The Camp – The Aftermath

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Agnes pulled into the parking lot at the Camp, she turned around and looked at her daughter, Monica, “are you sure?”

Monica smiled and said, “yes.”

“Okay, let’s go up to the house and see which cabin we can get.”

The three got out of the car and Agnes led them towards the house. Before they could get to the steps, Nancy stepped out onto the porch. Both Agnes and Bobby smiled, though for different reasons. Monica just opened her jaw. She had expected to see nude people, but she wasn’t expecting her former next-door neighbor to the be first one.

The trio went up the steps where Agnes hugged her friend. They then held each other’s hands.

“Decided to come back, I see,” Nancy said to Agnes with a smile.

“You were right. This place will grow on you.”

“I’m sorry to hear about you and Bill,” Nancy said with sympathy in her voice.

Agnes let out a broad grin, “don’t be. I should have left him years ago.”


“It was my coming here that brought it all to a head,” Agnes said.

“Oh?” Nancy had a surprised look on her face.

“Yep, he asked if I was planning on coming back out and I told him I was,” Agnes shook her head, “that night he stormed out of the house and never came back.

“I’m sorry, Agnes,” Nancy replied, “it wasn’t my intent that this place come between the two of you.”

“Nancy, if it wasn’t the Camp, it would have been something else.” Agnes pointed to Monica, “hell, Monica here,” she said point to her daughter, “was going out the front door to meet with some of her friends wearing a skirt that was an inch or two above her knees. He about had a cow.”

Nancy looked at Monica and then back to Agnes, “and to think she won’t even have a skirt before long.”

Agnes laughed, “oh if he only knew.”

Agnes looked at Monica who was blushing slightly. “He’s not the man I married. He changed. A lot. The Bill that stormed out the house is an angry and bitter man. Good riddance is what I say.”

Nancy clapped her hands together, “well let’s see about getting you a cabin,” she said as she turned to the front door and opened it. “How long are you wanting to stay?”

Agnes stopped just short of walking in the house, “permanently?” she asked with a laugh.

Nancy replied in a semi-serious voice, “give us a little while.”

Agnes raised her eyebrows, “really?”

Nancy smirked and nodded, “yes. You’re not first to say they’d like to stay long term. Troy’s looking into what needs to happen.”

Agnes just smiled even more.


Agnes led them into cabin seven, where she and Bobby were the last time. She smiled to herself thinking that maybe the seven will turn into a lucky number again.

“Bobby,” Agnes said softly, “why don’t wait out here for a few moments. I want to be sure that Monica wants to stay and not return home,” she patted his chest and then the front on his pants. “She doesn’t have the same anxiousness that you had.”

Bobby smiled and felt his penis respond to the touch, “sure, mom.”

Agnes led Monica into the bedroom and looked at the bed, quickly analyzing that it would fit three. She sat down and patted the bed and Monica sat down next to her.

“Well, sweetheart, this is the moment of truth.” Agnes took a breath and continued, “you’ve already seen Nancy naked and a few other people on the way over.”

Monica looked at her mother, nodded, “yeah.”

“So, last chance to back out,” Agnes said.

Monica stood and shook her head, “nope, I’m ready,” she said as she started disrobing.

Agnes said nothing as she went to the bedroom door, opened it, and whispered, “okay, you can get undressed.”

“What was that about,” Monica asked as she took off her bra and laid it on the bed.

“I asked Bobby to wait before he undressed, just in case you wanted to go back home,” she replied.

Monica smile and looked at her mother as she slid her panties off, her last remaining bit of clothing. Shaking her head, “no, I’m kinda anxious to see him naked and I’m hoping he wants to get a look at me.”

“Well, you’re going to get a look at this old body, too,” Agnes reminded Monica.

Agnes had just slipped off her last little bit of clothing and stood nude in front of her daughter for the first time.

Agnes looked at her daughter’s shaved pubis and unconsciously ran her fingers through her pubis hair. “I see you shave. I’ve been thinking about it. Vanessa shaves too.”

“But then, this old body,” Agnes started to say.

Monica smiled and shook her head slowly, “mom, you don’t have an old body. In fact, if you weren’t my mo.” Monica stopped, put a hand in front of her mouth and her eyes went wide.

Agnes smiles and raised her eyebrows, “yes?”

Monica quickly shook her head.

