The Babysitter

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Ben often did a lot of baby sitting, just to get some extra money to spend when he went to University this year. He had a few regular families in the village; most of the kids were aged between 5 -12. However, there was one family whose child they wanted baby-sitting, was a damn sight older than that. The Patrick’s were a very strict family, they very rarely went out, only to play bridge. They did not let their daughter go out. Sophie was in college, and was a very quiet girl. Whenever Ben went over to sit for the Patrick’s, she would sit in her room and read.

Ben was an attractive young man, 5’10, black hair and clean-shaven. All the mothers in the village wished their daughters would bring him home, probably to look at him themselves. Ben was an active sports player; he played rugby regularly and squash at least twice a week. This meant that he had a very fit body, muscular and toned. He went down the local pub quite often, where he would play pool, get pissed, and inevitably take one of the admiring girl’s back to his bed to fuck. He never had anything other than a sexual relationship with the girls from the village, but they worshipped him no matter.

It was a January night, and Ben was walking up the village to the Patrick’s. He always enjoyed going there, as Sophie never bothered him, he could watch TV or sleep all night. He rang the doorbell and stepped back from the door. Mrs Patrick answered the door.

“Evening Ben, how are you?” she asked.

“Very well thank-you, and you?” Ben replied. He was always polite, and this was why a lot of the families liked him.

“Mustn’t grumble, we going to bridge at the Connor’s tonight.” She said as she ushered him through the door.

Ben walked through to the living room, and was surprised to see Sophie sitting on one of the sofas watching TV.

“Hi Sophie, how are you?” Ben asked.

“Fine!” Sophie snapped back.

This didn’t surprise Ben at all, as she was never the happiest of people. Mr. Patrick walked through the room, mumbling to himself.

“Come on then women, else we will never get there!” he snapped “oh, hello Ben.”

“Evening Mr. Patrick.”

“Right don’t talk him death then Sophie,” Mr. Patrick said sarcastically. Sophie just let out a grunt, and a small smile, as if to say ‘fuck off dad’. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick walked out the front door, mumbling at each other, and shouting that they might be late tonight. Ben sat down on a chair in the living room, and started to watch the TV, a documentary of the sexual cycle of the Hippo. ‘Oh brilliant’ thought Ben to himself. He looked at Sophie, as she watched the TV intently, she was quite an attractive girl, about 5’4, brown hair down to her shoulders, her face was innocent, cute and kind of baby looking. She was wearing baggy track-suit bottoms and a sweatshirt, so it was hard for Ben to make out what her figure was like, but she wasn’t overweight, so he thought it would probably be quite nice.

The commercial blazed out on the TV, which caused Ben to drag his stare away from Sophie.

“Would you like something to drink?” Sophie asked. This was probably the most she had ever spoken to Ben.

“No I’m fine thanks.” Ben replied.

Sophie got up from the sofa and wandered to the kitchen. Ben took a good look at her body when she walked. The shape of her breasts could be seen, they seemed large and pert, when she turned round, her bottom looked nice and firm as well. This was the first time Ben had properly looked at Sophie, and he found very attractive. She walked back through carrying a glass of squash; she glanced at Ben, and caught him looking directly at her. Ben, being a lady’s man, looked straight into her eyes, not fearing anything. Sophie quickly looked down, sat back in her seat and took a sip of her drink. She quickly glanced at Ben, seeing that he was still staring at her; she made a wry smile and looked back at the TV.

Ben kept glancing over to look at Sophie throughout the duration of the documentary. Occasionally he would catch Sophie looking at him, at which point she would move uncomfortable of the sofa and focus on the TV. By the end of the programme, Ben knew that he wanted Sophie, and badly. But this girl was different to the others, they all made moves on Ben, making it easy for him. If he wanted Sophie he would have to do it! They kept watching TV for a while, both exchanging glances at each other. Sophie was growing aware of the feelings she was having towards Ben.

