The Artifact Shop Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a series. I hope you like it!


I laid back in Lydia’s bed, curled up next to her. We were under the covers naked after having sex. She was spooning me and snoring. I snuggled up back to her. At the same time, I felt awful; she didn’t know it was just me in a woman’s body. But I was also scared that her knowing what I’d done would make her hate me. Shaking my head slightly, I put all thoughts of hiding it out of my head. I needed to do the right thing. Tomorrow morning, I would tell her.

I woke up the next morning alone, with the sun streaming through the curtains. The duvet was pushed away from Lydia’s side of the bed. Pushing the covers away, I got up and put my clothing on. Walking downstairs, I found Lydia making some eggs.

“Hey, Emma. Have a nice rest?”

I sat down in one of the chairs across from her. She slid one of the scrambled eggs onto my plate, and I took a bit. It was heavenly. “Mmmphh. Yeah, I did. These are delicious,” I said out of the corner of my mouth.

She took a bite of them. “Mm. Yeah, these are good.”

I twiddled the fork between my fingers. “Lydia?”

Lydia looked up from her plate with a mouthful of eggs. “Mmm?”

“There’s…something I’ve got to tell you.”

She put her fork down and swallowed. “Alright, what is it?”

And then I told her the whole story.


It took about half an hour for me to explain it all. At the end of it, I tensed up, preparing for her to either kick me out or not believe me.

Instead, she seemed deep in thought. “So you liked me enough to change everything about you so I’d like you back?”

There didn’t seem like a good answer here, so I decided to respond honestly. “Yeah.”

She looked up at me. “You didn’t have to do that…”

“I felt like I had to.”

Lydia shook her head. “Look, can you take the bracelet off for now.”

I pulled my arms close to my sides. “I’m…starting to like being female.”

She shook her head again. “Please, just take it off for now!”

Sighing, I tap on my wrist, hoping that the bracelet would come off. I realized then I didn’t know how to remove the bracelet. Probably about 40 hours too late…

“Uh…I don’t know how to…”

She stared at me before raising her hands to the bridge of her nose and rubbing it. “So not only did you use magic to seduce me and transform yourself, but you did it without even knowing how to REVERSE it?”

I olgun porno looked down at my feet. “Yeah…”

She groaned. “Fine. Where did you get this…thing?”

I stood in front of the store that I’d just yesterday entered as a guy. There was a slight breeze, and the road was silent other than what sounded like wind chimes.

Pushing open the door, it looked like the store hadn’t changed since yesterday. The same strange, ageless woman, who’d called herself Erin, stood behind the counter.

“Ah, Emm-a? Nice save back there.” She looked at Lydia. “Oh, is this her?” She gracefully walked over. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lydia. I’m Erin.”

Lydia seemed spooked that she knew her name. “Can you g-get this bracelet off of my friend?”

She seemed surprised. “I can’t. But I can give you something that should help a little.” She rooted around under the front counter for much longer than the small space would imply she was able to, and pulled out what looked like a large, pink, double-ended dildo. “For this one, you need to…” She trailed off and gave us a look. Nothing more was said. We walked out with it in a nondescript bag.


Back at Lydia’s house, we lay naked on the floor of the living room. The dildo lay between us.

“Well,” she said. “I, uh…guess it’s time.” Things had gotten really awkward and I mentally hit myself for telling her. It could have been fine.

“Yeah.” We’d also bought a bottle of just regular lubricant. I poured it over the dildo. Lydia held out her hand, somewhat embarrassed. I put some in her hand, and she rubbed it over her pussy, letting out a slight sigh of pleasure. This was almost clinical, I thought, as I followed suit. We scooted across the carpet closer together. I took one end of the dildo and inserted it into me. One of the three lights in the middle lit up.

Lydia took the other end and stuck it into her. The second light lit up. The third light between the two, however, remained darkened.

“Why isn’t it working?” Lydia said, frustrated. I shrugged and, in doing so, accidentally slightly pushed myself forward on the dildo. The middle light flickered briefly, and when I tried to pull back, I found that I was stuck!

“I think you have to put it in all the way,” I said. I moved my hips down to the middle point, inserting the dildo all the way into me. A dim glow came from the middle light, and one of the side lights turned white.