Agnes gave her daughter a quick peck on the lips and said softly, “we’ll come back and talk about that later.” She looked at Monica and smiled. “Maybe you can help me later by getting rid of this hair.”

Opening the bedroom door, she stepped out followed by Monica into the living area. Bobby Ataköy Escort stood up. He was relieved that his penis didn’t fully rise and only went to just shy of half-staff. Still, his smile was as wide as his face when he first caught glimpse of his sister. She was more beautiful than he imagined.

Monica looked at his endowment and then at him, smiled, “nice”.

Agnes opened the front door to the cabin, gestured outside, “shall we?”

Bobby went out first, then Monica, and finally Agnes, who closed the door behind her. Both Bobby and Agnes looked at Monica’s face to watch for a reaction.

“It feels weird to be outside naked in public where everyone can see me,” Monica said. Like it’s taboo or shouldn’t be.”

“I did too,” Agnes responded. “But how are you feeling?”

Monica smiled and looked at her mom, “it feels great actually.” She rubbed her hands on her skin and looked around. A couple of people glanced their way, waved, went about their business.

“I could get used to this,” Monica said.

“I’m glad,” Agnes looked at each of them and suggested, “let’s take a walk, shall we?”

They had encountered a few people walking the other direction and exchanged greetings. They passed one of the ‘heart’ spots and thought they heard a noise. The three were walking down one of the trails, one sibling on each side of their mother, when Agnes spoke up, “how are you doing, dear?” she asked as she turned to Monica.

Monica thought for a moment. She had now been seen by multiple people and they didn’t point at her, or her mom or Bobby. They didn’t laugh. They acted normal. The feeling of the sun and the air on all parts of her skin felt nice. Besides she got to look not only at her naked brother, but other naked guys as well.

“I’m doing good, mom. I think I could stay like this all the time,” Monica replied.

“Same here,” said Bobby. His thinking was along the same line as his sisters. Not only did he finally get to see his mom and his sister naked, but there were also plenty of other women that he enjoyed looking, including Vanessa.

“I’m glad. You’re taking to it better than either your brother or I did the first time,” Agnes said.

“Monica,” Agnes started, taking her daughters hand, “you know that Bobby have had sex.”

“Yeah,” Monica simply said.

“And I anticipate that the two of you will want to have sex together.”

Monica leaned forward and smiled at Bobby, “yeah,” Monica replied.

“I hope so and I hope that you enjoy it. Sex is one of the greatest experiences,” Agnes was silent for a moment. “One of the things that Nancy told me is that one of the reasons that the Camp only allows for those 18 and older is that sex is not discouraged. Though most people will be in their cabins or in one of the spots created for that purpose, sometimes its out in the open.”

Monica grinned, “really?”

Agnes smiled in return, “really.”

Monica paused for a moment, “and what about you and Bobby?”

“Well, they are much more open than most people. They look at sex between two consenting adults as normal. It doesn’t matter if they are committed to each or not or whether it’s between family. Sex is something to be enjoyed by anyone and not shuttered away.”

“That’s why you’re okay with you and Bobby as well as Bobby and I?” Monica asked.

“Well, to be honest with you, I was before that,” Agnes admitted.

“What?” both Bobby and Monica said at the same time.

“I couldn’t say anything or hint anything when your father was around. But I’ve seen the way that you two would look at other and tease each other. And it even got me looking at Bobby a little differently,” Agnes said.

Not a word was spoken so Agnes continued, “and then when Bobby and I came to the wedding and then Troy and Vanessa had sex in front of everyone. Well, it broke my last barrier and I just had to have Bobby in my bed.”

“That’s so cool,” Monica finally said.

“So, if you two want to have sex, I couldn’t be happier,” Agnes smiled. “Hell, maybe I’ll join you sometime.”

Despite Bobby’s best effort, it became obvious to everyone around that he liked the idea.

Agnes looked down at his erect penis and smile, “I can see someone likes the idea.”

They eventually made their way back to where the cabins are. “Shall we go talk to Nancy. Maybe Vanessa’s around. You could say ‘hi’ to her,” she suggested.

Suddenly there was a hint of nervousness inside Monica. She had grown accustomed to strangers looked at her naked. But now former next-door neighbors, people she had known since was little were going to see her and she was going to see them.

Vanessa and Nancy were sitting on the front porch swing when the Anderson’s got to the house. Both stood to meet their guests. Monica smiled when she saw Vanessa’s shaved pussy. She felt a little more at ease that she wasn’t the only one.

