The Bet Continues

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PT 2

Dinner was an awkward affair for me. Whenever I would glance across the table at my father my mind would flash to him standing there, water cascading off his broad shoulders, cock pointing straight toward my mother’s eager mouth. Ugh

I glance from him to the smiling face of my mother as she daintily feeds herself small cuts of the chicken she cooked for us. There was nothing “dainty” about how she pulled my dad’s cock into her wide-open mouth, swallowing an impressive amount of its length before letting it slide out again. My mind flashes and I clearly see her large tits pressed against the shower glass as the orgasm ripped through her body. That made me uncomfortable for a completely different reason.

Lastly, I side eyed Allison, as she sat there pushing her food around her plate, not really eating but at least practicing the motions. I thought about her pink nipples, her pussy, her cute little asshole… the moan that slipped out when I touched her little clit. That completed the hat trick of discomfort, so I focused directly at my plate and only at my plate.

I cut a piece of chicken and thought Not everything tastes like chicken. That made me smile.

My imagination, taking the stray thought and pushing it down the road envisioned my father asking me, “What’s so funny, Son?”

“Nothing really Dad, just thinking about how they say ‘everything tastes like chicken?’. Not really true though, is it?”

“Well, no, clearly, but what made that funny?” He asked, eyebrows knitting a bit and glancing from me to my mom as if to say is he on drugs?

“You see,” I said smiling a bit and sticking my index finger in the air as if to make a serious point. “I put this very finger deep inside your daughter, my sister’s, wet pussy…”

Allison’s fork scrapes loudly across her plate as her body jerks in shock. Mom and Dad would stop everything they were doing, as if playing a game of Freeze Frame, food on forks in mid-air or stopping mid-chew, mouth agape.

“…then pulled it out and slid it up to this knuckle” I’d point out the appropriate knuckle with my other hand, “into her asshole. Then I sucked on my finger and I can tell you all, without a doubt it definitely did not taste like chicken.”

The table erupts into pandemonium, with all three of them talking at once…denials, accusations, and some kind of weird noise coming out of my dad’s face.

I sit back, watching with amusement and waiting for it to calm a bit. I look at my mom first and say, “Look babygirl sometimes when two people really really like each other they show it in all sorts of ways. Sometimes there are parents involved, sometimes brothers and sisters. And sometimes in a shower, there are babygirl’s getting blasted from behind before they drink ‘daddy’s hot cum.”

Back in the real world this imaginary interaction almost made me bust out laughing, but I was able to hold back.

Our job after dinner was to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, so Allison got up and headed to the kitchen while I started to stack the plates and silverware. Our folks usually sat there talking and drinking coffee or wine until we were done — occasionally laughing out loud about something or other, and today was no different. It was clear they really enjoyed each other’s company and even after all these years found conversation easy and enjoyable.


I was able to stack all the plates and most of the silverware in one pile, which I lifted carefully and headed toward the kitchen. Right as I passed my mom, I heard her say, “One more glass of wine then we HAVE to try it out.”

“I can’t wait,” my dad said with a smile. “We should bring the Pinot with us too.”

“Good idea! I hope you remember I’m not going to go easy this time, not like the last time when…”

I had just stepped out of earshot of their conversation so the rest of the sentence was lost to me. The dirty part of my mind (which, if I’m being completely honest, made up 90% of it, leaving only a little bit free for gaming and education) was sure they were talking about sex.

Probably trying out some flavored lube or something I thought.

The rational part of my mind told the other part it was fucking crazy, that they were old people and they were talking about some old person card game, like “Cribbage” or Slap Jack.”

Allison had changed out of her top and shorts before dinner and put on a soft white summer dress with two tiny little straps holding it up. Her bare shoulders were sprinkled with freckles just like her tits I thought and her hair was back in its usual ponytail. She was facing the sink so I could see the curve of her hips, the soft round shape of her ass cheeks pushing against the fabric of the dress and her soft milky thighs just below the hem.

She looks delicious I thought, how have I not noticed this before?

I put the plates on the counter beside her and stood so close to her our shoulders were touching. I could smell the scent of her shampoo kapalı gaziantep escort mixed with the lotion she uses fanatically (coco butter, the smell makes my mouth water) and it brought a smile to my face and a tingle to my balls.

