The Cabin Ch. 07

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After Dave left the room, Mom and Dad started arguing about something; Chelsea had already left to check on my brother and I was left to deal with my parents alone once again. Nothing Mom and Dad were saying was making any sense; obviously neither of them was listening to the other.

“I need to get out of here,” Dad says and storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Fuck it, I think to myself and then grab a heavy coat from the closet. “I’ll talk to him,” I tell Mom and then run after him. “Dad! Wait!” I call as he shuts the door to the Suburban.

He fires up the engine as I get into the front seat and then turns the SUV around, the tires spinning a little more than intended on the packed snow. After easing off the gas pedal, the tires slow and find better traction, allowing him to head back for the highway.

“Are you okay?” I ask after a few minutes of silence.

Dad ignores my question and heads for the small town he and Mom had just left this morning. I glance at the clock and it’s later in the morning than I’d thought. When Chelsea and I had gotten up to make breakfast, we never really looked at the time. It’s already nearing noon and the sun is high in the sky, but it’s doing nothing to melt the snow around us. Of course, it’s always colder after the clouds roll away after a storm. Dad notices me shivering so he turns the heater on.

“Sorry, I always turn it off when I get out,” he says.

“I know, Dad,” I say with a smile but he doesn’t look in my direction.

“I don’t know why you came with me; I need a drink and I prefer to drink alone,” he says.

“I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to do in the moment,” I tell him.

We drive in silence for another minute before he speaks again. “I’m sorry your mother and I have been fighting so much lately,” he says.

I shrug. “I’m used to it,” I say; I decided I’m done holding back and am going to just say whatever’s on my mind with them now. I’ve been hiding my feelings from them for three years now and I can’t take it anymore.

He whips his head around and looks angry for a second but I keep my confidence about me and he sighs. “You’ve heard more than I thought,” he says.

“I’ve heard it all, Dad,” I tell him.

“So, you know why we’re fighting then,” he states and I nod.

“It’s not uncommon in men your age, especially for those who have stressful jobs like yours,” I reason with him.

“Your mother doesn’t see it that way,” he says.

“Yes she does,” I counter gently. “Neither of you listens to each other, though,” I blurt out bluntly.

“Excuse me?” he snaps, raising his voice.

“It’s true, Dad! I hear your arguments and neither of you hears the other; all you do is repeat the same shit over and over. I’m stressed, I feel alone, I have too much on my mind, I just need to connect!” I throw back each of their main arguments that gets reworded over and over, but it’s all they ever really say.

“I AM stressed,” he emphasizes.

“And Mom really does feel alone! You’re both right! But neither of you will give what the other needs,” I tell him.

“And what makes you an expert on relationships?”

“Just because I’ve never had a boyfriend doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s wrong in your relationship,” I answer. “I’ve seen you both fucking things up for three years now, I know exactly what NOT to do.”

I know Dad is fuming right now, but that’s exactly where I need him to be; he’s never more honest than when he’s angry.

“Okay, Miss Know-It-All,” he retorts venomously. “How do I fix things?”

“Do you really want to fix things?” I ask him.

“Why wouldn’t I want to fix things?”

“You tell me,” I say lowering my voice for effect.

“I love your mother,” he says.

“So, be a man and prove it!” I challenge him.

He opens his mouth to shout back at me again but words seem to have escaped him.

“Show her how you love her. Show her that you’d do literally anything for her,” I continue after he lacks a response.


Finally! I think to myself with a smile and a relieved sigh.

“First, I need to know a few things,” I tell him.

“Like what?” he asks as he pulls into the small shopping center.

“What’s your sex routine?” I ask.


“Dad, everything you do is routine oriented,” I say. “You’re a great time manager, but you create a routine for everything to manage that time.”

He sighs, pulling into a parking space in front of a rustic bar with a flashing, neon “open” sign that’s surrounded by other neon signs advertising a few of the beers they carry.

“Well, first she goes down, gets me…I can’t talk about this with my daughter!” he says quickly changing the subject.

“Dad, if you want to save your marriage, you’re going to have to talk to me about this; I’m not letting you go back up to that cabin until you’ve learned how to improve your sex life at least a little bit. But,” I say looking at the front door of the bar, “you need a gaziantep escort bayan drink first,” I finish and then open my door and head for the door of the bar.

