. “Make me cum!”

Pointing my tongue, I flicked it against the hood of her clit as I slipped a finger inside.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Suck my clit!” she panted, rucking her hips against my face. I moaned in response, smelling and tasting her cunt. “Another finger! And go deep!” she pleaded, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

My lips wrapped around her clit and my tongue rasping against the sensitive bud brought her closer to what I hoped would be an explosive orgasm, as intense as the one she rewarded me with earlier. My middle and ring fingers were embedded in her wetness, curling and uncurling, stabbing and withdrawing, making her wiggle uncontrollably.

“Fist me! Please? Oh God. Please?” she moaned, reaching down and trying to pull my hand out.

Folding my fingers together and nesting my thumb in my palm, I pushed gently, watching as my hand slipped slowly inside. Her pussylips stretched, accepting my hand and she egged me on pleading for me to shove my hand deep inside.

“Ahhhh! Yes! That’s it!” she screamed as my wrist was enveloped by the incredibly tight, elastic flesh of her cunt. Gently tugging and pushing I fucked in and out of her, my hand coated with her juices. Her head lolled back and forth as she babbled incoherently. Her hands were tugging at her small pointed breasts. She was rapidly approaching the zenith of feelings and I returned to her clit, rubbing it with broad strokes of my tongue and humming lowly, my tongue vibrating as it whipped back and forth against her stiffened clit.

That sent her over the edge. Thrashing against my hand and lips she howled as her body screamed for release. Her cunt pulsated, squeezing and releasing my hand, while issuing copious quantities of cum, soaking my hand and forearm.

Slowly pulling my hand free, I sucked up as much of her musky oil as I could, offering her my soaked fingers to lick. Voraciously, she accepted, sucking on each digit as I cleaned up the river of cum still leaking from her stretched pussy. Taking my time I crawled up her body until our lips met and I let her feast on her own essence. Rolling her over so she was laying on top of me, lip to lip, nipple to nipple, and pussy to pussy we molded ourselves together, kissing and caressing for several minutes until we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Holly called out, “Come on in! It’s not locked!”

In a total panic, I pushed her off of me, searching for something to cover myself with.

“Relax!” she said, renewing our kiss “Its only Jonathan!”

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