She glanced over at me, then over to the doorway, then back to me.

“Let me have that finger,” she said. “I’m not losing just because we got interrupted.”

“It’s clean sis, besides after that much time it wouldn’t taste the same as it did when it was, um, fresh.” I whispered, realizing my mistake immediately.

“Wouldn’t taste the same huh?” She said, color blossoming across her cheeks as she stared intently at me.

“Er, yeah, supposedly I’m guessing” I sputtered, thankful that my wit was as solid as ever.

Allison glanced over at the doorway once more, took a few steps back and lifted her dress up slowly. She gathered it at her waist, spread her legs and bent over the sink.

“OK then, let’s do this,” she said, glancing once more at the doorway then back to me. “Coast is clear.”

I drank in the sight of her bent over, eyes on me, red hair hanging down, shapely ass presented.

“Ok, let me know if you hear anything,” I said, slowly dropping to my knees behind her. Her ass was directly in front of me now, the round cheeks perfectly shaped. I could see a very light dusting of fuzz right at the top of her ass crack. My eyes travelled downward, noting I could not see her asshole clearly without spreading her cheeks. I looked at her pussy, completely hairless and a little bit shiny (wet already?), her puffy lips hiding the hot, warm center. I got close enough to take a deep breath, smelling the warmth emanating from her.

I softly grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them so I had a clear view of her small, tight asshole as well.

“What are you doing?” she softly asked me looking over her shoulder. “Hurry up!”

I didn’t dare try and talk so I grunted an answer and released one cheek. I took my index finger and put it in my mouth first, getting it nice and wet, then put the tip of it against her pussy. I wiggled it around a little bit, hearing the moist sounds and thought I didn’t need to wet it first, she’s soaked.

She released a small moan as I slide my finger completely inside her and wiggled it around a bit, feeling the walls of her wet pussy grab my finger. I left it in as long as I dared and when I pulled it out, I immediately put it in my mouth, tasting her again. Closing my eyes I moaned softly, unable to resist.

A split second later my eyes flew open and I realized what I did. Shit, that was supposed to be hers to lick. I glanced up and saw her head was facing the sink, she hadn’t noticed what I did.


I put the tip of the same finger against her little asshole and wiggled it a bit, feeling her push back against me a tad. I pushed it in to the second knuckle (same as before) ever so slowly and left it there for a second, wiggling it around a bit to feel the inside of her asshole. She pushed back a tad more and my finger slipped in past the second knuckle.

Fuck me I thought, I wish that was my tongue.

“Hey! There are still dishes out here, what’s taking you so long?!” My mom’s voice came from the dining room, shattering my fantasy and scaring the shit out of both of us. I felt her asshole clamp onto my finger like a Chinese finger trap and wondered what that would feel like wrapped around my cock.

I slowly pulled the finger out and held it up, looking Allison in the eye.

“Be right there, Mom! Allison forgot how to turn the water on, again.”

I smiled… not a good joke at all but I had I lost the ability to think. Allison looked me in the eye and grabbed my wrist, sliding my finger into her mouth, closing her lips around it. I felt her tongue flicking around it, from the tip to the sides and back. As she sucked on it, I saw her glance down and her eyes widen. Her beautiful lips stretched into a smile and she released my finger.

I hadn’t changed from my cotton shorts and shirt, still without underwear. My dick was as hard as iron and pointing straight out, the tip of the tent it created was wet. It was sticking between us and pointed straight at Allison’s crotch, as if telling me where it was supposed to go.

Yeah, I know buddy.

There was about two inches of space from where my dick ended and Allison’s dress started and I unconsciously moved even closer.

She put her hand on my chest and said, “that tasted great, now go get the dishes.”

I pulled my shirt out, turned and tucked my dick into my waistband and headed for the door.

“Remember, it’s my turn,” she said, entirely too happy about it.

A little later that evening after everyone had shuffled off into their respective rooms, I texted Allison.

Hey Ho.


What’s the deal? What do I have to do?

I’m thinking about it. Come to my room.


I left my room and headed down gaziantep kapalı escort the hallway toward Allison’s. Passing my parent’s room, I noticed the door was open and it was empty.

Weird, I thought they went to bed already.

