The Baptist Ch. 06

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Sally and Jack were a very happy couple. Their sex life had dramatically improved and both their libidos were higher than they had been in years. Jack did not know what had happened but he was very pleased. Sally had very guilty feelings over what she had done with Josh but could not help but like the way things had changed and she owed most of this to Josh. Josh had awakened feelings in Sally that she thought were dead. Now they had arisen and Jack was also the beneficiary.

“Jack, get up. We are going to be late for Church,” Sally said to Jack as she shook the bed.

“Okay, I’m up,” Jack said slowly rising from the bed.

They both dressed and Jack was reading the Sunday paper as Sally walked in to the room.

“Do you like my new dress?” Sally asked.

Josh looked up and saw that Sally was wearing a black dress. It had a conservative look but was rather short. Short enough to give a strong sense of sexiness.

“Yeah, I like the dress very much,” Jack said. “Pull it up a little and let me see what is under it.” Jack used to be very conservative when it related to sex. He would have never asked his wife to exhibit herself like this. But now he loved to have Sally display herself for him, the more obscene the better.

“Oh Jack,” Sally said and pulled the skirt up so Jack could see her black lacy panties. He looked at her soft creamy thigh and the secrets of her womanhood hidden by the black silk of her panties.

“Come over here a minute.”

Sally walked over to where Jack was sitting. She was still holding the dress up so that he had a good view of her dark panties.

As she reached him he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to him. He put his face in her crotch. He expertly pulled her panties aside and gave her pussy a good licking.

“Oh my Jack, that feels really great. I wish we could but we are going to be late for Church,” Sally said regretting they did not have time to finish. They had not been to Church for several weeks and Sally wanted to go.

“Ok Sally,” Jack replied smacking his lips. “Let me do one thing.” Jack quickly pulled Sally’s panties down her long legs.

“Step out of them.”

“What are you doing Jack? I can’t go to Church without panties on,” she said.

“Oh yes you can,” Jack replied and Sally stepped out of the panties.

“Jack you are crazy,” Sally said and felt the cool air on her exposed pussy. She could feel a familiar tingle and she could feel a bit of moisture and that was more than just Jack’s saliva. Lately Sally’s pussy was almost always moist, a moisture fueled by her newfound libido. It seldom left her. Sally loved it.

“Let’s go,” Jack said.

Sally smoothed out her skirt. It seemed that her skirt was much shorter than it had been when she was wearing panties. Sally hoped she didn’t leak on anything.

The Temple Street Baptist Church in Mastersonville was a small Church. The Reverend Alfred Wallace had been minister there for the past four years and both Jack and Sally liked him. He could be somewhat stern but he gave good sermons.

The Church did not have pews but congregation sat in folding chairs. The congregations usually numbered between 30 and 40 people. They had a choir of six or seven and Mrs. Carol Wallace, the minister’s, wife played the piano. Sally really like Mrs. Wallace. She seemed to be a very nice person.

Sally and Jack sat on the front row and Sally waved to Mrs. Wallace who was seated slightly above the congregation at her piano. She had already begun playing when they arrived. She smiled at Sally as they sat down. Sally was careful to pull her dress down as she seated herself. She was unaware that the style of the dress made it possible for a person with just the right angle to get a good view all the way up her long legs every time she crossed her them.

Mrs. Wallace was unaware of the show she would witness today.

Reverend Wallace was a rather strange man. Jack and Sally were unaware of this only knowing him in his ministerial role. Mrs. Wallace was very aware of her husband’s strange ideals but her codependency kept her line and she could not even conceive of a life without him.

Carol Wallace was well aware that her husband had often been unfaithful to her. She not only knew this but her husband sometimes enjoyed telling her the details of his escapades. She felt her husband’s actions were wrong but he always explained his actions away. Carol also disagreed with some of his ministerial counseling techniques. He countered that while they were unusual, they were very successful. Carol had to admit from what he told her that his techniques were effective.

Her husband’s favorite counseling always involve a female who was suffering from some type of depression. Usually they were having some type of marital difficulties and Reverend Wallace usually was able to help.

Carol and her husband had a very strange relationship but all in all she was secure with it. She was even okay with their very strange sex life.