Sophie had never been interested in boys before, she had never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and suffice to say Ataşehir Escort she was a virgin. She had never experienced an orgasm before; she had heard other girls at school talking about them, but never had one. In the last month she had started to experiment with her body, touching her nipples, stroking her pussy. Every time she had done this, she felt a slight tingle through her body, but she had been scared to continue. As she sat there looking at Ben, looking at his fit body, his attractive face, she started to feel the tingle all over her body. Her knickers started to feel a bit damp, and she thought that it might show on her tracksuit bottoms. We this fear, she slyly moved her hand down between her legs and felt her crotch, as yet she could not feel the dampness soaking through to her joggers.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ben saw her do this, this got him excited and his cock started to twitch to life. With the fear of the wet spot appearing, Sophie got up to go and change. Ben watched as she walked up the stairs, her breasts bouncing up and down as she went up the stairs. Sophie ran into her bedroom, and quickly took her joggers off, she ran her finger over her pants, and was amazed to find how wet they were. As she touched herself, the tingles ran all over her body, more than ever before, she started to breathe heavily. She whipped her hand from her crotch, and calmed herself down. Never had she felt liked this before, she loved the feeling, she started to think about Ben, how he would look naked, what his penis would look like, she had never seen a penis before, how big would it be? As she thought about this, her hand slipped down to her pussy again, gently touching it, rubbing it. All of a sudden she heard a creak on the landing.

“Sophie, are you OK?” Ben asked.

Sophie removed her hands, and put on a pair of dark shorts, so as not to show her wetness.

“Yes, I’m…I’m fine!” she splurged out, still breathing erratically.

She opened the door, and saw Ben in the landing. How gorgeous he looked, his body was so firm, his jeans were tight around his legs, his top tight on his chest. Ben turned around to go down the stairs, Sophie looked in aura as his firm bum went down the stairs, she couldn’t cope, she had to touch him soon else she was going to faint. She followed him down the stairs and sat back on the couch. Ben looked as she past his chair, he got a faint smell of her when she past, as Ben had been with many women before, he could tell the smell of sex. This turned him on immensely and his cock twitched again. He looked at her newly revealed legs, they were good legs, slender and firm, this caused his cock to push up more. Ben couldn’t take it anymore, he had to do or say something.

“So…which lucky bloke are you seeing at the moment?” Ben asked.

“Erh… none, I don’t have much luck with blokes really.” She replied

“No way.” Ben said with false surprise “I’d thought the blokes would be swarming around you.”

“No, I can’t seem to find one that likes me. But to be honest I haven’t really seen one I like yet. Well not until….” she stopped mid sentence, she couldn’t say that.

“Until what?” Ben asked, knowing full well that she meant him.

“Nothing. Doesn’t matter.” Sophie thought she was in too deep.

“Till you met me!” Ben said confidently. Knowing full well that before the night was out he would have his hands on this untouched innocent little beauty. Sophie looked shocked, though deep inside excited that Ben had made the first move. She didn’t know what to say, to deny, to admit or say nothing and hope Ben would say something.

“I’m right aren’t I?” Ben said confidently “Your all excited because I’m here, looking at you. You like me looking at you, while you touch yourself.”

Shit! Sophie thought, he saw me. What could she do now, the truth was out. Should she just get up and throw herself on him. There were so many scenarios running through her head, she didn’t know what to do or say, all she knew is that she wanted to touch Ben. Then, out of the blue, Ben got up and walked towards Sophie, he sat next to here on the sofa, just far away not to touch her.

“So, are you going to do something, or am I going to have to start it off.” He asked.

“OK” she whispered.

“OK what, you want me to start?”

Sophie just nodded, to excited, to scared to say anything. Ben rubbed his hand on Sophie’s leg, running it up to her thigh and back down again. As soon as he touched her, Sophie twitched, a shock ran through her body, his touch was so soft, the feeling Kadıköy Escort was greater than she thought it could ever be. He put his hand on her chin, and pulled her face towards his. She was looking down, trying not to make eye contact. He raised her face and made eye contact, he could see the fear in her face.