When I got to Allison’s door, I took a few more steps past it and glanced in the living room. I could see the back of both of my parent’s heads and the sounds of “Ozark” coming from the TV. Ahh, there they are… great show.

I walked into Allison’s room without knocking and noticed a few things immediately. First, her room was immaculate, artwork up, bed made, everything in its place. Second, and more importantly, the room smelled wonderful, a mix of Allison’s perfume and scented candles. Very different from my room. It was always a magical time walking into a girls’ bedroom for the first time (this wasn’t the first time I was in this room, but the first time I looked at it as if there was a woman here, not an annoying sister).

Allison was sitting on her bed, she had changed into white cotton shorts and a patterned tank top, she rarely wears a bra and this time was no exception. Her perky tits pushed the shirt out deliciously, the outline of her nipples barely visible. Her legs were crossed at the ankles and the material of her shorts created a V right at her pussy…Damn.

I sat on her desk chair, swiveled around so I could put my feet up on her bed, crossed my arms and waited.

“I want you to take a dick pic,” she said, grinning slyly.

“Um, ok, no problem. In fact, I have about 50 of them on my phone right now in the hidden folder, want one of those?”

“No,” she said, “and gross by the way. Why 50?”

“Lighting, location, angle, etc…. a few have him wearing a tiny cowboy hat, a few where I put googly eyes on the head. One of my favorites is when I put a wig and googly eyes on him and taped two small sticks to the shaft.” Allison had a huge smile on her face but at the last part her brows knitted, looking a little confused. “It’s so it looks like he has two little arms waving around,” I said and she started laughing.

“I call that one Little Richard”.

“Oh my god,” Allison said between giggles. “With the curly hair and…HA HA HA. Wait, but why the word ‘little’? Are worried about the size? Well, if you are then that’s just another reason the name ‘idiot’ fits you so well. Did you know that the average penis size is 5.5 inches? And yours is what, like 8? Definitely big dick territory.”

“I did not know that, thank you, Ho. I’d assumed I was average, especially seeing all those guys in pornos with their huge tools. So, I guess that means it definitely is something to write home about, eh?” I replied, looking directly toward the camera (which for some reason Allison had labelled ‘anonymous’).

“What are you talking about? You are home, just put it on a sticky note idiot. And stop staring at my camera, it’s broken. Anyways, about that dick pic. It’s not your dick I want you to take a picture of, there’s another dick in this house. That’s the one I want to see if you have the balls to photograph.” She said, clearly very happy with herself for having thought of this one.

“Wait, you want me to take a picture of Dad’s dick?”


“Dad’s? Our Dad’s?” I said flatly. “Like, the guy in the living room right now? That Dad?!”‘

“Unless you have another dad hidden somewhere then we have to use the one we’ve got. Unless of course you’re too much of a…” she trailed off, not needing to finish the sentence.

“Oh no, I got this,” I said, knowing for sure I definitely don’t got this. “Might take me a bit longer than normal but I’ll get it.”

“Ok,” Allison said and shooed me out of her room. Just as the door was closing, she added, “Oh, and make sure I know it’s Dad’s dick, and not some rando’s off the internet.”


Grabbing my phone, I glanced at the time. 9:30. Anytime now Mom and Dad were going to go to bed, then I’d be screwed for sure. How would I be able to get the pic then? Maybe Dad sleeps naked and I can just pull the covers aside really slowly. There’s a thought. Or maybe I can “accidentally” walk in on him while he’s peeing…if I have the camera recording the whole time, I might get lucky.

Wait…he’s a guy. And he has a cell phone. Chances are he’s got a dick pic on it; I just have to get it. I could grab his phone and use his sleeping face to open it.

Well, time’s wasting, let’s see what happens I thought.

I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch caddy-corner to my parents. They were glued to the TV, watching intently as Ruth Langmore yelled at Marty Byrde in that special Ruth way. The special “Ruth way” is to say something very intelligent and deep, but communicate it with as much filth and anger as possible. It’s awesome. So here we all there are, watching TV.

I’m in the same room as him true, but unfortunately, Dad doesn’t watch TV with his dick out, at least gaziantep kapalı escort bayan not in the living room — well, at least not when Allison and I are home I thought, so no luck getting a picture now.

