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Well here’s another one for you, I’m sorry to say that the promised story, The Shave, has turned into a damned book. There are so many elements that play into that story that I’m just finding it difficult to edit it down to something near reasonable. I’ve broken it into sections, but at this point will post it all at one time. I think sections help to break up the story and events, but even that’s way too large, so more editing is in order. The good news is that it’s all written, it’s just the damnable final editing that remains to be done.

So for those of you who don’t know me or my stories, my name is JenniferO or Jenno to those who know me. I’ve been writing and posting stories about my adventures here for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m 29 now and I write stories mostly from my younger wilder days. Occasionally, I write about my more recent adventures, but the old ones seem to have a little more edge to them.

I’m 5′ tall barely, weigh 85 lbs and I suppose the best way to describe how I look is that I have a kind of swimmers figure. I’m half Irish and half Italian which if nothing else, confirms my passionate nature. I was a real party girl in my younger days. I loved getting high, hanging out with friends and living out crazy adventures. I was always up for a party, my slogan back then was “You can go forward and you can go backward, but you can’t go straight”. I know that’s a bad attitude for a lot of people and it probably was for me to, but everything worked out in the end. I guess I’m not an addictive personality, unless it comes to having fun.

Even when I was young I fell in love with the idea of sex. I started when I was still in high school and while it wasn’t the best, it was still pretty damn good. I’m not faulting the high school guys, but really, who knows anything about getting laid in high school. We all had these new parts and wanted to take them out for a test ride to see how they worked. Even the good girls wanted to. The difference was that they didn’t follow through on what they wanted and I did.

For me, it started off with just going braless occasionally. I have such large nipples that even though I’m pretty flat chested, I’d get the looks from guys, including some of the teachers. My nipples seem to be in a state of perpetual hardness or maybe they’re just so big that they can never really go away. When I’d go braless, they just stuck out, there was no hiding them. The only difference was how obvious they are; they stand out or really stand out. For some reason when I laugh and joke around, they get hard. Guys noticed and started joking around and flirting with me. I noticed them staring, but ignored it unless they were too obvious, then I’d just lift their chin or something. In any event, I loved how guys would stop and talk and flirt, I drew so much attention. So I started going braless more and more.

When I went to the beach I’d wear the skimpiest bathing suits I could find. Again, I noticed guys checking me out and I liked that. So of course, one thing leads to another and I went further. Some girlfriends and I stopped wearing panties under our skirts when we went out. That felt so sexy, but it was like a drug. We began wearing shorter and shorter skirts. Pretty soon, they were barely covering our asses. It was all such a rush knowing that we were showing off our pussies to complete strangers. There was no avoiding it really, the skirts were that short. We were quite the dangerous little group of girls, braless under thin halter tops and short skirts with no panties.

One time I remember, we were in a local mall and one of my girlfriends dared me to go in and try on some shoes. I can’t resist a dare and there was this kinda cute older guy working in the shoe store. I took the dare and I swear that by the time I was done, that guy could’ve taken me out back and screwed my brains out, I was so hot. I tried on 3 or 4 pair of shoes and the whole time, he’s kneeling on the floor in front of me checking out my pussy. I have almost no hair at all, just a little tuft at the top, so everything was totally on display and the longer I sat there, the juicier I got. It was an incredible rush for me to have this guy checking me out like this. I could see my girlfriends out in the main mall getting silly watching while I was doing this. I must’ve spent 20 minutes in there letting him look at my pussy. When he went to get a pair of shoes in the backroom one time, I spread the lips so that when he came back out, he was looking at my young, open pussy. The poor guy was barely looking at me feet. I was such a terrible tease.

