The Architect’s Girl Ch. 01

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To truly appreciate this tale, you must first understand the case of one Erin Alice Dotson.

Growing up, Erin was the bane of her father’s existence. Her mother had perished in childbirth, leaving her to imitate her father for much of her life. She was a tomboy; she loved to climb trees, skinny dip, and flirt with the girls. The trouble was, the girls always spurned her advances. They thought she was a weird freak that should be avoided, and this opinion eventually became a shared view. She ended up being homeschooled to prevent bullying, and she came to feel more at home in a workshop than she did in a school. Still, she did try to fit in; she pulled pranks on neighborhood kids and adults alike; she learned to climb trees, run, and swim as fast as – if not faster than – most of the boys she knew; and she got arrested – twice – for shoplifting. She tried Marlboros but found that she didn’t like them; she tried Coors and Miller but found that she wasn’t the drinking type; and she smoked a bong one night with some local kids – only to discover that she much preferred to have her wits about her. She ended up being a lonely, tomboyish skateboarder with a penchant for mathematics and construction. She went through college to become an architect and eventually became a contractual worker for SWC, a company that designed housing in suburban and rural areas. She has worked with other architects and landscapers for the last five years, and she has earned a decent living.

When she was twenty-two, however, she began moonlighting as a domme at a local dungeon. Finding that she enjoyed it immensely, she talked to one of the other dommes about getting into BDSM in her personal life. Through various dommes, she managed to contact a slave trader – not the illegal kind but the kind that deals in submissives-for-hire. She tried out a couple of women before finding her favorite – an adorable redhead with gorgeous blue eyes, a petite nose, pouty lips, and plenty of curves. She had been trained well and Erin had watched her at several group scenes being trained. When she was satisfied, she bought a one-year contract and named her new pet Ginger. She had a phone conversation with her prior to their official relationship; during this conversation, Ginger was told exactly how she was to present herself and what would be expected of her.

On the day that they officially met, Erin had spent the morning drawing up a schematic for someone. He canceled their afternoon meeting due to a family emergency, which worked out well for Erin. She locked the plans up, took a shower, and dressed for her new slave; of course, what she wore wouldn’t really matter – but the reader shall see why soon enough. She chose a pink Hanky Panky low-rise thong made by Neiman Marcus and a pair of matching pink tights; then she slipped into a hot-pink corset and donned a pair of panda earrings. Finally, she put on some dark-red lipstick and made her brown eyes stand out a bit more with violet eye shadow. Smiling into the mirror at her brunette blunt bob, she thought about all the wonderful things she was going to make her new slave do to her. Her smile faded as the door bell rang in her ears; it was time to meet her slave and make sure she was following instructions. If she didn’t obey Erin from the word go, she would be punished.

When she opened the front door of her two-story Victorian, she saw that at least some of the instructions had been followed. Before her stood a gorgeous woman with short hair as red as fire worn loose, her back to the door and a purple blindfold in the girl’s outstretched hand. She eyed Ginger’s overalls, which conformed well to her body, and blue Reeboks. Erin had given Ginger a choice of colors for her socks and shoes but had not allowed her to wear a shirt, bra, or underwear. As instructed, she also wore no jewelry.

“Those eyes had better be closed,” Erin said sharply as she stepped onto her stone patio.

The girl’s eyes were closed. She took the blindfold and wrapped it tightly around the girl’s head. She tied it into a double-knot and told the girl to put her hands behind her back. She handcuffed her, the steel tight but not tight enough to cut off circulation; Then she attached a chain to the cuffs’ links.

“From now on, you will call me Mistress. You will speak only when spoken to; you do what I say when, where, and how I say in a timely fashion; you will not complain or comment; and you will never wear shoes inside my house. Unless I say you can speak, you will nod or shake your head when I ask you a question. Understood? You may speak.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand,” Ginger replied.

“Good. Your name is Ginger. Repeat it.”

Ginger repeated it.


Ginger said her name again. It did not matter what her name had been prior to her contractual enslavement. Ginger was her name now, and it would be her name for as long as her contract existed. Erin instructed Ginger to take three steps backward and warned her that there was a lip; she did so without speaking. She slipped off her Reeboks at Erin’s command, which Erin then put in the hall closet behind the door. Maltepe Esmer Escort She led her two more steps into the house and then proceeded to fasten the numerous locks upon the door; she was very security-conscious. Finally, she led Ginger backward through the house, slowly but not too slowly, and onto the landing. She guided her down the stairs into the basement, over to the center of the room, and commanded her to sit down; she did so, and she also crossed her legs when commanded.

