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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+. The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks.


We decided that we wouldn’t have Jillian come to visit, until her lingerie, breast forms, and wig were delivered. Dad seemed both disappointed and relieved. He’s very conflicted and confused about Jillian. I guess we all are. It’s strange, realizing your father has multiple personalities, a Dissociative Identity, as my mother, the former Psych Major says. It’s even weirder when, you feel a strong sexual attraction for your Dad’s female personality, like I do.

Mom instructed Dad and I to go shower upstairs. The shower near my bedroom is a full shower. There’s no tub in that bathroom. But there’s more room for two people in the shower. Mom and I have experimented with both. The traditional Tub and Shower combination in their Master Bathroom downstairs is cramped, and the tub is a little slippery too. Mom said that Dad and I could play with each other, but weren’t allowed to cum without her permission.

We were nervous, showering together. It was something we had never done before. But, Dad asked if he could kiss me. I leaned down, and said it was OK if Dad wanted to kiss me.. And when he did, he closed his eyes. So I closed mine too. And we necked for a while in the shower. It was interesting and exciting, evidenced by my hard cock pressing against Dad’s belly. Dad broke the kiss and held my cock.

“This is nice,” he said.

“Do you mean, my cock, Red?”, I asked. I called my Dad by his submissive nickname.

“That’s nice too, Master. I just meant this feeling of closeness. I guess this is Gay, me getting excited by holding you and kissing you and touching your cock, Sir. But, you don’t make me feel sick and dirty like Nick always did. If this is Gay, I don’t really mind.”

“We don’t have to talk about your brother, Dad. He’s an asshole.”

“You’re not, Sir.” Red leaned forward and took my nipple in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it, and then bit the tiny button. I gasped. “Is this all right, Sir?” I guided his head to my other nipple. Then got some shampoo and started lathering our hair, first mine, then his. My Dad laughed. bahis firmaları But then he spat. “Oh, crap. I got shampoo in my mouth,” he yelled. He was laughing. He turned around and opened his mouth to the flow of water from the shower. He rinsed his mouth and spat it into the drain. “I’m sorry, Sir. That’s not very sexy at all!”

I laughed, “That was my fault, Red.” I spread my legs and pressed my cock against the cleft of Dad’s smooth, hairless butt cheeks. “I think this is very sexy, Dad. You’ve got a great fucking ass!” Dad is shorter than me. I’m about 6’2″ tall, and Dad is just 5’9″. He’s about the same height as my mother. Dad is also much thinner. Not scrawny, but lithe. He probably weighs under 150 pounds. I’m on the brawny, muscular side of the spectrum. I would probably weigh 215, if I was really in shape, but I’m not bad looking for being around 220 to 225 pounds. I could weigh 225, but more of my bulk should be muscle.

Mom and I had discovered a problem with sex in the shower. I either have to lift her up to the height of my cock. Or I have to crouch. One way is a strain on my arms, and the other is eventually a strain on my legs. I spread my legs and hunched and pulled my Dad back against my groin.

“Oh, God, Master. Your cock feels so hot, pressed between my butt-cheeks!”

I leaned forward and whispered in my “Do you want to feel your son’s cock spreading those ass-cheeks and fucking you deeply, Pops?” I reached around and grabbed Dad’s cock. He had already cum twice today, but he was back to full erection. For a guy in his mid-forties, he had a lot of sexual stamina. Maybe he was using boner pills.

“Yes, Bobby! I do. But your mother would kill us if she wasn’t here to watch!”

The semi-transparent door to the shower folded open. My mother was standing there, naked, holding some towels. “Then it’s a good thing I’m here,” she said.

My father and I both jumped, startled. I shouted, “Jesus, Mom! You scared me half to death. Haven’t you ever seen ‘Psycho’?”

My mother was giggling, laughing hysterically is more like it. She dropped the towels on the floor to catch the spray from the shower on the floor. Her nearly flawless, firm body was revealed, from her perfect, full, medium sized tits, to her beautiful, fully shaved, waxed and bare cunt. Her auburn hair cascaded around kaçak iddaa her shoulders. “Sorry, Boys, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Is he really going to fuck me, Mommy? Is Bobby going to fuck me now?” Dad was asking my mother, as if I didn’t have a say in the matter. I guess, technically, my father and I are both my mother’s Sexual submissives, so maybe we don’t get much say.