“Don’t worry” he whispered.

He moved his face closer to hers, and gently kissed her, brushing her lips with his tongue. He drew back to see her eyes were closed, he moved back and kissed her again, this time he slipped his tongue in to her mouth, and played with her tongue. Fireworks were going of in Sophie’s head, and in her groin. She had never felt such pleasure; she moved her hands and held Ben’s broad shoulders. She opened her mouth wider, and slipped her tongue into his mouth, she loved it, and she never wanted it to end. Ben leaned towards her, and pushed her back into the side of the sofa, she leant back, with Ben leaning on her. She could feel Ben’s body on top of her, pressing her breasts, his hands had moved to her back, slowly rubbing her lower back. The sensation going on in her pussy was amazing, nothing she had felt before. Then Sophie said something she couldn’t believe came out of her mouth.

“Touch me”

“All over” she whispered.

Ben didn’t need a second invitation. He leaned back up, and took his top off, revealing his masculine body, muscles rippling. Sophie reached out and touched his chest, rubbing her hands over his pecks and nipples, which by this time had hardened slightly. Ben then put his hands around Sophie, lifted her up and placed her gently on the floor. Sophie lay there admiring Ben’s body, when he picked up her left leg and started to kiss her foot, then her calf, then her knee. Sophie closed her eyes and let his tongue wander up her leg, her pussy was tingling with anticipation, the thought of Ben touching it drove her wild. He ran his tongue down the inside of her milky thigh, stopping before he reached her pussy, his nose pressed against her shorts, he took a deep breathe and he could feel the wetness on his nose. His cock was pounding against his jeans, he was so hard, the smell of her, the touch of her skin drove him mad with passion.

Ben moved up over her shorts and he gently rose her top up, showing him her beautiful flat stomach, he continued to slide his tongue up her, around her navel. He pushed her top up some more, to see the bottom of her breasts; she had no bra on. His lips moved up, and he started to kiss the base of her breasts, every kiss was met with a quiet moan from Sophie. He eventually moved her top over her breasts, exposing her nipples which where large and hard. Sophie leaned up and took her top of completely.

Ben’s hands moved around and slowly caressed her breasts, kneading them in his palms, rubbing her hard buds with the palm of his hands. Ben’s right leg was between hers; she felt it slightly press against her pussy mound, causing a small shock to happen. She then pushed her pussy onto his leg, softly at first, but as he continued to feel her breasts, she pushed harder. Ben then took a nipple in his lips, softly kissing it, running his tongue around and over it. Sophie placed her hands on the back of his head and pushed him harder on to her breasts.

Ben’s cock was as hard as rock by now, trying as hard as it could to get out of his pants. Ben moved around, so that he could rub his hard cock, up against Sophie’s pussy. This was the first time Sophie had felt a cock anywhere on her body, it seemed huge, she wanted to touch it. She moved her hand down and gently rubbed over Ben’s jeans, the touch of her hand, sent a twitch through Ben’s body, she reacted by rubbing harder. Ben sat up on his knees, and pulled Sophie’s hand onto his bulging jeans, slowly rubbing her hand over his cock.

He then unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them, along with his boxers, down to his knees. Sophie couldn’t believe what she saw, it was amazing, big (at least she thought it looked big, but having never seen one before she couldn’t tell, she estimated it at being about 8 inches long, and 2 inches thick), it stood upright against his stomach. She pushed her hand back, and wrapped it around his throbbing manhood. It was to big for just one hand so Ben put her other hand on it.

It was so warm, and hard, the top was more swollen than the shaft. Ben started to move her hands up and down his shaft, every time she went over his swollen head, he would moan. As she did this, pre-cum started to ooze from his tip. She rubbed it over his tip. Ben was kneeling there, Bostancı Escort eyes closed, moaning gently as she stroked his cock. Enough was enough, he had to put this in her soon, or else he would shoot all over her. He removed her hands, and put his hands on the top of her shorts, Sophie raised her ass, and Ben slipped of her shorts. This revealed a very plain pair of white cotton panties, which were soaked around her crotch.

