The Chosen Team Ch. 03

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The girls were jogging around the gym as part of their warm-up. Todd stood in one corner and watched them finish their ten laps. It was day two so each girl was wearing appropriate boy shorts and a bra, along with their regular knee pads and shoes. Casey was the only girl in a sports bra, yet her boobs bounced around as much as any of the other girls. He focused on Gwen and Misty, their bras barely holding their large breasts from jumping out as they jogged. He shifted his glance to Stacy as she rounded the corner where he was standing. As she ran down the court he focused at the wonderful cheek peek he was getting, her boy shorts only covering most of her ass and the rest hanging out and jiggling back and forth as she ran.

“Alright, that’s ten for everyone. Line up on the baseline. Misty and Gwen, you lead the stretching. We’re going to be working hard today, so everyone do the stretching right.”

Todd moved to the back wall, behind the stretching line. He’d specifically picked Misty and Gwen to lead the stretching because that meant they’d stand facing the rest of the girls, and thus Todd too. So with every bending action he’d get a perfect view of the exposed portion of their breasts. And he’d be stationed right behind everyone else’s asses. The girls were now bending over and reaching for their toes. Misty and Gwen had their hands reaching behind their ankles, bending so far over their heads could reach between their knees, clearly the most flexible of the group. Megan and Jane were trying to touch their palms to the floor while keeping their legs straight. Todd admired Jane’s form just as Megan had in her room. He thought of Megan running her hand from Jane’s right leg, across her pussy, and down the other leg. He walked up quietly behind Jane, tapped her ass, and complimented her on running the ten laps quickly during warm-up.

He walked down the line to where Casey was on the end. She could touch her toes while keeping her legs straight, but it was a struggle for her. Todd stood on her left side, getting close enough so is penis touched Casey’s left arm through his shorts. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You’re doing fine. I want to see you get a little more limber each practice. As we’re going to see with so many other things as we get into practice, so much of your improved performance is going to be mental. You’ve got to believe you are capable of so much more. I’m going to stand behind you. I want you to lean back on me so you don’t fear falling, and then reach down as far as you can. I want those fingertips to touch the floor.”

He helped her resume a standing position and then stood directly behind her. He moved his pelvis directly behind hers, and spread his feet apart to lower himself several inches so his penis would fit right between her ass. He was wearing athletic shorts with just boxers underneath, so Casey easily felt the length of his cock against her ass. Her heart beat quickened, and being relaxed while stretching seemed impossible now. But before she bend over Todd leaned near her ear again and said, “Just relax. I want you to slowly lower your body, keeping your legs straight. Imagine me being a support to you so you won’t rock backwards, and then visualize your breasts being a weight that slowly lowers your body and stretches your legs until you can touch the floor. Just let your breasts guide your body down.”

She leaned over at the waist, using her hands on her legs as if she was walking her body down towards the floor. Todd thought of reaching around and fondling Casey’s breasts…he wanted his cock to stiffen so she would feel it behind her. The desired effect took place and Casey’s mind lost focus on what she was doing and instead centered wholly on the large dick putting pressure on her ass. Her back continued to curl down, her legs still totally straight. Her fingers touched her ankles, then her toes, and then finally just brushed the floor near her feet. She bent her knees slightly to release the tension from the back of her legs, and then straightened her back to stand again. Todd stood in place, right behind her. His left hand touched Casey’s hip and pulled her hips back closer to his, applying more pressure to his dick.

“That was great. See how you’re already achieving new things when you think of your body in positive ways, and just have a little help?” he said to her, still leaning close to her ear but not whispering anymore. His hand moved over her hip bone, to the front of her body, and his fingers traced down the bone. His hand settled there, not touching any of Casey’s private areas, but close enough that her aroused state continued to increase. He rubbed her there two or three times, then backed away.

Casey was intriguing to Todd. She was the only virgin of the group of six girls. From the surveillance he had from her bedroom, he also knew that she hadn’t masturbated there or in her bathroom for the two weeks he had been filming. So she was by far the least experienced sexually. She also Anadolu Yakası Escort had the most body image issues. He felt he might have to move very slowly with her, but also believed she might have the greatest awakening over the next few weeks.