“One last thing, and then we will discuss something. Remove your socks with your teeth – first one, and then the other – and toss them off to your left.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ginger replied.

Erin slapped Ginger hard on the right cheek of her face.

“Do not speak without being told to. Understand?”

Ginger nodded silently.

“You may speak.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“Good. Then do what I told you to do.”

Ginger complied, though it took her a few moments. When she finally had her right sock in her teeth and had managed to completely pull the little white thing off, she tossed it off to the left as commanded. Then she got to work on the left sock, all with Erin supervising her. When Ginger was done, Erin picked up her pet’s socks and dropped them into a small basket near the stairs. She then brought over a chair and set it down about three feet from where Ginger rested. She undid the buttons on Ginger’s overalls but let the straps hang over her shoulders. She pulled Ginger’s hair back and pulled out a blue scrunchie; she tied Ginger’s hair into a tight ponytail. She clipped the chain attached to Ginger’s handcuffs to a large key ring bolted to the saw horse behind Ginger before going to a cabinet along the wall near the stairs. She unlocked it, pulled out a red leather collar with diamond studs and an iron ring, and locked the cabinet.

“There are a couple of more rules I need to go over with you. The first, and most important by far, is the safe word. Yours will be banana; regardless of what I’m doing to you, you should be able to say that without much trouble. Practice saying it now.”


“Tell me what your safe word is, Ginger.”

“My safe word is banana, Mistress.”

“Say it again.”

“My safe word is banana, Mistress.”

“Good. Remember that at all times. I will ask you what your safe word is later, and you had better know it. I will tell you to recite it on occasion, and you had better know it then as well. Now, on to other rules. If you are a very good girl, I will reward you. Some rewards will require instructions; some will not. I will decide when and how best to reward you, and for what reason. Understand? You may speak.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“Good. When you are not a good girl, you will be punished. I want you to say, ‘when I am bad, Mistress will punish me’. Say it now.”

“When I am bad,” Ginger said, “Mistress will punish me.”

“Good,” Erin replied. “Say it again.”

“When I am bad, Mistress will punish me.”


“When I am bad, Mistress will punish me.”

“Good girl. Now, You are currently chained to a saw horse. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Erin slapped Ginger hard, just as she had before.

“Do you know what a saw horse is?”

Ginger nodded wordlessly this time.

“Good. I am going to put this collar on you, and you will never take it off. When I take you with me, I will put on your leash. I want you to get on your knees. Do not knock the saw horse over or you will be severely punished.”

It took a bit of doing because she did not have the use of her hands but Ginger finally managed to get her legs turned around. When she was on her knees, sitting comfortably, Erin got up. She picked up a short whip from a nearby table and smacked it hard across the upturned bottoms of Ginger’s feet.

“I told you to get on your knees, not sit on them. Now get on your knees!”

Ginger could not help but cry out when her feet were struck but she was silent as she straightened her body. Erin put down the whip and put the collar around Ginger’s neck. She pulled it tight but made sure that her slave could breathe. Then she ran a hand over her pet’s head, enjoying the feel of her hair. She smiled, though her slave could not see it.

“You will serve me well, my fun little whore.”

Erin kissed the top of Ginger’s forehead and sat back down on the chair.

“You may relax.”

Ginger did so.

“What is your safe word? Speak.”

“My safe word is banana, Mistress.”

“Good. What happens when you are bad?”

“When I am bad, Mistress will punish me.”

“Yes. I am going to do some work now. You will not move. You will not speak. You will not disturb the saw horse, no matter what you hear or feel.”

With that, Erin began a personal project that she had been meaning to do but hadn’t gotten around to. Since her meeting with the landscaper had been canceled, she had some free time on her hands. She pulled another saw horse over and set a large piece of plywood Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort upon the pair. Positioning it perfectly, she put on four clamps. True to the command of her Mistress, Ginger did not disturb the saw horse. Erin put a large schematic of a sixteenth-century sailing ship on the plywood and lined it up with the edges; she outlined the paper on the plywood with a blue marker, set the paper aside, and grabbed a saw.

“Do not move, Ginger.”

