The Awakening of Alicia Ch. 03

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Marina awoke in her stepdaughter’s bed, Alicia still sleeping soundly beside her. At first, the young woman felt pangs of remorse, but those passed quickly. Alicia had been the aggressor, it had been the young blonde making all the choices. The guilt she felt was for having sex behind her husband’s back. She vowed to herself that Jim would never, never find out about the goings-on.

She felt Alicia stir and wake beside her. The pretty girl opened her eyes and leaned forward, kissing Marina softly. “Good morning” she said to Marina. “Last night was wonderful, thank you. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.”

Marina was determined and told the girl “Nothing comes next, young lady. It was wonderful, yes, sexy, kinky and fun. But we shouldn’t have done that. I betrayed your father’s trust. Besides, you have classes today.”

The cold look crossed over Alicia’s face, her blue eyes turned icy. “I think you’re forgetting who is calling the shots around here Marina – it isn’t you. For my next little escapade, I want to get fucked – and fucked well.”

Marina was truly terrified. She knew if Alicia told her father, she risked losing her husband. There was also her terror at their being caught by Jim.

“Alicia, be reasonable. What if your father were to catch us?”

A cruel smile crossed the girl’s lips. “You had better make sure he doesn’t, Stepmommy.” The smile lost its cruelty and Alicia grinned. “Now, we need to find some hot stud to put his cock in me – and if you behave, maybe I’ll let you fuck him too. As a matter of fact, I’ll insist on it.”

Alicia continued on. “I don’t want one of those idiot jocks from school, but I don’t want some creepy older guy either. You have any ideas?”

Marina smiled again. “Older men can be pretty good honey. Your father’s good in the sack.” She giggled, not believing she’d said that.

Alicia giggled as well. “I know – you’re a little noisy, I can hear you.”

Marina felt her cheeks flush. “Well, your father certainly has an eye for a pretty girls.”

Alicia nodded. She had even caught her father checking her out once in a while, which was kind of flattering. Most girls liked to be thought attractive, she also figured that might be the reason her Daddy didn’t object to her too-skimpy bikinis.

Alicia got her mind back on business. “Do you have any candidates Marina?”

Marina had been giving it some thought, but she didn’t know if he’d consider it. “Well, before I met your wonderful father, I was seeing this man who’s a pretty good fuck. He can be very gentle, or very wild, but I don’t know …. “

Alicia cut her off. “He sounds perfect. What’s the catch?”

Marina smiled again. “Well, Roger lives in Vegas, so I don’t know if he’d be willing …. “

Alicia giggled. “Marina, could it hurt to call him? Tell him there’s two hot, fuckable women and it’s worth it to get his butt out here. Heck, tell him I’ll pay for his plane ticket, I’ve got a Credit Card.”

Marina thought it over. “In for a Penny, in for a Pound” she thought and remembered that Roger had a few good qualities that might help her control her wild little stepdaughter. She made the call.

“Hiya babe, I heard you got married. I’m surprised to be hearing from you.”

Marina explained the entire situation to her ex-lover. She could hear him chuckling in the background.

“Let me get this straight. I get a free flight, I get fed, I get to fuck a sexy blonde nineteen-year old, possibly fuck my horny little ex again? Geez hon, where’s the catch?”

Marina explained the “catch” and she heard him laughing once again.

It was about 8 at night when Alicia and Marina heard the cab pull up in the driveway. Marina could see the excitement in the girl’s eyes and she had to admit, she was excited again too. She promised herself when all of this was over, she’d never, ever fuck another man but her Jim again, but the prospect of feeling Roger’s big cock inside her again was not an unpleasant one.

Both women had dressed for the occasion, Marina had told Alicia that Roger liked “Vampy”, so they’d dressed appropriately. Marina was dressed in her slinkiest, tightest gown, a silver silk slit thigh-high. Alicia was wearing a short, black cocktail dress, Marina had done her makeup and hair. Alicia was wearing it up for a change, she even wore dangly, silver earrings.

Marina opened the door and gave Roger a big hug. “Wow!” was all he could say. Alicia moved towards him and held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Alicia. You’ll be fucking me tonight.”

Roger was taken momentarily aback by the young blonde’s boldness and her sexy good looks, but Marina had already told him a good portion of it was a front. He gave her a warm smile and a nod.

Alicia was pleased with Marina’s choice for her first time with a man. Roger was a hunk, beefy and tall, she figured around 6′. He had wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes, his jaw was firm, and from what she could see under the brown jacket and pants he was wearing, gaziantep escort bayan he seemed to have a nice build.