This Ümraniye Escort morning Carol began playing. She watched as Jack and Sally sat down. She saw Sally smile at her and she returned the smile. However, as Sally sat down Carol noticed something odd.

“I don’t think Sally is wearing panties,” Carol said to herself as she continued to play. She always thought of Sally as very conservative and proper. She could never think of Sally as doing something as strange as coming to Church without panties.

The song finished and the preliminaries to the service began. Carol was able to sit back a little to await her next song. She sat in an area where she was not very visible to the congregation. Her husband wanted all eyes focused on him while he spoke. Carol was fine with this and liked the fact she could look out over the congregation largely unseen behind the piano.

Today she was paying special attention to Sally. The next time Sally crossed her legs, there was a brief time that her short dress rose up and as Sally adjusted it, the dress rose even higher. As she moved her legs into a new position Carol got a direct view of Sally’s vagina. Carol could even tell that Sally was clean shaven.

All during the service Carol caught glimpses of Sally’s pussy. She could not believe what she was seeing. Carol was the only person positioned in a way to be able to see up Sally’s skirt and she was definitely taking advantage of the view. What bothered Carol the most was she also could believe the effect it was having on her.

Carol was not much of a sexual person. About the only sex she performed was oral sex on her husband. This was not in a loving or even sexy manner. It was mostly the fact that her husband liked her in a very subservient role. Alfred Wallace often would sit in his large easy chair and have her kneel between his legs. While he read the paper Carol would minister to her husband’s usually limp dick. He liked the fact that she had it in her mouth and did not seem to care whether he became hard or not. He also liked her to suck on his dick while he went to sleep. Carol accepted this as part of being his wife. She did not always like it and seldom obtained any sexual pleasure from it but it was part of her duties. As result Carol was even more surprised and somewhat alarmed by the fact that her seeing Sally’s pussy in Church was awakening her libido.

What Carol did not know was that Jack had caught a glimpse of Carol watching his wife. Carol was so involved in catching glimpses of Sally’s pussy that she did not noticed Jack watching her. All during the service Jack kept an eye on Carol and the fact she was looking at Sally’s pussy was very obvious. Also the fact that several times Carol had smile on her fact indicated she might be enjoying the show.

Reverend Wallace said goodbye to all his members and then he and Carol returned home. They had a nice meal, Carol was a good cook, and retired to the living room. Reverend Wallace sat in his chair.

“Come here Carol,” he called. This was their normal routine and Carol was very used to it. Usually after a sermon her husband needed some down time. This meant it was time for her to go to work.

As usual he would give her instructions and she would comply.

“Come here Carol.”

Carol walked over and stood before him. She was still wearing her white blouse and long skirt.

“Open your blouse.”

Carol unbuttoned her blouse revealing a white bra that totally engulfed her rather small breasts.

“Take off the blouse and bra so I can see your tinny titties,” he said in gruff insulting manner.

Carol took of the blouse and bra. She stood there before him with her 34 b size breasts.

“Go get the squeeze,” he instructed.

Carol did not particularly like her husband’s invention. He had taken a car’s inner tube and created his own idea of a bra. Only this bra did not really support anything but was very tight and made her small breasts protrude in a rather obscene manner.

Carol returned with the squeeze.

“Ok come here and breathe out,” Alfred instructed his wife. The squeezed did not cover her breast but encircled them. It was designed so it fit like a very large rubber band around her breast squeezing them outward. It then had a strapped that went around her back pushing her breasts out even further.

“Ok let me see what we have.”

Carol back away and stood before her husband. She still had on her skirt but her small breasts now were squeezed tight and jutted forward almost looking as if she had a boob job.

“Not bad today Carol. You look like the good Church woman you are.” Alfred always felt he deserved more than Carol. But he also knew that no other woman would ever put up with the things he made Carol do. He took a perverse pleasure in degrading her and felt this was simply his right as her husband.

“Ok, Carol pull off your skirt,” he continued

Carol pulled off her skirt revealing her white cotton panties.

“The panties.”

She İstanbul Escort took of the panties and stool before him. He always demanded that she be totally clean shaven.