Lydia porno sighed and thrust forward, matching my position. Her light turned white, and the middle light illuminated. Just then, I felt a suction down below, and with a thunk the two of us were pulled into direct contact, unable to pull away.

I heard a muffled female voice come from the dildo. “Calibrating…please wait.” With a jolt, the machine began to vibrate slowly. We both gasped and tried to pull back, but we were stuck. A small stick came out of the middle of the dildo we shared and began to encircle us. After fully surrounding us, it began to compress inwards, pushing us close together, forcing us to touch in every possible location. I could feel the vibrations getting stronger, and the sensations of pleasure seemed to be traveling up my whole body.

Lydia let out a gasp, and I looked over at her. Her form seemed to be shifting, and it seemed almost liquid. I looked down at my hands and saw that they seemed to be shifting as well. It seemed to be linked to the feelings of pleasure, and as they traveled up my spine, I felt them get even more intense. They tickled the back of my head and then permeated my whole body, and I felt myself coming close to an orgasm. Every part of my body seemed to be radiating with sexual pleasure, and every second it felt better. I looked over at Lydia and saw her back arching and a white glow emanating from her whole form; it seemed to be coming from me, too. The pressure built, and built…and finally, with a feeling like my whole body bursting, Lydia and I both came with screams of ecstasy, and the whole world faded to black.


I awoke on the floor, feeling exhausted. The carpet was slightly singed, but we both seemed to be fine. The dildo was off to the side, covered in our cum and lubricant. But there was a note on top. Reaching over to grab it, I noticed Lydia seemed to look a little different, but shrugged it off for the moment, and looked over the note.

“This is an artifact that will change the user’s biology. They will be able to change their appearance at will to any form they wish.”

Below that, there was a handwritten addendum:

“Emma, this should solve your issue for now.”

I looked down at my hands. A small tremor ran along them as I stared, watching hairs grow and muscles develop as I returned to my male body.

Lydia had woken up at some point and watched. She’d figured Porno izle out what was going on, and as I watched, her form seemed to ripple and then settled. In front of me she stood, with a few minor changes. She seemed to have changed her hair color to a light pink, and given herself a pixie cut; her breasts were a little larger, a little perkier; her hips were slightly wider, and her stomach was a little smaller. Small things.

I looked her up and down. She posed dramatically and I snickered. The tension that had filled the room before was gone. I could only think of one thing to ask her:

“Why didn’t you just dye your hair or get it cut before you had magical shapeshifting powers?”

She shrugged. “Didn’t want to upset my parents. They think I’m straight. But now that I can reverse it immediately, I figured why the hell not?”

I nodded. “Fair enough.”

Our laughter faded, and the same awkward tension that had filled the room before came back as we both realized we were naked. I awkwardly covered my crotch before realizing there was another solution. Concentrating, I felt the weight between my legs growing smaller and smaller, and with a pop it was gone. I ran my hand over the spot and felt smooth, hairless skin. Nothing there at all.

Lydia seemed to be watching with amusement. “I want to try something,” she said, and furrowed her eyebrows. I watched her form changing and shifting. Her breasts grew smaller and smaller, and her form became more blocky. She coughed as her voice changed. I saw the folds of her pussy lips engorging, and her clitoris swelling and pushing outwards into a penis, the lips becoming her balls.

In front of me stood Lydia, with a male form.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. “Whoa,” he said. “This is…different.” He touched his neck, not used to the vibrations going through them. I looked at him, up and down. He seemed to be well proportioned: not too muscular, fat, or thin. He was attractive but not stunning, and as I looked down below his waist, I realized I’d subconsciously started changing back into the feminine form, and I was starting to drip a bit down below. The man stared at me. “Well, I’m glad you like it. It’s definitely something to get used to.”

“Okay, two things,” I said. “One, what should I call you? Lydia doesn’t really work anymore.”

He pondered for a moment. “How about Lydian?”

I nodded at Lydian. “Sure, that works.”

He smiled. “And the second thing?”

This one I was a little more sheepish about, and I blushed as I said “Do you want to know what it’s like to have sex as a guy?”

Lydian started, but then grinned. “I do. Would you be willing to assist?”

I grinned right back at him. “Absolutely.”

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