Later that summer, I was San Diego with one of my girlfriends visiting her older sister. She took us to a nude beach for a day and I notched it up another level. I discovered that I loved, loved, loved being nude in public; big surprise, huh. When I got my license, I started driving down from LA on the weekends; it was only a couple of hours. I’d be lying on the beach and all these guys would end sitting around illegal bahis me. I didn’t know at the time that a naked girl is a magnet at nude beaches. A lot of them would start up conversations and it was so cool to just be sitting on the beach naked talking to these strange guys who were also naked. My girlfriends came down with me a few times, but while they thought it was cool, they weren’t into it like I was. It was a drug for me, I needed to show off and to be checked out. I’d found a somewhat safe haven for that and I loved it.

Well, of course with that kind of attitude towards nudity, sex was just natural to follow. I found that I absolutely loved sex and still do. I happen to be one of those women who orgasm very easily and generally have multiple orgasms during sex. I know now that that’s pretty unusual, but at the time, I thought that’s just how it was for all women. Even with guys who came really fast, it generally wasn’t a problem because they could just keep going and wanted to. They also seemed to last a lot longer on the second go round too. The problem that I found was I was on the path to a really wild reputation early.

When my family moved to the San Francisco area at the end of my senior year, I took the opportunity to reinvent myself. I went under cover in my sexual adventures. No more talk circulated about my crazy behavior.

Art School was the place where the whole sex thing really bloomed again though. I moved out east to go to school. Everything was going pretty smooth until my second year when I met Bob and I discovered I had some very different sexual appetites. Man oh man, did we make a wacked out couple. He was a voyeur and I’m an exhibitionist, how much more perfect setup can you have for a couple of partiers who loved sex. He loved it when I would show myself or better yet, let myself be shown.

Most of my stories seem to originate from those times. Bob and I broke up for a while and I dated a few other guys. One of them Michael who this story is written about was really kind of possessive. He treated me like I was his bicycle or something. I don’t even know why things with him lasted as long as they did. While dating him though; Bob and I started to talk again. I think we both realized that we kind of needed one another and I guess I was letting him talk me into coming back to him. It took a while for that to happen though.

I hope I haven’t wasted your time in the introductions. I figure if you’re new, background information is always good and if you’re already a loyal reader, then maybe I’ve shared something you didn’t know about me. If you have some comments about my stories or even just want to ask questions regarding events, feel free. I try to answer most of the emails that are sent. I have to warn you that if you just write telling me that you’d like to “fuck my brains out”, don’t expect a response. I get a lot of those and while they are complimentary, little notes, they leave nothing to respond to really. If you don’t like something about my story; tell me, just don’t do it anonymously. I’m really not offended by criticism, but give me the chance to respond. There may be something I can learn if you give me a chance. Maybe even make a better story next time.

So enough of all that stuff, on to the story…

This one occurred in the crazy times. As I said above, I was dating this guy Michael.

This one particular Friday night in early summer, we had plans to meet around 7 to get some dinner and maybe hit a couple of clubs. It was around 4 in the afternoon on that Friday and I was out doing errands. I decided to stop by his house to see where he wanted to go so I could figure out what to wear. When I got there, I saw a car I recognized behind Michael’s in the driveway. I parked on the street and walked down the driveway along side the house to the back deck. He always used the back door as the main entrance.

As I got to back corner of the house, I heard a couple of guys talking and my name mentioned. I know I probably shouldn’t have, but I did what I think most people would’ve done. I stopped to listen to the conversation to see what was being said about me.

I recognized Michael’s voice and that of one of his out of town friends nicknamed Buster. The nickname was due to his penchant for breaking bones, mostly his own. He was kind of radical and was always involved in one extreme sport or another.

Well as I’m listening, it turns out that Michael making plans to blow me off and go out to party with Buster instead. Buster to his credit didn’t want to step on the plans Michael and I already had. Michael on the other hand didn’t have any issue with that at all, no problem at all with ditching me.

I hear him say “Hey don’t worry about it man, she’ll figure it out, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve blown her off to go out and party and it won’t be the last. She’ll be pissed for a couple of days, but then she’ll want some loving and her little world will be right again.”

And illegal bahis siteleri he laughed!

I fumed… my little world huh!

As I stood there thinking about what I was going to say to Michael, I was surprised to hear Buster tell Michael that he was being an asshole.