“Get the special pantyhose and let’s see how you look.”

Again this was his own design. The pantyhose were made of strong material but at the time again he added some things from his inner tube. The effect was to cover her feet and legs with the hose material. Then a rubber belt around her waist held it up but other than two small striped down her side her entire pubic regions was open for view.

Carol stood there before her husband.

“Yes, you look like the good wife now. But you know even with all these efforts I go through you still are sexy enough to give me an erection. Get down here and suck on my manhood while I read the paper.”

Carol knelt down between her husband’s legs. He was now wearing only boxer shorts. She pulled his limp dick out and began to nurse on it. She knew she might be spending the remainder of the afternoon in this position.

What was unusual today was her thoughts were returning the Sally and Sally’s pussy. As she thought of this she noticed that the straps of the squeeze felt rather good today. She noticed that her nipples were somewhat perky. Also, she could feel the air of the room circulating around her own pussy and realized there was some moisture. Carol was not allowed to touch herself but while her husband read his paper she slip her hand quickly along her cunt and shivered at the sensation.

The only thing that ever seemed to arouse her husband while she suckled his cock was when he told her stories of his ministerial counseling. He had some very unorthodox techniques but they actually seemed to work with the right person.

“I saw Beth Anderson for the last time on Wednesday. She is doing quite well now,” Alfred said as he put down the newspaper and looked down at his wife continued to suck his dick.

‘My technique is quite good. It is just too bad that I can not tell anyone about it. I would be thrown out the Church if I did.

Alfred thought back to his counseling sessions with Beth.

Beth Anderson had only been married for 6 months when she approached Reverend Anderson with some problems in her marriage. He agreed to meet with her and she appeared at his private office.

“What is the problem?” he began.

“My husband does not seem to notice anymore. When we were dating he was always nice and considered. Now he all he does is come home from work and either watch TV or play computer games. He is not even interested in sex,” Beth explained.

“So what do you do about it?” he asked.

“Not much. I ask him to spend time with me. I even tried a couple of times to talk to him about sex but I am very uncomfortable talking about such things.”

“Why are you uncomfortable talking about sex to your husband? He is your husband,” Alfred said to make a point.

“I don’t know I am very uncomfortable saying anything about sex.”

“Do you think sex is bad?” he asked the young girl. He noticed that she was dressed in baggy pants and loose fitting blouse that revealed little of her figure.

“No, I don’t think it is bad. It is just nasty.”

“What is nasty about?” he continued to pursue the subject noticing that Beth was becoming very uncomfortable.

“It just is. My father used to tell me how bad women were that really liked sex. I feel guilty just talking to you about.”

“Sex is a very natural human experience and there is nothing nasty about it,” Alfred felt he could help this girl with his illegal techniques.

“I know that but I do feel that it is. I guess this may be part of my problem with Mike. He wants me to be more adventuresome but I just can’t,” Beth explained now near to tears.

“So what kind of sex are you comfortable with Beth?” Alfred asked.

“Just the normal kind,” she replied looking down.

“What is the normal kind?”

“You know, in the dark, in bed, he gets on top.”

“That’s it. This is the only kind of sex you like.”

“That is the only kind I will do. Anything else and I begin to feel terrible,” she replied now some tears were forming.

“Do you ever let Mike see you in the nude?”

“Oh no, even if he walks in while I am showering then I become upset and he usually get angry with me.”

“No wonder you are having problems in your marriage Beth. I don’t know where you got all the negative ideas about sex but sex is a good thing.”

“I guess my father told me all the bad things. My mother died when I was 9 and my father raised me. When I began to develop and go through puberty things were difficult for us. He used to make fun of me and told me boys would never like me. Beth was now sobbing.

“It sounds as if your father was emotional abusive to you. Did he ever beat you?”

“Yes, whenever I did anything he did not like. He would make me pull off my pants and lay on his lap. He would then pull down my panties Anadolu Yakası Escort and give me a spanking. It always hurt badly.”

“Did he ever look at you naked?”

“Yes he would inspect me several times a week. He wanted to see how I was developing. He was interested in my breasts. He made fun of them and this really upset me. I did not have anything to do with boys until I met Mike. He was different but now I can not even make him happy. Beth took several tissues and dried her eyes.