The other girls had finished their stretching, so he shouted what drill to get started on and the girls got working. Todd knew enough about volleyball that he could run decent practices and coach their matches. But this was obviously about so much more than volleyball. Todd had witnessed many, many intelligent and powerful people over the years. And one thing so many of them had in common was 100% confidence in themselves and what they could accomplish. But his unique style of work had allowed him unfettered access into their private lives, so he could see them in ways nobody else did. And what those hours of voyeur-style analysis made him realize was that the most successful people were more confident in intimate settings than others, and used sex and fantasies as a distraction from the strains and stresses of life. Then, when it was go time, time to make things happen and succeed in life, their focus and energy were primed better than their competitors. This is what Todd was going to try to give to these six girls: supreme confidence and the ability to embrace diversions from their other activities. He felt in turn, they’d play the best volleyball they could.

Todd was very open and very matter of fact with each of the girls about what this season would be like. When he had an individual meeting with each girl to reveal the secrets he had accumulated, he let them know what his expectations were, the kind of relationship he planned on having with each of them, and what the consequences would be if anyone else ever found out about what was going on. Just as he had suspected, the idea hadn’t seemed all that bad to Misty, Gwen, Jane, and Megan. Even though they were shocked to realize someone else knew private things about their lives that they hoped to keep just that way, they were obviously sexually active young girls who were ready to experience more and more. Casey and Stacy were a bit different. Casey was scared and intimidated, about what you’d expect from someone raised in such a conservative environment. But Todd worked hard to build her trust and would continue to do so.

Stacy was worried about several things: would her father find out, would he get in trouble for what he’d done to her, and how could she get him to stop. Todd assured her that he absolutely could help her with the last item. But he needed to know more about Stacy, her father, and what experiences she had had with men and sex. So during their meeting she explained that for a while her father had been peeping on her. She knew it, but pretended that she didn’t. Then he got more brazen about it. Eventually he was touching her, grabbing her breasts and ass, and then trying to manipulate her to have sex with him. One night she eventually jacked him off to keep him from wanting anything more. Her dad had promised to return the favor on their family vacation, but Stacy had been able to keep enough space between the two that nothing physical had taken place.

“What about sex with other boys? Have you sucked dick before?”

“I’ve had sex a few times. Never had sex more than twice with the same kid. Probably four or five times total. I’ve given a lot of blow jobs. That’s all high school boys ever want. They think if they take you out and spend $10 on dinner that makes them deserve a blow job.”

“Do you masturbate?”

“Yes. A lot. Even though I didn’t like the idea of my dad watching me when I would lay out in the sun, or try to get glimpses of me showering or changing, each time it happened I would get so horny that I’d have to have an orgasm.”

“Do you think your body is sexy?”

“I guess so. I don’t check myself out when I’m naked very much. Guys and girls are always talking about my ass. To me it seems like it is too big. It’s hard to find pants that fit. I mostly just wear leggings now, makes it easier. I wish my boobs were bigger. But most girls do. “

Those were some of the questions that Todd went over with the girls during that initial interview. He told Stacy that what he eventually wanted for her was to focus on her strengths much more than her weaknesses, and to use the gifts she had been given to get what she wanted in life. His first in-depth lesson with Stacy was given after that second practice when he invited her to stay after to meet in his office.

When all of the equipment was put away and the other girls had changed and left, Todd let Stacy into his office and closed the door behind them. He had asked her to stay in her practice attire. He sat in his chair and gestured for Stacy to hop up on his desk next to him. He looked at her dark bronze legs. Her thighs filled out when she sat against the desk. Her lower body had wonderful curves. All of the girls were beautiful and had wonderful features that Pendik Escort he watched throughout practice, but Stacy definitely had the finest ass of the bunch. He looked at her toned stomach that she was clearly sucking in slightly while sitting with her back straight. Her boy shorts that day were plain blue, and she had on a matching padded bra.

