The Cab Ride

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Big Tits

We emerged from the hotel, arm in arm, chatting casually, and constantly looking into each other’s eyes. I asked the doorman to flag us a cab, and we waited a moment. As we waited, you leaned into me, and we embraced. You told me how happy you are, how right this feels, how aroused you are physically, mentally, and emotionally, every moment that you are with me. I placed my palms to the sides of your face, held your head back, and looked into your eyes. “You know I feel exactly the same, Summer,” I told you.

The cab arrived, and I opened the door for you. You smiled at me and slid across the seat so I could hop in. You looked into my eyes, and thought you caught a hint of mischief. But then you dismissed the thought, as you remembered to yourself, “He is always mischievous,” and smiled. You looked out the window and watched, as the cab passed down Lakeside Drive, with a view of Lake Michigan.

You seemed lost in thought as I slid my hand up underneath your skirt, up your thighs, to find that you had no panties on. You hadn’t noticed my hand on your thighs, but as it reached all the way up, brushing your lips, I caught your attention. You looked over at me. I had an idea. I slid my hands to the hem of your skirt and grabbed it. I slipped your skirt up and pushed it up all the way until the skirt was bunched around your waist and your bare ass was pressed against the seat of the cab.

I grabbed your hand…and slid it to your mouth…leading you to suck one finger into your mouth. I slipped your finger out of your mouth, and slid your hand down over your pussy. I leaned over and whispered into your ear, “Put on a show for him, darling.” You looked at me quizzically, almost resisting, but as I pressed your fingers down to your pussy, you began to relent. You noticed how wet you were, and how good it felt.

I was sitting to the right of you. You slipped the fingers of your left hand down between your lips, spreading them apart. You rested your right hand on my thigh. As you reached your fingers up to your now hard clit, you began sliding your right hand up my thigh, until it was pressed Bostancı Escort over my rock hard cock. As your forefinger flicked back and forth at your clit, your fingers reached through my pants and squeezed my balls.

Your soft moaning caught the cabdriver’s attention, and you watched him tilt the mirror down until he could see your hand at your wet pussy. The naughtiness of the situation made you even wetter, and as you slid your finger down to press it inside yourself, you began fumbling to pull my cock out of my pants. As you pressed your fingers inside your wet hole, you wrapped the fingers of your right hand tight around my cock, and began stroking it.

For several moments – I was so lost in the pleasure of the situation that I cannot remember how long – you fucked your wet pussy with your fingers while you ravenously stroked my cock with your right hand. Part of the way through the stroking, I slid my left hand under your ass with the back of my hand to the seat, and my middle finger stuck straight up in the air. Understanding my cue, you sat straight down on my finger, driving it up into your ass. Your anus was so wet from your dripping pussy that my finger went right in.

I did not intend for our “little show” to get this hot, but perhaps I had miscalculated how hot we are together. Luckily, the cab was a station wagon and had a flatbed behind the seat. What our driver was thinking, I did not know, nor – at this point – did I care. Your body was writhing in such pleasure that I am not sure you could even remember where we were. I slipped all of your clothes off of you, and pushed you to climb over the seat into the back bed of the cab. I unbuckled my pants, and slid them off; unbuttoned my shirt, and dropped it on the seat.

You lay on your back in the flat back of the cab, and pressed your feet against the windows as I climbed over the seat and between your legs. I quickly and eagerly buried my face in your dripping wet pussy. As I thrust my tongue inside you, I pushed my thumb into your asshole. You bucked your hips up and down, pressing your pussy Kadıköy Escort into my face; your ass down onto my thumb. You reached behind your head with your hands, pressing them into the window to give you leverage to push your groin harder into my face. I withdrew my tongue from your wet hole to wrap my lips around your clit. As I sucked it into my mouth, I pressed my thumb deeper into your ass, really pounding it hard now.

As we passed other cars, heads turned. They saw your feet pressed against the window on one side, your hands pressed against the window on the other side.

Finally, I rolled you over onto your hands and knees. I positioned you so that you were leaning over the seatback, your elbows on the top of the seatback, your breasts dangling down. From that position, the driver could look directly at your face, and your swaying breasts. I didn’t care. It was the best position for me to get behind you.

Because the ceiling was so low to us, you could not get all the way up on your hands and knees, and I had to lay my chest across your back. Nevertheless, I drove the head of my thick cock straight into your wet, throbbing asshole. You moaned, “Ahhhhhhh John, fucccckkk meeeee!” “Yes, John!” “Fuck!” “My!” “Tight!” “Ass!”

As I planted my cock deep inside your ass, I reached underneath your body and pressed your breasts hard together. I pinched and twisted at your nipples as I drove my hips into the cheeks of your ass, allowing my thick cock to probe further inside you.

I took one of your hands in mine and directed it down to your pussy. You reached between your legs and grabbed my balls, and I wrapped my hand around yours and guided it back to your pussy. You began fucking yourself with two fingers as I pounded away at your tight ass with my cock, and pinched, twisted and tugged your nipples with my fingers.

“Oh God, John!” you yelled. “Don’t stop fucking my ass! Oh my God!”

“Yes, Summer,” I replied. “Take my cock. Take it. Squeeze it with that tight ass. Oh. Yeesssss”

I noticed the cabdriver had pulled into an alley to park next to Göztepe Escort our new apartment building. In fact, he had the door open, watching us. He pulled out his cock and stroked as he watched and listened to us fuck.

Your body writhing. Pushing your ass up into the air to meet my cock as it drove down into you. Gasping . Moaning. Floating.

You became aware of the cabdriver standing with the backdoor open. At first you were repulsed, but after a moment it made you even wetter to see his big cock just a foot from your face.

“Oh John!” You moaned. “I am going to cum soon. Let me suck his cock while I cum.”

“Yes, Summer,” I replied. “Take that cock in your mouth. Suck him dry. Make him cum when you do.”

You licked his cock for a moment, but quickly took it all into your mouth. As you felt the head of his cock touch the back of your throat, the physical and mental pleasure overcame you. I had driven my cock deep into your ass at the precise moment his cock touched the back of your throat. Your body convulsed. The convulsion caused your lips to squeeze around his cock as your tongue slid along the vein; it caused your ass to clench around my cock.

In one infinitesimally small second, you gasped around his cock as your whole body shook in orgasm. It caused your lips to suck the cum straight out of his cock at the same time that your ass squeezed mine. He pulled his out and shot it onto your face, down onto your breasts. You eagerly swallowed every drop you could get your tongue on. I buried mine into your ass one last time as I planted my cum as deep inside you as I could. I began to go limp and pull my cock out. You reached down with your fingers to catch the cum that followed my cock out of your ass. You licked up every last drop, mixing my cum with his in your mouth.

We embraced for a moment, but realizing where we were again, we climbed back over the seat and quickly dressed. As we began to walk away from the cab to our new apartment building I remembered something. “By the way Summer, meet Dave. Also known as the cabdriver. He is a friend of mine.”

You looked at me with that knowing look. I had planned it all along. And you loved every moment. And that was why you were with me.

I put my hand around your shoulders and squeezed you close to me as we walked into our new apartment building.

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