‘I wouldn’t mind having a closer look,’ she said to herself.

“Welcome, welcome,” Nancy said, “come on up. Ataşehir Escort I just made some lemonade. Real lemonade. Like some?”

When everyone agreed to try it, Nancy turned to Vanessa, “would you be a dear and get us the lemonade?”

When everyone had sat down, “I am so glad that you came back, Agnes. I have missed our friendship.”

Agnes smiled, “I am too. I always wondered where you went when you move away.”

Nancy looked down for a moment and then back at Agnes, “well, I wasn’t sure how you’d feel if you know where I moved to. And I didn’t want you to hate me.”

Agnes laughed, “I wouldn’t have hated you. Bill, on the other hand.” Everyone laughed.

Vanessa smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time, Monica.”

“And now you’re seeing all of me,” she laughed.

Vanessa laughed as well, “true that.” She stood and did a 360, “and you get to see all of me.”

Sensing that Nancy and Agnes wanted to talk privately, she pointed to Bobby and Monica, “come with me. I’ll give you a tour of the place.”

The three went down the steps. Vanessa was in between the two siblings, “what has your mom or Bobby told you about this place?”

They meandered along a trail, Vanessa pointing out various things. Vanessa stopped, “we even have little private areas if the urge ever hits, and a little privacy is wanted. See the little heart right over there,” Vanessa pointed.

Monica nodded her head.

“That points to a place just behind those trees where they can get it on.”

Monica could feel a little tingle inside as she looked.

“Remember this spot, Bobby?” Vanessa asked.

Bobby and responded, “I sure do,” and gave Vanessa a big smile.

Monica’s faced showed surprise, “you mean, you two?”

Both Vanessa and Bobby smiled and nodded.

Vanessa then turned to Bobby, “maybe you could show your sister around.”

Bobby looked at Vanessa then Monica and back again, “sure. I’d be happy to.”

“Good,” Vanessa replied, “maybe we can catch up later,” she concluded with a wink.

The siblings walked along the trail a little further before Monica spoke, “I’m really liking it here.”

“I do too.”

“And it’s not getting to see you naked,” Monica said with a laugh, “though that is a big plus,” she said and made an obvious glance at his penis.

Bobby blushed, “same here,” he said as he leaned over and blew on a nipple.

A little further along they saw a middle-aged couple coming the other direction and stopped when they reached Bobby and Vanessa.

The woman spoke up, “have either of you seen Vanessa?”

Bobby pointed in the direction of the trail they just come from, “yeah, she was walking with us and mentioned that she was going to go back to the house.”

The woman smiled, “thank you.” She took her partners hand and said, “you make a cute couple.”

Monica blushed and said, “thank you.”

“Mom was right,” Monica said.

“How’s that?”

“You do get used to being naked and almost forget that you’re not wearing clothes.” She was silent for a moment, “I kinda like it,” she said as she turned her head to Bobby and smiled.

“I do too,” Bobby said, “except when I can’t keep this under control,” indicating his cock.

Monica reached over and took it in her hand, “I don’t know. I like how it looks both soft and hard.”

Bobby could feel the blood begging to move into his penis and Monica could feel it begin to stiffen.

“You’re not making it any easier,” Bobby tried to admonish his sister. But at the same time found that having his sister hold his cock was exciting by itself.

Monica let go and Bobby willed it to go back down.

Monica spied a heart along the trail, “would you show me what one of the spots look like?”, Monica asked tentatively.

“You sure?” Bobby asked, not totally sure of his sisters intentions.

She smiled and nodded. Bobby took her hand and led her to where the arrow pointed. The spot was a small area with grass and lined by tall plants. It made them feel that they were totally alone.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” Monica said as she took hold of his hard cock.

Bobby let out a slight groan, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

“Is that good or bad,” Monica asked.

“Definitely good.”

“Why don’t you lay down,” Monica suggested.

Bobby laid down on the grass on his back, his cock pointing towards the sky. He watched as his sister got a wide grin and bit the bottom of her lip. She dropped to her knees between his knees and started to lean forward. She kept looking at him as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She broke eye contact of when she wrapped her lips around the tip of his penis. Bobby tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

After a few moments he brought his head back up so that he could watch. It wasn’t long before his need to cum intensified, “I’m gonna cum,” he tried to warn Monica.

