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This is my first story ever, so cut me some slack.


A thin white carpet of snow had fallen by the time I had walked the ten blocks to the Cleveland Art Museum just as it opened. I loved the museum for many reasons including that I had met Heather, my wife, here. On a very similar day two years ago, I decided to study at the art museum because it had the perfect balance of free, natural lighting, and beautiful art to enjoy on my breaks. On one such break, I decided to get a coffee from the café in the museum since the tranquility of the museum made me lethargic.

I had the pleasure of waiting in line between these two young women, who had apparently decided to visit the museum since there was little else to do on a wintry day. One was a bubbly, pixie of a short blonde with very short hair. Despite her hair and clothes being almost boyish, she had the feminine mannerisms and body to pull it off and draw the eyes of most of the men in the café.

I was not, however, drawn to her. Her brunette friend who had the most sincere and warm eyes I had ever seen captivated me. They ordered their fancy lattés and moved over to the counter to wait for their beverages. I needed some caffeine so I ordered an espresso shot with just a dollop of whipped cream. Once I paid for my drink I moved to join them as they waited for their drinks. I tried not to make eye contact or seem like I was checking her out, but the café wasn’t busy enough for me to avoid them completely.

Speaking of checking her out: she had just the right amount of curves, full breasts from what I could tell, and toned arms. I must admit, I have a thing for strong girls. Magazines and TV have all these toothpick girls with photo-shopped breasts, but that doesn’t turn me on. I like MMA type girls with toned muscles and some curves.

Right about this time our eyes met and I was immediately embarrassed, worrying she had caught me enjoying what I saw. I sheepishly smiled and said hello. Just then the barista called something out and placed a drink on the counter. I hurriedly walked over, grabbed the drink, and veritably sprinted out of the café. I took a sip once I had gotten a safe distance from the beautiful girl and began to slow down as I returned to my study spot. I hadn’t taken two paces, however, when the short blond yelled out to me, “Hey, You took my friend’s drink!”

I ground to a halt and began to sweat bullets. Uh oh, not only did I check her out, but I stole her drink. I slowly turned around and walked back to the café.

I looked at the cup and it said “Heather” on it. I swallowed, and turned to her and said, “I’m terribly sorry, miss. I didn’t realize I grabbed the wrong one.”

She smirked back at me and said, “It’s ok. It looks like you were preoccupied.”

I turned red and cleared my throat. “Uh, how about I buy you a drink to make up for the mistake.”

She now turned red and became shy. Her blonde friend looked back and forth between us and said, “Yep, she would love that. I’m Cassie, She’s Heather. What’s yours?”

“Ivan. What brings you two to the museum?”

“I’m an art student, and I was going to do some sketches of some paintings,” said Cassie. “She’s just along for the ride, so why don’t you two enjoy coffee while I do my sketches and I’ll catch up with you when I’m done.”

Before either of us could say anything, she darted away. We turned to each other and after an awkward pause I said, “Uh, well, lets get back in line for your coffee.”

“Sure,” Heather said. “So what do you do?”

“I’m a med student and I love to study here. It’s quiet, it’s free, and I love art. Mind you, I’m terrible at creating any art. When I took art in high school, the best grade I ever got on an assignment was a B. And I’m an overachiever.”

She chuckled and gave me a wry look. “Seems you need to work on being less obvious in addition to your art skills.”

I nervously laughed. “Yeah, well, I cant help being a bit stunned by someone who is more beautiful canlı bahis şirketleri than the paintings here.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Right. As if I’ve never heard that before. Shall we add pick-up lines to the list?”

Even as she said that, though, she smiled and glowed a little from my praise. We got her coffee and sat down near the bamboo trees and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. We didn’t quite realize how much time had passed when Cassie showed up and sat down on our table and folded her arms.

We looked up with puzzled looks on our faces.


“You two have been here for three hours. I finished my sketches two hours ago. Get her number already, Ivan, so I can go home and eat. I’ll probably die of hunger waiting for you two to stop gazing at each other.

Heather rolled her eyes, but I said, “Sounds like a problem. You need food and I need her number. How about I treat you both to dinner and you slip me the ‘goods’?”

Cassie paused, cocked her head, and grinned mischievously. “Deal.”

“What you in the mood for?”

“Uh, how about Algebra, that middle eastern place a few blocks away?”

“Sounds good. I haven’t been there in ages.”