Sophie leaned back and closed her eyes. Ben then ran one finger from the top of her pubic mound, down over her pussy lips. With this Sophie let out a small gasp, and pushed herself against his hand. He then rubbed his hand all over her pussy, as she gently ground herself against his hand. She started to breathe heavily; she had never felt this before. Ben moved his hand and pulled her panties of, revealing a very dark bush, which was glistening with her juices. Sophie never said anything, she just laid they, letting out quiet groans. Ben bent down spread her legs wider, so he could see his target to its full extent. He positioned his face just infront of it, her pubes tickling his nose. He blow softly onto her lips, at which she jolted over her body, he then stuck his tongue out and pushed against her puffed lips.

He ran his tongue all around her lips, licking the juices of her, he would apply slight pressure to her now exposed hard bud. This drove her wild, she had obviously never had this done before, Ben lent forward and kissed her lips, tasting her juices, then he kissed her clit. This sent tremors all the way through her body, he then sucked on it, licked it, flicked it with his tongue. All this while one hand was playing with her nipples, and the other rubbing her swollen, wet pussy lips. She was moaning louder, pushing herself closer to him, he knew she was on the verge of what he knew was her first ever orgasm. He sucked hard on her clit, and slowly insert a finger into her love hole, not too far, but far enough to send her over the edge.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy Gooooooodddddd” Sophie screamed.

At which point, her body convulsed, her breathing was very heavy, and her pussy started to flex. Ripples of pleasure, ecstasy, spread all over Sophie’s body, she was in heaven. As Ben knelt there, floods of Sophie’s juices came out of her as she had her first orgasm. She tasted so sweet; he lapped at her juices as they ran down her pussy and on her ass. She lay there for a minute, as Ben licked her clean, running his tongue all over her.

“I want you to take my virginity.” She said softly.

“Are you sure?”

“Definite, I want to feel you in me.” She replied.

Ben moved up her body, trailing kisses up her body. He slowly guided his hard, throbbing cock, into her. He inserted his tip gently; she was tight, but wet enough for it to glide in. As he pushed it in gently, Sophie let out little gasps of pleasure. He then felt the resistance he expected, Ben held her tightly, and pushed his way through it. Sophie let out a cry of pain, Ben held her for a while, not moving. He let her calm down and then he pushed his cock in the full way, she felt so tight. He started to push his cock in and out of her, at first she just laid there, but then she started to push her hips up to meet him, to get his cock deeper into her pulsating pussy. They started to get a steady rhythm going, both of them intertwined with each other, there lips locked. As Ben started to push harder, Sophie could feel herself coming close to cumming again; she stopped kissing him and started to push as hard as she could against him, groaning louder and louder. Ben was also getting close to shooting his load. All of a sudden Ben worked himself into a frenzy, pushing hard, moaning out louder.

“AAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH” he screamed

His body tensed, his eyes glazed over, his legs went all limp. He proceeded to shoot what seemed endless amounts of cum into Sophie’s cunt. Spurt after spurt hit her. As soon as that happened, the feeling of his was cream inside her sent Sophie back over the edge, she let out a large gasp, held Ben tightly, digging her finger into his back, as she tensed all over with pleasure, and had another orgasm.

They lay for a minute of two, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Ben opened his eyes, and looked at Sophie, that was the best fuck of his life, FROM A VIRGIN. All he could think off, was what she would be like with more experience.

“You were awesome.” He said.

“Really, you’re not just saying that?”

“No, that was the best.”

“Good, because I’m sure I’ll only get better.”

She looked into his eyes, and kissed him. Him knowing that he would try and fuck her as often as possible. She knew that she was good, she knew he would always be there to fuck, and she knew that this had opened her eyes to life, and boy, was she going to fucking live it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32