Neither woman wanted to forget the social amenities, so they invited Roger in for a drink and something to eat. “He’ll need to keep his strength up tonight!” Alicia had told Marina with a soft giggle. She and Marina prepared some finger foods and chilled a nice Zinfandel for Roger’s arrival.

He sat on the couch and chatted with Marina, but Alicia’s eyes never left him. He had a roguish charm and Alicia couldn’t wait to get him in the sack. Finally growing impatient, the spoiled teen stood up and said “Okay people, enough chit-chat. Let’s get this party started!’

She walked over to Roger and planted a strong kiss on his lips, his hands cupped her ass through the tiny cocktail dress she was wearing. Roger thought the little bitch had a great ass, he couldn’t wait to see it naked. He winked at Marina, they had a few surprises of their own for the young blonde.

Marina led the pair upstairs to Alicia’s bedroom. She was pleased to see that Alicia was attracted to Roger, she hoped that would make things go a little smoother.

The pair stood at the door of the room, kissing, Roger was removing his jacket and Alicia was unbuttoning his shirt. She was right, she thought, he had a great chest and was in good shape. She couldn’t wait to fuck this man.

“Marina, come over here and help me get him ready!” Alicia said in a somewhat snippy tone. Marina was going to say something, but thought better of it and joined her stepdaughter in undressing Roger. He was down to his boxers when Alicia turned to Marina and said to the pretty brunette “Please, show me what to do.” Marina smiled.

She led Roger over to the comfortable bed and sat him down. She gestured to Alicia, saying “Get Naked” as she slipped one strap of her dress down her shoulders, then the other. She shimmied out of her dress and stood before Roger in pale-blue bra and panties and white silk stockings and high heels.

Alicia made a little show of her stripping, all her lingerie was black, she too, wore stockings and heels. Roger let out a little wolf-whistle and the girls both giggled. In a few minutes, all Marina and Alicia had on were their heels and stockings.

“I’ll show you what to do, follow my lead” Marina instructed Alicia. She knelt down beside the bed and grabbed Roger’s cock, stroking it gently for a few minutes. “Men like to be played with for a bit, it makes them comfortable!” Marina told Alicia.

Alicia watched, her blue eyes dancing as she took in the sight of her sexy stepmother fondling Roger’s manhood. A few seconds later, Marina took it into her mouth and began to lick it, starting at the purple mushroom head and slithering her tongue all the way down his veiny shaft. She repeated this motion a few times and then took all of him deep in her throat and sucked for a few minutes.

“Now, you try!” Marina told Alicia, who was only to happy to do just that. She wanted some cock, wanted it desperately and took Roger in her greedy lips. She sucked, licked, slurped at his shaft with somewhat less finesse than Marina, but she was certainly enthusiastic.

Marina watched Alicia sucking cock and felt her own lusts rising. The girl’s own inherent sexuality did indeed arouse her, it was going to be hard to give up all the wild fun when Jim returned home in a few more days. She liked watching Alicia, despite all the bitchiness, the little girl was darned sexy.

“Okay, we’re both coming up there to play with you – and you get to play with us, okay?” Alicia said to Roger.

Roger had no problem with that, he watched the girls get on either side of him and watched the sensual, dark Marina lapping at his balls while the perky, sexy blonde Alicia took his cock and licked at it some more. He was rock-hard, but he knew there was more action ahead.

He saw Alicia spread her legs and gesture towards her pussy. “I’ve found out I like having a girl eat my pussy … ” she nodded towards Marina ” … time to find out if I like having you eat me. Go for it, stud.”

Roger had no problem with that, the girl’s cute adorable pussy was certainly tasty looking. He zeroed in on it and began licking while her stepmom, his ex, continued her manipulations of his hard cock.

He’d had a few flings since Marina had left Vegas, but no one matched her fire, her overall enthusiasm for sexual escapades. He had no idea how she’d gotten mixed up in all this, but from their brief talk, he knew Alicia was in for a few surprises of her own.

His tongue moved all over Alicia’s sweet snatch, he could feel Marina’s dark eyes watching him as he tasted the girl. She was sweet, such a hot, wet pussy, Marina had been right about that. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock into the depths of her pussy and fuck her innocent-looking body.

Alicia had a few surprises though. She pushed him away from her pussy and looked him deeply in the eyes. gaziantep eve gelen escort “You do that very well lover. Now, I want to watch you fuck Marina!”

Marina lifted her head up from Roger’s cock, not quite sure if she’d heard the girl right. “What? Why do you want him to fuck me first?”