“Let’s just have her come out with us, Jenno’s cool and I think she’s a blast to hang out with. Why piss her off?”

“Fuck that!” Michael told him. “There’s this new tittie bar and I heard one of the girls I work with dances there, that’s where we’re going tonight my friend.”

“Well it’s up to you.” Buster said. “You do what you want, but you better watch out, because someone else will come along who’ll treat her better and then you’ll be dating your fucking hand.”

“Shit” Michael said. “It’s not like she’s not the only girl around, there’s millions of them.”

Michael laughed again.

“Alright, I’m done,” Buster said, “have it your way, but I think you’re really are an asshole and I’m telling here and now if I ever get the chance to tap her, I’m going to take it.”

Michael just laughed harder… “Sure whatever… it’s not like you’re ever going to get that chance, but if you do… go for it, she is a great piece of ass, nice tight pussy.”

I was now well and truly pissed, he was so fucking arrogant. But I decided to not confront him, not just yet anyway. I wanted to think about this for awhile first. I had another idea starting percolate.

I just turned around, walked back to my car and went home. I opened up a bottle of wine and considered all that I had heard and the bullshit I’d been putting up with from Michael over the last few months. He was cool when we first started dating, but this crap was happening more and more lately. I was fed up with it. If I did the same sort thing to him, he’d blow a major gasket.

As I thought more about it, I had to respect Buster though. He was this great big, rugged looking guy who spoke his mind regardless of what other people thought. You always knew exactly where you stood with him. No bullshit.

You have to respect that attitude. He had a great sense of humor and now I discovered that he also had a sweet heart. I gave him a lot of credit for telling Michael that he was an asshole. Most guys in my experience don’t tell their friends when they’re being dicks. I mean it wasn’t like I expected him to stick up for me, but I really appreciated the fact that he did. I don’t think any of Michael’s other friends would’ve told him he was being a jackass.

The more I thought about what had been said, the more found myself focusing on what Buster had said about tapping me if he had the chance. I could almost see the sneer on Michael’s face when he told Buster, there wasn’t a chance.

That just pissed me off even more. It was like he could treat me like crap and I wasn’t smart enough to do anything about it. As I drank more wine, I found myself getting more and more pissed at Michael and more enraptured with how Buster had come to my rescue. Then, I had an idea. Maybe I could kill 2 birds with one stone.

When Michael gets together with the guys for a night of partying, he really goes overboard and gets totally smashed. I didn’t know how Buster was, but assumed that he would probably get pretty smashed as well. Usually, when Michael gets home, he just staggers up the stairs to his room and crashes and is dead to the world until the next morning. Amazingly, he doesn’t seem to get much in the way of hangovers, I have no idea why. Maybe because he does it a lot I guess.

In any event, I hatched my little plan. One of the things I had been looking forward to tonight was a little sex when we got home after clubbing. There was no chance that was going to happen now that Michael decided to blow me off.

I thought about another incident that occurred totally by accident not long before and thought I might be able to work something like that to my advantage. I wrote a little story about it called “The Stag Party”.

It’s about a time where I decided to surprise another, earlier boyfriend with a quickie before he headed out to a stag.

I went to his house before he got out of work I got undressed and lay on the couch all spread out just waiting for him to come home. I thought it would be a great surprise.

Well, it didn’t go according to plan and I was the one surprised.

He came home alright, but with a bunch of buddies and while he went upstairs to shower and get ready for the evening, they came into the living room where I was laid out. There was no place to hide or escape so I did the only thing I could think of, I pretended to be asleep.

They spent the next 20 minutes or so checking me out and stuff while I pretended to be sleeping.

Thinking about that, I thought maybe I could do the same sort of thing here. I wondered what would happen if I gave Buster an opportunity.

I was pretty confident Michael would come home totally smashed like usual and would canlı bahis siteleri just stumble right up to his bedroom. Buster, on the other hand… well the couch is where he usually crashes after a night of partying with Michael.

