The Cast Party

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In the 1990’s I was a senior at a small, highly regarded college in New England. It was April of the year I was going to graduate, and I was in the second to last theater production of my college career.

One thing to note about our small college is that it was in a tiny town. The residents only numbered a few thousand more than the students in residence, and the locals were very unwelcoming to the students. Apart from a few restaurants, most students never left campus (and you took your life into your hands if you went into one of the local bars). The closest small metropolitan area was over 30 miles away and 200 miles away from any large city – plus, students were discouraged from having cars on campus and very much limited the student parking permits, so faculty and staff had parking.

Because of this, the college spent a lot of money ensuring we were entertained on campus. They typically have 4-5 movies each weekend shown in three different venues. Some venues had more recent hits; the others were semester-long series programmed and planned by the film department. The Greek houses and special interest houses ensured that there was always some party to go to every weekend, and the college did not care about drug use or underage drinking, so those parties were fun! The college also put a considerable amount of money into the student theatrical productions so that between the Theater department and student shows, there were almost always plays to attend on the weekends, sometimes multiple plays every weekend.

As a theater major with a concentration in acting, I performed in many shows in college. I was cast in five plays during the final semester of my college career, more than I had ever done before. The first play I performed in was The Private Eye, in early February, where I played the jealous husband who hires a private investigator to follow his wife. Following the very faithful wife, the investigator winds up falling in love with her, and hijinks ensue.

It was a small production, with only three actors, me, my friend Annabelle who was dating my friend John and another actor named Kel, who was as strange in real life as his character was on the stage.

Like all shows at our college, we performed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, then held a cast party after the final performance. At the party, the director wanted us to play “Truth or Truth,” a variation on truth or dare where if you refused to answer the first question, you were given a second (usually related) question, and you would have to choose which of the two to respond or forfeit the game. As you can imagine, with a bunch of 18-22-year-olds, the questions turn sexual pretty quickly. But this is not the cast party I want to talk about.

At the start of March, I performed in my senior Thesis, Lenny, in Of Mice and Men. Annabelle’s boyfriend, John, was the director, and many of my friends worked on the production, including John’s best friend, James. At that cast party, we played a little truth or dare, but no one was going for a dare, and it was getting a little boring, so we stopped playing and just started drinking. I was spending a lot of time hitting on the beautiful actor who played Curly’s Wife (Steinbeck does not give her a name in either the novel or the play), but I suspected I didn’t have much of a chance with her as she was very religious. At that cast party, Annabelle drunkenly admitted to me that she had fallen in love with James, and I wound up walking Curly’s Wife back to her dorm. She left me with a chaste kiss outside her dorm, and I went home alone – so no, this is not about that cast party either.

At the end of March, I starred in William Inge’s Picnic, directed by my friend Craig and it was a big production with a large cast and crew. That cast party had all of us (twenty-plus) playing spin the bottle. The rules were you had to kiss, with tongue, the person the bottle landed on, no matter the gender of the spinner or the Kissee. It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of alcohol involved. The game lasted for over forty-five minutes when my co-star, Rachel, said, “No fair, Jeff and I haven’t kissed yet.” So, I walked across the circle and planted one right on Rachel. After our kiss, I turned around to find that people had just grabbed the person they wanted to kiss and just started kissing. Then they would find someone else to kiss, so this big kissing fest went on for about twenty minutes as everyone was making out with everyone else, and several folks wound up in corners dry humping.

Much of the cast wound up getting laid that night, and when I returned to the college the next year to see Craig’s senior thesis, several students asked me about the “Picnic Orgy,” and I had to disappoint them by telling them the taksim escort truth. But this is also not the cast party I want to talk about, but I wanted to illustrate how this semester, each cast party kept getting increasingly risqué, and those were just the cast parties I went to. There were a few stories of other cast parties becoming sexual but only going so far, and then the cast would tend to chicken out. But cast parties held that semester had a massive amount of sexual tension, and it kept getting ramped up with each party. It may have been something to do with the fact that there were several productions that semester that had simulated sex acts and onstage nudity. A contributing factor may have been that students had shared via the campus intranet a server full of categorized porn. It was the first time most of us had access to fast and easy porn, and many students were accessing it.

The Production

Towards the middle of April, I was starring in my friend Tristan’s play that she wrote and directed. She is an excellent writer and had been working on this play for years, and now in her last semester for her senior thesis, she was finally able to bring it to the stage. We were excited to be a part of the play because we all felt it was very well written. I had had a crush on Tristan for a few years now; she was a hot brunette with wavy hair that did not quite reach her shoulders and a lithe body. She had a lovely figure, and she could pour on her sexuality when she needed to. We had flirted since sophomore year, and there were a few times when I thought we would fuck, but something always happened to interfere.

The general storyline of Tristan’s play was a love triangle. There were three main characters; A husband played by my friend Mark (who was dating Sarah, the show’s graphic artist who did the poster and program), and Annabelle played the wife. Also of note, since the Of Mice and Men cast party, Annabelle had broken up with John and was now dating his best friend, James – and as you can imagine, I skipped over a ton of drama regarding what happened there. I played the husband’s best friend, who falls madly in love with Annabelle’s character (a bit of art imitating life), and the play is about how they all come to terms with what is happening in their relationship. The cast also included Emma, the little sister of Annabelle’s character, played by a stunning first-year student named Erica. This was Erica’s third play this year, the second play where she took off her top.

