The Artist

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Her husband had just left and she started getting ready to go out, she was excited at the prospect of what she was about to do. Her heart pounded faster in her chest as she tightened the corset strings, encasing her slim body in tight black satin. She put on her boots, he liked those she remembered as she fastened them at her thigh. She checked herself in the mirror and smiled. She had been looking forward to today, the day it was finally going to happen. He was an artist and she had offered him something that he found very hard to refuse. She was going to model for him.

She slipped her long black coat around her, grabbed her bag and walked out of the flat, the cold air making her naked skin tingle, she found the thrill of being almost naked under her coat was making her pussy wet with anticipation. She would be at his studio soon and then the fun would begin.

He hadn’t been an artist for long, and was excited at this prospect, never before had he had a model like her, one that excited him so much. This one was different from people he had drawn at collage or in studios. Every time they met he could sense the sexual tension, and now she had agreed to model for him, the very thought of her aroused him.

He heard a Maltepe Escort knock at the door, it was her! The thought made him slightly harder in his jeans. He went to open the door, determined to act professional, he lead her to his studio. Asking her to make herself ready he sat and watched. His heart pounding as he watched her strip…

She could see he was aroused, his jeans were tight and she could see his erect cock straining against the fabric. He began to draw, watching his hands move across the paper she began to imagine what they would feel like caressing every inch of her body, in a dream like state she closed her eyes, her hands wandering over her naked body until one came to rest upon her pert breast and the other could feel the moistness between her thighs, Her fingers exploring every inch of her aching pussy. It felt fantastic she could feel herself coming closer and closer to orgasm.

He couldn’t concentrate, watching her fingers explore her pussy, they were slick with her love now, her breathing intensifying as he drew near. He couldn’t cope much longer now and undid his jeans, his hard cock fell out, the head glistening with drops of pre-cum. He started stroking slightly as he ran his İstanbul Escort free hand over her body, his head inching closer to her breasts. Her nipples were erect and he cupped her breast in his hand taking her nipple into his mouth. Circling it with his tongue, feeling it get harder.

As he cupped her breast with one hand she reached up and pulled him to her, her soft lips meeting his in a passionate kiss, her tongue gently massaging his. Her hand found his erect cock and grasped it tightly, stroking its full length, he was as big as she had imagined she could feel him thrusting against her and knew he was about to cum so she took him deep into her mouth and gently started to suck, he let out a loud moan as he trust deeper into her throat, she felt him cum and tasted him for the first time, she longed to feel him inside her, but not yet she pushed him downwards wanting him to taste her longing for him. She gasped as his tongue delved deep into her pussy, flicking her clitoris.

He felt her wet all over his mouth. Her taste ran over his face and tongue as her pussy writhed to his touch, he could feel her hump against him and looking up, he looked up at her face and it was in ecstasy. Her eyes were Anadolu Yakası Escort closed but her mouth was open, a small drop of his cum still on her lips. She was moving more intensely, obviously on the verge of cumming. Her cropped pubic hair was brushing against his face and he was hard again.

As he played with himself she tightened against him as she began to cum. The feeling was so intense, she moaned loudly, begging him to enter her. Slowly he kissed his way up her warm body taking each nipple in his mouth, teasing the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock. With a quick thrust he was inside her, it felt fantastic as she wrapped her long legs around him, she matched his thrusts, the feeling of him inside her was making her pussy throb with excitement, she knew he could feel it and wanted to watch as he enjoyed every inch of her.

She rolled him on to his back, straddling him, taking his cock deeper in to her wet pussy, her hands enjoying her breasts and the feel of her erect nipples, his hand joined hers the feel of his hands on her skin gave her goose bumps, with on hand she reached down to play with her clitoris, she could feel his cock beginning to quiver, and the swell of her orgasm deep inside her, with one last deep thrust he came his warm cum filling her.

He kissed her as they lay together both glowing from the fun they had shared, he whispered in her ear that he would need a second sitting if he were to finish the picture and she knew that it would never be finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32