The Beginning of Trouble Ch. 01

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I first met Nicole when I was twenty-one. I walked into a little ice-cream shop close to where I worked, and there was this slim dark-skinned chick backing me. I spoke upon entering and she had said to give her a minute. When she turned around, a hefty belly saluted me. Well that was no good, somebody beat me to it for certain. I found out she was twenty-four and not far from delivering.

We became friends after that first day, and regularly I’d pass by the shop on evenings just to hang out and chat before I went home. She soon went on maternity leave and then after about three or four months she came back. It was a Tuesday at lunch, I remember, I went over, and for sure there she was, slim now again all the way since delivering her baby boy.

Her coworker Salita had left to go pay a bill, and that left us alone.

“Wanna ask you something Nicole, I like this girl but I don’t know how to tell her.”

“You’d better not tell her because knowing you, if she tells you something you don’t like, you’ll never speak to her again.”

“Hmm… you might be right,” I replied.

“But tell me, who is it? Do I know her?” Nicole asked me officiously.

“Yeah, you see her all the time, she works in the area.”

“Oh, what’s her name?” She said naively.

“It’s… Nicole,” I confessed.

Staring up at the ceiling, she studied and then asked, “Do you mean Nicole from next door?”

Sure enough there was a Nicole working next door at the clothing store, but I had not meant that one.

“I mean you, you idiot,” I blurted out, clearly my tongue having got ahead of me.

Clearly puzzled, her brow furrowed, “You mean me? You like me?”

Feeling nervous, I pushed at the door to make my exit, shaking my head. I’d blown it now. Looking down at the floor, not hearing anything but silence from Nicole I hadn’t noticed that Salita was back, and it was only when she pulled the door from my hand and squeezed inside did I realize she was there. I stepped outside to head back to work, when I heard Salita’s voice from behind me.

“Hey Richard, wait, Nicole wants to speak to you.”

I looked around puzzled, I’d been there standing and she’d said nothing. What could it be? I began searching with my eyes, as all of a sudden I wasn’t seeing Nicole anymore.

“She’s in the bathroom,” Salita said keeping a straight face.


I looked around nervously and made my way to the bathroom, which was right behind the counter either way. The door faced to the left, which meant it was hidden from view. I pulled it open and Nicole was inside. Her eyes were lowered, and I didn’t know what to expect. Gaziantep Onkoloji Escort I mean meeting in the bathroom, sneaky…

“I want you to understand I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now, But, we do get along well, and I am lacking… in a certain department,” Nicole’s eyes travelled to my pants.

I hadn’t even thought about sex with her up until that moment. I was a virgin, and I just was nervous as hell, but her eyes on my pants, was making my cock rise like a snake responding to a charmer blowing a flute. My pants started tenting.

“This little thing?” I said, gesturing in the general region. “It can’t be more than four inches,” I added, trying to suppress a smile. I wasn’t overly large but I sure wasn’t four inches.

Nicole’s curiosity got the better of her, as she reached forward with one hand and tentatively caressed my cock head through my pants, her hand slid as far as is it could, my pants running interference. Hands hung limply at my sides. A woman’s hand on my cock, finally my prayers had been answered. I reached up with my right hand and rubbed her left side that was exposed by her short, waist length t-shirt. That seemed to trigger her response, as her eyes closed for a second, and then flew open, her grip on my penis tightened.

“That’s not four inches,” she spat out. A smile formed on my face, I couldn’t hold it back. “You were trying to trick me, then rip me in two? Get out!” It all happened so quickly. I turned and bumped into the door, cock first, the space so small.

“I’d better let you go first, in case anyone else is outside,” I said cautiously. She slid past me, backing, ass rubbing on my cock, I pushed my hips forward a fraction of an inch. I think that was purpose work, as she looked over her shoulder at me. She gave me the all-clear, though jokingly saying, “I should leave you in there all day.” I made a face at her playfully and bolted.

I rushed back to work, barely getting back in on time. Work sped by me, and evening came all too quickly. When I was done I went over to the ice cream shop again to see Nicole, as I normally would anyway. She was due to finish half hour after me anyway.

“How about we grab a drink before you go in?” I asked her. Expecting the negative response, I was surprised when she said, “Sure why not, but one and I’m done.”

We went over to a little bar, and in a cosy corner, we had one Guinness each. Small chit chat, couple laughs, and then she convinced me to have another one. It was getting late and we had to go. I walked her over to the bus stop, her giggling and pretending to stumble from just those two stouts. We sat on the opposite side to where she was going, as there was a bus seat there. I’d never realized it before, but it was dimly lit there too.

Nicole sat on my right, and leaned against me.

