The Club

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He entered the club, dark and smoky. Stepping to the bar, he ordered a martini. He turns his head as he hears a soft sultry voice behind him. He focuses in on the voice…behind the voice, a beautiful woman. Long red hair, slender, curvy. She’s wearing a long black dress…strapless… long slits up each side, revealing her toned, slim legs. His eyes moved up her legs, to her chest, her breasts trying to break free from the thin material. Then back to her face. Her lips enticed him as she sang, this slow, sexy, tune. He knew that he had to be with her…he needed her, terribly…

He asks the bartender, who she is, her name, anything… the bartender tried to answer, but the bartender knew so little, she had just started singing there. He was sure that she was seeing someone; that a man came to see her, nightly. But that information was not going to stop this man, he ached for her. He ordered another drink, and moved to a table, up front so he could see her even better; he wanted to get her attention. At one point, she looked down at him, their eyes met, she felt drawn to him, he felt electricity, as they stared into each other deeply. She looked away. Finished her song. Took a bow and said her thank-yous. She retired to her dressing room. She began to think of him…

He tried to get to her. At least to say “Hi”, but no one would allow him backstage. He went back to the bar, and ordered another drink. His thoughts were so consumed…

As he stood there…drinking, thinking, she stepped up to the bar, and ordered a glass of wine. He was excited, feeling heat emanate from her. He turned to say “Hello” and there was someone with her. He decided what the hell and introduced himself. Thinking if he complimented her set…the boyfriend might not get upset. So he proceeded…

“Hi, I just wanted to say, you sounded wonderful.”

“Thanks, very kind of you to say.” She responded, smiling.

God she was so beautiful. He felt himself stiffen. She and her boyfriend left…he was at a loss…standing there…dreaming….

His plan to return to the club every Maltepe Escort night. To catch her attention. He knew that she felt the heat between them…he would do everything in his power to have her…for them to be one.

He arrived earlier the next night, hoping to catch her whole set. He sat right in front of the stage. His cock began to get stiff as she slowly took the stage. She smiled down at him, he smiled back. She was even more lovely tonight, sexier. He knew from the smile they would be together, she wanted him as he wanted her. He did not take his eyes from her as she sang. As she could not stop watching him, he was quite handsome, rather tall, and she loved tall men. As she sang and he watched she felt herself getting wet. She needed him to fill her passionately. She had never experienced such a desire, such a need. Her set ended, and gracefully she walked backstage. She was beginning to change when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” She inquired.

“It’s Jeff, there’s someone out here who says he needs to see you.” Jeff was the bouncer.

“Who is he?”

“Someone who was in the audience, he insists that you will see him.”

She said it was fine. And the bouncer went to allow him backstage. A moment later another knock…she answered the door this time…

She was wearing a short satin robe…it was practically open… he could see the swell of each breast…she was still wearing her garter and stockings.

“Hello, please come in.” She said

“Thank you.” He responded as he entered….the sight of her made him harder still. He wanted to kiss her…but he held back…trying to control the fire that was burning.…

“Your sounded wonderful yet again…you possess a great talent.” He said…as he sat on the couch.

“Thank you, I really appreciate that. Can I offer you something to drink?”

“You are welcome, a drink that would be lovely…” he said…his voice crackled a little… he was quite nervous.

She got them a couple of drinks…she sat down next to him.

“So why did you Ümraniye Escort want to come back and see me?” She said

“I think you know the answer to that.” He said

“Do I?”

“Yes….you do.” He said…as he leaned over and kissed her deeply….tongue probing her mouth…which was on fire…his hand went in her robe, he caressed her right breast then her left, she moaned as they kissed….as he fondled her….she was growing more wet. They said nothing more. He continued the kiss…removing her robe…his hand slipping up her thigh, he found her slick and hot. He slipped a finger into her, sliding it in deep. She moaned again. Louder this time. Then another finger. Then a third. As he was giving her this immense pleasure, she undid his belt, his pants, and slid them down to the floor. Taking his hard swollen cock in her delicate hands. She rubbed him. His balls. He was so tight. Hard. Throbbing slightly. She asked if she could suck it…she wanted to taste him. He of course replied yes… what man wouldn’t. Her legs wrapped around him slightly, so his fingers could still work her wet pussy, she leaned over and kissed his cock. Licking it. Up and down. MMMMmmmmm…he tasted wonderful. She took the head in her mouth and licked the tip. He moaned deeply. She knew she was making him crazy, as he was making her so. Sucking him deep into her mouth, playing with his balls, she felt him grow harder, in her mouth. Feeling him getting close to climax she pulled away. She demanded that he fuck her, fuck her wildly, deeply, taking her where she’d never been…in ecstasy. He was more than willing to…he wanted her desperately. She laid back on the couch, spreading her legs wide, waiting for him to enter. He took his cock in hand rubbed the head along her wet slit. She groaned. Begging him to go in…deep. He pushed in the head, beginning to stretch her, then pulled out. She whimpered. Then he pushed in again, this time another inch. Gradually inch by inch, going in, until his cock was buried in her sweet tight pussy. He began to move in her. Pulling in and out…she İstanbul Escort trembled under his power. He wanted to take it so slow. But there was this urgency, in him; he needed to fuck her, hard and fast. She was begging for it after all. Figuring he could fuck her sweet and slow next time he began to increase the speed of his thrusts.

“Yes, mmm that’s it… fuck me faster. Pound your cock deep in me and don’t let up.”

“Yes. Honey whatever you want. “

He became more fevered, fucking her hard and fast. Becoming wilder with every move. The sweat beginning to build, little beads of it on her chest. He bent down for a lick. She was so sexy. He started ramming into her….pulling out almost completely, then shoving even deeper back in. Each time she screamed out louder. “Yes, god yes!” He went harder, faster, deeper. Wanting to pleasure her so greatly. He pulled out again, then slammed back into her. Then again…saying that he was so close to cumming. She screamed yes…baby cum deep in me. He pulled out once more, all the way…then shoved his thick cock all the way in, so deep. She creamed out, “Yes, Damn!” as she began to cum all over his cock, he was screaming out also as he came deep in her pussy. Still pumping her, cumming in her. So much cum, it started to leak out all over the couch, her robe, all over her luscious body. His cock still buried deep he collapsed on her, kissing her, his cock came a little more. Then he pulled out…a bit of cum dripping on to her stomach. He leaned down and licked it up. Kissing her belly button. He positioned his face between her legs, wanting to taste her sweet pussy. She began to moan deeply, as his tongue slid in and out of her hot pussy. In and out. In and out. She began to move her hips to meet his mouth, writhing under him. He continued to tease, lick and suck her pussy and clit while sliding a finger into her tight ass. As he moved his finger in and out of her ass she felt herself cumming again. The combination of his tongue and attentive fingers was too much, she was overwhelmed. Her breath shallow and rapid; her moans increasing in volume. She thrusted her hips against his face, until she collapsed in a most intense orgasmic experience.

She stayed there on the couch, unable to move.

He asked if they could do this again sometime…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32