I stop and watch him from the entrance for a moment, shrug and then walk inside. The bar is dark, like you would expect in a small place in the mountains; country music is playing from an old juke box across the room by the pool tables where a couple middle-aged men are deep into a game of 8 Ball. I take a seat in a small, round booth to the left and wait for the server to take my drink order, hoping Dad joins me soon. I need him to come in and have a drink so he can relax enough to tell me everything. From the way it started, I can already sense what’s wrong with their sexual issues.

The door opens and a cold blast of air wafts in for a moment until the heavy door closes with a soft thud. Dad looks around the bar until he finally spots me in the corner just behind him. He takes his coat off as he slides into the booth next to me. I scoot closer to him and place my hand on his thigh. He jerks away for a second, looking down at me like I’m crazy, but the server steps up in her tiny little denim cutoffs and a plaid shirt tied over her perky, round tits. Her straightened hair dyed bright red falls to her shoulders; the tips look like they’ve been dipped in black paint. I smile at her and she winks back at me as if she knows what I did to my dad, but has no idea that we’re father and daughter.

“What’ll it be?” she asks, flashing her perfect, bright teeth that stand out against her dark mocha skin.

“I’d like a Long Island,” I tell her; I’m hoping ordering Mom’s favorite drink will set his mind the right direction.

“Okay, a Long Island for the lady; sir?” she turns to my dad.

“What do you have on tap?” he asks nervously.

“Coors, Bud, Miller, Blue Moon, Murphy’s, Guinness, and a few micro-brews, not sure which ones today, though. The bartender is just hooking those up now,” she says.

“I’ll have a Blue Moon,” he says.

“I’ll have those right out,” she says.

“You need to take your hand off my leg,” he says under his breath.

“Why, Xander?” I ask, using his name instead of calling him Dad.

“Xander?” he questions me.

“I’ve decided while we’re here, I’m your mistress,” I tell him, sliding my hand up his thigh; my hand runs into his hardening cock stuck between his jeans and his thigh. I look down to see just how big it is and I have to admit; Dad’s packing.

“You have, have you?” he questions me, reclining against the back of the booth.

“Dad, I had no idea,” I flirt with him as I run the back of my hand against his stiff cock.

“Stop,” he says grabbing my wrist.

“Daddy,” I say but from my tone we both know I don’t mean our relation.

He swallows hard, unsure of how to respond; this is what he needs, to be led into complete dominance over me, or over Mom. I know exactly what to teach him now.

“Daddy,” I say softly and scoot even closer to him. “Are you really going to let your baby girl play with you in a public place like this?”

He stares at me, unsure of how to respond, but I can see it in his eyes he wants to bend me over his knees and spank me for being so naughty. Or is that my wishful thinking?

Suddenly his arm is around my shoulders, pulling me close into his side at the waist. His big, strong hand presses against the crease at my waist and then slides towards the slight gap between my thighs.

“Slow down, Daddy,” I whisper to him. “Let the anticipation build,” I instruct and he pulls his hand back and begins to caress my leg with his thumb. “That’s better, Daddy,” I praise him. “Your baby girl likes that. You can punish her for her naughty behavior later,” I tell him.

He swallows again and then when the server returns with our drinks he thanks her and then takes a few big gulps of the beer that almost matches the color of Chelsea’s eyes. I bet she and Dave are having some fun together, trying to hide things from Mom.

“You can explore a little more, but just take your time,” I tell him.

His thumb slips under my green sweater, grazing my tummy with his nail. A shock of electricity surges through my body at this slight touch. I never imagined I’d enjoy my father’s touch this way; what else will I enjoy more than I thought? The rest of his hand slowly creeps up my top until his entire hand is on the soft flesh of my stomach, his fingers inching towards my sexy, little belly button (Yes, I’m aware of how hot I am, and no, I don’t think I’m conceited).

“That feels nice, Daddy,” I coo into his ear and then flick his earlobe with the tip of my tongue; his breathing deepens but also becomes more labored as I flick and nibble on his ear.

“Stop,” he tries to whisper but the word gets caught in his throat.

I turn away from him and pick up my drink, using my tongue to chase the small, black straw around my glass until it finally wraps around it and pulls it into my mouth so I gaziantep escort can take a few long sips.

“Fuck,” Dad chokes out when I set my drink down on the dark, glossy table.

