The Bet 01: Halloween

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Sarah fixed the thigh high stockings as she neared the house in the middle of the street. Bent at the waist she winked at the guy walking past with wide eyes. Her pink glossed lips turned upwards as she blew a kiss to the guy dressed like a firefighter ready for a calendar shoot. He walked backwards as she righted herself and fluffed up the already short black tutu, giving him just a glimpse of her lace clad mound. The firefighter’s hand thumped against his chest he dropped his head back in awe.

Halloween brought out Sarah’s wilder side. She was an eighteen-year-old with a very healthy appetite. If it hadn’t been for her intrusive small town, she would have attempted to find a few flings from school. Instead she had to venture out to other towns for a good time.

Standing outside the fraternity, she smiled wickedly then made sure her mask was in place. She told her parents she was staying with a friend for the weekend. The pair were supposed to party together, but Lily’s boyfriend showed up. Sarah was still welcomed to crash after the party, but now she had other plans.

Finally reaching the entrance to the large brick house, she searched for her first conquest; a shot of whiskey. Most guys turned as she sauntered past them. A wink or flirtatious grin was given to each prospect. The firefighter from outside stood in a crowd with three others. A man in a bed sheet toga, a Zorro wannabe and a lifeguard in an extra tight speedo. Her mouth watered as the firefighter nodded to her and each man took her in. Sarah sidled up to the bar and smiled at the guy dressed like a male dancer behind it.

“What for the little kitty,” he mused as his eyes traveled over the outfit.

“Whiskey,” she purred leaning on the bar. The bartender stared at the tops of her breasts as they strained against the tight bustier.

“Make that two,” a husky voice said before the Zorro slid into the opening beside her. The bartender nodded as he grabbed two plastic shot glasses and the caramel liquor filled them to the brim.

“Zorro,” Sarah raised her glass to the guy and took him in. Hypnotic green eyes behind the mask glinted as she downed the shot. He was a foot taller than her with broad shoulders and an athletic build. There was a hint of stubble lining his strong jaw.

“Does kitty have a name?”

“You can call me Kat,” she beamed, inching toward him. He downed his shot with a wide grin then held two fingers to the bartender and they set their glasses down for a refill. After two more shots each, Zorro convinced her to dance.

The swarm of men around her had her growing wet. The lifeguard’s obvious bulge in the speedo pressed against her ass as she became wedged between him and Zorro. With a sway of her hips, she grinded against both of the men and had to bite back a moan. There was no doubt that both were blessed below the waist. Zorro’s hands cupped her face as the lifeguard took her hips and pressed even closer to her. His hidden cock now rubbing against her ass crack through the tutu.

Zorro leaned down and pressed his lips to her in urgency. Sarah could taste the whiskey on both their lips. Her head was swimming as his tongue slipped between her slightly parted lips. Their tongues began to dance, sliding around each other. He pulled away first and kissed her cheek before whispering softly, “Want to go upstairs?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she sighed. He took her hand and pushed through the bodies filling the living room. They passed other couples as they went up the stairs. One was lost in hot make-out session on the couch. Another was coming close to exposing one another on the stairs. Between the alcohol and the scenes unfolding before, she quickened her step behind him.

“This way,” he whispered as they reached the top of the stairs and he pulled her to the right.

“Impatient,” she giggled as he flung open a door and they tumbled in.

“Something like that.” Zorro spun around and pinned her against the door. She let out a squeak as his body molded to hers. Within seconds he had her hands pinned over her head and his hand was under the tutu seeking the lace panties his friend certainly had to tell him about. His rough hand rubbed the crotch of her panties and groaned. “Already soaking. Such a bad kitty.”

“If all you’re going to do is tease me, I can go get one of your friends,” she pushed against the hand between her legs, silently begging for his touch.

“Trust me, baby, you won’t even remember them after tonight.” Zorro released her hands and used both of his to yank the panties down her legs. She squealed as his hands lifted her by her stocking clad thighs to bring her up to his waist. Instinctively, her legs wrapped around him as did her arms. She kissed him hard as he adjusted his hold. His hand brushed her bare, wet pussy as he worked to get rid of his pants and boxers.