Ginger did not move as she began to cut the plywood away. She used the edge of the schematic to draw a line from the corner of her cut to the other side of the plywood and proceeded to cut off the left half of the sheet. When she was done, she set the cut half and two of the clamps aside. She cut the remainder of her piece and set the excess aside.

“Mistress? May I go to the bathroom, please?”

Erin looked at her for a moment before she did anything. She put down her plywood and picked up a ball gag. Forcing Ginger’s mouth open, she shoved the gag inside and pulled the strap over Ginger’s head; she let go of it, letting it snap painfully against the back of her pet’s neck.

“No. I will tell you when you may go to the bathroom. I told you that you would be punished if you were a bad girl; you didn’t listen. You must now wear this gag until I say otherwise. Nod if you understand.”

Ginger nodded.

“Good. If you move or speak again, you will be punished again.”

Erin set to work sanding down the plywood piece that she had cut. When she was finished, she pulled the second saw horse closer to the first and laid the board atop it. Her slave moved, however, and received a sharp crack of the whip to her feet in punishment; Erin’s pet cried out at the first strike and at the four consecutive strikes that followed.

“Quiet, slave, or I’ll whip you again.”

She spread glue along the outer edges of the plywood and then across the field. She set the schematic very carefully onto the plywood and then set the project aside to dry. Picking up the larger piece of scrap plywood, she set up the table once more and put some frame-cut pieces of wood upon it. She lined them with glue, piece by piece, and pounded two nails into each of the two sides. Then she did the same thing for the two ends of the bottom piece of the frame. This, too, she set aside to dry. The frame pieces had been sanded earlier or she would have done so prior to putting them together. She decided to see how her slave was doing; Ginger had not moved at all since her last punishment, nor had she said anything. Detaching the chain from her handcuffs and the saw horse, she reattached one end to the ring on the collar.

“Stand up.”

Ginger stood and followed Erin obediently. She went up the stairs, down the hall, through the living room, and into the kitchen. Standing before the sink, Ginger’s straps were pulled off of her shoulders and she was uncuffed.

“You will feel what you need with your hands and you will do the same job that someone else would do while being able to see. Right now, your job is to do the dishes.”

Erin pointed out where things were and guided her slave as she needed. Then she let her go. She watched her half-naked slave girl as she slowly but carefully lathered up each dish, getting soap and hot water all over her forearms. Ginger even splashed a little soap on her size-40D tits by accident. Erin had specifically requested a pair of 40Ds as they were her perfect size, although her own 32Cs were nothing to gawk at; they were attractive enough, though. It took her slave almost an hour to do the dishes. When she was done, her arms and chest were both soaking wet; there was still a little soap on her tits.

“Come with me, my pet.”

Erin led Ginger by the chain to the front door, where she forced her to lay upon her back. Her tits were exposed but her legs were still covered by her overalls. She was told to lay there with her arms at her sides and not move until Erin said, no matter what she felt. She detached the chain from her collar and opened the front door. After a few moments, right on time, a contractor showed up. He was also a dom, though he was straight, and he had no problem wiping his work boots off on Ginger’s side before removing them. Ginger had moved her right arm when she felt it but she quickly stilled her body. The action had not gone unnoticed by Erin. When the contractor had exchanged the information he needed to with Erin, he used Ginger’s stomach as a stool to put his boots back on. Then he left. As soon as he was gone, Erin went to the basement and returned with the short whip. She snapped Ginger’s breasts hard five times.

“I told you not to move, you stupid little whore. Now apologize.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress!” Erin’s pet replied.


“I’m really sorry, Mistress!”

“Say you won’t do it again.”

“I won’t do it again, Mistress.”

“Promise me, and apologize.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I won’t do it again, I promise!”

“You had better not. Now, I’m going to have some friends come over. You’d better be a good Maltepe Evi Olan Escort girl. If you are, I’ll reward you. If not, you’ll be punished. Understood?”