Thus, I became acquainted with Heather and Cassie. Heather and I started texting and a few days later I invited them to go bowling at this retro bowling alley across town. Fortunately, Cassie had the sense to bring a guy friend along so she wasn’t three wheeling it. We tried to be welcoming, but you know how it is. Over the next three weeks Heather and I went on a few dates and ended them with a few kisses. Well, the first couple of dates at least. See, Valentine’s Day was around the corner. On our last date the week before Valentine’s Day, Heather and I sat down for a coffee date at Rising Star, a local coffee shop. After mustering up the courage, I managed to ask her the burning question on my mind.

“So, Heather, we’ve been hanging out for a few weeks now and I wanted to make things a bit clearer. Umm, I like you a lot. Uh, yeah. And I was wondering how you felt.”

“I like you too. Haha,” she giggled and blushed.

“So, should we make this official?”

“What do you mean by official?”

“You know. Like, we’re officially dating.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sure.”

“What? That’s all you have to say? You aren’t much of a talker.”

“No,” She replied with a raised eyebrow. “But I am good at other things.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

“Well, guess you’ll just have to find out, huh?”

At this point my blood was pumping and I felt like I could run a marathon with all the adrenaline coursing through my veins. But we were seated at a coffee shop and I couldn’t very well just run out into the snow bank. I did have half a mind to carry her over my shoulder to my apartment then and there, but I still had a little bit of common sense left.

“Alright then. Well, would you be my Valentine?”

“Haha, yes!” She said. “What’s the plan?”

“Oh that’s for me to know and you to find out. What do you like to eat?”

“Well, I love salmon and fettuccini alfredo. And Wendy’s.”

“Wendy’s, Really? Well, l’ll lean more to the first. I’m in med school after all and I can’t let you eat that crap on my watch. How about I pick you up at 6?”


Valentine’s Day was a whirlwind for me. Between cleaning my apartment, decorating it and cooking dinner, it was a hectic day. I nearly forgot to pick up flowers and a card on my way to pick her up, but Cassie, my co-conspirator texted me a helpful reminder. I rang Heather’s doorbell and waited for her arrival, anxiously adjusting my suit and tie and holding the flowers at just the right angle. When she opened the door, I nearly dropped the flowers. I know my mouth dropped open. She was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a blue velvety short dress with tasteful fishnets over her legs. She was wearing a matching pearl necklace and earrings that highlighted her complexion and full red lips. I recovered but not canlı kaçak iddaa before she blushed and smirked at my reaction.

“So where are we going?”

“I guess I might as well tell you since you have been pestering me all week. You can’t do secrets, can you?”

“Nope. But there are other things I can do.” Again, that raised eyebrow and grin that stopped my heart.

“Well, I am taking a risk, but I decided to make dinner so we could have a relaxed and enjoyable dinner at my house. I doubt you want to be in those heels all evening.”

“Hmm, dinner at your place. Alright. Let’s go.”

We drove to my apartment and I showed her around. I am fortunate to have a dear little sister, Sarah, who has helped me through the years with understanding the fairer sex. She also has a knack for interior design, so she took it upon herself to use my money to make my apartment quite homey. When I showed Heather around, I was silently thanking my sister and remembering to send her a box of chocolates for what she had done.

“Wow, you have quite the place. I’m starting to question your sexuality, though.”

“Well, question no longer: this was my sister’s doing. She loves spending my money. She says it’s for my own good, and that left to myself I’d never find a girl.”

“Well, she’s not quite right. All you have to do is steal that girl’s latté.”

“Yeah, funny how that works. So, are you hungry?”

“Starving. Since I knew we weren’t going to Wendy’s I made sure I had an appetite to eat yummy food.”

“Well, you wont be disappointed. We have grilled salmon with flambéed mushrooms in a béchamel sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. How does that sound?”

“Did you make that yourself?”

“Yep, I love food in addition to art, didn’t I mention?”

“Oh, I knew you liked food, but didn’t know you could make it.”

“Ah. I like to keep the air of mysteriousness around me. You know, it’s manly, etc.”

“Clearly. Well, I wont complain, let’s eat!”

We proceeded to eat dinner and have a couple glasses of wine, at which point she became more verbal and giggly. As we finished up dessert, I brought out Scrabble and set up for a candlelight game.

“So, you butter me up with yummy food and now you want to play Scrabble? You know I got a 4.0 in my college English classes, right?

“Yes, but did you know my grandma was an English teacher for forty years and I began reading Dickens when I was twelve years old?”

“Challenge accepted.”

Unfortunately for Heather, Scrabble was one of the biggest family games I played growing up. With my enormous vocabulary and seasoned Scrabble experience (not to mention some of my Irish luck) I used all seven of my tiles twice in the first five rounds.

“I think you’ve rigged this game,” she said. “I think we should play a different kind of Scrabble. Strip Scrabble.”