Sarah moaned into the kiss as his hand continued to brush against her sensitive lips. Judging by his movements, he was stroking his cock. His hips moved a little and the tool escort gaziantep brushed across her slit eliciting another moan. Pulling away from the kiss, his eyes focused on her again as she moaned with every passing his cock made over her clit. He could tell she was already loving the simplest of touches.


“Taken care of,” she groaned as he stilled against her.

“Good.” The wicked grin and glint in those eyes had her weak. Thrusting upwards, he rammed his stiff cock within her warm cunt. It was his turn to groan. “So tight, baby.”

“So big,” she responded and he chuckled. Her head was back against the door as she enjoyed being filled. It had been months since Sarah had anyone stretch her this much. He slowly pulled out until the tip of his cock remained. He thrust back into her, harder than before and bottomed out. “Oh god!”

“Is this what you came for?” His lips found her exposed neck and began kissing and nipping the flesh. The first few thrusts were slow and gentle. The moment he felt her inner muscles gripping tighter to him, he became more determined.

“Yes,” she moaned between each buck of his hips. She couldn’t believe how close she already was to going over the edge. Her clung the shirt still covering his shoulders as she shuddered with her first orgasm. She grew limp as she came down from the overwhelming high she had been needing.

“Nah uh, Kat. We aren’t done yet,” he groaned. He picked up the pace and pressed her harder against the door. Her legs wrapped tighter around him as she regained awareness. Moving her hips to meet each upwards motion she let a soft moan escape her lips. He bit her shoulder gently and smiled as she yelped.

“Zorro,” she purred as she felt him bottom out over and over again. The cock buried deep in her pussy throbbed as he neared his own finish. His thumb brushed her cheek and neared the bottom of her mask. She could feel it moving up her face and her eyes darted to his.

“Not until midnight.” Sarah snatched his hand from her face. She brought his hand to her lips. Kissing each finger, she watched his transfixed gaze. Her mouth slowly engulfed his forefinger and heard him groan in approval. She sucked on his finger and bobbed her head in time with the cock currently pounding away at her.

“Fuck.” She felt him ready for release, and quickly snaked her hand between them. Her fingers rubbed at her clit with the finger still in her mouth. When she came this time, it would be with him. He pulled his hand free to press against the door near her head.

“Just a little bit more,” she panted as she felt the buildup in lower half. They tensed as each let out a satisfied groan. She could feel his cum filling her. As if on command her pussy pulsed around him, begging for him to empty everything he had into her. His head rest on her breasts as he worked to steady his heaving breaths. Her hand combed through his hair. Her heart was racing and the euphoric after effects brought a pleased smile to her face.

Finally able to move, Zorro carried her to the bed nearest them. His deflating cock still buried in her full pussy. He laid her down showering her with light kisses as he pulled free of her. Falling onto the bed beside her, a smile stretched across his face as his eyes drifted closed. A hand fell onto the stocking clinging to her thigh.

“Best yet.” She nodded in agreement. The boys she had toyed around with never felt like that. They barely knew how to get her off. When they did, it was never anything like that. Rolling over, she looked up at his hidden face. Her hand slid up his shirt and traced little circles with her nails along his waist.

He shivered at her touch and tangled his fingers in her hair. Peeking at his dick, she licked her lips. Even from this angle, she could see he was indeed blessed. A beautiful nine inches glistened with their combined juices. With a gentle tug of her hair, she focused again on the man beside her.

Zorro guided her head towards his and began kissing her. It was strong and demanding, and she loved it. Her hand left the safety of his shirt, and ventured lower. A deep moan passed through his lips as her fingers wrapped around the semi-hard cock. She did not take a cab all the way here for a single fuck. Tonight was going to be worth every penny if she had her way.

Hooking her leg around his, she rubbed the rough material against him. Shifting her hips, her pussy rubbed against his thigh causing herself to moan. The fingers in her hair pulled a little harder as he deepened the kiss. Her new favorite dick was quickly coming back to life as her hands stroked him. Breaking the kiss, she kissed his cheek.

“I want to see more,” she pinched at the black shirt. He sat up and pulled the flimsy material free then threw it to the floor. She was too busy ogling him to notice he was pulling at the front zipper of her bustier.

The chill of the room hit her suddenly bare skin and she hissed. Pushing the bustier to the floor, Zorro took gaziantep fetiş escort his time admiring her smooth skin and perky tits. They filled his hands perfectly as he began to knead them. His thumbs teasing her stiff nipples. He reluctantly let go as she bowed her head over his cock. The warm breath sent a shiver down his spine.