“Stacy, the last two days of practice I’ve noticed that you are quiet on the court. You play aggressively which is good, but in volleyball you’ve got to talk to your teammates all of the time. Communication is key to make sure everyone is on the same page. The best teams are extremely loud on every point because all six girls are shouting directions and encouragement to each other. If we can get you to improve on that, I think you’ll make some huge progress.”

He turned his chair so he was directly facing her. His hands rested just above her knees. He moved both hands up slowly, feeling up her thighs. He backtracked slightly, then rubbed his hands down her inner thighs and back up. “Here is how I want us to work on that. We’re going to make love. But I’m not going to talk at all. You are going to be in charge. I want you to tell me exactly what you want, how you want it. I want you to be in charge.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can do that. I’ve never had sex with a man before, just boys. And you are…so…handsome. And, um, Casey told me something, and I, um, I’m not sure…I think you are probably bigger than I am used to.”

“Bigger? I’m 6’3″ and 215 lbs. Is that what you mean by bigger, Stacy? Remember, we’re working on communication. Be confident. Tell me exactly what you’re thinking.”

“No, not that kind of bigger. I think your penis is bigger than what I’ve had sex with before.” She blushed as the words came out of her mouth.

“Well, then I think we’re going to have to get you nice and ready then before it’s time for that ‘big penis’ to fit anywhere.” Todd smiled, and Stacy did too. He was trying to put her at ease. While they talked, he continued to rub her beautiful legs. Now his hand moved up to her bra, and he squeezed her left breast. He used two fingers to trace the edge of each bra, then dipped below one side to rub past her nipple. She was excited. She was ready.

“Okay, not you’re in charge, Stacy. I’m here to make you happy. I will do anything that makes you feel good, anything that you want. Be confident. And communicate clearly…tell me exactly what you want.”

He pushed back on his chair and it rolled just a few inches away from where Stacy sat on the desk. He took in her body again with his eyes; she looked incredible. Her hands were resting on the desk next to her legs, her shoulders hunched over slightly now. Her chest hung lower, leaning towards the floor, giving a great view of her cleavage. Her right foot was crossed on top of her left, her thighs touching. She smiled, hesitant what to do next. She was horny, that much she knew. Todd was a man’s man: confident, muscular, good looking, and what Casey had felt was true, he had plenty going on beneath those shorts. But what was she going to do now? Should she just jump on his lap and kiss him? That’s what she wanted to do. But she felt like that is what a little girl would do. She wanted to look more confident, more mature than that. She blurted out the next thing that came to mind.

“Show me your dick.”

Todd smiled. He kicked off his shoes, peeled off his socks, then stood and slid his shorts and boxers to the ground. When he sat back down, his cock was rested between his legs. When it wasn’t erect, it was probably about 4″ long. It would double in length and get significantly thicker when hard.

“Rub your dick. Make it hard.”

Todd grabbed his cock with his right hand and started to stroke it. After a few moments blood started rushing into his groin and his penis enlarged in his hand. He grabbed it at its base and flicked it forcefully on his left leg. He was watching Stacy, who now had her left hand touching her breast. As he slapped his penis some more, she put her right heel on the desk and moved her hand from her chest to her crotch. Three fingers started to rub her pussy through her underwear. That helped Todd get harder and bigger.

“Take your shirt off. I want to see you naked. And then I want you to take my clothes off.”

Todd stood and removed his shirt. He had a muscular chest, built and maintained through years in the military and then working out since then. His broad shoulders gave way to built arms. He didn’t quite have the detailed six-pack he once did, but he was still very trim and in great shape. He stepped forward towards the desk where Stacy was still sitting. She had lowered her leg back down. She stood up straight as Todd got close. He reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. He brought it down off each arm and set it to the side.

Her breasts were small, but firm and perky. Her nipples were already both rock hard, looked as if they were trying to squeeze their way off Kurtköy Escort her chest. Todd grasped her hips with his strong hands and quickly whisked her upwards until she was now standing on the desk. Her belly button was at about his eye level. He grasped both sides of her boy shorts and slowly peeled them off. He got them to mid-thigh before he stopped and stared between her legs. Her pussy was perfect, the skin so smooth, the two lips flat and leaving a small slit between them. He finished removing her panties and Stacy kicked each foot out until they were off.