I left the living room and as I was heading to mine to think this through a bit more when I once again noticed that their bedroom door was still open a bit. With a flash of inspiration, I slip into their room and quickly returned the door to its original position. I started looking around their dresser and nightstands, hoping maybe Dad’s phone was in here somewhere. If I could get it, maybe guess the password I could complete this challenge right now.

And do I have a surprise for Allison when it’s my turn…

No phone on the dresser or nightstands. Nothing in the bathroom either.

I’m running out of time, shit. I thought as I went around to the other side of their king-sized bed. Glancing down I noticed what looked like a link of a chain sticking out from between their mattresses. I knelt down, lifted the mattress a bit and pulled it out.

Holy shit. This cannot be what I think it is…

The chain was connecting what looked just like a handcuff (Velcro and some kind of soft material, not metal) to a strap that disappeared under their mattress. I pulled a little on the strap but it wouldn’t give. Moving to another corner of the bed I reached between the mattresses and found another cuff.

This is crazy, they have everything you need to tie someone to the bed. I thought, head reeling.

Fuck…that’s kinda hot.

I pull out my phone and quickly send a text to Allison.

Hey Ho, you’re not going to believe what I found.

What? A friend? A life? HA

No, nothing like that. You have to see this, quick, meet me in Mom and Dad’s bedroom.

The door opened and Allison stepped quickly into the room.

“What?” she whisper yelled at me. “What is it?”

I pointed down to the chain and handcuff. “This, there’s one on each corner of the bed!”

Allison looked at the setup for a moment, her mind making the connections.

“Oh my god, you mean they handcuff each other to the bed?” She said out loud, completely forgetting to whisper. I waved my arms at her and shushed her vehemently.

“That’s kinda fucking,” she whispered, “hot.”

We both said “hot” at the same time, looked at each other grinning like idiots.

“We need to get the f…” as if on cue we both heard the unmistakable sounds of the floorboards squeaking just outside of their room.

Someone was coming.

We both looked to the door, expecting it to open at any second and our parents to barge in catching us red handed. When it didn’t immediately open, we both took off, Allison fled toward the bathroom and I raced to the closet. Allison, realizing the bathroom was a poor choice she whipped a tight U-turn and got into the closet with me. I closed the door softly and just in time, because at that exact moment Mom and Dad walked in the room.

The closet we were hiding in was actually a pretty big one, but it was stuffed with so many clothes (both hanging and stacked on the floor) and part of it was shelves so we had very little room to stand. We had to stand either facing each other or facing away but not shoulder to shoulder. On the bright side, the top half of the closet door had slats so we could see the bed and bedroom crystal clear from where we were, but with the closet dark no one could see us.

My mom came in the room first, she was about 5’6 with blonde hair that went down just past her shoulders, brown eyes and a bright smile. She had a slim frame, what looked like big tits (bigger than Allison’s) and long legs. I could see Dad’s head behind her, he was about 5’10, salt and pepper hair that he kept very short, piercing blue eyes and what’s been labeled a “Dad bod”. He was a powerful man; his arms were thick and he had giant hands.

“What are we going to do?” Allison whispered. She had put her lips so very close to my ear so only I could hear her, with the unintended consequences of me being able to feel her breath on me when she spoke.

I shrugged my shoulders and whispered “don’t know. Let’s wait it out.”

She nodded, then turned back to look into the room.

Something changed as soon as the bedroom door closed. Dad grabbed a handful of my mom’s hair and yanked it back, grabbed her throat with the other hand and led her to the edge of their bed.

I heard mom say “mmm Daddy, what do you want?”

“Undress,” he said.

“Yes sir,” she said and started to unbutton her blouse.

“No babygirl,” he shook his head and said, “Undress me. And no hands.”

“Ahh. Yes sir!” She smiled, and dutifully sank to her knees.

Dad was barefoot so she nosed around his crotch first, moving her face around the growing bulge. A slight growl could be heard from my dad as mom used her teeth to pull the belt out of the clasp.

I looked to Allison who was watching, mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front of her. The color had come back to her cheeks and she was breathing a bit heavier. I could feel my cock growing as well, starting to push against my cotton shorts. Allison turned so we weren’t face to face anymore, but now her ass was right in front of me, separated by a few inches at best. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, enjoying the feeling of her scent filling my body.

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