“We can get out of here if you want,” I suggest but he shakes his head.

“No, because I don’t know what I might do if we were alone,” he says, admitting that he’s fighting the desire to fuck me right now; my plan is working. “Shit, I shouldn’t have said that,” he says as if he let it slip, but I know he meant it.

I don’t say anything, though; I just take another sip of my drink. Dad releases me from his grip and slides out of the booth.

“I’ll be right back,” he says and heads for the bathroom across the bar.

I wait a couple minutes and then get up and head for the bathrooms as well, winking at the server on my way. She blushes slightly but returns my grin and wink with her own.

“Get it, girl,” she mumbles quietly as I pass by her.

I pause at the men’s room door and then push it open to find my father alone about to enter the stall. I turn and slide the small bar into place to lock the door. Dad stares at me wide-eyed, shocked that I’d followed him in here, or is he glad?

All inhibitions leave his mind as he crosses the room, takes my face in my hands and presses his mouth against mine, his tongue invading my mouth immediately. I return the kiss with gusto, shoving my tongue against his and breathing deep, labored breaths through my nose as I wrap my arms around the back of his neck and then wrap my legs around his waist. Then he roughly grabs my ass and pulls me up off the floor. My back meets the wall with a thud, knocking the wind out of me temporarily, and then he shoves his steely cock against my crotch, grinding against me through our jeans. His hand finds its way up my sweater to discover there’s no bra to unhook.

“You dirty girl,” he whispers hoarsely before attacking my neck with his mouth and tongue.

“Oooh, Daddy, your baby girl likes that,” I praise him. “Play with my tits, Daddy, please,” I beg him and his big, strong hand slides around to the front of my body and squeezes my left breast roughly. “I like it rough, Daddy,” I tell him and then I reach down and pull my sweater up and off of my, tossing it onto the sink nearby.

“Holy shit, Baby Girl,” he finally calls me.

“You like your Baby Girl’s tits?” I ask jutting them out further for him to play with. “You know, Baby Girl likes when they’re sucked and nibbled on,” I tell him.

He mauls my left breast with his hand as he lowers his mouth to my right one and nurses on me like a horny, teenage boy. As he does this, I continue to grind my pussy into him; I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, but I can’t let him fuck me in here. I have to stop him, even as my orgasm builds. Plus, I can’t let him cum yet either.

As he begins to dry hump me a little too much, I stop him. “Let’s take this somewhere else,” I suggest.

“What?” he asks confused.

“I want us to take our time. You need to make it last as long as possible, Daddy,” I say with a pout. At this point I’m curious to see if he’ll punish me here and take me, or if he is going to be patient and make it really good later. Either decision will be a good one; I’m trying to get him to step out of his comfort zone and change up his routine.

I can see the conflict in his eyes. He’s horny as he’s ever been (I can see his raging hard-on through his relaxed fit jeans), but he’s wondering if he should stop things now and take it somewhere else. I decide to push him towards fucking me here in this bathroom, which is something I guarantee he’s never done with Mom before. I need to implant ideas for him to try with her one day.

I step up to him again, reach up and run my fingers through his graying hair. “Are you going to let your baby girl talk to you like that?” I nearly whisper. “Or are you going to show her who’s in charge?”

He looks confused; he’s never been in a situation like this. I need to lead him to it.

“Are you going to let me decide what happens and when and where? Or,” I say running my hand through my golden locks and tug softly with a slight gasp.

Then his eyes light up like a lightbulb and he reaches for my face, caresses my cheek as I let my hand fall to my side, releasing my soft hair. His hand slides to the back of my head where he plays with my hair for a few seconds before taking me by surprise and gripping a handful of it tightly, tugging on it. The pain sends a jolt straight down to my pussy, making me desperate to be filled. My heart beats harder and faster, especially when he teases me with almost kissing me and then spins me around, reaches for the front of my jeans and roughly unbuttons them. I stick my ass out towards him once the zipper is down and then he pulls the tight fabric over my ass where he discovers I’m not wearing any panties; I only do on special occasions.

He seems to hesitate for a moment before he stands gaziantep escort bayan ilanları back up and then slaps my right ass cheek sharply, stinging the skin; I’m sure he’s left a handprint, and I hope he has. I whimper as he strikes it again and again. When he stops to rub it, I moan appreciatively.

