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Midnight breezes blow in softly through the open windows, dispersing the magic that can only be felt when muted silver light melds with velvet darkness and dances on the walls, mating in the serenity of the night.

The cool air flows through the room and moves over my heated skin, caressing it as a lover would. A shiver of sensation ripples over me in waves, bathing me with its sensual warmth.

Your words sing out in my mind as the night envelops me in its hypnotic embrace. My eyelids close so slowly, long lashes fluttering, lost in a world somewhere between wakefulness and sleep.

And suddenly you are there. Barely there kisses, a soft whisper of butterfly wings upon closed eyelids, beckon me to awaken and I see my face reflected in your mesmerizing eyes. You hold me in thrall, helpless beneath your hard sculpted body, the only place I long to be.

Entranced, I reach to cup your face in my hands and comb my fingers through your hair, before I bring your warm sweet lips to mine. Our mouths meet and I am swept away, drowning in your taste, thirsting for more of your magic.

A tingling chill washes over my wet lips as you pull away to kneel between my parted thighs, and they are bereft without your warmth upon them. Your luscious mouth on mine, your practiced tongue, has awakened my body, my heart, and my soul. All I desire is to feed on your mouth and feel your flesh beneath my fingertips. To devour you.

Electric impulses jolt through me as you lightly trace a path down my body with your hands. Your fingers rest at the pulse that beats at my throat, the blood rushing through, the pulse pounding wildly, before skimming down between my breasts. Taking a mound of firm soft flesh in each hand, you squeeze them. Kneading them in your miraculous hands. The areola puckers and my nipples harden to painful points, crying for your touch, but you don’t hear their cry.

As your fingers trail over my quivering body, I grasp at my nipples, pulling and twisting, pulling and pinching, until the pain becomes sweet bahis firmaları pleasure, suffusing me in the blissful sensation that kindles a fire in my very core.

I can see your devilish smile and the mischief in your eyes. It pleases you to taunt me and you take delight in my suffering, in my hunger for you. My body begs for your touch, squirming within your skillful hands that skim along my inner thighs.

“Please,” I mutter, almost unable to make my plea, holding my breath in anticipation.

Yet instead of plunging your fingers in my hot wet hole, you softly laugh, your smile widens to a grin, and your hands still, just out of reach of where I need them to be.

The urge to feed my hunger is too much to bear. Your massive cock, your rampant erection, pulls at me with a magnetic force. I need the glistening drops of fluid that ooze out from its eye, and with strength and will that before now I had never possessed, I extricate my thighs from your steely grasp and take that beautiful cock in my hands.

Never before have I beheld such a magnificent organ. I gaze upon it for just a moment, marveling at its perfection, tracing the veins that line it with my finger, relishing the feel of its hot hard length in my hands.

Your cock is so hard, yet the skin that covers it is as soft as the finest silk, and my tongue glides easily around the head, absorbing your pearly droplets with my mouth. I savor this taste of you, a teasing appetizer of the feast yet to come. You must have me under your spell, for it won’t be until you have nourished me with your essence, filled me with it, covered me in it, that I will be completely sated.

Like a woman starved, I take you deeper into my mouth, caressing the glans with my tongue, and gently squeeze the sack below. Your balls tighten against your body and a sharp intake of breath becomes a feral groan. The sound inspires me to milk you of every drop of your essence. Greedily sucking on the glistening rod, my fingers creep past the pouch of seed to massage the root of kaçak iddaa your cock, it jerks in my mouth as your spasms begin.

My hunger is once again denied as I find myself tilting back onto the bed, held prisoner in a cage of muscled arms and rock solid thighs. Your hardness throbs against me, the wet head prodding my belly, while your velvet tongue thrusts inside my mouth, in and out as it seeks and delves, urgently mating with mine.

Goosebumps prickle my heated flesh in response to the fingers that lightly trail over every inch of skin. My heartbeat quickens a little more, and I can scarcely breathe, as my hands roam upon your solid form of sculpted muscle, sinew, and bone. Pulling you closer against me, my nails sink in from behind, holding you there. Keeping you near. For you will never be near enough.

As if you can finally hear their needful cry, full soft lips sweep over my swollen breasts, and a velvet tongue laves a trail to the sensitive buds that blossom with your kiss. I cannot help but to cradle your head in my arms as you suckle, running my fingers through your silky strands, luxuriating in its texture.

Sighs become moans, and moans become cries of ecstasy, for the electric lightning that bolts through my quaking body, from the peaks of my breasts to my swelling clit below. The cool night air cannot relieve my heated flesh, which bends now, submissive only to your will.

Your magic must be strong, your spell powerful, to have me so completely enchanted. So hungry. Clutching the crisp linen sheets in my hands, my body arches at the touch of your lips, your tongue, upon the sentient flesh that swells with my desire. The cries in the room grow louder, as you kindle a fire inside me that can never be extinguished.

And just when I fear that you’ve consumed not only my body, but also my heart, and my soul, you release me. I open my eyes to a vision of you kneeling between my wet parted thighs, your glorious erection grasped in one hand. Slowly, you stroke your rigid staff, and with that devilish kaçak bahis gleam, that lustful glow, in your eyes, I watch you massage the clear fluid on the plum-shaped head as you position yourself at my entrance.

In one fierce surge of power, you penetrate the sleek wet folds of womanly flesh. I gasp at the moment of your invasion, lost in the sublime pleasure of the unbending strength that drives and withdraws within me, that pounds against my womb, my clit, and makes my body weep with joy.

Passion flows with every thrust, in a river down the thighs that tightly encircle you, holding you within, trapping you inside me. Fervent muscles clasp your cock. They tighten and release, spasm, and milk you of your pent-up seed, your essence, the pearly fluid that can appease my hunger.

Rapture spirals, tightly wound, and then explodes. A simultaneous release of passion bursts forth, bathing us both in a blanket of sensual warmth that wards off the chill of the midnight breeze. A rush of our commingled fluids escapes as you silently slither from inside my body. The scent of our coupling hangs in the room like a heady perfume, and I inhale deeply, allowing the fragrance to permeate my lungs.

For the moment I am sated, cradled in the shelter of your arms, my head on your strong shoulder, your breath fluttering through my hair. As my body cools and my heartbeat slows, I become conscious that you have succeeded with your bewitchment of me. You own me now, a slave to your desires, forever hungry for your touch.

The flame will never have to be relit, will never grow cold. The spark remains, a tiny flicker deep within, ready to ignite and consume, by thought, or word, or deed. Already I feel it growing, burning my veins, heating my blood once again, as I look into those haunting eyes that can see into my soul.

I am damned for all eternity, drowning in love that lasts longer than forever, but doesn’t last long enough. You place my hand between my shivering legs, in the cool moist evidence of passion spent, and my eyelids slowly close, long lashes fluttering, but I take the image of you with me as soft whispers of butterfly wings fleetingly rest upon them, before taking flight, leaving me to remain in the magic of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32