I thought that could be interesting. I was ready to end it with Michael anyway, this would an interesting way of marking that decision.

I got all showered up and then drove over to Michael’s to meet him as planned.

Sure enough, no one was home when I knocked.

I pulled my car out of the driveway and parked down the street from his house. I didn’t want him to see my car when they finally came home. I went back to the house and knocked on the door again, just to make sure. There was definitely no one was home. I had a key, so I let myself in.

There was note on the table from Michael apologizing for not being here, but a friend had showed up who need to talk, so he felt he should take him out… blah, blah, blah. A total line of bullshit! He ended it with “…I’ll make it up to you baby” with a stupid smiley face doodle after it.

I packed up all my stuff. Once I got that done and loaded into my car. I went back into the house and opened another bottle of wine. I had also brought a bigger empty wine bottle that I planned to use as a kind of prop. I ordered some Chinese and settled in for the evening to watch a movie and drink my wine. I even took a little nap around 11pm for a couple of hours. I woke up a little after 1am; I didn’t expect them home for another hour or so. I poured another glass of wine and then went out on the back porch to fire up a joint.

When I finished the joint, I went back in the living room and took off my sun dress. It’s all I was wearing. I lowered the lights in the living room and turned the TV down low. I put on a touch of perfume and then hid my stuff in a bag behind the couch. I left the large empty wine bottle and a partly empty glass on the coffee table along with the remains of the joint in the ashtray. Now everything was pretty much set. I took the blanket that Michael had set out for Buster and lay down on the couch with it loosely draped over my body.

I arranged it so that while nothing was really showing, I had one breast partially uncovered. It was obvious that I was naked.


I was pretty sure it would look like I showed up for our date and after I read the note decided to just stay until he got home. In the process I drank a big bottle of wine, smoked some pot, and passed out while watching TV.


In all honesty, I didn’t expect Michael to even come in the living room, but this would cover it if he did. I wasn’t supposed to know Buster was even in town. However, if things went according to plan, it would be Buster who would come in and see me lying there.

I was pretty sure he would also assume that I had passed out. He’s also been around me enough to know that when I am out, then it practically takes an explosion to wake me up. Michael complains about it all the time. I wondered if Buster would complain.

Then I waited.

Maybe 20 minutes or so later, I heard a car pull up in the front and then pull away. A couple seconds later, the two guys stumbled in the back door by the kitchen. They were really loud and laughing about something I couldn’t understand. I could tell that they were both pretty loaded. Michael got them each another beer out of fridge and they sat at the kitchen table drinking and shooting the breeze. I have to admit, I was nervous as hell lying there like this. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

True to form though, not 10 minutes later, Michael said he needed to crash and stumbled his way up the stairs. I doubt he even finished his beer. A moment later, I heard the back door open and then a minute later close and lock. Buster must’ve gone to his car to get his stuff. He came back in and then I heard the footsteps coming down the hall to the living room. I had my arms over my eyes and was pretending sleep.

The footsteps stopped at the living room door, he was looking at me sleeping on the couch.

I just heard a whispered. “Oh Shit!”

A moment later, he quietly called out my name.

I didn’t move.

He came closer and shook me, “Hey Jenn, come on, wake up.”

I mumbled a little in my sleep and squirmed cozier into the cushions of the couch.

Nothing happened for a moment. Then I thought he was talking to someone else for a moment.

“Oh fuck, damn…” He slurred.

I wasn’t sure, but I suspected that the blanket must’ve moved and revealed a larger portion of one of my breasts.

He shook me again… Come on Jenn, wake up, I can’t take this. You’re just looking too good lying there like that. Now, if you’re awake and can hear me, I’m going to go get myself another beer. You can just go upstairs and everything will be cool. If you’re still here when I get back, well then I can’t be responsible.”

I pushed his hand away from my shoulder and rolled a little bit. I felt the blanket slip down over one nipple. It popped out.

I made myself comfortable again resting my arms on the pillow up over my head. I was posing and showing myself to him and he had no idea this was all deliberate.

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