I don’t need to give a complete synopsis of the play for this narrative to make sense, but you should know a few things. Early on, there was a scene in the play where Erica and Shae, our assistant stage manager doing double-duty in a small role, go to a topless beach. It was Shae’s only scene, and she only had a few lines, as most of the scene was Emma giving exposition to the audience. Tristan felt that since Erica’s character was written as an exhibitionist with very loose morals, she could have them topless. And, as an added bonus, no one would notice that their dialogue was just filling the audience in on boring background shit if they had their tits out.

I should also point out that Shae had the most amazing tits I had ever seen, in real life, movies or magazines, and because I had a scene with Annabelle right after their topless scene, I got to stand offstage staring at their beautiful tits. I also got a close-up view of Erica’s tits when we had a sex scene.

This is all to say that it was an exceptionally sexually charged production as I had sex scenes also with Annabelle and with Annabelle and Mark (although those were much tamer with no nudity), so this is the cast party I want to talk about. Still, before we get there, I should mention what happened on Friday night after our performance.

The Day Before the Cast Party

After the show, Tristan and I talked to our friend Harry, who had starred in last week’s play in the same theater. The three of us decided to return to Tristan’s house and drink and get stoned. After a bit, Harry and Tristan started to talk about the cast party for Harry’s show. Tristan tried to shush him, but Harry wanted to talk about it. So, they swore me to secrecy before filling me in. (Yes, I know I’m breaking that by telling it now, but it’s so many years later, and all the names are changed, and I just don’t care.)

“We played truth or dare, and it got…” Tristan was saying.

“It got awesome!” Harry finished.

“Very sexual,” Tristan completed her statement. Tristan was at the cast party because she was the lighting designer for the show, as it made it easier for her to do lights for our show too.

“What happened,” I asked.

Tristan explained, mecidiyeköy escort “Well, we were playing truth or dare, and we had gotten to the point in the evening that we were drunk and stoned enough to start doing some crazy dares. Stella’s boyfriend,” Stella was Harry’s co-star, “dared Stella to take Harry behind the bar and give him a loud, sloppy blowjob.”

“Wait, I haven’t played truth or dare too much, but you can dare someone to do something to somebody else?” I asked.

“We had established a rule that allowed for that as long as the third party agreed,” Tristan said.

“And I knew that Stella would agree because we had so much built-up sexual tension from the show, but I was really shocked that it was Jack who was the one who dared us as I thought he was the jealous type,” Harry said.

“Apparently not,” I said, “And this was in the Grotto?” The basement of the Arts the rest of the group was about 20 feet away on the sofas. At this point, I was pretty sure that Stella was just going to make the sounds and go through the motions of blowing me and not really do the act, but as soon as we got behind the bar, she got on her knees and pulled her tits out of the cups of her bra.”

“God, I’d love to see those tits,” I said wistfully.

“No, you’d kill to see those tits. I think they’re the best tits on campus.” Harry said, “Then she pulled down my shorts and started sucking. She moaned, she slurped and was loud as hell, as she took me all the way in her mouth and down her throat. There was saliva dripping all over her tits, and I didn’t last very long at all, even with the rest of the cast and crew watching me.”

“It was hot as shit,” Tristan said, “I mean, I thought they could be faking it as they are both good actors, but either way, it got us all horny.”

“Did you warn her before you came?” I asked.

“Of course, especially because I wanted my audience to know.” Harry replied, “As soon as I told her, she took me into her throat, and I just exploded into her. It was the best blowjob of my life, maybe the best orgasm ever.”

“So after that,” Tristan picked up the story, “We had two more blowjobs behind the bar. The first was Tiffany and Dave,” the set designer and assistant director, “they’ve been a couple for a while, but still, it was hot to watch Dave’s face as he came. Plus, we assumed they were doing it for real, and all doubt was removed when Tiffany came out with cum all over her face.

“For the last one, Stella asked Megan,” another cast member, “to blow her boyfriend, Jack, Megan agreed. I was looking forward to someone asking me to give a blowjob, but after Jack and Stella, Christian asked for Stella and Megan to give him a double blowjob behind the bar, which ruined the mood.”

Christian had been the stage manager for the production, and he was not super well-liked on campus. He was needy, annoying, often pushing peoples’ buttons, and not very attractive – but he was a fantastic stage manager.

“It ruined the mood because when they said no, Christian went on a tirade about how unfair it was that they wouldn’t blow him and that he deserved it, and so on. It was ugly and gross, and I swear that before he graduates, Christian will sexually assault Stella.” Harry said.

“That may be going a bit too far,” Tristan said.

“Hey, he’s the one who got blood all over the stage when he decided to practice auto-erotic asphyxiation!” Harry said, “I don’t put anything past that guy.”