“Uh, umm, ok. What are the rules?”

“You have to put down words that are sexy or sex related and both people rate the words. Whoever gets fewer points each round has to take something off.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

Our first few rounds we tried to stay more innocent, but by the time Heather took off her last fishnet, we had progressed from words like “lube” and “boobs” to “facial” and “rimming”. Heather and I also drifted closer as we went and interspersed turns by some slow kissing and an occasional butt grab. When it came time for Heather to remove her sexy blue dress, the game ended altogether. She stood up and looked at me with this unreadable look.

“What?” I said.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I do. I think you’re pretty and sexy and a lot of other things that aren’t PG.”

“Well, do you want to take my dress off for me?”

“Hell yeah.”

I stood up and walked over to her and paused. I bent down and kissed her. At first it was soft, gentle kisses. But, they rapidly became more urgent and we were grinding our bodies as our need was building. As our kissing became more and more canlı kaçak bahis aggressive, I reached around to her back and unzipped her dress. I pushed it off her shoulders and it fell to the ground. For the second time that day, my mouth fell open. Under that sexy dress, she was wearing the hottest red and black lingerie I’ve ever seen. And on her fantastic body, I think I passed out for a second.

“Wow, you look incredible…Seems you came prepared.”

“I just hope you can handle it.”

“Oh, I can. Though, my cock can’t handle being constrained by my pants any longer.”

“Oh poor thing. Let me free him.”

“Mmmhmmm, why don’t you.”

She unzipped my pants and let them drop to the ground. She then caressed my cock through my boxers.

“Is that any better?”

“Somewhat, though it is still constricted.”

“Perhaps, I can do something about that as well.”

She then kneeled down and ever so slowly pulled my boxers down until my cock sprang free from them. She bit her lip as she hungrily gazed at my liberated 6-inch cock. I don’t have a porn-star’s length, but I have shapely girth. After pausing she gently grasped it and slowly stroked it. Stroking it, however, seemed to not be enough for her. She looked up into my eyes and ever so slowly, took me in her mouth. Inch by inch she made a nibbling motion with her lips. When she took me in all the way and gently hummed her delight, I nearly came right there. Instead, I grabbed her head and guided her as she continued to bob back and forth. After a few minutes, she pulled her head back and with a pop, my cock was free from her mouth. She then stood up and with this dark look in her eyes said, “I need that in my pussy.”

“Soon enough, my love. Soon enough.”

I picked her up and sat down on my blue couch and turned her so she sat on my lap facing away from me. I positioned my cock in front of her panties so as I lifted her up, she rubbed her clit on my cock through her panties. We grinded like that for a few minutes. She turned her head and gave me a ferocious kiss, biting my lip as her pleasure grew each time she slid down my cock. “Play with my breasts,” she breathed.

I undid her lingerie top and gently grasped her round, full D cup breasts. I gently massaged her breasts and tenderly played with her nipples. She moaned and grabbed my hair at the thrill of my touch.

My teasing had turned from playful to urgent. I lifted her up, paused, and looked her in the eye. “Do you want to do this?”

She nodded and pulled her panties off. I picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and gently rubbed it up and down her lips, coating me with her moisture. She bucked and whimpered.

“Put it in!” She begged.

Slowly, I leaned into her and closed my eyes as her cunt swallowed my pulsing, swollen cock. She moaned and grabbed the sheets in her fists. I pulled out halfway and gave her a moment to adjust to my size before plunging back in. Once she took me fully in I stopped and kissed her.

“Don’t stop!” she panted. “Fuck me hard!”

And I obliged. I sped up as soon as her pussy was ready for my hammering cock. My pubic bone squeezed her clit each time I entered her and her legs trembled as she took my cock deep into her hole.

“Fuck, oh my God. FUUCK, uhhhhh harder!” She cried. “I’m so close!”

I could feel my own orgasm building and I wrapped my arms around her chest, holding her tight as my hips thrusted deeply into hers. In my delirious state, I leaned forward and nibbled her earlobe. She started in shock and then came.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!” She buckled hard and dug her nails into my back as her world spun. That was the last thing I heard as my load shot out of my cock, deep into her waiting cunt. My glutes were rock hard as I continued to pump my jizz out during the longest orgasm in my life. When I came to, she was still slowly grinding up and down on my cock in the aftershocks of our orgasm.

“Holy Fuck. What was that?” She said.

“The best sex of your life, I’d say.”

“God, normally I’d say something sarcastic, but you’re right.”

As we lay there recovering our breath, I realized I never wanted to love another woman again.

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