She was kneeling over his waist, her ass wiggling from side to as she took him into her mouth. Taking an extra minute to swirl tongue around him, she moaned at the combined taste of salty and sweet in her mouth. With a single tug from Zorro, her tutu fell from her waist and caught around her knees. Unwilling to let go of tasty treat, she kicked at the bunched material until her legs were free.

With a view of her puffy lips, Zorro smiled. His finger traced over the cleanly shaved slit with admiration. Not many women took their time cleaning up. The ones who did were the ones who knew what they wanted. The one currently bobbing her head up and down his stiff cock was no exception.

Strong hands on her hips caused her to gasp and release him. He lifted her with ease and brought her second set of lips to his face. One leg on either side of his broad chest. Leaning back, he pulled her toward him and plunged his tongue into her. She shuddered at the feeling of his probing. After a few minutes of enjoying the sensation, she returned to his cock. Pre-cum was pooling at the tip and she lapped it up before taking him back into her mouth.

She moaned around him as a finger took place of his tongue. Her hips rocked against his hand as a second finger was added. Sucking harder, her hand glided faster over the remaining flesh she couldn’t take in. His hips bucked upwards and the saltiness she had tasted before filled her mouth.

A third finger was added to her clenching pussy and she cried out as she came around them. Zorro grinned to himself as she clumped forward then collapsed beside him. He licked his fingers clean before reaching out to her and patted her soaked pussy.

“Good, kitty,” he cooed. Sarah squirmed at the touch and twisted away from him. A deep chuckle boomed over the heavy panting that filled the room. Offering her his hand, she took it and was pulled swiftly toward him. She landed on his chest. Those green eyes staring at her radiated with satisfaction as his arms wrapped around her back. “Still want to trade me in for one of my friends?”

“What friends,” she batted her lashes at him. He rewarded her with another deep kiss. Their tongues causing the mixture she had tasted before to form and she sighed. Setting her head on his chest she tried to fight off the sudden exhaustion washing over her.

“Got anywhere to be later?”

“I’m all yours,” Sarah replied, wrapping her limbs around him. His fingers brushed the mask hiding her true identity, but he froze to look at the clock. A half remained before he could see the woman he would undoubtedly think about for a life time. Ten minutes passed and the man fell asleep.

Guilt flooded Sarah as she slipped out from under the handsome Zorro passed out beside her. Stepping back, she admired his body. She wanted nothing more than to see the face of the man she would certainly like to fool around with again. Spotting a marker on the bedside table, she popped the cap off and carefully wrote her number on his palm.

After finding the remainder of her clothes and slipping past the living room filled with party zombies, she called Lily to pick her up. Her friend gave her an amused once over when she approached the car.

“My, my, Sarah,” Lily’s hand flipped up Sarah’s tutu to reveal her bare and used pussy. “Your walk of shames are getting more risqué. Next time I’ll be picking up your naked ass.”

“Your just jealous that my boyfriend didn’t call me begging for a fuck and I got to go out.”

“Yeah,” Lily sighed. “I really could have used a game changer this week.”

“Why do you even date him? All you do is sleep around on him anyways.”

“Have you seen his dick?” Lily’s eyes snapped from the road to her friend then back again. Sarah nodded. Until Lily started dating Todd, he had been one of her regular fuck buddies. He had no idea what he was doing, but the eight inch monster was enough to make her forget.

“Speaking of great dicks,” Sarah waggled her eyebrows at her friend. Lily smacked her friend’s thigh.

“About time! Was he everything prince charming should be?”

“We didn’t get too far for true results, but I left him my number.” Sarah began telling her friend about Zorro and his friends. When she began to squirm in her seat, Lily’s fingers wormed their way between Sarah’s thighs. A sigh left her lips as she struggled to find the words while her friend’s fingers found their way to her dripping wet slit. Her thumb worked over Sarah’s clit in a steady, circular motion as her index and middle finger slipped between the warm, wet folds.

When the story finished, the car was filled with gaziantep bayan escort Sarah’s moans as Lily pulled the car to the side of the road a block from her house. She wasn’t known for letting a task go unfinished, and given Sarah’s heavy panting she was close. Lily unbuckled her seat belt then Sarah’s and leaned over the center council. Leaning forward, Lily’s mouth latched onto Sarah’s clit and a third finger was added to Sarah’s gash.