“Well Beth the good news is I can help you.”

“Oh can you Reverend Wallace?”

“Yes, I can. However, the technique that I use is strongly opposed by my superiors. If you decide to let me help you, you must agree that everything that happens here is between you and me, no one else can know. If you were to tell them then my technique will not help you. Is that understood?”

“Yes Reverend Wallace. I trust and will do anything that will help my situation.”

“Okay with this procedure I will ask you to do some things that at first will increase your anxieties. This is all part of the process and the way it works. At anytime you can tell me to stop and I will. Okay?”

“Yes, I understand,” Beth whimpered.

“Now you have to understand that you have many problems with your sexuality and that is where we have to begin. We have to work on making you more comfortable with sexual issues. You will be required to do some things that make you uncomfortable. Again, at anytime you can tell me to stop. Also, everything that happens is confidential and will never leave this room.”

“Yes I understand and I am will to do whatever I need to do,” Beth replied.

“Ok the first thing is for you to come over here,” Reverend Wallace said.

Beth stood up and walked to the center of the room. Alfred got up and sat in a chair with Beth facing him.

“Ok the first thing we will work on is your feelings about your body. Remove your blouse,” he ordered.

“What do you mean remove my blouse, right here in front of you, a preacher?” Beth was petrified.

“Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Beth you can either do this or not. It is up to you.”

Beth looked at Alfred and began to unbutton her blouse. Her husband, Mike, had only seen her a few times in her bra.

“Go ahead Beth,” Alfred urged.

Beth unbuttoned the last button and let the blouse drop to the floor. She stood there and Alfred looked at what he judged to be 36 c breasts. He noticed that the bra completely hid them and there was nothing sexually attractive about the bra.

“How do you feel Beth?”

“I feel terrible. You at sitting there and looking at my nakedness.”

“Beth, you are not naked. I can see very little of your body. For this to help you, you need to tell me everything that is going through your mind.”

Carol Wallace continued to suck on her husband’s flaccid cock as she watched his eyes closed. He often would fall asleep and she was left to minister to his cock until he awakened. This was sometimes for over an hour. However, as Carol continued to suck she was thinking of Sally’s pussy and was feeling very odd sensations in her own pussy. She was also surprised that her husband’s cock began to twitch. Between the thoughts of Sally’s naked pussy, her own pussy’s sensations, her husband’s twitching cock, Carol wondered what did happen in Beth session that was causing her husband’s cock to begin awakening from its long slumber.

“But Reverend Wallace I feel so naked. Just standing here in front of you.”

“Search within yourself Beth. Do you feel anything else?”

Beth was silent for a moment and whispered, “Yes, I feel something else. I feel funny in my stomach.”

“Is it a good feeling or a bad feeling?” Alfred asked.

“I don’t know. If feels funny. I feel tingling inside me.”

“Okay that is a good sign. It is a sign that we should progress. Okay?”

“Okay, I guess,” Beth said very unsure of what was happening to her.

“Remove your sweat pants,” Alfred ordered taking note of Beth’s reaction.

“No, I can’t do that. You will see my legs and my panties. No please Reverend, don’t make me do that!” Beth pleaded.

“Beth, I am not going to make you do anything. If you want things to get better then you have to choose to do what I ask. I am only working toward helping you,” Alfred said but noticed there was something beginning to awaken inside his trousers.

Beth now in tears reached down and unfastened the string holding on her sweat pants. She pulled them open and allowed them fall down her legs. She then stepped out of them and stood before Alfred.

Alfred took a slow looked at Beth. She was standing there with her head bow. She had nice long legs, she was wearing white cotton panties, her stomach was tight, and her breasts were of a nice size even though the ugly bra covered most of them. Alfred also noted Beth had a very cute face.

“Beth, look at me.”

Beth slowly let her eyes meet Alfred.

“Why are you so ashamed of your body and the way you body works?”

“I don’t know. It is wrong to let anyone see me like this.”

“What’s wrong with you letting someone you care for admire your beauty?”

“It’s just wrong. It is nasty. You should not enjoy such things,” Beth whispered.

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