He felt her lips tighten around the top of his penis and her had Avcılar Escort started to stroke him. He let out a louder groan as his semen burst out of his cock and into her throat. He felt her tongue lap around the head of his cock after he had finished, his hips jerking every once in awhile as the head was still very sensitive.

“Wow”, was all Bobby could say.

Monica slid up his body until her lips met his. He could taste himself on her lips as they kissed.

“You’ve done that before,” Bobby stated with a smile.

“Yeah, my last boyfriend liked it and he’d help by telling me what worked and what didn’t,” Monica answered coyly. She wasn’t a virgin and Bobby was aware of that. He had caught her and her boyfriend in her room one day and watched for a minute as her boyfriend fucked his sister. He wished it was him at the time.

Bobby pushed on her shoulder indicating that she needed to roll over onto her back. Monica smiled knowing that her brother was finally going to make love to her.

“Maybe we can talk mom into letting go nude at home too,” Monica thought out loud.

“I bet she might, being dad’s not there anymore.”

Monica laughed, “he’d have a cow if he knew that’s what we’re thinking.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea though,” Bobby commented.


“Seeing you naked all the time, well, I don’t know if I could I contain myself, if you know what I mean.”

Bobby worked his lips down her stomach until it reached the top of her slit. Monica raised her hips a little when his tongue separated her labia. He found that he liked the taste of a woman of more importantly he found please in providing the pleasure, feeling her squirm and eventually come. Monica was obviously aroused before they started as it didn’t take very long for Monica to let out a loud groan and started to thrash her hips around. Bobby had to hold on. He then felt her legs clamp tight against his head for what seemed like a very long time. Finally, they let go and he rose up to see his sister breathing rapidly. She looked at him and extended her arms his way, wiggling her fingers, to say ‘come here’.

He slid forward and lowered his hips a little, letting his penis make contact with her pussy. He stayed that way for a moment as he felt Monica’s hand clasp his penis and put in the right spot.

Not a word was spoken and they never stopped looking at each other as her hands grabbed his butt checks and pulled him in. He felt his cock become enveloped with her warm, wet and tight tunnel.

He felt a tingle in his stomach as just the thought of being inside his sister was erotic. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” he said with a grin. “I never imagined this would ever happen. I thought about it a lot though.”

Monica nodded her head, “me too.”

Bobby kept looking at her as he started to slide his dick in and out. Monica slid her ankles up so her knees were around his waist.

“I’m not going to last long,” Bobby warned his sister.

“Do you want me to,” Bobby started to say.

Monica shook her head, “inside me,” she said.


Monica smiled a little more, “I started on the pill a couple of weeks ago, hoping this would happen.”

Bobby smiled for a moment and then his face changed as a surge started from deep within and erupted out his penis and into her. Monica wrapped her legs around his waist as he tried to force his cock deeper. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

Bobby collapsed on her when he finished. Now it was his turn to breath hard.

Monica said quietly in his ear, “I wasn’t mad at you that afternoon I overheard you and mom,” she said.

Bobby turned his head a little to look at her.

“I just wanted it to be me instead.”

“And now it is,” he replied.


Nancy and Agnes were still sitting on the front porch and on their second glass of lemonade.

“I’m surprised that you came back,” Nancy said. “And to be sitting here with both of us rather naked.”

“I know, it’s kind of surprising me too,” Agnes said.

“And earlier you said how you wouldn’t mind staying here permanently,” Nancy stated with a smile on her face.

“Well, Nancy I was wrong,” Agnes said with a sigh. “I was stuck in the environment that Bill built up around us.”

“And he’s gone for good?” Nancy inquired.

“Yes, thank god,” Agnes replied with a big sigh. He is not the man I married.”

Nancy looked at Agnes, tilting her head.

“When we were first married, we were so active,” Agnes thought for a moment. “I guess you could say more adventurous.”

Agnes laughed to herself, “we spent one day on our honeymoon at a nude beach. We didn’t know it was a nude beach, of course, when we first got there. But then we noticed all these people without any clothes.”

“That must have been a surprise,” Nancy commented.

“No kidding. Well, we asked someone, and they told us that it really was a clothing optional beach.” Agnes paused, “but I guessed that everyone optioned for no clothing.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, we looked at each other, shrugged and took off our suites and spent the rest of the afternoon just as naked as everyone else,” Agnes concluded with a smile and a slow shake of her head. “Those were the days. We got back to the room and couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

“And now, he won’t,” Nancy started but didn’t finish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32