Ginger nodded silently, and Erin went to make a couple phone calls. When her friends showed up, the pizza had already arrived. They wiped their shoes off on Ginger’s stomach, arm, shoulder, and tits before putting their shoes away. One of the girls took off her socks and shoved them both in Ginger’s mouth; Eliza grinned wickedly as she stepped on Ginger’s stomach and then walked away. The girls had a long chat about what was going on at their various places of employment; about boys (or girls, in the case of Erin and Genevieve); about gossip in the media; and so on. It was nearly two hours later that, one by one, Erin’s friends finally began to leave. Eliza was one of the first to leave; she used Ginger as a stool to put on her shoes and then removed her socks from Ginger’s mouth; she put them in her pocket and walked out the door, stepping on Ginger’s stomach again. Genevieve, Lisa, and Rachel all used Ginger in the same manner; Rachel tweaked Ginger’s right nipple with a grin before she left. When they were all gone and Erin had fastened all the locks, she told Ginger to stand up; Ginger did, although she winced as she did so. That Eliza had been particularly cruel, although the others hadn’t been much better. Then again, that had been the whole point. What better way to reinforce the idea that Ginger was just a slave than to use her for a door mat?

“You need a bath before I’m going to put my feet on you, Ginger. But you were a really good girl so you get a treat. Get on your knees.”

Ginger got on her knees. Erin commanded her to pull her tights down a little, which she did. She commanded Ginger to pull the fabric of Erin’s underwear aside, which she did.

“For your reward, my lovely pet, you get to bring me to orgasm. Start slow, work me gently, and build up to passion.”

Erin held Ginger by the ponytail as she gently kissed Erin’s pussy. Her pet’s lips met those of her pussy several times before her pet’s tongue began to slowly wet and caress Erin’s pink folds. Ginger slowly ran her tongue along the tender pink folds, making them tremble, before finally sliding her tongue deeper and deeper between them. Erin began breathing more heavily as Ginger licked the walls of her pussy, and her grip on Ginger’s ponytail got tighter and tighter. Erin was tempted to remove her pet’s blindfold so that she could see what she was doing and enjoy the beauty of it as well as the sweet taste, yet she refrained. The blindfold made this hotter, and dealing with Eliza for two hours – a true blonde if there ever was one – had made Erin need this. She moaned a little as her pet’s pace increased, Ginger’s tongue stimulating all the juices of Erin’s pussy with little effort. She grunted as a brief spasm took her, only to let out a breath she didn’t know that she’d been holding.

“Yes, my cute little whore, just like that,” she told her slave. “Now faster.”

Ginger moved her tongue a little faster.

“Deeper. Find my favorite spot,” Erin commanded.

Ginger licked the walls of Erin’s pussy a little bit faster and pushed her tongue ever-deeper into the tight confines.

“Use your fingers.”

She put first one, and then a second finger into Erin’s pussy.


Erin was in ecstasy. Ginger’s tongue and two fingers slid past one another as they massaged Erin’s pussy, eliciting moans and the occasional gasp. Her loudest gasp yet came when Ginger finally touched her g-spot. She put a third finger in and, at her Mistress’s command, worked Erin’s pussy even faster. She moved her three fingers and her tongue in harmony inside Erin, like a piano player teasing the ultimate instrument.

“More…more!” cried Erin as her g-spot was toyed with again and again.

Wave after wave of fire spread throughout Erin’s body, nearly blinding her. She gripped her pet’s ponytail tighter than ever, almost ripping it out of Ginger’s head, yet Ginger did not complain; she just moved her fingers and tongue faster still, teasing Erin’s g-spot as she fingered and tongue-fucked Erin’s pussy with abandon. Erin slapped her hand against the door frame for support as she cried out yet wordlessly. She cried out again as another jolt ripped through her body. All her nerves were screaming for release.

“Don’t stop…don’t stop…” she was whispering harshly. “Don’t you dare stop. More…more…keep going…nnnnnnn…ye…yessss…nnnnn…”

Erin held back as much as she could but she wouldn’t be able to stop it for much longer.

“Beg me to let you swallow, whore.”

“Please, Mistress, let me swallow.”

“Swallow WHAT, whore?”

“Please, Mistress, let me swallow your cum!”

“Swallow it!”

Finally, Erin could hold back no longer. The three fingers teasing her g-spot and the tongue massaging the walls of her wet pussy was too much for her to handle. She cried out, louder than before and repeatedly, as her body began to shake. Her orgasm had her screaming in no time at all, and Ginger was slurping up her juices as though her life depended upon them. The whole time, Erin held Ginger’s ponytail tightly. She held her head there, forcing her to clean up Erin’s pussy. When she was done, Erin pulled Ginger’s face away. She knelt down and licked her pussy juices from Ginger’s face.

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