“That feels good, Daddy,” I say in my most seductive and small voice.

“It’s not supposed to feel good,” he says finally understanding is role. I’ll explain how a dom/sub relationship works later; first I need him to learn how to take command when he needs to.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, please don’t hurt me,” I say and he switches cheeks, slapping his hand against my ass four times, really quickly. I’m drenched between my legs, desperate for him to give my pussy some attention.

“I bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he says, pulling my hair so I’m forced to stand back up and fall into his chest.

I nod my head as best as I can and then he smacks my ass one more time and I shake my head quickly. “No, Daddy, I didn’t like it,” I tell him, tears beginning to fill my eyes; I may not give him back to Mom if he’s so naturally good at this.

“You need more punishment, don’t you?” he asks and I nod.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ve been a naughty girl. But, please, don’t fuck me in the bathroom,” I say in a way that tells him that’s exactly what he needs to do.

“Are you afraid of my cock?” he asks me and I nod. “Then maybe you should get to know him better,” he says and then turns me around, forcing me to my knees. He unbuckles his belt and I reach up to help him but he slaps my hands. “You’ll wait,” he says sharply and I can’t help but smile up at him. “I’m going to wipe that smile right off your face,” he threatens, quickly finishing unbuckling his belt and unfastening his jeans.

His pants fall down around his calves and his cock pokes out of his boxers; at least he’s not wearing Walter White Specials. I wouldn’t say that Dad’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, but it’s a decent length, but what he’s really got is girth. I’m actually afraid I might not get my mouth around it, but when he shoves it in my face, I do my best, tilting my head back to open up my mouth and throat better. He’s a little rough at first, but that’s fine; I like that he’s taking control. His meat definitely spreads my mouth more than it has since my last dentist visit and the taste of his pre-cum (which the tip is extremely sticky with) is intoxicating. There’s a sweetness to it, and I’m sure it has to do with his sweet-tooth (Dad loves ice-cream).

I begin to slowly bob my head up and down his thick cock and for a moment, his eyes close and his head falls back. I can feel his cock begin to pulse as if he’s about to cum, but I can’t let that happen yet. Or can I? If I was able to get him this hard this quickly, maybe getting him to cum now will make him last longer later. I double my efforts, not caring about how bad I need to be fucked and wanting to make him cum straight down my throat just like I did with Dave our first time. Suddenly his hands are on the back of my head and he’s fucking my mouth like a dirty whore. He’s lost in the sensation of his orgasm, forgetting that I’m his daughter, or not caring. Either way, I’m about to squirt all over this floor without anything even touching me. Who knew sucking my own father off would get me this riled up?

Finally, he explodes in my mouth, sticky, sweet and salty globs of cum hitting the back of my throat. I swallow it all down and then lick him clean after, just like I did for my brother in the shower two mornings ago. Once I’m done, I stand up, pull up my jeans and button them back up. Then I wash my hands, make sure my mouth is perfectly clean and then turn towards my father who has a guilt-stricken look on his face as he slowly dresses himself again.

“Dad, are you okay?” I ask him, stepping up and placing my hands on his chest, gently scratching him with my thumbnails.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” he says. “You’re my daughter,” he says.

“Shh,” I say to ease him and to lower his voice before someone overhears what he says; incest between parents and children is still illegal in Colorado, even if they look the other way on cousins (yes, I know what Dave and Chelsea have talked about; I did spy on them, remember?).

“Why did you seduce me like this?” he demands quietly.

“Because, I need to teach you some things because I don’t want you and Mom to split up. You two love each other, you just need to remember what it was like when you were young and didn’t care about stupid adult things,” I tell him.

“Look, what we did was wrong, it can’t happen again,” he says.

“I understand that, Daddy,” I say, not in my sub voice this time. “But, Mom is frustrated,” I tell him and his shocked eyes look right into mine. “Sexually,” I clarify.

He sighs. “I know that; I’ve been having issues in that department-“

“And I want to help!” I tell him. “It’s not a secret that I’m not a virgin; what is a secret, though, is that I’ve had a few dom/sub contracts over the past three years.”

His mouth drops at this information.

“And, you, Dad, are a classic dom. But, you’re intimidated by Mom’s success as a politician. She has some dom traits, too, but she needs to be dominated. Look, we need to go somewhere private to talk about this more,” I tell him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32