My mother shook her head. “Soon, Baby Boy. But, right now, you are going to watch your son fuck his Mommy silly in the shower. Step out, Andrew. Mommy needs to get drilled with her son’s big cock.” My dad stepped out of the shower. And my mother reached around the side shower stall and grabbed three Aerobics Platforms. “I borrowed these from my Gym. The owner, who is also my personal trainer, said that I could give them a try at home. I want to conduct a little experiment.” Mom put down the platforms in the middle of the shower to create a single five inch step. She stood with her back to me on the platform, and braced her hands on the opposite wall of the shower.

I turned. The shower was now splashing on my back. Mom’s ass was level with my cock. “Mistress Blue, you’re a genius!”

“Thank you, Pony-Boy. I got the idea that day your were fucking me on the stairs. I’m wet. You’re hard and ready. Put that fuck-stick where it belongs, Stud. Cram, your Mommy full of cock! Oh, FUCK! YES! I’ve been needing this for hours!”

I pushed the full length of my cock deep inside my mother in one smooth stroke. There was no foreplay. There was no tease. “Oh, Mistress. Your cunt in so tight and wet! You feel so fucking perfect on my cock!”

“You’re both so beautiful,” my father chimed in. I turned to see him stroking his cock, watching his son fuck his wife. He didn’t look bitter or literally “put-out.” He had a look of love, longing and lust in his eyes.

“Grab a washcloth, Baby Boy,” Mistress Blue told him, “and the shower gel. Your job is to get your Master and Mistress clean, while we get dirty.” My father got the shower gel. It was mine, the manly scented stuff, not my mother’s flowery scented soap. Mom didn’t mind. Dad lathered us up. He caressed my ass as I plunged my cock into his wife. He caressed Mom’s tits. “Mmm, that’s nice, Baby,” Mom said, “Pull on Mommy’s nipples. Pinch them. FUCK! YES! FUCK! GOOD! Good, Baby. Now take down the shower kaçak bahis head and rinse us off. Yes. Just like that. Now set the shower head to pulse.” I have an adjustable shower head that I can set to massage and I can take down and use as a hand shower. I’ve taught my mother how to use the pulsing spray to masturbate. “Yes, Baby. Now bring that shower head around and point it at my clit,” Mom commanded Dad. “Hold it about a foot away. Yes! Right there. Fuck! Bring it a little closer! Fuck me, Stud! Jam that cock in my cunt, Bobby! Fill me, fuck me faster, really take me! Bring that shower head closer, Baby Boy! Buzz my clit! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh, yes! I’m coming! I’m fucking coming! No! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me, keep that shower head on my clit until I, FUCK! Gah! Gah! Until I, GAH! Fuck! I fucking can’t take anymore Ung! Gah!”

I felt my mother spasm along the length of my six and a half inch cock. It also felt like ripples and pluses from the shower-head were transmitted through my mother’s body and onto my fucking cock-head! My father was holding the shower-head against my mother with one hand, and he was pounding his meat with the other. “Mommy, I need to cum, please may I cum?” My father begged.

My mother waved to my Dad and just said, “Gimmee.” He stepped closer and my mother put her left hand on his cock and started jacking him with him. “Come, Baby Boy! Cum on your Mommy!” And he did.

I forgot to ask permission to cum. Feeling my mother come all over my cock, and watching my father shoot his load from outside the shower to spray the side of my mother’s face, neck and shoulder, I shuddered and came, pumping my seed deep inside my mother. “Fuck,” I bellowed.

“Turn off the shower, Red,” my mother commanded, “we’re running out of hot water. Pull out, Pony-Boy. You forgot to ask permission to cum.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Blue. You felt so good on my cock. And then when Red came on you. I just forgot.”

My mother sat down on the Aerobics step and put her back to the side of the shower. She stuck her feet out and spread her legs. “Don’t blame your father for your mistakes, Pony-Boy! Clean my cunt, Baby Boy. Suck your son’s spunk out, but avoid my clit. It’s very sensitive right now. Drink it up. And you, Pony-Boy, sorry is just not good enough. You’re going to be disciplined later.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“For now, lick your father’s cum off my face and neck, then get down on your back underneath him and clean his cock.”

“Thank you, Mistress Blue,” I said.


To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32