She had tried to play it cool, but she was horny as hell and couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed Todd’s head and tried to press it against her pussy. Her cunt was warm and wet, and yearning to be touched. Ever since their meeting, Stacy had thought about Todd’s touch, fantasized about him touching her body and especially her pussy. But as she tugged on his head he didn’t budge. He was almost lined up perfectly with her cunt, she was begging him to taste it, and he wasn’t moving.

“I told you, I will do whatever you want. But I need you to tell me what to do. Imagine that I don’t have a clue what to do with a beautiful, sensual naked woman.” He laughed to ensure that Stacy stayed relaxed, and winked at her.

“Fine, Mr. Inexperienced. I’m going to stand right here, and I want you to lick me between my legs like it is the greatest thing you have ever tasted in your life. I want you to lick my lips, then my clit, and then I want your tongue inside my pussy. Is that clear enough for…oh!”

Todd didn’t wait for her to finish. His head dove towards her crotch and started licking away. He flattened his tongue against her cunt and licked from the bottom to the edge of her slit. He repeated that motion four more times. He parted her lips with his tongue, and started nibbling on the right side; then the left. He found Stacy’s clit and flicked it quickly, then slowly, before sucking it into his mouth. He released the clit, then slid down her cunt until his tongue could feel her opening. Stacy spread her legs out more, allowed Todd to contort his head to position himself almost directly below her and between her legs. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, but he was trying to do exactly as she had told him. He entered her with his tongue, and thought her legs might collapse. She moaned and sometimes even giggled, but otherwise was quietly enjoying the attention. He moved his tongue in and out, enjoying the smell of her sex and the warm juices dribbling onto his tongue.

“Okay, okay…I…ohhhhh, that’s good. Ummm, I need that…uhhhhhhh…I want your dick. I want your cock inside…”

Her voice trailed off as Todd continued licking her pussy. “What was that? What did you want?” he asked as he pulled away.

Stacy jumped off the desk. She wasn’t going to give very good directions as long as his tongue was exploring her. “I said I want your dick. I want it inside me. Lay down on the floor on your back.” She was speaking quickly, her words trailing off a little bit at the end of each sentence.

Todd did as was explained. His dick stood straight up. It wasn’t fully erect anymore, but it was hard enough to defy gravity. Stacy knelt on the floor next to his body, first only staring at his cock, then grabbing it in her left hand. She stroked the entire length of the staff several times, her eyes wide and gaping at its size. Her mind was telling her there was no way that was fitting into her small body. The biggest dick she’d ever had sex with was significantly smaller, and the largest dildo she had ever used was only 5″ and not as wide as Todd’s penis. She stared more at the tip of his cock. The ridge below the head of his cock made her legs weak and her cunt even wetter as she thought about how that would feel plunging in and out of her wet pussy.

She swung her left leg over his body and positioned her vagina directly over his cock. She felt the pressure of his cock pushing against her as she slowly lowered herself on top of him. She hadn’t lubricated his dick with anything, but she couldn’t wait any longer and hoped her wetness would be sufficient. She took in the first two to three inches and moaned loudly. She pulled off his dick completely and felt that ridge pop out of her tight twat. “Oh god!” she said loudly. Back down on his shaft she went, bringing another inch inside her this time before again pulling completely out to feel the friction and to use the head of Todd’s cock to excite her even more.

Todd couldn’t believe how tight Stacy felt. Without some serious lubrication he knew it was going to take work getting his full size inside her. And he thought he might explode before that could happen. The way she was working herself down his dick was about as much of a cock tease as you could get. He knew that isn’t what Stacy was intending, but if this kept up much longer, he was going to unleash an absurd amount of cum when he climaxed. He loved hearing her moans. She didn’t have a high voice when she talked, but her groaning made her sound very young. He wanted to get more aggressive, to reach up and grab her tits, to command her to get it over already and just fuck him. But he bit his tongue, telling himself to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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