With a flick of her tongue over the bundle of nerves, she was rewarded with a moan. Sarah’s hips bucked to match the increasing pace of Lily’s fingers as they dove deeper. She cried out as her hand found Lily’s blonde head of hair, urging her on. A few more minutes and Sarah found her release. Lily released the beautiful nub and lapped at the juices pouring from her friend’s slit. She planted a kiss on Sarah’s cheek before sitting back in her seat.

Sarah’s phone chirped as they entered Lily’s empty house and a wide smile doubled on her face. She turned the screen to her friend as they bounded up the stairs to Lily’s room. On it was a dick pic, and a simple message. He was looking forward to another round. Both girls howled in laughter as they entered the room.

John woke to a cold, empty bed and ten numbers written in marker on his hand. The combination of numbers looked familiar as he studied them. The handwriting looked familiar too. He sat up and groaned as his hard dick twitched as he thought back to the night before. Soft brown hair that fell to her waist. Big, green suck you in eyes. He only wished he had been able to see who she was beneath that damn mask.

After pushing the mask from his face, he pulled the phone from the pocket of his discarded pants and began to punch the numbers in. He froze when his sister’s name appeared on the screen. Shaking his head, he entered the number again to find the same result staring back at him. His head throbbed as he tried to make sense of it. There was no way his straight-lace sister would be caught dead at a college party. She wouldn’t have worn such a revealing costume. And she sure as shit wouldn’t fuck a random stranger.

There was a thump on the door before it swung open. Pulling the sheet over his lower half, he looked up to see his cousin wander in. His black hair was pushed around and a hickey was forming on his bare shoulder.

“Rough night,” John asked. Drew flipped him off and shuffled over to the dresser to find clothes to replace the Khaki shorts. His Hawaiian shirt long from the night before.

“If my room hadn’t been occupied, it would have been better.” Drew glanced around the room then back to his cousin. “Where’s your pussy cat?”


“Rough morning,” Drew mused. His mouth snapped shut as John raised his hand to reveal the numbers written there. “I stand corrected. You sticking around?”

“Nope. I’ve got to pick up Sarah.” Her name hung in his head as he pulled on his pants. Drew nodded and waved as he headed down the hall to find the showers. Stealing some clothes from Drew, John considered his next move. If what he thinks happened, he couldn’t outright tell his sister. If it was a cruel joke, he had to be careful.

Sitting in his car, he downloaded an app for texting. It provided a faulty phone number and he could message the number to get some answers. Pulling his rigid dick from his pants, he took a picture and sent it to the number written on his hand.

A smile grew as the number replied right away. It was a photo of two girls kissing. The one he had been with was wearing her mask and filling most of the screen. The other girl’s face was hidden by her blonde hair as well as Kat’s own face. He groaned as he started his car. The sooner he picked up his sister, the sooner he could go home and work out his frustration.

Pulling up to the two-story yellow house, John honked the horn and waited for any sign of life. The front door opened and he watched as his sister and her friend hugged. His eyes fell to Sarah’s chest as she pranced across the lawn and got into his car. She shoved her bag into the back seat and smiled at her brother.

“Thank you for the ride.”

“Anytime,” John looked in his rearview mirror. Instead of looking for cars, he caught sight of the unmistakable material of a black tutu sticking out from his sister’s bag. He cursed to himself as he pulled away from the house. “How was your night?”


“What did you two do?”

“If I tell you, you can’t tell Mom or Dad?”

“Tell them what,” he glanced at her and noted her still wet hair. She had taken a shower and not that long ago.

“Well, Lily’s boyfriend made a booty call, so I went to a party.”

“You went to a party? Miss good grades and well behaved?” She shoved his arm and giggled. “Did you have fun at this party?”

“Yeah.” She sighed and he knew why. Just like himself, she must have been thinking back to the night before. Lily only lived a few blocks away from them and the ride was quick. He watched as she skipped down the hall to her room. John found himself in his room. His hand scrubbed at his face as he accepted the truth. He had screwed his sister. His cock twitched as he realized that meant she was kissing a girl. Shutting his door, he fell into the computer chair. Unable to hold back any longer, he freed his throbbing cock and wrapped a hand around it.

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