We didn’t know for sure that Christian was the one who got blood all over the stage nor that he was doing some sort of sex act. We did know that one morning we found a ton of blood onstage along with a broken rope, and Christian’s face and skull were bruised and cut, so everyone just assumed it was him, and that’s what he was doing.

“Whatever,” Tristan said. “We’re out of here in another month, so I won’t be around to see what happens, but you’ll let me know?”

“Of course!” Harry said.

Tristan looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “Shit, it’s late, and you have a show tomorrow, Jeff. You should go home and get some sleep.” Then she turned to Harry and said, “If you want to stick around, I’ll see if I can give you a better blowjob than Stella.”

Tristan saw the crestfallen look on my face and said, “Oh, don’t worry, Jeff, I have plans for tomorrow; I’ll take care of you then, okay?” My eyebrows went up, and I said, “What are you planning?”

“You’ll see,” Tristan said with a mischievous smile.

Harry and I stood, and he said, “Great performance tonight! Now get the fuck out of here!”

I kissed Tristan goodbye and headed out of her house.

The Cast Party

The Saturday night performance was our absolute best. We had a sold-out avcılar escort audience, and they were hanging on every word. Everyone had their best performance, and the show received a standing ovation. We were thrilled and riding the high as we cleared our stuff out of the dressing rooms and made our way to Tristan’s house for the cast party.

Tristan shared a house with three other students, but they all cleared out for the night. She was hosting it in the attic. I had been in her attic before. It was a great space filled with rugs, boxes, discarded furniture from students passing through over the years, and other stuff. I was there last in November; I needed a space to crash because they had to repair the heat in my room, so Tristan let me crash in her attic. (Which was very disappointing because I thought I would spend the night in her room, but she had a big test the next day, so she sent me to the attic.) In November, there was an area rug over the wooden floor, a futon and futon frame, a couch, an ottoman, an oversized chair, a bunch of boxes piled up in the corner, milk crates full of books, and other small items.

Tristan cleaned up and rearranged the space for our party, setting up a circle of seating for us all. The center of the room had a couple of boxes covered with a black tablecloth and a bunch of bottles of liquor, two bongs, and some snack food (a couple of bags of chips, veggie dip, cookies, etc.)

We all came in and filled out the seats in the room. Nearest the door was a director chair; Tristan sat in that one. To the right of her chair was the queen-sized futon that I had slept on when I visited, but now the adjustable frame under the futon was shifted so that it was more like a couch. There was space for folks to walk into the circle of seating between the director’s chair and the futon. James, Annabelle, Sarah, and Mark got cozy on the futon. Annabelle had long curly brown hair and ample hips and breasts. James was a little on the shorter side at 5′ 7″, but his affable manner and rugged face, close-cropped blond hair, and muscular build did make him very desirable, and despite all the drama, we mostly agreed that she and James were a better fit than her and John.

Sarah was tall and skinny with shoulder-length black hair. About two months ago, Sarah asked me to help her pick up some t-shirts that she had designed and was going to be selling at an on-campus market (I have a car because I had a parking space at my house, but not on campus). On the drive to get the shirts, Sarah confessed she had a crush on me, and when we parked the car, she leaned over and kissed me deeply. As the kiss continued, Sarah started rubbing my crotch, and I reached up under her shirt and cupped my hand around her small but firm tit. The nipple got satisfyingly hard very quickly and then got harder the more we kissed. She broke off the kiss, removed her hand from my groin, and said, “We’ll have to continue this some other time.” In the two months since, we never continued it. We never even talked about it, but that kiss and touch of nipple made me a little obsessed over her, but I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get a chance to fuck her.

Next to the futon was a Papasan bamboo chair. Hannah, our stage manager, took that seat. Hannah was a broad-shouldered woman with cropped dark hair. She looked very butch and had a general demeanor that was very off-putting. She was well regarded as one of the top production managers on campus, but, outside of working shows together, she and I interacted very little because Hannah did not like men — straight or gay, she wanted nothing to do with any of us.

Hannah had made no secret that about two weeks ago, she and Shae started sleeping together, and when Shae entered the room, Hannah patted the papasan inviting Shae to join her. It would have been a cozy fit, but Shae just shook her head and came and sat next to me on the multi-colored 1970s-style sofa.

Next to Hannah, on a puffy ottoman, sat Mary and her boyfriend, Jake. Mary, the show’s assistant director, was an exchange student; she went to an all-women’s college but wanted to do her junior year at a co-ed college to see what it was like. She and I hit it off right away. Long brown hair, short, but very busty and energetic, Mary was tons of fun. For her Acting II final, she did a one-woman show about Jane Mansfield and had several costume changes. Mary asked me to help her backstage with her props and costume changes. I will never forget the image of her hustling offstage and pulling off her dress and bra as she came over to me to put on the strapless dress she needed for her next scene. With no bra, her tits heaved in time with her movement. I was memorized by the size and her pretty pink nipples.

Jake went to a college back in Idaho, where the two of them were from, but he had come to visit and see the show, so we were happy to have him at the party. Jake and James were very similar, about the same height, both handsome blondes with fit bodies, although Jake was notably more bulked out than James.

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