The Breakfast Meeting

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We had just met in the early hours of the morning, at a little cafe tucked away. Over coffee we talked a little about ourselves, but more and more we talked about what was missing in our physical relationships and what we wanted here and now. It was so erotic listening to you talking the sex talk, and all the while I was checking you out. Your beautiful face, your inviting lips, your bedroom eyes beckoning, no, daring me to lean over and kiss you! When I could, I stole glimpses of your sexy cleavage, imagining how it would feel to touch you, and then to touch you all over. I noticed you took every opportunity to ‘accidentally’ touch me, brushing my hand picking up your coffee, placing your hand on mine while telling me nice things. Breakfast ended, and we both knew that we wanted more. I paid for our meal, and when you stood so close to me I could feel your breast against my arm I knew I wanted you so much.

We headed to our motel room and checked in. Again, you brushed me with your body every chance you could, and smiled at me, that twinkle in your eye. Ok, I admit it, there was an ulterior motive for holding doors open for you, and that was to check you out from behind as you walked through! Once in our room, I immediately took you in my arms and brought your face towards mine. I hesitated, enjoying that acute sensation of anticipation before our first proper kiss, you smiled at me again and that was all I needed. I pulled you close and gently kissed your soft lips. As I kissed you, you responded in kind, your arms tight around me. Kissing you deeper, my passion was growing and soon our tongues were entwined, touching, twisting, tasting. My hands dropped down your lower back, and began to caress your sexy arse. It was making me so hot, feeling your body through your sexy skirt, and I learned very quickly that you had a tiny g-string on. I reached around to your front, eager to touch your breasts that were barely contained in your top. You gently stopped me and said “Not yet Andy, I’ve got something special for you”

You told me to take my shirt and jeans off and sit on the bed, and that I wasn’t allowed to touch you yet. I did as you asked, and you stood in front of me and you slowly ran your hands over your fully clothed İstanbul Escort body, your breasts, your hips, your behind, your legs, and down to your feet where you removed your shoes, bending from the waist so your skirt rode up… “Oh baby” I said “I want you naked so much!”. You replied “All in good time baby”. You stood up and cupped your large breasts in your hands, in exactly the same way I wanted to, and began to caress them, kneading them in exactly the same way you wanted me to. You slowly unbuttoned your shirt, exposing your sexy lacy bra to me, and gently ran your fingers over your exposed flesh, that gorgeous cleavage that I had been admiring all morning. Turning around, you unzipped your skirt and let it drop to the floor and I got my first look at your sexy arse as you ran your hands over it. While still turned away you unclipped your bra but left it still covering your breasts. Turning around to face me, your hand holding your bra to your chest, you straddled my lap, your breasts against my bare chest.

You leaned down and kissed me passionately while slipping your bra out from between us and dropping it on the floor. It felt so good, your naked breasts, your hard nipples against my chest and again I wanted so much to touch them but you wouldn’t let me. You stopped kissing me, leaned back and guided my face to your chest and I saw your hard nipples so close! You pulled me close and I took your nipple in my mouth and squeezed firmly. You moaned gently and I could feel you squirm as you became more aroused. As I continued licking and sucking your nipple I moved my hands to your legs to touch your smooth skin and you firmly told me I couldn’t yet.

Getting off my lap you could see by the bulge in my jocks that I was getting so turned on too! After sitting yourself down on the bed too, leaning up against the bedhead, you started caressing your bare breasts, squeezing your nipples between your fingers. You were feeling so naughty too, and one hand dropped down between your legs and stroked yourself over the top of your lacy knickers. This was almost too much for me and I started touching myself too.

“No Andy, just watch me” you said, and then you slid your hand under your flimsy knickers. Escort Bayan You played with yourself, gently moving your hips and moaning quietly. I could see the outline of your fingers moving along your pussy lips and I wanted so much to see!

Knowing that it was driving me wild, you laid right back and spread your legs wider. Your g-string, skimpy as it was, was still obscuring enough that I could only watch your fingers moving underneath the thin material. Your fingers slid along the length of your pussy, and I could plainly see when you slid one finger inside yourself, then two fingers. As you finger-fucked yourself you sensually gyrated your hips, thrusting in time with your hand actions. For several minutes you continued this, then when you felt you had teased me enough, you eased off, removed your fingers and brought them up to your mouth. With a seductive smile, you opened your mouth and put your wet fingers in. Your eyes closed as you slowly tasted your fingers, the flavour of yourself turning you on. When you removed them from your mouth, you opened your eyes again and gave me another sensual smile.

“I think I’ve made you wait long enough now”. You took hold with both hands and slid your wet knickers off, exposing your hot shaved pussy to me. I was so very turned on now, and you then resumed your masturbation for me. Your fingers worked your wet pussy, stroking your clit, gently sliding in and out of your body. The sight of your soft labia being massaged and stimulated by your own fingers was just magic! I had my jocks down now, also stroking myself. As my hand worked my hard cock, you slid your fingers expertly into your wet pussy, bringing yourself closer to orgasm. Faster and faster you stroked yourself, moaning louder and louder, squeezing your nipple hard until you finally climaxed, your hips bucking as your intense orgasm rippled through your body. It looked so good, you masturbating and cumming for me, I just wanted to cum too, but I had other plans…

I moved over to you and lay you down flat on the bed and sensually kissed you again, my tongue exploring your mouth where I could taste your pussy. Then moving downwards I kissed your neck, your shoulder, and then I kissed around Eskort your breasts. In wide circles I made my way around them, slowly getting closer to your nipples. When my lips made contact with them, I felt your body shudder as I gently squeezed them with my lips. I spent a while caressing and sucking your firm breasts, and then I wanted even more. I reluctantly detached my lips from your nipple and continued moving down again, passed your tummy and arrived at the object of my desire – your sweet, sweet pussy. You were still gently stroking yourself, and I took your hand and put your wet fingers in my mouth, savouring your juices. You liked this, and a sexy smile spread over your lips. Removing your fingers from my mouth I gently kissed your waiting pussy. Your body yearned for my tongue, so I began to run my tongue along the length of your pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how wet you were, your smooth velvety lips tasted so good. I flicked my tongue over your clit, and your body shuddered again, the sensations turning you on again. My tongue probed your body, slickly tasting you and bringing you towards another orgasm.

Faster and faster my tongue worked over and around your clit, your body writhing with pleasure. You moaned louder and louder, wanting to cum again. Just as you were about to cum I thrust my tongue deep into your vagina, and you exploded, your climax causing your body to convulse as the intense waves of orgasm surged through your naked body. After you had cum, you told me to kiss you again, and I did. You could taste your pussy on my lips and tongue and you loved it, flicking your tongue in my mouth to enjoy it even more. And that in turn turned me on and I couldn’t wait any longer! I held your legs apart and ran the head of my cock along your very wet pussy. “Fuck me baby” you said, and I gently pushed my hard cock inside you. Slowly at first, I slid my cock in and out of your hot and tight pussy. The feeling of being inside you was awesome, and soon I was thrusting harder, your tight pussy lips wrapped around my shaft. Deeper and deeper I went, until the sensation built up stronger and stronger and I could hold back no more, so I fucked you hard and fast, bringing you toward yet another orgasm. I exploded, shooting my load of hot cum deep into your pussy, and you came again too, your body shaking with such intense pleasure.

After we slowed down again, we just lay there, me still inside you, gently kissing and stroking each other for a long time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32