Another evil smile crossed Alicia’s face. “Baby, I want to see his technique. I want to watch you two fuck, stepmommy dearest, and see your hot cunt wrapped around his big old cock. Once you’re begging for it, I’ll make him stop – and fuck me first!”

Marina gritted her teeth – there was still a goodly portion of bitch in Alicia’s personality. She had a few ideas on how to change that, but for now, nodded and moved in close to Roger.

“Take me from behind, Roger lover, I know you liked that!” Marina said, wiggling her tush at him. He was the guest, he should get a few treats. Roger grinned, grabbed the sensual brunette by the hips and slid his cock balls-deep within her cunt, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Ohhh, fuck. Good cock. Such a good, good, fucking cock. Oh Alicia, you’ve got to have this cock in you baby, he’s so fucking good!” Marina sing-songed as Roger fucked her deeply.

Roger hadn’t forgotten what a wild fuck Marina was, she was so sexy, whippet-slender and fucked with an intensity few women possessed. Her body began to glisten from her exertions and he knew her eyes were likely ablaze with heat as he sunk his shaft into her and fucked her hard.

“Okay – that’s enough for now Marina!” Alicia said with a hint of cruelty to her tone. “Roger, time to get over here and give my little puss a good dose of dick!”

Marina smiled, Roger caught the smile as he moved towards Alicia. It was time to put their plan into action. As he moved closer to Alicia, she didn’t see Marina move away from the bed and reach into the nightstand.

As Roger was moving towards her, Alicia wanted his cock, yearned for it. She was facing the headboard, she wanted to feel the big shaft sinking deeply into her cunt. She wanted Roger to fuck the ….


“Hey, what the fuck is going on?” Alicia yelled in a rage, Marina had handcuffed both of her wrists to the posts of the headboard. “You’d better let me go, bitch!” she growled at Marina.

“Oh, I don’t think so. Your days of being nasty and making demands are almost over.” Marina said with a self-satisfied smirk. “Roger?”

Roger’s face broke out in a grin as the plan he and his onetime-lover had concocted over the phone came to fruition. He swatted the cheeks of Alicia’s ass a few times, she howled in protest. “You’ve been a very, very bad girl Alicia, and you need to be punished.” Alicia whimpered a little, but didn’t say much of anything.

He licked at her soft pussy a few more times, then shoved his cock into the girl, fucking her. He was only slightly angry at her haughty personality, but Marina had told him what she was up to and he was only too happy to help. Still, he didn’t REALLY want to hurt her, so he moved slowly, gently within her, fucking her with a strong, steady motion. She began to churn her hips against him as he sunk deeper within her, really beginning to love the feeling of having her first man inside her cunt. “Oooh, feels good Roger, that’s it baby, fuck me, fuck my naughty pussy!”

Roger was grinning broadly. This cute little chickie was going to be an amazing fuck when she got some more experience, she was pretty good now. Her pussy was snapped tight around his invading cock, he grabbed her smooth-skinned hips and began to fuck her a bit harder.

“Oooh, that’s much better baby, give it to me! I can take it, I love being fucked, oh God, I love being fucked!” Alicia yelled out, enjoying the debauchery of being fucked by this near-stranger.

Alicia yanked at the handcuffs, trying in vain to get free, finally giving up. She had to admit though, they added a new element of kink, and the now ex-virgin felt her pussy warming even more at that thought. As he was fucking her harder, she felt Roger’s skilled hands squeezing her delicate breasts, her somewhat-rough hands felt so sexy against her tender skin.

Alicia was loving every moment of Roger’s fucking. As he moved his cock in and out of her wet pussy, it seemed he was focusing solely on her pleasure. Little cries escaped her lips, she was more aroused than she could ever remember being, she had to remember to thank Marina for recommending this magnificent stud.

As she had that thought, she wondered “Where IS Marina anyway?” She didn’t feel Marina’s additional weight on the bed and as she turned her head, she didn’t see her stepmother anywhere in the room.

Oh well – Alicia just concentrated on fucking Roger back, giving her new stud a great ride, taking as much of him as she could with her inexperienced pussy. She wriggled and writhed against him, feeling her body’s passion rise, elated at every second he gaziantep evi olan escort was deep within her.

All of a sudden, Alicia saw a brief flash and heard the sound of a camera. She looked over to see Marina taking pictures of her and Roger in the act of copulation.

“What the FUCK do you think you’re doing?” Alicia hissed, momentarily halting the fuck she was sharing with Roger.