“Seems those two did you in.” I said jokingly.

“Looks so, I haven’t had any alcohol for awhile and they were a handful.” I put my arm around her, and boldly slid my hands up her stomach, and cupped her breasts under her t-shirt. It was a swift move, and I squeezed them gently. I looked over at her face, her eyes closed and chin lowered, nostrils flared as I caressed and lightly pinched her nipples, both at the same time. Her tits were a nice B-cup, so she hardly wore a bra. That played into my hands well. I pushed the envelope and nuzzled her neck, her braids swept out of the way. My penis stiffened in my pants. This was nice.

Nicole was restless, but summoning some reserve she gripped my hands on the outside of her shirt.

“Hmmmnnn… ” She said low in her throat. “Somebody might see.” Not that she stopped me, just mentioning it. Giving both nipples a medium pinch, I withdrew my hands, but kept my arm around her. Time for her bus was soon getting there.

“That was so naughty, Richard. Why did you do that?”

“Do what? I was just sitting here,” I replied naughtily.

“Oh? Is that so? So a ghost just molested me then?” We both started laughing. I looked away to see if her bus was coming, and I felt a movement that made my head snap back around. Nicole had unzipped my pants and slid the waistband of my briefs down. She could have been a pickpocket. Was the alcohol affecting me? I was caught off-guard. I mean there I was, cock at the door, at the bus stop.

“What are you doing, Nicole?” I hissed. She was laughing at me, as I held the pants away from my rod, so as not to get caught in the zip, and tried to pull it up. At that very moment, a bus approached. My eyes widened as I realized it was going to stop at the very bus stop we were at. They’d see me, if I made a sudden movement. Thinking quickly I grabbed Nicole’s handbag and placed it lengthways to hide my flagpole. Nicole burst out laughing.

An old woman emerged from the bus and stopped to look in her purse in the dim light, probably trying to find her house keys. “Richard, give me my bag!” Nicole shrieked at me. I looked around at her shocked, mouth open. She tugged at her bag lightly, and the old woman looked at me scornfully. Nicole giggled.

“Why don’t you give the young lady her bag?” The old woman questioned, peering over her small frames. I looked between Nicole and the old woman furtively. More giggles. “Nicole, stop!” My voice low, but insistent. Nicole held out her hand for her property. Sweat formed on my forehead.

“Alright you hold it for a bit,” Nicole said resignedly. I let go the breath I was holding, and the old woman shuffled off. I dumped the handbag back in Nicole’s lap, and tried to get my zip up.

“You’ve got me here exposed like this, if the bag had a hole I’d have stuffed it in it.” I said quickly.

“I could have hidden it in here…” Nicole started. She leaned over and engulfed my cockhead. “What the f….?” My breath left me, as she bobbed gently on just the head. I rested my right arm along her back. This shit was amazing! My first time getting head, and it was at the bus stop where anybody walking by could see. Sick! Nicole’s left arm was across my midsection, her elbow digging into my stomach.

“Do you like it?” She looked up at me, with a smile. My cock head, slimy, with a mixture of my precum and her saliva.

“Fuck yeah,” I said with a hefty grin. Lights were once again fast approaching. “I think I need to put this….” Nicole didn’t listen to me as she dropped her mouth onto my hard on once again, bobbing her head, she went as far as she could quickly, it was just over half. The softness of her tongue caressed the right side of my cock, and the roof of her mouth provided a texture on the left. Damn it, if I busted a nut now, I’d get caught. I tried to push her off, but she held on. Then just as quickly, she sat up, threw her bag on my lap and pretended to look innocent.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” I whispered in her ear. “I… Don’t… Care…” she replied, playfully insistent. She poked her tongue in my ear, and smiled as a bus once again stopped right in front of us.

“I have to go, can I have my bag please?” Nicole once again was having fun at my expense. Damn it, my hard on wouldn’t go down, and I didn’t want to make any sudden moves. I saw a bus approaching from the opposite side as the one in front of us let off three persons, and moved off.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, and willed myself to believe she wouldn’t do it.

“Thanks!” She grabbed the bag off my lap, and made a dash across the road, leaving me with no choice but to bend my seven-inch erection to one side, in my pants, with lightning speed, and simply pull the two zipper halves one over the other. When I looked up, Nicole had boarded the bus and had gotten a seat on the side to me. She stuck her tongue out, wiggled it like a three year old, and smiled, as the bus pulled off.

I could only watch her in disbelief as I waited for everyone’s attention to be fixed elsewhere before I zipped up my pants. Rubbing my hand through my head, I knew I was in trouble. When I saw her tomorrow, I’d have a bone to pick with her.

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