“Balancing the scales!” Marina said, walking over to the bed. “You see, little miss, blackmailing me was not a smart thing to do. Now I have pictures of you fucking Roger – in YOUR bed – just what do you think Daddy would do if he saw those, hmmm?”

Alicia’s heart sank. Marina had her cold, dammit. She had to admire the woman’s ingenuity though, she might have just met her match.

“Okay Marina, you’re holding the cards. What do you want to do?”

Marina leaned over and kissed her stepdaughter softly on the lips. “YOU’RE going to treat me with respect. We have to get along, for your father’s sake. I do agree, you’re right, you need a life of your own and your father needs to see that. So, for now, if you behave, we might just have some more fun!”

Alicia’s eyes lit up once more. “You mean, we can keep doing this? You’ll keep helping me?”

Marina nodded, a light smile crossed her lips. “Yes, and had you asked nicely in the first place, I might have even then. Although I don’t know if it would have been as wild. However, that’s all water under the bridge. I’ll continue to help you, but we have to be extremely careful. Agreed?”

Alicia nodded and she felt Marina’s lips brush hers in the gentlest of kisses. A rush of – love, perhaps, she wasn’t sure – came over her, she certainly admired Marina in a way she hadn’t before.

“Okay Alicia, let’s get these things off of you!” She reached out to unlock the handcuffs and free Alicia.

“NO!” the girl yelled, startling both her companions. “I – I kinda like them. Leave them on for now, okay?”

Marina smiled as she and Alicia swapped tongues again. She could tell things were going to be much different from now on, and wondered how she was going to keep her hands off this little blonde darling. Oh well, she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.

She and Alicia were kissing now, more ardently, much more affectionately than previously. Marina looked over at Roger and the lovely brunette nodded, Roger slid his cock back into Alicia’s wet pussy.

“FUCK HER this time Roger. Harder, make her feel it!”

“God, YES, that’s what I WANT!” Alicia howled as Roger picked up the tempo. He began to fuck the still-shackled teen with deep, penetrating strokes, their bodies slapping together as he fucked her. He heard her screams and looked at Marina’s eyes, almost wild with lust as she watched the screwing twosome beside her.

Alicia came moments later, her first orgasm with a man. She screamed loud and long, relishing every second of it. She felt Marina’s gentle hands unlock the handcuffs and freeing her.

Alicia rubbed her wrists and turned to face her stepmother. She shouldn’t be feeling this passionate, this soon, but she was sure her earlier scorn had turned to love. She kissed Marina once more, fondling her naked body, loving the closeness she now felt for the sexy brunette.

Alicia’s own passion was mirrored in Marina’s eyes and they kissed as lovers do, gently, slowly, consummating their mutual desire and need. When they broke apart, both young women were breathing heavily.

“See? Isn’t that much nicer than fighting?”

Alicia nodded. “I guess we kissed and made – out!” Marina groaned at the horrible pun.

Alicia’s gentle hands were caressing Marina’s body, reheating her desire. “I think you should get fucked too, baby!” Alicia said. She pouted a bit. “And poor Roger, he hasn’t cum yet. We are being very rude to our guest.”

Roger laughed heartily. “Hey, do you hear me complaining?”

“You’d better not!” Alicia said with a mock sternness. “Come on lover, get over here and fuck my `Mommy’!”

“Hang on baby, I have a better idea. Scooch your cute body to the top of the bed and spread those pretty legs wide. Mmm, love those stockings darling. Okay, I’m going to suck your pussy, Roger, you put that big cock in my pussy and fuck me until I can’t think straight!”

At the first contact of Marina’s licking pink tongue on her clit, Alicia hit the ceiling. She could see Roger’s cock moving in and out of Marina’s cunt and all she could think of was how sexy Marina looked while being fucked. She had a lewd thought for later, she’d ask Marina if she could “spy” on her and her father fucking. She had to wonder what her daddy looked like fucking. She imagined he must be good, to snag a sexpot like Marina.

Marina’s tongue dabbed at Alicia’s pussy and clit as Roger’s cock pumped in and out of her pussy, viciously, with heat. She could tell her ex-boyfriend was aching to cum and her body ached a bit too, so she decided to speed up the process. She moved back against him, she put a little more “naughty” into her loving of Alicia, she yelled out for him to “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” knowing lewd words always made Roger cum. She could feel Roger’s cock pulsate and tense, Marina knew she was getting to him. She began to fingerfuck Alicia and yelled out “Let’s make him cum, you horny little BITCH!”

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